The Third World in California

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Dr. Victor Davis Hanson’s quietly chilling article, “Two Californias,” in National Review Online, ought to be read by every American who is concerned about where this country is headed. California is leading the way, but what is happening in California is happening elsewhere— and is a slow poison that is being largely ignored.

Professor Hanson grew up on a farm in California’s predominantly agricultural Central Valley. Now, as he tours that area, many years later, he finds a world as foreign to the world he knew as it is from the rest of California today— and very different from the rest of America, either past or present.

In Hanson’s own words: “Many of the rural trailer-house compounds I saw appear to the naked eye no different from what I have seen in the Third World. There is a Caribbean look to the junked cars, electric wires crossing between various outbuildings, plastic tarps substituting for replacement shingles, lean-tos cobbled together as auxiliary housing, pit bulls unleashed, and geese, goats, and chickens roaming around the yards.”

This is a Third World culture, transplanted from Mexico, and living largely outside the scope of American law, state or federal.

Ironically, this is happening in a state notorious for its pervasive and intrusive regulation of the minute details of people’s lives, homes, and businesses. But not out in the Third World enclaves in the Central Valley, where garbage is strewn with impunity and unlicensed swarms of peddlers come and go, selling for cash and with no sales tax.

While waiting in line at two supermarkets, Victor Davis Hanson realized in both places that he was the only one in line who was not paying with the plastic cards issued by welfare authorities to replace the old food stamps. He noted that these people living on the taxpayers were driving late-model cars and had iPhones, BlackBerries and other parts of what he calls “the technological veneer of the middle class.”

Sadly— and, in the long run, tragically— this is not unique to California, or to illegal immigrants from Mexico, or even to the United States.

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  • http://N/A Robert Callahan

    Our sympathetic liberals need to learn that all people need to be held to the same standards. By allowing differing standards we unintentionally create a class of people that do not live up to commonly established standards. What good does is it to society to say stealing is wrong except for you. Everyone needs to work for a living except you. Health standards apply tom everyone except you. This misplaced compassion helps no one and hurts many.

  • http://community.Webtv.Net/tkwrite/WhyavoteforObama Reggie Cornejo

    Listen up, Open Border Opponents and Republicans, I have studied and loved the English Language since my Native American Grandmother told me to master this language for my own benefit (note: I also have Portuguese and Spaniard Blood). We Americans have been duped into fighting a war that does not exist. If we define immigration (according to the Standard College Dictionary: California State Series, I used to graduate with an MA and BA from the CSU System), we will learn that Immigration is “The Total number of aliens entering a country for permanent residence during a ‘STATED’ Period. Immigrants collectively.” Note that Immigration must have a STATED Period to control and qualify them as alien Immigrants. Without these controls or Stated Period, it stops being Immigration, and becomes something else. Immigration was established in America and most of the world with RULES and Set Periods to control the entry of Aliens into a sovereign Nation, like the USA. If according, to a US dictionary, these Aliens swarming into America illegally are not considered Immigrants or fall under the definition of Immigrants, what is left to call them. Again, using my College Dictionary, we learn the definition for any uncontrolled, uninvited swarm of Aliens who enter a country is found under the word “Invade”: To Rush or Swarm into as if to occupy or overrun: Crowds [of illegal Mexicans] invade California and Arizona’s borders daily]; To trespass upon; intrude upon: to invade privacy; To make an invasion. What we learn from these two definitions is that all of the illegal aliens living in America are NOT immigrants, but a calculated Invasion perpetuated and financed by Mexico’s government so that Mexico can retain control of the Southwest and maybe all of America without firing a shot. My fellow Americans, we have been duped, defrauded, swindled into fighting a war using a word that gives legitimacy to these invaders and law breakers that do NOT qualify to be called this word. To win this war, all Anti Amnesty and Anti Illegal Immigration supporters need to start addressing these law breakers and swarm of trespassers as what they are, INVADERS. This is how you will win this war.

  • Linda

    53 per cent of AMericans pay taxes. many of the rest who do not, also get refunds because of the Earned Income tax credit. Scrap the tax code, make everyone pay ten per cent. Watch the economy boom..

  • Haupakechi

    Another example of the cloward-piven strategy incorporating soros' top down-bottom up' strategy for destroying a nation.

    • Norm57

      You are right; you've been reading. It all started with Trotsky's "The Weight of the Poor" CA's legislators are mostly "tax and spend" politicians and are self serving.
      The U.S. politicians are all "of the congress, by the congress and for the congress" as evidenced by earmarks and ethics trials. "Trickle up Poverty" is happening.

  • AmShegar





    THIS IS EXACTOLACKY WHAT I DO NOT VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OUR GOVERMENT DOES NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    THIS WORLD GREEDY,LUSTFUL,ENVY,WRATHFUL,SLOTHFUL,GLUTTONY, GOVERMENT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amren

      Love your passion AmShegar! But you not voting is part of the problem, not the solution. Thankfully, our vote still does count (for now) as you can see by last November's election. But people like you, who complain and don't vote, are only making it easier for the Left to win. You know that the ILLEGALS are voting, even though they should be able to. They are voting to keep things the way they are. They vote for the idiots that are going to give them free hand-outs and allow them to live the same way they lived in the crap-hole country they came from.
      So, keep informed, keep studying English, and for goodness sake, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!
      That goes for the rest of you, too!

      • Amren

        That line should read "…ILLEGALS are voting, even though they should NOT be able to."
        Sorry for the typo.

        • Kim

          You are exactly right. At times, I feel like my vote counts for nothing-especially when I'm voting for the lesser of 2 evils, i.e. McCain over Obama-but I have yet to not vote. These radicals and illegals are voting in droves to increase gov't handouts, the nanny state, and I refuse to sit back and let it happen. It may be futile on my part, but I will never be accused of not doing my part to stem the flood!

          • jeannette

            And that is why Obama wants the dream act and amnesty — more votes for the Democrats welfare state.

        • Rodjo

          Amren, voting is important, however, there were more than 300 new laws going into effect 2012. I don't recall seeing all of them on the ballot. We need to do more than vote for Left or Right. It is time to stand up as individuals and gather in a force to reckon with, one without interest other than…taking back America and stop allowing corrupt politicians dictate what are rights are according to there perversion's

    • nightlight

      I agree with everything you said except where you said, "CAN NOT WAT (wait?) FOR GOD('s?) REIGN OF THE WORLD."
      If you're waiting for God to show up and save the day, you will die of old age waiting; God doesn't exist, he's just a myth like Zeus, Odin, and the Tooth Fairy.

      "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man a religion and he will starve to death praying for a fish."

  • Charles

    The scenery is changing for the worst. highway one going through Sanford, NC is a 4 lane highway that resembles driving down the garbage dump road with trash and discarded paper, cans, bottles, and platic. It's just like a garbage dump and sections of the city are the same. Who cares?

    • Amren

      I care. And, I hope you do, too Charles. We, the LEGAL citizens of the UNITED STATES (not the World Government) NEED to take our country back. If we all stop caring, believe me, it's over. They will swarm over our border like rats leaving a sinking ship, which is what they are.
      I live within walking distance to the Mexican border in AZ. You want to know how I know it's walking distance? BECAUSE I HAVE ILLEGAL ALIENS WALKING THROUGH MY PROPERTY!!!! And, to anyone that doesn't live out here, YES! YOU CAN TELL AN ILLEGAL ALIEN BY LOOKING AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      They are not coming here to work. They are coming here to FEED off of our society. They destroy property, they steal, they kill AMERICAN CITIZENS!!
      They are an invading FORCE that our government will not do anything about.
      Who cares?? I FRIGGING care!!!
      That's who.

      • 5StarDesigner

        Amren—please say all that again and again!!! This is the same as someone breaking down the back door of our homes and plifering, stealing and helping themselves to everything you have worked for–then the police letting them go because "they are just trying to better themselves." I would be doing the same if I robbed a bank or bumped off someone who got in my way by this same philosophy. Agree?

  • Airwolf

    Not just California and not just ILLEGALS, it happening all across the US and the media dose not want to bring it up!!!

    Check this web site out scroll through the photos, click on next page of photos, it will take you back centrys.

  • Lisa

    Freedom is not free…
    We must stand up and fight to regain what our country once stood for.
    You have two kinds of people in the US today. The givers and the takers. Some give and give and give, be it by forced charity donations (called taxes to support welfare, health reform, etc.) and takers.

    And boy, do the takers know how to take!

  • Lisa

    I know one house hold of 2 people in particular.
    The woman lived most all her life (70 years old now) on the tax payer dollar, the other lived all his 25 years on the tax payer dollar, never working. Still don't…both have for many years, and still currently get welfare, disability (how the man collects both of these at once, I don't know), section 9 housing, food stamps, free medical on the state, medicaid, social security, and the 25 y/o man gets free college education paid for by some form of government hand out (for the last 6 years, and still no degree or certificate of any kind to show for it), and both get hand outs regularly from various charities and the church. And a free van that picks them up at their front door for shopping trips.

  • Lisa

    Even a free "health home aid" to come clean their house twice a week…all on the tax payer dollar!
    No, these people are not in wheel chairs, nor are they blind, deaf, or retarded.

    Thankful? They feel they are "Entitled" to all this free money, it is "Thier Right." Their "Benefit" not charity…even though they have done absolutely nothing to earn the so-called "Benefits."

    They insist it doesn't come from tax payers…the government just prints out the extra money to give them. Their own words.

  • Lisa

    Even a free "health home aid" to come clean their house twice a week…all on the tax payer dollar!
    No, these people are not in wheel chairs, nor are they blind, deaf, or retarded.

    Thankful? They feel they are "Entitled" to all this free money, it is "Thier Right." Their "Benefit" not charity…even though they have done absolutely nothing to earn the so-called "Benefits."

    They insist it doesn't come from tax payers…the government just prints out the extra money to give them. Their own words.

    They complain the governement doesn't give them more…insisting the government just wants to keep them poor…

  • Lisa

    And for Christmas?
    Presents every year from the Churches, the news paper Santa fund, and a couple other charities. They have no kids, so its not for unfortunate children.

    Are they Thankful?
    I am disgusted from hearing them complain how they they only got 2 (free) gift cards each, valued from $25 to $50, from one particular Church, and they didn't like some of the brands in the (free) food box so they just threw the unopened food out.
    …and they are mad, because they keep calling the church for another gift card, because they felt jilted. They think the church should have to dip into church funds and go out and buy more gift cards for the church to give to them.

    Thankful for what they got?
    They are mad because the gift cards the church gave them were not work as much as in past years.

  • Cici

    The illegals are sucking this Country dry and our so called president is allowing because his agenda is the downfall of Amerca!! He also wants to give amnesty so they will all vote him in for another term.

  • Lisa

    They are mad because they keep calling the church complaining, insisting there must have been more gift cards for them and a volunteer who delivered the gifts must have stolen some. They leave messages telling the church to go buy them more gift cards on church funds.
    They are mad the church stopped returning their calls for more gift cards they feel they are "entitled to."

    It's disgusting.

    I pray evry day & night: "God, help us. Bring some sanity back to our world & nation."

  • Kim

    I am 45 years old, married for 20 years with 19 and 13 year old sons. My husband is former U.S. Navy. We have both worked our entire lives with very little to show for it. It's still month to month. But, we do it on our own. I have health problems which qualify me for disability but I refuse to quit and go on the dole. As long as I can function, then I will keep working. I deserve the disability, but my parents didn't raise me that way. My mother gets by on $690/month after working 50+ years. Without our financial help, she would be destitute. But, because we are white, no one is banging our door down to hand us anything for free! God Bless America and thank you to our service men and women for their sacrifices in my familiy's name.

    • Fritz

      Kim, I too have worked my whole life and never asked for a handout. I'm 57 years old and have to change careers due to strenuous work in my youth and now. I have 5 kids, three are biological. The youngest 2 I raised on my own for 9 years. I am proud to say 3 of my boys are active military and defending this great country of ours.
      And Lisa, those are type of people who elected this bozo in the White House. Welfare was fine when it first started out. It was supposed to be a hand-up, not a handout, but as usual someone learned how to work the system and screw the hard working AMERICANS out our money. It's amazing how people get religious when they need something and then complain when it doesn't satisfy their WANTS. God Bless the troops and God Bless the USA.

  • RonC

    New York State is only a hairs breadth behind California in the race to financial doom. For years the leadership has drawn "impovrished" people to NYS with promises of how great the welfare sytem is there. I know of couple who actually moved out but immediately came back because it was so lucrative! And…who do these people vote for, (drum roll please) those who keep the bolstering and increasing these "entitlements". So, now (another drum roll…) the state cannot afford these entitlements or the rediculously bloated state payroll! Well, last fall I vote with my feet and moved to North Carolina…
    PS: NYS lost some House seats due to the exodus from the state! And, they "ain't" the welfare recrecipients.

  • R. Cook

    I cry for my native state! I was born in the central valley of Calif in 1942. When I was a youngster the only trash one could find was around the "hobo jungles" usually found adjacent to some railroad. My last trip through the valley was similar to a trip through Tijuana Mexico. Trash was everywhere and it seemed that society had regressed maybe not to third world status but it was getting close. I read about Denair, a small town near where I grew up, and a school's attempt to ban a young boy from flying an Anerican flag on his bicycle. They were afriad it would hurt thre feelings of Hispanic students. All I can say if things don't turn around soon we may as well give California back to Mexico. It is beginning to resemble that country more than ours.



  • Davidus Romanus

    This will all end soon. The gov't is broke! California is paying with IOUs. The Fed Gov is borrowing trillions. When the checks start bouncing, everyone will have to take care of themselves. Ther will be no more handouts.

  • B for America

    I know so many people who don't vote because they don't want to go to jury duty because they WORK and can't afford to miss a week. These are the people who pay most of the taxes in this state. They are the ones who have to do everything! I don't think Jury duty should be attached to your voter registration…then the people that do have the important votes, would vote!

  • carolskey

    Where will the illegals go when they make California just like the Mexico they left? Watch out Canada, you're next!