The Media and ‘Bullying’

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The school authorities can ignore the beating up of Asian kids but homosexual organizations have enough political clout that they cannot be ignored. Moreover, there are enough avowed homosexuals among journalists that they have their own National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association — so continuing media publicity will ensure that the authorities will have to “do something.”

But political pressures to “do something” have been behind many counterproductive and even dangerous policies.

A grand jury report about bullying in the schools of San Mateo County, California, brought all sorts of expressions of concern from school authorities — but no definition of “bullying” nor any specifics about just what they plan to do about it.

Meanwhile, a law has been passed in California that mandates teaching about the achievements of gays in the public schools. Whether this will do anything to stop either verbal or physical abuse of gay kids is very doubtful.

But it will advance the agenda of homosexual organizations and can turn homosexuality into yet another of the subjects on which words on only one side are permitted. Our schools are already too lacking in the basics of education to squander even more time on propaganda for politically correct causes that are in vogue. We do not need to create special privileges in the name of equal rights.

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  • pagegl

    What ever happened to 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'? Whoever said we're becoming a nation of wimps was right.

  • George Jochnowitz

    People who worry about gays never realize that Israel has gay-pride parades in not only Tel Aviv but Jerusalem. They never realize that Israel drafts openly gay men and women into its armed forces.
    Another story that won't be reported is Israel's rescue of disaster victims all over the world–in Haiti, in Turkey, and most recently, in Thailand.….

  • NotaBene

    And would it have killed you to include a single link or example or source about this apparent epidemic of blacks beating up Asians?

    I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but you haven’t provided even a grain of evidence to support the fundamental claim of this article.

    • Jim

      Do you think you have not come across any evidence is because the major news sources do not mention race unless it is a white who is the aggressor.

      Often the local papers will mention race even if whites are not involved but race never seems to make it to the so called main stream media.

      When Mexicans moved into Black neighbor hoods they too were bullied but that backfired on the Blacks. The Mexicans could and did fight back. The Mexicans quickly put the shoe on the other foot.

      If you are not aware of something it does not prove it doesn't exist or never happened.

      Do some research and see what you come up with. No big media source will hand it to you.

      Try the L. A. Times for starters

      • NotaBene

        That’s great. So now it’s my responsibility to do the author’s work for him? I wish in college I could’ve turned in papers without supporting material and told my professors ‘you take it from here’.

        But it gets better; after saying that the MSM refuses to cover the issue, you direct me to the LA Times!

        Pull the other one, Jim.

  • PatriotX

    I remember where “bully” was someone who was cowardly and took pleasure in physically humiliating others.

    The modern day version is someone saying something against those protected by the Politically Correct Protection Agency (PCPA). Well, I figured since we seem to have a government agency for everything else, why not?

    Among the protected are:



    Any religious faith (Christians excluded unless you are totally fanatical, vile and want to dis-honor fallen soldiers who died defending the rights you abuse)

    Barack Obama

    Blacks (exlusively thugs of course)

    (not good black role models such as Hermain Cain, Allen West, Bill Cosby…etc only disgruntled ones who carry a racist chip on their shoulder)

    Jews (only the self loathing ones)

    Feminists (only man hating feminists who hate men for being men)

    (not the ones who have legitimate gripes about sexism or who speak out against the brutality of Islam)

    Criminals (only those justly convicted, executed or incarcerated) not vigilantes who shoot child molesters, kill home invaders in their own home, shoot drug dealers or war criminals who scare the daylights out of insurgents for information.

    Or in general safe to say anyone that is against a wholesome society and American values or this nation, you could probably put on this list.

    If you offend the above, you will be targeted by lame stream media and the Obama Administration and everthing you ever did in your life, to include your childhood, will be exposed and twisted something totally unrecognizable.

    Especially if your isult happens to be the truth.

    • PatriotX

      Oh, man, what was I thinking, the biggie that’s protected. “racists” but only democratic ones like the Congressional Black Caucus, KKK…etc.

      You see if your republican and a racist…..that’s unacceptable…..well…..uh….that would be…..uh……………………just…………………….RACIST.

  • David

    This article purposes that words and deeds are not the same , which is true. Although it completely ignores the fact that words in many instances are more powerful. Young people have always enjoyed taunting those who are different or weaker. To afford more protection they form groups and the leaders are given higher status to continue to attack others without fear or reprisal. How do you fight these bullys and their words? Physically attacking a larger group wouldn't do much good and violence will only lead to more violence. Parents and Teachers need to not be sheep to this behavior in the children they raise and teach. It is their duty as shepherds to protect their flock. The problem becomes even more distorted with the information age. Now a rumor, personal attack or humiliation can be caught in camera and sent to hundreds of students at the same school. These kids are in a losing battle unless we can teach them how to behave like adults. As adults if someone makes up a rumor about us and sends it out online we can sue for damages. What recourse do our own kids have to defend themselves when their whole social life mocks or turns their backs to them. Instead of this author worrying about the ramifications on free speech lets first worry about why we let our kids get away with behavior that would not be tolerated as an adult.