What If Israel Changed Direction?

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* What if Israel told the world that we have no guilt concerning our actions over the last one hundred years and that the mess in the region is certainly not because of Israel?

* What if Israel told the world that had the Arabs prevailed victorious in 1948, 1967 or 1973, it’s a safe bet that the world would not be clamoring for the Arabs to return “occupied territories” or to make good-will gestures to Israel?  Does anyone honestly believe otherwise?

* What if Israel finally put its foot down and said “no” to the world?  What would happen?

* What if Israel utilized all its technological know-how and bombarded YouTube, Facebook and the rest of the social media world with endless ideas promoting the above messages?

* What if Israel’s leaders and diplomatic corps actively promoted these messages?

What would be the ramifications of such an abrupt change by Israel?  No one can say for sure although undoubtedly many will claim that if Israel were to make such a shift in direction it would only damage itself by bringing on more condemnations and boycotts, which in turn will lead to further de-legitimization.  Perhaps this assumption is accurate, but then again perhaps it isn’t.  More importantly, since Israel is already being vilified and ostracized despite years of acquiescing to continue with a political process that has already weakened its image in the eyes of its enemies and has also cost it dearly in terms of lost lives, should we be overly concerned about the implications of making such a change in direction?  Likewise, if more and more people are coming to understand that continuing down the current path might eventually lead to our destruction, should we just blindly carry on and ignore all the concerned voices?

The truth is there’s a good chance that such a shift in direction would actually garner a fair share of support.  The average Israeli Jew is somewhat right-wing, nationalistic and traditional, as evidenced by both the last elections when the largest winning bloc by far was a right-wing/nationalist/religious bloc and by data from the Central Bureau of Statistics which finds that 60% of the Jews in Israel identify themselves as traditional or religious while even amongst the 40% that call themselves “secular” they still observe various aspects of the tradition.  Together, these factors suggest that such a change of direction by Israel would be welcomed by a large percentage of its Jewish citizens.

In America as well it’s safe to assume that such a qualitative shift by Israel would resonate well with its many backers there, be it pro-Israel congressmen, conservative pro-Israel Christians or simply with the many average Americans that are naturally pro-Israel.

Although no one knows for certain how the various world leaders would react, I think the silent majority of Jews and non-Jews throughout the world, those who see through the lies and international hypocrisy and understand the true worth of a strong, vibrant and confident Israel, would be very happy and most supportive.  Moreover, this grass-roots support in turn might just influence the respective world leaders.

Yoel Meltzer is a freelance writer living in Jerusalem. His personal blog is yoelmeltzer.com.

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  • mataripis

    As a nation with wisdom from the Holy Creator(YhWh ), It is their right to decide what is right and appropriate for their wellfare .Israel did not get territories out of justice and godly laws.Israel did not agreed with the terrorists movements around the world.Israel just fight for their rights as a nation of YhWh.The truth must prevail/the truth shall prevail/the truth that YhWh has everlasting promise for Israel, will mean Israel must preval/shall prevail as a nation of Creator in the name of the Lord YeshWah.. so be it/Amen.

  • Leaving Islam

    As an exmuslim who now follows Yeshua (Jesus) as my LORD & Messiah, I say no to the two-state solution and that the "Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people and therefore we are declaring full Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria"

    Any REAL christian will agree.

    • Chezwick_mac

      I always thought the spelling was Ahmed. What country are you from originally? What was the reaction of your family to your conversion to Christianity? Just curious.

      • Leaving Islam

        My birth certificate says Achmed.

        Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery.
        Victor Hugo
        Reaction? The same as for anyone who leaves Islam: rejection. Where is the love and freedom of thought?
        I suppose you find it hard to believe that anyone would want to leave the "beautiful religion" of Islam?

        • Chezwick_mac

          On the contrary, I marvel that more Muslims don't reject their violent, intolerant creed…although the mandate of death for apostasy certainly explains as much.

          "Feminine courage", eh? It shouldn't surprise you that we infidels find Muslims curious and anachronistic…and an EX-Muslim!!! What a marvel of nature. I salute your courage.

    • potb

      Good for you! I support the idea too. The two state solution has always been rejected, so therefore I think it's justified to take a look at other possible solutions. Judea and Samaria does not only belong to the Jewish people, but it also has a strategic value.

    • ajnn

      I am impressed by your courage.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        All of the lands promised to Abraham by the Almighty belong to the
        Jews and every grain of sand listed in the Bible must be returned
        to those who have the title of ownership from the ultimate court.
        The only Achmed I am aware of belongs to Jeff Dunham, as in
        "Achmed the dead terrorist.".Google same and watch………..William

  • Chezwick_mac

    The paradigm for withdrawal has been established over the last eleven years. Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 behind UN-recognized borders; Hezbollah creates the Shabaa Farms controversy to keep the conflict alive so as to continue justifying the spilling of Jewish blood. Then, in 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza. Within weeks the mortar and rocket fire began.

    The withdrawal paradigm is a failure. Time for plan B.

  • Raymond in DC

    The unfortunate precedent of Israeli withdrawal was set by Begin in the Camp David Accords which ceded everything – everything! – back to Egypt. Gone were the air bases, the oil fields, the hotels Israel had built, the strategic passes, etc. What it got in return was, in Sadat's own words, a piece of paper. What was established was the notion that Israel was not entitled to reap the fruits of its victories in a defensive war, and the idea that it had no "rights" to anything beyond its de facto borders.

    It's not surprising therefore, that Israel is now deemed to have no rights to the "West Bank", and thus the notion of "swaps" has entered the discussion, something the framers of UNSC 242 would have found ridiculous. Perhaps had Egypt paid a price for its "peace treaty" – getting back, say, only to the Mitla Pass but not Sharm el Sheikh – it would have been clear that aggression carries a price, that the Arabs would not be made whole or allowed a "do over".

    • ziontruth

      For the 30+ years that the peace treaty with Egypt has held, most Israeli Jews would tell you it's been worth it, despite the frigidity of the relations and even the rampant Jew-hatred in the Cairo street.

      But now, the impending crash of this treaty, this perennial exemplar that the Israeli Jewish Left has always touted as proof of the necessity of land concessions, the belief of Israeli Jews in such concessions may have the final nail laid to its coffin, concluding its erosion in the 2000s. Perhaps people will now be less blasé about what gets taught in Arab schools.

  • jacob

    What has happened to Israel in the last twenty years is that its "leaders" had
    been trying to attain the physical and spiritual impossibility of staying
    simultaneously in good terms with GOD and the Devil and which is why it is
    at the crossroads it finds itself now.
    Which people would have put up for eight years with a daily bombardment of
    their terrirory without fully repaying in kind with the same disregard for human
    life and property shown by its enemy in its endeavor of turning their cities into
    ghost towns, opting instead to aerial "pinpoint assassinations" of terrorists
    en route to bombing, risking pilot lives, costly aircraft and ordnance and getting
    instead stern condemnations form the corrupt UN and the EU ??

    It is most certainly time for telling OBAMA & HILLARY with all her Foggy Bottom
    Arabists to go fly a kite and that ISRAEL will not put up with any more B.S from
    anybody and let it be a warning for all of its enemies, even the Brotherhood in
    EGYPT with their threat to abrogate the treaty…

  • http://home.comcast.net/~enjolras/site/?/home/ Underzog

    And what is Israel expelled the Arabs or most of them in accordance to the principles laid down by Rabbi Meir Kahane, zt"l? Such a paridigm shift would be quite nice and greatly reduce the terrorism in that country.

    • Vermont Yid

      What if the Israelis came to their senses and did as you suggest? What the hell – let's just try it and see.

  • viceconsul

    This common sense logical plan will only succeed with these additional what ifs: The next time Hamas fires missiles at Jewish children, Israel napalms Hamas headquarters regardless if it is embedded in a hospital basement. The next time Ahmedinijad drools about wiping the Jews off the map, Israel nukes his nuclear bomb factories. Etc.

  • StephenD

    Add one more "What if" to this: What if Israel finally pointed to Jordan as the true home of the so called "Palestinians" for a two state solution? This would satisfy the false claim that the issue is about land (it's about destroying Israel) and it would be a solution that doesn't touch Israel.

    • potb

      Visit the website of the author of this article. A few weeks back he had an interview with a Palestinian who supports this idea.

  • Vermont Yid

    What if Israel just bombed their stinking arab neighbors back to the stone age? Yes, I know that the arabs are only a few generations removed from dragging their nuckles,

  • Amused

    THERE IS NO TWO STATE SOLUTION . There never was ,as far as arabs and muslims go . It was stated decades ago by Arafat and the PLO , ALL truces , cease-fires , treaties , agreements , peace-talks are all a prelude in the ultimate goal of Israel's Destruction , so too a Two State solution is a deception. What if the world knew ? The world KNOWS what they [Palestinians] have been screaming , what they've been brainwashing their children with , what they preach in their mosques write in their newspapers , show on their tv's , what they teach in their schools K -thru University graduates . They want DEAD JEWS .

  • Amused

    Today in the U.S.Congress , Netanyahu made clear what needs to be made clear to all who will hear , Israel can be generous with landswaps though painful , but Israel WILL NOT retreat to pre'67 borders , and Israel WILL maintain sovereignty over ALL OF JERUSALEM . Israel will accept a Palestinian State , ONLY when the Palestinians accept the JEWISH State – ISRAEL >

  • Kristina

    Surprisingly, Netanyahu has not played the race card and cried RACIST at the top of his lungs. But then, he has too much class for a stunt like the ones Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton and Obama would pull. However, the racist name calling surely gets the Left all worked up over injustices withis label, whether real or imagined. Give 'em Hell, Bibi!

  • pagegl

    What if the world realized the Palestinians already have a state; it's Jordan.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Netanyahu knows the Palestinians will not back away from the absolutely
    absurd and are driven with the intent of killing all Jews and wiping Israel
    off of the map. So what is he doing but playing to the crowd to forstall the
    enevitable. Everyone who cares knows what is going to happen, it seems
    Netanyahu is the man of the hour for Israel and it is possibly true that
    Islamist assault will wait for his term of office to end and another leftist
    looser brought in who will cause tremendous loss. We shall see……
    How much can Israel take, even the Israelis know there has to be a
    limit to being surrounded by intent murderers………………………..William

  • Canadian Otter

    The key words to understand the madness of Israeli political mismanagement are at the end of this column: SILENT MAJORITY. Too many good people have remained silent for too long about fundamental truths, such as the fact that Israel has legitimate and legal right to the land as per the League of Nations Mandate. And what about JORDAN? For decades that word has been absent from “peace talks” but it’s increasingly clear that it is a Palestinian state. Millions of dollars are spent on UNRWA refugee camps and on the PA. And millions of dollars in aid flow into Jordan without any strings whatsoever. WHAT IF Congress demanded making aid to Jordan conditional on their taking responsibility for the Palestinians? And then sweeten the package with more dollars and help with social and environmental issues. Israel needs to annex the heartland, but nothing will stop the partition of Israel unless there is a strong push to bring these two issues to the top of the agenda: 1) The UN must abide by the terms of the League of Nations Agreement, and 2) Jordan is Palestine. Israelis must raise their voices and, as Yoel writes, change direction. Completely. From timid vassals of the US – to masters in their own home.

  • Robert Haymond

    I enjoyed your heuristic method of helping us (the Reader) alter course with respect to how Israel might have acted differently in the past. Of course, as you seem to indicate, we have nothing more to lose by altering course, becoming more definitive and purposeful, as the international community is so against us anyway. There are some advantages when we realize there is nothing we can do except die in order to be accepted. Appreciate this gem of an article.