Are You Better Off Today Than You Were Four Years Ago? Yes!

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The Obama response: more engagement.  Obama hosted the Muslim Brotherhood, which vows never to recognize Israel “under any circumstances,” and announced a gift of $1.5 billion in American taxpayer dollars to the new Egyptian government.  Last week, Secretary of State Clinton visited Egypt, bearing an additional $1 billion of debt relief.  She also stood silently as the Egyptians explained how they did not see themselves bound by Camp David absent a (non-existent) regional peace agreement.

Hazard a guess as to which candidate has earned their support?

China. During Obama’s 3 ½ years, Chinese GDP has increased roughly 35%; the US has stagnated, averaging about 0.6% annual growth.  Even more disturbing, the astronomical Chinese debt Obama has accumulated is approaching the point where US interest payments alone will equal Chinese military expenditures—at a time they are aggressively building up their military to challenge US dominance of the Pacific Ocean.  This is a dynamic the Chinese would love to see continue.

Russia. Not even Czar Putin’s could have imagined that the “Reset” button gift from Obama could be used repeatedly.  Yet, Russia blocks sanctions against Iran and Syria, sells Iran advanced air-defense systems, and ensures Syria is armed sufficiently to massacre its people.  Russian military jets simulate bombing runs against America while violating US airspace, and Putin turns human rights back a generation.  Repercussions?  No, Just “Reset” again!

Obama has no Russia policy other than concession and appeasement: he unilaterally cancelled missile defense systems for our Czech and Polish allies at Putin’s command, slashed US nuclear deterrent stockpiles upgraded Russia’s WTO status–and revealingly promised the Russian leaders over an open microphone that he would be more flexible in a second term.  Has America gotten anything in return?

And the list goes on–North Korea, the Taliban and Obama’s friends at Solyndra, to name just a few, are also better off today than four years ago.

Obama should expect plenty of support.

Abe Katsman is an American attorney and political commentator living in Israel.  He serves as Counsel to Republicans Abroad Israel.

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  • κατεργάζομαι

    Remember: Tisha B'Av Pray for Israel!

    News: Mitt Romney: Tisha B'Av in Jerusalem –

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to be in Israel on Sunday, July 29. That day coincides on the Jewish calendar with the observance of the ninth day of the month of Av—Tisha B’Av, the fast day that commemorates the destruction of the first and second temples in Jerusalem. -And SO MUCH MORE!

    Sincere Kudos Romney!!!!

    All in all for Conservative voters, electing Gov. Mitt Romney over Barack Obama is somewhat analogous to watching Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid drive over a cliff in your brand new 2013 Mercedes S series!

    • Asher

      Obama has thrown Israel under the bus, trying to force the two state solution, forcing Israel back to 1967 borders, curtailing settlements being built in Judea and Samaria. and leaving Israel feeling isolated from the U.S. policy at the U.N. Romney is a diplomat, supporter of Israel,, and a guy who knows what the heck to do about this disastrous spending and re-distribution of wealth to those that don't work….I hope people learn a hard lesson about voting for Obama.

      • patriothere

        Also Obama has not visited the bandit state since his campaign. Oooh! Spooky! I will be voting for Obama this year that's for sure. Obama Is looking better and better as time goes on. Obama '12 !

        • Drakken

          Yeah sure sand ape, leftist loving dain bramageed useful idiots like you always are cannon fodder first and are future Darwin Award winners.

  • JoJo

    lets see . he killed bin-laden, saved the economy from the brink of collapse, saved the auto industry and provided free heath care for all….. this piece was just another Republican hit job, based on innuendo and half truths. Probbaly because Romney has nothing to run on due to the success of teh Obama presidency.

    • κατεργάζομαι

      "This is your kid's mind on a Hegelian dialectic,
      ………as taught in the Taxpayer-funded public school system, & orchestrated by the teachers union"

      • Looking4Sanity

        Who will YOU be voting for, Jose?

        • patriothere

          I will be voting for Obama!

    • oldtimer

      He didn't kill bin laden, seal team 6 did, he hesitated. If saving the auto industry means sending most of the stimulus money to Mexico, China, Korea and India, than I quess he did. Provide free health care to all,,, where do you come up with that…Nothing is Free…. Having private insurance, my premium doubled because of the healthcare rules that went into effect..Far from free. Some one pays, always.

    • kendrick1

      Bin Laden was already sick and dying, and it took Obama six months to get the "hit" order from his muslim friends.

      If you have noticed, the economy is STILL on the brink of collapse. Taxpayers are still spending to keep GM afloat, by subsidizing by $250,000 per each Chevy Volt that is being built (and not selling, by the way)!

      I suspect from your tone that you are either a government employee; working for a non-profit organization that is, at least funded partially by the government; or, are on the "draw"! Why not cut out all of your circumlocution and simply say, "I want the government to TAKE money from other people and GIVE it to me?

      Socialism is like the snake that put its tail in its mouth and swallowed itself!!

    • patriothere

      It's not a republican hit job. It's a zionist extremist hit job. These guys make Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle look like Al Quaeda. The only people crazier than these guys are the settlers with machine guns that believe in talking bushes and talking snakes. And of course that murdering waste of life netanyahu.

      • Drakken

        Come on leftard, put your money where your jihadist loving mouth is and go join your friends the muslim savages in Gaza and tell those meany Israelis how upset you are, and good bloody riddance.

    • Reveal the truth

      Bin Laden has been known to be dead since December 2001. He was in the final stages of his disease back in July 2001. He was treated at an American hospital in Dubai in July 2001 and given six months to live. There is no way he survived another ten years. People in the Middle East and other parts of the world basically declared him dead when all activity from him ceased in December
      2001 and moved on. When Bush said he wasn’t worried about Bin Laden anymore, it didn’t mean he was incompetent in killing him. Bush needed his bogeyman to keep Americans scared so he could continue his illegal wars. If everyone found out that Lex Luther died, Superman would have had to pack up and go home. Obama knew all this and staged this stunt to distract us and score political points. Go back to the weeks before this stunt and see what Obama wanted the people to ignore or forget about. Don’t believe everything you see on television.

  • Gene W 1938

    Better off today? Yes if you are: an illegal reisden;, a terrorist, communist; collecting unemployment while working off the books; an atheist, living a life style contrary to the Bible; receiving welfare with free phone while driving large cars or hate the USA Constituion.

    absolutely not if you are: a patriotic American who loved the USA when we were a praying nation; angry at banning God from the public foram; aware that more than 900 executive orders have been written praparing USA to become a dictator's state if the president declares a national emergency [He signed more EOs than any other president all formed to enable this]; pro life; concerned that the head of the Muslim Brotherhood's closest relative is Hillary's Chief Aide; know that every appointed czar and presidential appointment has a socialistic agenda [putting it mildly];

    I guess you know my answer is we need a complete purge of the complete administration with many of them execurted for treason.

  • Infidel

    JoJo—are you serious or just ignorant? He hasn't saved the economy he's just got you convinced he has. The man is a professional liar, pay attention to reality man. Says he's a Christian and refuses to attend the national day of prayer but will honor the muslim ramadan. What a joke and so are your comments!

    • Reveal the truth

      Why are you so concerned with Islam and Christianity if you are an infidel? Infidels don’t believe in God.

  • Ramon

    She' Right

  • Anon. Guest/Coward

    In what sense does COMMANDING citizens to purchase health insurance from private insurance companies translate into "free health care for all"? Owning health insurance and getting health care are NOT the same thing, as anyone who has tried to find a doctor who accepts Medicare knows only too well. If you truly believe BHO has "provided free heath care for all", then you are rock-brained stupid. More likely, you simply believe (based on your media-created fantasies of what Conservatives and Patriots are like) that WE are stupid enough to believe BHO "provided free heath care for all" based solely on your say-so. Are you even American? I can *almost* fathom , say, a Briton , Canadian, or Australian getting the garbled message that obamacare provides health care, but any American paying ANY attention whatsoever knows all about the personal mandate (which BTW kicks in at 9,385.00 a year income : Last time I checked, a person had to be making only 11,000 a year to be considered to be at the Federal poverty level.)

  • JoJo

    SO no one has dealt with the FACT that e killed Bin-Laden..Humm… It always comes back to the Muslim thing..Is that all you republicans have? He has gotten US out of a war that he inherited and the US has been safe with him as Commander in chief…. Pretty good resume to me.

    • Looking4Sanity

      What type of gun did he use to "kill bin Laden"? Did he fly to Pakistan or take a boat? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • JoJo

        Boo hoo– stinks for you but he gets credit for it as he was commander in chief. Should Michelangelo get credit for painting the Sistine chapel? After all someone else could have done it? get real out there Obama has been a great president both by saving the economy and with a sterling foreign policy track record.

        • beezeebeez

          Don't look now, but YOU ARE DROWNING IN COOLAID

        • Looking4Sanity

          So, you admit that Obama didn't “get” bin Laden. You can't even bring yourself to say it outright. This is as close as you'll ever get to the truth. Savor the moment.

        • Drakken

          If your are a recent result of our education system we are truley f–ked.

    • NoGunControl

      Giving Obama credit for killing Bin Laden is like giving Nixon credit for the 1st moon landing.

  • kendrick1

    How is the FAST AND FURIOUS caper of this administration going? Why hasn't Obama and his DOJ lackey given the documents requested by the house committee. What have they to hide? Is this the transparency promised?

  • dennis x

    I just a regular person who works for a living and my 401 K is doing much better these days! The President has kept us safe. Lil bush didn't/ couldn't get laden.

  • patriothere

    Iran is not Americas enemy. That is something that the neocons and zionists want to be true so we can be incited to destroy Iran for Israel. I am not sending my kids to fight and die for Israel.

    • Ghostwriter

      What world are you living in? It's sure not ours. In Iran,we're known as the Great Satan. Israel is known as the Little Satan. Why don't you get a clue,patriothere or in this case a brain?

    • Drakken

      I am sure your going to send your inbred seed to a madrassa though.

  • Infidel

    Whom are you patriot of? Islam? You would not send your kids to fight for Israel but what about the USA? We have the same enemies. I'm a viet-nam vet and don't want to see anyone go to war but it's not us that' flew planes into buildings and and declared war on us. Wake up man, defend the country or get out of the way.

  • Ronald Johnston

    Do we need any more evidence that osama obama is a terrorist planted here by our enemies???? He should be treated like any spy, stood up against the wall and shot!!!!

  • Ghostwriter

    Those like patriothere are numbskulls. Sadly,both he and President Obama live in the same fantasy world that believes that Iran isn't our enemy when it is. We need leaders who live in the real world,not Never Never Land like President Obama.

  • Leo

    What a mess the world is in, The western world is under assault, First in the world of the elitist leftist, of academia, the liberal left media and cowardly governments. We are on the brink of another world war. America has lost its moral compass under Obama, and Bush allowed all those changes in the monetary system that has created a world wide depression. The Islamic world is rife with hate for America and all things of western value. Islam is the scourge of this planet.This so called religion preaches only hate, killing and vengeance. Standing in the wings is China, not quite ready yet to step up on the world stage, a sleeping giant laughing at Obama's ineptitude on the world stage. The USA is so divided politically that people have lost faith in the government ability to solve domestic problems let alone international problems, God bless America but you had better be prepared for the worst case scenario, WORLD WAR

  • Elliott

    "Hezbollah. Iran’s wholly owned terror subsidiary was severely weakened by its 2006 war with Israel."
    Prior to the 2006 "Four Mothers' War" (**) Hezbollah had approximately 3,500 – 4,000 Rockets. It now has in excess of 35,000. I don't call that being weakened.
    ISRAEL was weakened by that pair of clowns Olmert & Livni, who couldn't run fast enough to the UN to BEG for a cease-fire.
    (**) Why "Four Mothers' War"? During the 90s, a group of 4 Israel Women decided that Israel should not have a military presence in Lebanon. As soon as they made their opinion public, ALL Israel's lefties (Hezbollah's useful idiots) jumped on the band-wagon. Today, Israel doesn't have a military presence in Lebanon, Hezbollah has 35,000+ rockets.
    I recommend that these women be tried for treason, along with Beilin, Peres et al!!!