Out of Deficits, More Democracy

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While Western media continue to rhapsodize about the “Arab Spring democratic revolutions” in the Middle East, it may be that the real democratic revolution is beginning to occur in the European Union and the United States. And if the timing is right, the crisis in the European Union may play a decisive part in tipping the American electorate against President Obama and the Democrats in our 2012 elections.

Both by their votes and their demonstrations, the semi-enfranchised citizens of nations under the rule of the European Union are beginning to fight back against both the social welfare/debt and immigration/border policies that have been imposed on them.

The governing elite’s social welfare/debt policies are hollowing out the prosperity of hardworking Europeans, while exposing beneficiaries of the social largesse to the imminent withdrawal of payments and subsidies to which these many millions of people have become habituated.

At the same time, the elite’s immigration and multicultural policies are seen to be undercutting the ancient indigenous cultures of Europe. Punctuating the slowly developing anger of indigenous Europeans to their government’s multicultural policies is the shock of seeing hundreds of thousands of poor refugees from the “Arab Spring democratic revolutions” flooding Europe in a matter of weeks — forcing the hapless European governments to reverse on a dime their long-standing open-borders policy and try to re-establish border and passport control.

Thus, governments from Spain to France to Ireland to Italy to Germany are under fiercely increasing public pressure to abandon the rule and diktat of the European Union and once again try to protect the national interest — not the “European” interest.

Note that the voters are aroused in both the nations whose debt can no longer be locally paid and in those nations who are being asked to pay the debts of foreign countries. That is to say that the European social welfare/ deficit/debt problem has outraged both the debtors and the creditors. It takes a singularly disconnected and arrogant elite to create a set of policies that satisfies neither creditor nor debtor.

Both Euro economic and cultural/immigrant policies have been the cause of weakened European governments (from Finland to Germany to Spain and beyond) in the elections of 2009 and the more-recent elections. Caught in the pincers of these two issues that are emerging (in the eyes of many middle-class European voters) as existential to their culture, we should expect to see some existing governments fall by vote — or just conceivably by other means.

We are observing a rare process: Stark economic and cultural reality is neutering conventional political methods.

Established European political parties and politicians may be become extinct quite suddenly.

So far, the primary political beneficiaries of this crisis are third, fourth and fifth parties — some of them considered disreputable by the tottering elites:

In the Netherlands, the heroic Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party; in Hungary, the center-right Fidesz Party and the anti-immigrant, hard-right Jobbik Party; in Austria, the right-wing Freedom Party and the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZO); in Denmark, the hard-right Danish People’s Party; in Italy, the anti-immigrant Northern League; in Finland, the anti-illegal immigrant, Euro-skeptic True Finns Party; in Britain, the racist British National Party and the libertarian, anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party; in France, Jean-Marie (and now his daughter Marine) Le Pens’ patriotic National Front. There are others in almost every European country.

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  • http://senatormark4.org SenatorMark4

    So you tend to believe that a country where almost 50% of the people pay no taxes and 43 million (?) are on food stamps might vote to decrease government spending? Dunno. Seems unlikely to me. Guess we'll have to watch the dollar turn to "as good as paper" before we find politicians of principle. How about we start tracking government outlays to individuals with 1099-GOV and propse a Constitutional Amendment that if a budget isn't signed by the President by October then there are mandatory spending cuts of 15%. This entire story is laughable when a country's leaders refuse to produce a budget for two years and NOBODY does anything abou it. sigh

  • http://www.blumsoft.eu/en/ blumsoft

    "Established European political parties and politicians may be become extinct quite suddenly."

    That's only a dream. I live in Hungary and as far as I am concerned I only see that things are getting worse and worse. I work for a software development company with many app developers – they have a future as their profession is a good one. But mine…ehh