Thought Control on Islam

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January 10, 2012 was a big day for terrorist Anders Breivik, the diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic (but now being reevaluated), who on July 22, 2011, bombed the Norwegian Prime Minister’s office and, soon after on that same day, gunned down seventy-seven Norwegian teenagers at a political camp near Oslo.  The Norwegian justice system will now permit him to receive visitors, ending almost six months of isolation.  This will allow Breivik to give interviews to the media to expound his wild theories justifying his murderous actions, and even entertain adoring supporters.  Undoubtedly, the resulting attention, stories and interviews will create outrage among the still grieving Norwegian population. And undoubtedly, the leftist, politically correct Norwegian elite will use this public outrage to continue their campaign to restrict, or even shut down, all speech they perceive as “Islamophobic.”

Brevik’s horrendous mass murder has already been used by Norway’s liberal elite for political gains.   Shortly after the attack, the Prime Minister’s Labor Party used it to smear the party’s main political opposition – the Norwegian Progress Party – as a bunch of hate-filled, Breivik sympathizers.  The Progress Party’s only real connections to Breivik were: 1) that he used to be a member of their party before ditching them for their unwillingness to resort to physical violence; and 2) that they, like Breivik, oppose multiculturalism and unrestricted immigration.  In the Norwegian local elections on September 10, the elite’s strategy was shown to be hugely successful, as the Labor Party received a large sympathy vote over the Progress Party.  Simply put, Norwegians were shamed into voting against the party that had been “linked” to the mass murderer.

The political ramifications of the Brevik attack are not unique to Norway.  In nation after nation in the West, the elites have used Breivik’s attack as a way to restrict debates regarding Islam-related issues (i.e., topics including Islam, radical Islam, terrorism, and terrorist funding).  They have done so in one of three ways: 1) as previously illustrated, as an electoral club against anti-immigrant, anti-Islamist, “right wing” political parties; 2) as a call to push new legislation to restrict free speech concerning Islam-related topics; or 3) as an attempt to shame certain leading commentators and scholars from speaking about Islam-related topics.  Unfortunately for proponents of universal free speech rights, these leftist elites have had increasing success by all of these methods.  Several European nations besides Norway have used this smear in political campaigns – see Finland; see Sweden; see Denmark; see Germany; and see – of course – the Netherlands.  Some others, such as Austria, have used it to justify the strengthening of their “hate speech” codes; where in October of 2011 the Austrian Parliament passed the Terrorism Prevention Law.

In the United States, the cultural liberal apologists have used the Brevik attack to both shame and silence those commentators and scholars who work on Islam-related issues.  There are essentially two arguments that the PC elite media have advanced here.  First, they have claimed that the criticisms of Islamism (or of Islam) made by the counter jihad movement actually “fostered” Breivik’s terrorist actions.  Second, the elite media has made the argument that since their foes have acted irresponsibly with their own language and have some of the same positions as Breivik on Islam-related issues, they must also be somehow at fault.  A frequently used tool to connect Breivik and a specific counterjihadi is the “cite and numbers game” in Breivik’s manifesto e.g., “Breivik, in his manifesto, cited scholar X 12 times, which must mean that scholar X fostered, or is associated with, the terrorist attack.”  Since Breivik’s manifesto is over 1500 pages long, it has been relatively easy for members of the press to find connections in it to a number of prominent bloggers, among them: Mark Steyn, Fjordman, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, and Bruce Bawer.  Finally, after making the connections, the elite media then demand that the counterjihadi activists need to be shamed into reining in their criticism of Islam-related topics to prevent future terrorist attacks.

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  • OneMansOpinion

    It is absurd to claim, as you do, that "liberal apologists" are responsible for silencing "commentators and scholars who work on Islam-related issues" in the US.

    I would also be interested in seeing any actual research showing a causal connection between the Norwegian Labor Party's gains in the September 10 election over the Progress Party and the January 10th attack. Simply claiming they were due mainly to a "sympathy vote" is otherwise unfounded.

    According to many reports, the gain by Labor was almost entirely explained by low voter turnout of Progress Party supporters. If they stayed home where did the sympathy come from? Additionally, the Conservative Party gained 9% in that election. Was that from "sympathy" too?

    • Alvaro

      "According to many reports, the gain by Labor was almost entirely explained by low voter turnout of Progress Party supporters. If they stayed home where did the sympathy come from? Additionally, the Conservative Party gained 9% in that election. Was that from "sympathy" too?"

      It is an easy explanation. Høyre (Conservatives) and Arbeiderpartiet (Labor) were the election winners at the cost of FrP (Progress Party) and SV (Socialist Left Party). A lot of voters shift between Høyre and FrP on one side, and between Arbeiderpartiet and SV on the other side. In this election they gravitated towards Høyre and Arbeiderpartiet.

      And yes, there was a lot of sympathy at first. Polls showed that Labor gained 10% almost over night. But it had somewhat faded when the election came.

  • Flipside

    It does not make me a liberal elite to notice that Anders Breivik is a murderous devotee of Robert Spencer. That is simple fact. It was amusing though how you tried to make the bloggers affiliated with this site seem “prominent.” The rules for good FPM writing require that all criticism of the neocons be labelled “liberal,” a term historically a euphemism for Jews in a media cartel, and secondly, to make the bloggers here appear as respected, credited, and accomplished people.

    • Ted G

      However lies like this do put you in the same category as liberals .
      Come on Flippy that's just total BS. First, facts are not simple they either are or are not!
      But this is beyond the pale "Breivik is a murderous devotee of Robert Spencer"
      Please support this fabrication with quotes from R.Spencer that promote or advocate violence.
      Based on your comment shall I assume that you are a defender of the misogynistic and murderous cult they call islam?
      You do this just to push buttons don't cha? If you are not a MB troll you sure seem to be propagating their propaganda.

      • Flipside

        I read the Breivik manifesto when it came out. It is page after page cribbed from JihadWatch and Little Green Footballs.

        • Ted G

          Language and the written word are pretty amazing aren't they Flip. They can be both wondrous and evil at the same time. But is it language and words themselves that are evil or wondrous? Or the ideas being conveyed or promoted by them?

          While as I understand it is true that the writings of R. Spencer and btw many others including past Presidents are included in the psycho's manifesto, shall we condemn all the writings? What if the writings are true? Does the truth bear responsibility for this heinous act of murder?

          So once again I challenge you to show where in any of his writings he supports violence in any form. In smearing R. Spencer in this manner you prove yourself to be at the least intellectually dishonest. But IMHO and assuming you to be of at least average intelligence you are deliberately promoting a lie. Therefore at the most you a reprehensible human being and a propagandist of the highest order.

  • Robert Pinkerton

    The opponents of Muslim immigration into the West needed Andy Bear-briefs like they needed 9mm holes in their foreheads. What ABB did was to make martyrs of the people he killed.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Obviously, Anders Breivik wasn't sane. Had he been sane he would have foreseen the ramifications to his pet cause of his actions. Of course, he could also have another ulterior motive no one knows about as well.

  • No Dhimmi tool

    I'm a lifelong "bleeding heart liberal," and I just can't understand the pathology that allows for any thinking person to defend, enable or empower Islam in any way, shape or form.

    Here is what these idiotic lefties are supporting, from the mouths of Muslim spokesmen themselves:

    Islamic supremacy and global domination
    Prohibition of music and singing
    Imprisonment, flogging, torture and death for homosexuals
    Jihad to force Islam on the world
    Jews as apes and pigs
    Jews as the eternal enemies of Muslims
    Osama bin Laden in Paradise
    Raping women okay in Islam
    Female genital mutilation "obligatory" in Islam
    Sex slaves for Muslim men
    Child marriage/rape
    Mohammed having sex with a 9-year-old girl
    Wife beating
    Death for "insulting" Mohammed
    Death to apostates and infidels
    Genocide of Americans
    Jihad to "raid the world"
    Non-Muslims being not innocent and subject to death

  • Ghostwriter

    Brevik was a lunatic,pure and simple. He deserves to spend the rest of his miserable life either in an insane asylum or jail. Personally,they should just hang him and put him,and the rest of us,out of his misery.

    • Flipside

      All Breivik is a lone actor acting on the deranged words of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. The freakier part is that the propaganda he acted on was intended by Zionists to push entire countries to war against Islam. Breivik is what a neocon psychopath would look like if he actually fought instead of writing for a Hasbara.

      • UCSPanther

        I guess, since I read this site, am pro-Israel and own a Ruger Mini 14, that makes me by your warped definition, a mass murderer.

        Gimme a break. Your thinking is right along the lines of Norway's political elites.

        The fact you hang around here making stupid comments shows that you have no life.

      • Ghostwriter

        Still managed to work in your anti-Jewish garbage,didn't you,Flipside?