Eric Cantor Gets the Mideast Conflict

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Dr. Tibi knows full well that “Palestine” as an Arab political entity never existed throughout history, hence there were no Arab Palestinians until they were recently invented. After all, the very name of the nationality is not Arabic. There is no distinctive national history, culture or even cuisine that distinguishes them from other Arabs in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan or Egypt. Nor can Dr. Tibi name the first, last, or any Arab Palestinian king, during the long centuries the current Palestinian Arab leadership claims to have existed prior to the return en masse of the Jews to the Biblical Land of Israel in the past 200 years.

Therefore, Dr. Tibi attempts to imply that even if the “Palestinians” were invented, they still have the same rights as American citizens have to the United States. And there is the fallacy in his reasoning. The United States came into existence, was recognized by all, and then absorbed the majority of its present population via mass immigration. But the newly invented Arab Palestine never existed, does not now exist, and those who currently claim to be part of the recently invented Palestinian Arab people predicate the validation of their demanded statehood on invalidating an already existent state with a Jewish nation that has a unique and well-documented history in the land of Israel upon which part is officially the internationally recognized State of Israel.

Interestingly, Jews the world over just finished celebrating the eight day holiday of Chanukah. Anyone reading the story of Chanukah with its Jewish uprising to free their land and nation of the brutal occupation of the Seleucid Greeks might wonder where were the “Palestinians”? They needn’t wonder, the Palestinians hadn’t yet been invented and wouldn’t be for more than two thousand years. Luckily for the Maccabees, today’s mainstream media outlets hadn’t yet been invented either.

After trashing more Republicans Dr. Tibi laments, “Democrats, however, give no indication they will be any better.” This is all the more remarkable after three years of the most blatantly pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel American administration in recent history.

US President Barack Obama’s long list of anti-Israel words and actions since taking office three years ago belie the standard pro-Israel platitudes he has uttered when domestic politics demand it. From his unprecedented pressure on Israel to implement a ten-month moratorium on Jewish building in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (AKA “West Bank”) stemming from his fixation on accepting Israel as the “Occupier” of “Palestinian Lands”; his rejection of the Bush-Sharon exchange of letters which was ratified by overwhelming majority in the US Congress as a continued US commitment to Israel; drawing a parallel between the mass murder of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust with the current plight of the Palestinians in his “Cairo Speech to the Muslim world”; his attempts to appoint known anti-Israel figures to important positions in his administration (e.g. Chaz Freeman; fmr. Senator Chuck Hagel); his public humiliation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House; his pushing Israel to withdraw to the pre-1967 lines as the basis for negotiations with the Palestinians; ad infinitum. Although apparently not one-sided enough for Dr. Tibi.

Dr. Tibi concludes: “American politicians can use their free speech to taunt Palestinians and inflame tensions in the region or they can think sensibly about what they would do were they oppressed and dispossessed by Israel. My fear in this campaign season is that it will only get worse and the winner will be confronted with a Palestinian people who have zero confidence that the president will treat them fairly and be willing to press Israel to end the occupation. Consequently, the America that was once respected around the world is increasingly reviled in the Middle East for backing Israeli domination rather than Palestinian freedom.”

In Dr. Tibi’s eyes, American politicians have no right to take into account Palestinian Arab behavior (i.e.: “with blood and fire,” suicide bombers, terrorist attacks on school buses and kindergartens, firing missiles on civilian targets, etc.) which has major support by the same people that publicly danced with joy after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Although there was no Palestinian Arab entity prior to the return en masse of the Jewish People to their historical homeland, the Palestinians were nonetheless “dispossessed by Israel.”

Speaking the truth about the Palestinian Arabs will, in Dr. Tibi’s opinion, “inflame tensions,” and the “Palestinian people [will] have zero confidence that the [American] president will treat them fairly and be willing to press Israel to end the occupation.” Or put simply, we, the Palestinians, don’t have to negotiate. You, the Americans, have to pressure Israel to give in to all our demands if you want to avoid continued violence initiated by us.

Somehow, I think US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor hit the nail squarely on the head. “If the Palestinians want to live in peace in a state of their own, they must demonstrate that they are worthy of a state.”

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  • Tanstaafl

    "they must demonstrate that they are worthy of a state.” Not much chance of that happening.

  • Rachterry

    Ahamed Tibi also recently praised the Shaheeds/Terrorists. See here:

    Ahamed Tibi incites terrorism and he should join his pal Osama Bin Landin. No time to waste in this respect. Ahamed Tibi is a terrorist!