Job Creation and Immigration

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Tucked in between dramatic stock market drops on Thursday and Monday, there was a little bit of seemingly good economic news on Friday morning. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the private sector added 117,000 jobs in the month of July.

But this news needs an asterisk.  As Chris Chmielenski of the immigration control organization Numbers USA notes, “that number still falls short of the number of jobs needed for the 125,000 work permits issued to foreign workers each month by the federal government.”

Despite the recession, the government continues to issue huge numbers of visas to foreign workers.  In 2010, we issued over one million permanent green cards.  Three quarter of these immigrants were of working age who are competing against Americans for jobs.  We also issue nearly a million guest worker visas each year.

This is not enough for many in Congress.  Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is reportedly planning to introduce another “comprehensive immigration reform” bill, which will grant amnesty to illegal aliens and massively increase legal immigration.

Knowing that this is going to be a tough sell in a recession, Sen. Schumer explained that he met with leaders of various pro-amnesty organizations and, “We decided we ought to start highlighting the fact that immigration creates jobs rather than takes them away.  Everyone agreed that is how we are going to start talking about immigration, as a job creator.”

Talk all they want, but our current immigration policies are taking jobs, not creating them.

On July 26, Sen. Schumer held a hearing to promote the idea that immigrants create jobs called “The Economic Imperative for Enacting Immigration Reform.”  The hearing focused on immigration of high skilled workers and entrepreneurs, but these are only a tiny proportion of all immigrants.  In 2010, only 0.2% of legal immigrants were investors, 5.2% received advanced degree visas, and 1.1% were listed as having “extraordinary abilities.”

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  • tanstaafl

    Yes, Americans can't find work so……..I know, allow more immigrants into the country!

    How many of these immigrants are going to vote for Schummer?

  • davarino

    I know it goes without saying but, liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Does it make sense to increase the number of immigrunts when the citizens cant find a job? Does it make sense to increase the debt when you are already 14 trillion in the hole?
    Does it make sense to raise taxes during a recession?
    Does it make sense to hire more and more government employees and pay them more than the private sector schmuck paying the government employees?
    Does it make sense to have a USPS when the private sector does a much better job? (by the way, I think the USPS is only subsidized to send junk mail, cause nobody else is using them)
    Does it make sense to have the government run healthcare when they have done such a good job with running and holding down the cost of US mail?

    • StephenD

      davarino, it all makes perfect sense…if you're a Socialist, Anti-American, Islamist leaning Operative.

  • Aaron Mair

    Sorry… But “Liberalism” has nothing to do with this non-unionized global labor migration or shift to the us by cheap intellectual (read Asian & Southeast Asian) labor on the one hand and the traditional (often stereotyped Latino) objectivised as border hopping .
    This very practice was institutionalized as the cornerstone of Ronald Reagan & Republican “immegration reform” that enhanced or created a cheap supply of high skilled intellectual labor for the Computer software & semi-conductor industry, destroying unions, while fueling racist backlash with the old images of Latinos coming across the borders. The cynical genious of this approach is that the Visa process serves as an excellent mechanism that will keep the high-tech wage slaves as economic slaves without ever having the ability to organize (read forever cheap pool of labor) and thus undermining or hiring (paying the true cost) qualified American engineers, doctors, etc.
    All of this while misleading us (my criticism of this article) as to the real issues behind the problem…What tools!

  • brevet

    Immigrants have a village culture of mutual help, they do not pride themselves on sneakers drugs and larceny.

    • brevet

      Or even about being American. This country has always had a “servant problem” it’s just the air of freedom.

  • Babs

    wonder what Schummer would say if HIS job was threatened? Probably sing another tune but as long as he feels comfortable, he'll continue to do whatever it takes to get himself re elected. And, I can tell you, I lived in south Texas for 8 months and could not find a job because I didn't speak Spanish…not even at a grocery store bec most of the customers were from Mexico and didn't speak English. I even talked with a Mexican national one day who told me she could work for in a State of Texas job but not one in the federal government because she wasn't a citizen.

  • MaoYing

    If and when jobs ARE created in the US, aren't those newly-created jobs basically earmarked just for certain people–specifically, those people that receive special employment preferences under Affirmative-Action? For sure, Affirmative-Action is alive and well and still going as strong as ever. In fact, in Michigan, TWO judges recently "struck down Michigan's ban on Affirmative-Action"–

    The TWO judges in question overturned the vote of a majority of Michigan voters in the name of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Yes, two judges overturned the votes of thousands. Obviously, Affirmative-Action is really important these days. So, whenever jobs ARE created in the US, the question becomes "Just who gets those jobs"? Certainly not the whites.

  • Nora bee

    Affirmative Action insures that the less than most qualified get preference in education, jobs and obtaining services. The result is our government and businesses are run and staffed by also rans while our best and brightest are related to make work jobs and joining the military to be sent to the front lines as cannon fodder by those mental inferiors who are now running things. Welcome to the third world.where bribes, pay offs and who you know will get you anything. We have bankrupcted our country paying retribution for crimes we did not commit and the "victims" now outnumber the the maligned "rich" white guys who are expected tp pick up the tab forall of it. To add more foolishness to this folly we are importing more potential victims daily to further overload the system. Our less than most qualified leaders have just about killed the goose that was laying the golden eggs.

  • Dave Francis

    Nevada is the home of Casino's, entertainment and mining, but it is one of the states hit the hardest by illegal immigration, under Democrat U. S. Senator Harry Reid. A comparatively new government program allows illegal aliens to use their American-born instant citizenship babies to collect welfare for the entire family, that has extended nationwide and nearly doubled in this western state that is already has an outlay of hundreds of millions of dollars to provide foreign nationals with public services. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF) was created by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services some years ago, so that illegal aliens could get monthly welfare checks to aid in supporting their entire family. This is the only public assistance program where parents can apply in their children’s name as divergent to applying in their own name. Neither does this program oblige parents to exhibit that they are in the U.S. legally since most aren’t. Just in Nevada the TANF program’s caseload has grown 96 percent ever since the recession slammed the state like a nuclear explosion in 2009.

    A news paper report revealed that around 4,250 of foreign families in receipt of benefit in Nevada have "mixed immigration status.” Its meaning being, that U.S. taxpayers are supporting thousands of illegal alien families since they have at least one instant citizenship baby. That families already here have within the family circle some legal residents and others without permission and without papers.

    Illegal aliens are also largely responsible for Nevada’s home foreclosure crisis, reportedly the nation’s worst. Around 5 million fraudulent mortgages nationwide are in the hands of illegal aliens, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and it is no secret that a significant chunk of them are in Nevada.

  • Brujo Blanco

    There are employers that will only hire Hispanics. No other racial or ethnic groups need apply. This is an absolute violation of the civil rights statutes. It is a shame that these statutes are only enforced to protect the rights of priority minorities. Our country has been invaded and our economy taken over.

  • sameer

    I am from India living in India, and reading all this I laugh a lot. There are more than 5 million in india alone working on out sourced jobs, and most of these have such abysmal communication skills in english they hire 2 or 3 people to replace one person in US because even that means a saving of 2000 uSD per month or more. Fight against out sourcing which is looting america and creating a bunch of rich thugs in india (ex.satyam .whose CE0 raju is in jail for fraud, and hope soon Infosys narayana Tata, Wipro, etc all end up in jail for evading taxes for all kinds of false documents, for getting illegal lands etc. Push your govt to ban this immoral looting l companies in USA an you would have 10 million jobs back in USA. why fight for the half a million legal immigrants when u can ahve back 10 million well paid jobs back and country going good again. Force your govt to follow Australia, canada, or some what UK policies where the stress on english skills etc that means 75 percent of crap who enter are kicked out.

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