Learning from Britain’s Moral Rot

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One of the young Britons interviewed in the New York Times reported that he had learned to read only three years ago. He is not unique. In Theodore Dalrymple’s book, “Life at the Bottom,” he referred to many British youths who are unashamedly illiterate. The lyrics of a popular song in Britain said, “We don’t need no education” and another song was titled “Poor, White and Stupid.”

Dr. Dalrymple says, “I cannot recall meeting a sixteen-year-old white from the public housing estates that are near my hospital who could multiple nine by seven.”

In the United States, the color may be different but the attitudes among the hoodlum element are very similar. In both countries, classmates who try to learn can find themselves targeted by bullies.

Here those who want to study in ghetto schools are often accused of “acting white.” But whites in Britain show the same pattern. Some conscientious students are beaten up badly enough to end up at Dr. Dalrymple’s hospital.

Our elites often advise us to learn from other countries. They usually mean that we should imitate other countries. But it may be far more important to learn from their mistakes — the biggest of which may be listening to fashionable nonsense from the smug intelligentsia.

These countries show us where that smug nonsense leads. It may be a sneak preview of our own future.

“Send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.”

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  • crackerjack

    Britains moral rot was bred by Margret Thatcher's deindustrialisation, raised by the "City of London's" financial mafia and educated by Murdoch's filth press.

    • RHG

      Yeah, it's Rupert Murdoch's fault, you idiot

      • crackerjack

        No, it's Britains fault for derelict housing, collapsing school system, generations unemployed etc. Murdoch's numbskull media is merely the icing on the cake

      • http://www.rebelsfortruth.com Fergie

        Only in Obama-land would someone actually BLAME a conservative newspaper for the dismantling of the British middle class – thanks RHG for calling this “crackerjack” an idiot.

        This person has chosen the user name “crackerjack” and I am sure they have no idea what it means – they have created an oxymoron, heavy on the moron!

        Thanks for setting this anti-crackerjack straight.

    • ziontruth

      Pay no attention to the pushers of multi-culti behind the curtain.

  • Ilia Toli

    How about super duper high moral standards of Gordon Brown? Criminally quixotic. All of it while thousands of white girls were (and are) forced into prostitution by Pakistani Moslems.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    1) A "sub-specie" of (sub-) human is not anything new. The low life class has always existed – even if modern liberasts go out of their skin to prove the opposite. It is the reality: there OBJECTIVELY exists a sub-class of humans which not only ARE uneducated, but who in fact REPEL any attempt to educate them.

    Before the era of welfare states, the low life class was thought to be uneducated partially because of the lack of resources. Now in the fat new era here is the real life proof that they are uneducated because of the misery of their own human condition.

    2) Moreover, they are corrupted by the so called "self-esteem" of grotesque proportion cultivated by the un-educational system of liberasts.

    3) The low life classes have existed in all times, yet they were kept at bay by the faith and the foundations of religious moral (to not covet, not steal). If occasionally the moral did not work, bullets did.

    4) The modern scum has no moral foundations indeed. So there is no choice but to resort to bullets.

    The GOOD must find in themselves some strength and DO make the BAD to fear again.

    • tarleton

      The problem here in post modern Britain is that the underclass mentality that was usually limited to the , relatively , few ghettos has now became fashionable and mainstreamed by a toxic TV culture and radio …it's not just the ganster dress code that has become trendy among the youth but the deviant mentality that comes with it

    • http://www.rebelsfortruth.com Fergie

      Alexander Gofen,

      I am totally surprised that you would consider these people a “sub-species” of humanity. When they are clearly the product of the Socialist machine.

      Socialists want two classes, the educated elites and the downtrodden uneducated sweaty stinky masses, who do all the labor so the elites don’t have to do anything but collect the wealth from the sweat off someone else’s brow.

      When leaders in government begins to think in the Socialist Darwinian way, believing that a society’s laws must continue to evolve to fit the evolving social condition of the citizens, Riots in Europe and Flash Mobs in America are a direct result of this warped and inaccurate belief.

      Instead of pulling the individual up to the strict standards set by societal codes and their codification in the law, Socialists alter first the belief system through educational means to create an enabled class of people (those who can do nothing for themselves and have no worth outside of the State, who provides for their every “want,” not need, but “want”).

      The societal codes are corrupted by these “social engineers” to “allow” the newly formed enabled (read entitled) class to not be seen as inferior to the rest of the society as a whole, thus affecting all of society.

      They, then began the process toward codification of these corrupted societal codes. Such as homosexual marriage, pedophiles given more rights than their child victims, allowing religious sects to force their laws upon those who do not believe as they do by altering set common and legislated laws, as well as hate crime laws to protect those in these “protected” classes, are implemented, supplanting the stricter laws currently enforced.

      Where does that leave society? Torn down the middle between those that create wealth and those that consume it and do not create wealth by earning it for themselves.

      These individuals are not modern scum, nor are they the low life classes. They are the result of generational poverty perpetrated upon them by the government’s “bleeding heart” liberals, as so many people call them.

      Those who have economically enslaved these people are not kind humanitarians they are cold calculating Socialists. Their agenda is to have every human being on this planet, living in the old apartheid South African way, except for themselves. They believe themselves to be the only entitled class in the world.

      They would have us all living in squalid huts outside of the shining walls of their clean and pristine utopian cities, used as slaves to keep them in the style that they have grown accustomed to. They believe that no one outside of their special elitist group can possibly be as intelligent and brilliant as they are.

      What you see in the slums of Europe are the living breathing results of what happens when those in government attempt to take over and care for everyone’s “wants.” To “level the playing field,” to redistribute the wealth from the haves (creators of wealth) to the have-nots (the consumers of wealth) will allow elites to funnel most of this wealth into their own pockets, while doing little or nothing more than growing the number of people within this enabled class.

      There will always be poor people, but Socialists do not want them to better themselves and get out of poverty. Their goal can best be summed up by one of those “new” elites, Bill Gates. He believes that the earth cannot sustain 9 billion people, so he has made it his life’s work to promote population reduction down to 5 million, world-wide, as an answer to our “rising global temperature fluctuations” caused from the exhalation of C02 by 9 billion people. At least this is what he seems to be implying.

      Why is his foundation doing this? Eugenics – poor people breed poor people who breed poor people – these poor people are stupid, cannot learn, and therefore are useless in a society evolving toward a Socialist Utopian way of life. By sterilizing the poor and idiots in society, not only will they eliminate billions of useless people exhaling all that C02, but this will keep them from creating others like themselves.

      Only problem is, these Socialist governments cannot run without someone doing the work and creating wealth. Most Socialists get their money from working for the government. A government is NOT a creator of Wealth, it is a consumer of wealth as are ALL the entitled leaches playing at their “make-work” jobs. Bottom line, they must have a compliant and willing population to help them perpetrate this Ponzie Scheme against the rest of society. What better way than to create an enabled class and use it as a conduit to steal money from the producers in Society and funnel it directly into these leaches’ bank accounts.

      Now, we are back where we started, the creation of the enabled class by these leaches to continue to bleed the job and wealth creators dry so they can live the lifestyle they believe they deserve because after all, they do all the hard “thinking” for the rest of us, and that does sometimes cause them to sweat, especially if they are caught taking money or favors – then the rest of these leaches turn on them like rabid dogs and eat them – to protect themselves and this hideous scheme they have devised.

      Too bad, you want to believe that these people like being part of this “sub-species”, as you called them, but they don’t. If offered a position and mentored out of the poverty way of thinking, they do become creators of wealth. As long as we have Socialists running the government or implementing new and wilder legislation adding even more people to this class, we will continue to be at the mercy of these people. We will continue to have people who would rather name call, demonize, and treat these people as though they chose this lifestyle for themselves. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, with the ability to make enough money to move out of this class and into the middle class and away from inner-city schools and lifestyles, is the answer to the vast majority of these people’s situations.

  • bill yates

    there is no fear of God before their eyes

  • tarleton

    Mr Sowell …the goverment did not call in the army because it would be a discrace for a professional police force to loose control of the streets …the riots were bad , but not on the scale of say, the rodney king riots in the US

  • tarleton

    Post modern Britain is a nightmarish back to the future of Kubrick's CLOCKWORK ORANGE…..Historically ,the British working classes have always been violent and drunken , but Victorian /Edwardian morality put a restraint on it …a kinda fear of the Lord / fear of the Law , but since the undermining of religion and the liberalisation of the law ,feral types have been gaining confidence and celebrating their new freedoms and enjoying their ability to intimidate decent members of society
    This degeneration has been going on for decades , like the slow drip , drip , drip of an anaescetic and is now producing a kind of ''lord of the flies '' mentality ! Walk around any British city on a saturday night and witness the bedlam of drunken , loutish young men and scantily dressed , obese , foul mouthed young women that wouldn't have been out of place in the early 1700 's …it's like a riot in a trailer park !

  • tarleton

    (continued ) ….the ghetto mentality that was once limited to the enclaves has now became mainstreamed , trendy and fashionable by toxic TV , radio and internet ….tatoos , hoodies , gangster clothes are now the ''in thing ''combined with a hedonistic , nihilistic lifestyle and worldview that wouldn't be out of place in the age of Tiberious
    Back in the past , this type of degeneracy was limited by hardship and austerity to a privaledged elite but now it has infected the masses with the miraculous use of modern technology , scientific revolution in health standards , good food and high tech communications …..infact the common folk have, in some ways ,more privaledges than a Roman Emperor or a French King …what we are witnessing is the mainstreaming of the degeneracy of the French court and the orgys of Tiberious on the isle of capri

  • tarleton

    I have a bleak , pessimistic view of human nature ; after all, civilisation is a relatively recent evolutionry occurance , a slow taming , domestication process not unlike the domestication of animals and ferral man is never far below the surface , threatening nihililism
    Mankind needs to fear the Lord or fear the Law , preferreably both ….here in the post modern UK…..we fear neither ! No other country in the western world has fallen so low from such lofty heights in a mere 50 years ! Take a peep at Britain and weep !

    • ziontruth

      As water needs a turbine so as to be sent up, contrary to its natural course downward, so do humans need to put up a spiritual fight so as to be good, contrary to their natural inclination to evil.

      So the Torah says (Genesis 8:21).

      • tarleton

        good point …there's a great deal of wisdom in the Torah and the Bible as long as are able to read between the lines and avoid a too narow, literal reading
        ''thou shalt not suffer a witch to live ''

        The right way in life is almost always the hardest , while the wrong way , usually the evil way comes natural…it's very important for mankind to try to be good and deter/pre-empt his natural inclanation to do evil

  • I. Hollander


    The long-sought equality…of brutality.

    As Morrissey of The Smiths sang, "The poor and the needy are selfish and greedy."

  • StephenD

    Excellent comments here. I especially note Tarleton and I. Hollander.

    I would add only that Alexander may have the only "workable" solution and that is to meet this head on. Instill in them the fear of G_d and the ferar of the Law.

    They can conform to the order of a civilized society…or pay the price. Anarchists all should remember that this is not Britain, I’d rather not ever need it but I keep my weapon clean and ready.

  • tarleton

    The vacume created by the death of religion has been filled by celebrity worship and toxic TV…young people get their values and guidence from the trash they see on the internet and TV….MTV , YOUTUBE , violent video games and american idol are the ones giving direction and setting standards

    Violent toxic TV is the new roman arena were crowds go to be titilated , shocked and amused ….and eventually to be degraded , soiled , desensitized with an atavistic urge to self destruction …..after all , the real essence of civilisation lies within the mind

  • RobertPinkerton

    Much of Britain's current socio-political debility can be laid squarely at the doorstep of their Labour party in general, and more specifically at the feet of the (Harpold) Wilson administration and that execrable Roy Jenkins. I have said in other fora that I think the Labour party is the AIDS virus of the British Body Politic, and what we are seeing is the progress of subsequent opportunistic infections.

  • CJLaw

    A strong well rounded education system is the best way to build a solid base of productive engaged citizens. Over the last hundred years the progressive movement/party took over the school systems from grade school to collage. The tactic is nothing short of mind control by letting standards degrade to the point where whole generations cannot or will not think for themselves at all, wards of the state for life.

  • Romatrast

    It looks to me like the British legal system is hammering the thugs pretty well. Many of them are being sentenced to prison time. Some will say that time in prison will only make them better thugs but I'm not so sure of that. The less foolhardy among the riotous crowds may well think twice before getting involved in the next round. Let's hope that the majority of Brits will finally rise up and dump the ruinous policies of the thugs' socialist enablers.

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