America’s Unique Ally

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For example, in 1970, pro-Soviet Syria invaded Jordan, threatening a domino scenario into the oil-rich Persian Gulf. The US military was preoccupied with Vietnam and could not deploy troops to Jordan. Israel was asked to mobilize its military, and the Syrian invasion was rolled back. Thus, Israel denied the USSR a major coup and spared the US a potential economic disaster, without deploying a single US soldier.

General John Keegan, a former chief of US Air Force Intelligence determined that Israel’s contribution to US intelligence was “equal to five CIAs.”Senator Daniel Inouye, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and former Chairman of the Intelligence Committee said “The intelligence received from Israel exceeds the intelligence received from all NATO countries combined.”

He assessed that Soviet military hardware which was transferred, by Israel, to the US (P-12 Soviet radar in 1969, Mig-21 and Mig-23 Soviet fighter aircraft in 1966 and 1989 respectively, etc.) tilted the global balance of power in favor of America and amounted to a mega-billion dollar bonus to the US.

In 1981, Israel bombed Iraq’s nuclear reactor, thus sparing the US a nuclear confrontation with Iraq in1991 and 2003. In 1982 and 2007, Israel demolished Soviet surface-to-air missile batteries operated by Syria and a Syrian-Iranian-North Korean nuclear reactor in Syria. The battle tactics – which were the first ever to penetrate such advanced Soviet/Russian defense systems – were shared with the US Air Force, enhancing America’s military edge over Moscow.

In 2011, US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan benefit from Israel’s experience in combating improvised explosive devices, car bombs and suicide bombers.

The Jewish State constitutes the most advanced battle-tested laboratory for US military systems. The F-16 jet fighter includes over 600 Israeli-induced modifications, which saved the manufacturer billions of dollars and many years of research and development. Hundreds of additional US military systems, operated by Israel, generate similar benefits, according the US defense industries a global competitive edge and expanding US export and employment.

Upgrading the current mutually beneficial US-Israel strategic cooperation is required in light of the aforementioned benefits, and in response to the turmoil in Egypt and its potential regional ripple effects, while the US lowers its military profile in the region. For example: Upgrading the port facilities of Ashdod for use by the Sixth Fleet; pre-positioning, in Israel, US homeland security systems, combat aircraft, missiles, tanks and armed personnel carriers, which would expedite US missions to preserve pro-US Arab regimes; constructing, in Israel, US military facilities; establishing a bi-national defense industrial cooperation fund, leveraging each country’s competitive edge.Enhancement of US-Israel strategic ties is natural and imperative in light of Israel’s capabilities and the unique US-Israel common denominator: shared-values, joint-interests and mutual threats.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    The article "America's Unique Ally" is very true – yet under presumption, that America itself remains the "ally" of America: i.e. of the Judeo-Christian America as it was founded. Under presumption that the Judeo-Christian nature of America remains the unwritten part of the US Constitution as something self-evident. Then yes, Israel is the precious asset not only as 5 CIAs, but first of all as an object of the Biblical commandment "to bless Israel".

    Yet our tragedy is in that a part of America has "departed" from our Judeo-Christian heritage and actually wages war against it. The Department of State, the brass of CIA and military in fact betrayed our Judeo-Christian foundations. The betrayal culminated in planting an impostor Obama into the White House in 2008, who since then first in the history openly negates the uniquely Judeo-Christian nature of America and acts on behalf of the international socio-islamic cabal.

    • Larry C.

      I love what you have said here Alexander, and I will go to my grave and soon see my REDEEMER, and when I do I will be justified in knowing that there are still some people in this world who still know what Americas whole existence has been for, and that is to stand in the gap for Israel. But what we have been forced to have been put up with is a man just like you have said is not in line with what the HOLY Creator God had in mind for this "ONCE-[GREAT]-Nation. My heritage is of the native blood, but I am still seeing so many people that are blinded by this mans ability to spin a yarn if you will. If it was not for the fact that he is being controlled like a puppet, he would not be where he is today. WHAT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IS WHO IS PULLING HIS STRINGS, AND TO WHAT ALLEGIANCE HE OWNS TO THEM?

  • Larry C.

    If not for the fact that it is already been foretold so many thousands of yrs. ago all you have said is so true. The Prophets of the Old-Testament have foretold all of this back then. BUT I HAVE GOT TO ADD THIS IN CAPITALS—AMERICA IS NOT MENTIONED AS A ALLY OF ISRAEL IN ANY WAY IN THE BIBLE. SO GET READY. IT WILL BE HAPPENING SOONER THAN YOU THINK.

  • Robert Laity

    "America" BUT NOT "Caliph" Obama.

    • Robert Laity

      To clarify:
      Israel and America are great Allies. Obama,however,is NO friend to either.

  • solemnman

    Israel fought and defeated Soviet ambitions and arms in the middle east long before she became the beneficiary of Amsrican arms and aid.Israel prevented iIaq and Syra from aquiring nyclear capabilities.-something for which Israel should have been lauded and not ,as it was at the time ,condemned.

  • joe

    Long live Israel, and long may she know freedom.

  • kathleen Weaver

    Israel is a U.S. ally, but it has sold weapons to China and Russia. I still think we should support Israel.

  • suprkufrB

    Dead on! Israel is America's ONLY ally in the middle east, notwithstanding the disgusting spectacle of the two most recent presidents groveling before their saudi masters.Beware of moslems bearing gifts!!!