Top 10 Reasons to Kick Pakistan Off the Dole

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What does it take for a country to be kicked off the U.S. foreign aid dole?  We might soon be learning the answer to that question, thanks to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and its consistent efforts to antagonize the United States and oppose our interests.  Recently, the U.S. Congress voted to reduce Pakistan’s aid because of our “ally’s” decision to convict a Pakistani doctor for “treason” for helping the U.S. find Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.  The doctor is named Shakil Afridi, and he was recruited by the CIA to run a fake Hepatitis-B vaccination program in Abbottabad to acquire a DNA sample from one of bin Laden’s children in the compound where he was hiding.

Interestingly enough, an investigation by a former member of the Pakistani army has concluded that Afridi probably didn’t even know he was helping the CIA find bin Laden specifically, but the Pakistanis still convicted him, and are now busy trashing his reputation.  If the congressional vote stands, the $1 billion going to Pakistan this year in U.S. aid will be $33 million less, one for each year that the doctor was sentenced to.  The Obama administration originally requested more than $2 billion, but Congress eventually cut this in half.  This is small change overall, though, as since 9/11 alone, the United States has given Pakistan a total of more than $20 billion in foreign aid.

As I see it, this is just a baby step.  The U.S. needs to make a complete cutoff of all U.S. aid to Pakistan.  There are so many different reasons the U.S. should stop its aid to Pakistan that it is hard to list all of them.  But, in the spirit of David Letterman, here is my “Top Ten” list of reasons to stop providing foreign aid to Pakistan.

1. At least some of Pakistan’s government officials deliberately and/or knowingly sheltered (see: here and here) Osama Bin Laden, the head of the terrorist Islamist group al-Qaeda and the mass murderer of over 3000 Americans.  This reason alone merits the end of U.S. aid.

2. Pakistan’s cooperation in the U.S.-led “War on Terror” and invasion of Afghanistan has been tepid, at best. See: the case of Dr. Afridi; Pakistan’s decision to cut U.S. supply lines for the Afghan war, unless the U.S. apologizes for drone attacks that have targeted terrorists in Pakistan and pays a hefty ransom; Pakistan’s intelligence ties to Islamist terrorists; Pakistan’s army’s consistent “mistaken” attacks on U.S. and other NATO helicopters, which, considering that the Taliban and al-Qaeda forces have no helicopters, can’t really be written off as a mistake; Secretary Clinton’s admission that Ayman al-Zawahiri, who inherited the al-Qaeda leadership after bin Laden’s death, is also hiding “somewhere in Pakistan”; Pakistan’s imprisonment of an American contractor for murder and blasphemy until more than $2 million in blood money was paid, presumably by the U.S.

3. Pakistan has been the foremost supplier of nuclear technology to such rogue states as Iran and North Korea.

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  • H&R_ Barack

    Reason #1 – We Can't Afford It!

    Reason #2 – There is No Quid Pro Quo.

    Reason #3 – If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas …

    • Rob

      This is a war inside Pakistan.
      The Taliban bombing of Pakistani cities have caused 1000s of casualties.

      This war is between the salafists and their Saudi money and those who want Pakistan to modernize and prosper.
      Just cutting off money and support and creating chaos with nukes in Pakistan is stupid, but letting them continue to hoodwink us is not constructive either.
      'Cutting and running' from Afghanistan, as Obama appears to be doing, only means we will have even less leverage against the extremists and Taliban in Pakistan. That cannot be good.

  • Jaladhi

    You don't need 10 reasons to Pakistan out of our dole. Just one reason is enough and that is they are our enemies – wolf in lamb's clothing. Plain and simple!!

    • Jaladhi

      Typo: "You don't need 10 reasons to kick Pakistan off our dole. Just one reason is enough and that is they are our enemies – wolf in lamb's clothing. Plain and simple!!"

    • najum

      So true, $ empowers terrorists in here.

    • a b arisar

      i agree that there is bad governance, dwindling economy, poverty etc. This has forced people to be helper of terrorists. But here thousands of innocent people were killed, picked. People of pakistan believe that america is behind bad governance, insurrgency, and death of innocent people. Why america intervene in all personal and political matters of pakistan. People of pakistan hate america for its policies. Why it should not come forward to tell the people that america is not there enemy. What a trauma that americans think that pakistanis are their enemies and pakistanis feel the same…. There is need of concrete steps….

  • UIQ

    How stupid or biased one can be, its clear after reading this article. A wannabee journalist who wants fame by quoting lies is all that I for from the article. NATO supplies were blocked after american forces murdered 24 Pakistani soldiers in the border region. The amount of AID you mentioned 20 Billion Dollars is wrong, its not all AID, more than half of it is for the services rendered by US troops. Supporting Pakistan doesn't make you stupid, you guys are already stupid, a country where more than half of the people are on streets (the 99% movement) is more pressing concerns that you idiots should focus on. And also don't forget who created Taliban in the first place to fight against Russia. For reference see Hilary's Testimony in Congress( a video can easily be found on youtube). Come on guys grow up. rest of the world already doubts your stupidity just don't try this hard to prove.

  • Jeff White

    Pakistan was force to take $20Bln and provide Services worth $50Bln, how else in the same period Pakistan owes $68Bln to IMF, over 4000 of its Armed Forces men are dead and 34,000 (READ : Thirty Four Thousand) Pakistan died for this partnership. You guys are just bunch of PAID agents of some weapon selling "Think Tank" front end, I am an American too and I see people dying for our "Bad Design", why else we spending $2Bln per week (READ : Two Billion Dollars per) in Afghanistan when the the total GDP of Afghanistan is about $2Bln a year ? So where is this money going ? This is $2Bln per week is the real Blood we Tax payers are being stucked off with ! Yeah, hide the facts behind "HATE" in the name of "Fake Patriotism" God Bless America.

    • sanman

      Jeff, guys like you backed Clinton to the hilt when he was itching to bomb Serbia. Back then, you libtards were screaming "bomb them first! ask questions later!"
      Now all of a sudden you're a newfound pacifist, urging Americans to turn the other cheek against terrorist thugs who bombed America first, and are only going to bomb America again unless the US eliminates them.

  • sanman

    Pakistan has tried to bill anything and everything it can to the War on Terror budget. They even wanted anti-aircraft radars to fight AlQaeda, despite the fact that AlQaeda and Taliban don't even have an air force! The aid money sent to Pakistan would be much better spent on supporting the numerous insurgent groups fight Pakistan's corrupt tyrannical govt, in order to inflict pain on them for supporting AlQaeda and Taliban as part of their double game. At least the insurgents will be grateful for the support, unlike Pakistan.

  • wctaqiyya

    It's time we cordially invited the Chinese to occupy Afghanistan, so they can guard their own darn mines and other investments. Why are we spending our money and blood to do this? Since China and Pakistan are so cozy at the present time, they can each take turns sitting on the Taliban and giving each other back rubs. We are much better off without Pakistan as an 'ally and all the way out of Afghanistan. So there.

  • Rima

    Since 911 America has killed over a hundred thousand civilians all in the name of war on terror!
    what is punishment for such a crime?
    what is the punishment for killing over 3000 civilians through the use of drone attacks?

  • wctaqiyya

    American punishment for it's failure to realize the true nature of war, the identity of the enemy and the counterproductive methods being employed, is the Islamization of America by the millions of Muslims foolishly imported into this nation. It is a fitting punishment for the foolish so-called leaders who either can't or refuse to see that the enemy is Islam. It is also a fitting punishment for trying to wage war as if it were a reconstruction project. War is not a welfare program on steroids, as America and NATO currently pretend it is. You don't apologize for killing the enemy, there are no innocent 'victims' and you don't pay the enemy for damaged property.

    If I were in charge of Afghanistan, I would not be there. If I had to be there for some unknown reason, I would import thousands of feral pigs and dogs and let them roam freely. I would make girls and children walk in front of men, permit only shorts and sandals for men, bras and panties for women and no clothing for young children. I would destroy all mosques, shoot all mullahs and outlaw Islam. Any violation of any rule would invite an instant sentence of death. War is heck.


    none of you will understand politics. power obtained by any means. world will become a better place if we all respect each other. understand how these politicians trick us – then we act and get rid of them by making it clear to them that we are not stupid. to be honest with you all no one wants to hurst anyone else – that is majority of the people – I am not taking about the few drop outs… there are few people who are filthy rich and want to stay that way and so use the media to scare us by crying wolf – when will we the good people learn? all you guys who are commenting here are playing the game that the media controllers want you to play. people UNITE and lets make this world our HEAVEN!

  • Ron Thompson

    all good reasons, numbers 8, 9, and 10 being the best.

  • Ronald Johnston

    We should rid our government of all representatives and senators who have ever voted for foreign aid period. Notice I did not capitalize as I do not capitalize osama obama!!!!

  • guest

    They use the money to buy and sell weapons to the Arab world. Without this US to Paki money, they could not afford their nuclear program. Cut off ALL the money. They can get aid from Saudi arabia and their ally, Iran.

  • Malvika

    US aid to Pakistan has done untold damage to India as most of the aid has been used by Pskistan in weaponising itself and arming the terrorists to attack India. Before 26/11 US and allies used to shrug of terror attacks in India as its own problem. The truth is the Mujaheeds who were trained by US after the defeat of USSR in 1988, turned their guns on Kashmir and rest of India once war in Afghanistan was over. India has suffered thousands of deaths due to these terrorists. US has choosen to turn a blind eye to Indias plight as it favoured Pakistan. US has fed a snake which is biting it now. Stop giving aid to Pakistan. It is a waste of your tax payers money which is only feuling this terrorist states ambition.

  • pakistani

    Osama being a muderer for 3000 people huh, what about the drones strikes that have have killed a minimum of 5800 innocent people and only 4000 terrorists. 911 was a planned drama by the israelis and americans, americans are the lackies of isreal, they have killed over 1 million innocent people all over the world
    they have destroyed countless countries, like iraq, iran,vietnam and now pakistan is their next target.

  • stupid paki

    what about the 80,000 pakistani soldiers who got killed in ”your” war on terror ? what about the civilians that die here everyday because bloody terrorists say that we support america ? you really think money is what pakistan is begging for ? i don’t know if you ever have been to pakistan brother..a terrorist state that had its 80,000 and counting soldiers loose its life against terrorism..if they were such irresponsible terrorists who couldn’t control nukes wouldn’t they have taken kashmir by force (whose own public wants to accede with pakistan)? if you hate pakistan or have anything against muslims why do you hide that by trying to sound like a liberal ?

  • stupid paki

    oh yeah i remember the indians were on the side of the americans against russia right ? pakistan didn’t help make the taliban for the americans to stop russia in afghanistan ..just a reminder friend..oh yeah pakistan is a failed state,where as india has the most poverty in the world,pakistan is an oppressor and is paranoid about india, you know may be because there were four states at independence that wanted to accede with pakistan and pakistan couldn’t even get one ? may be because pakistan is an oppressor the muslims in kashmir have been raped murdered and trafficked by indian officials you know..its a democracy we aren’t..they can do what they want..don’t reply me just search a little just a little moderately about all i said..may be you’ll see the other side of the story,or maybe you’ll call your self a liberal and accept us oppressors as we are..good luck mate!

  • Shareiq

    Pakistan has been begging since its inception. It ends up coming up with something that US is willing to throw more dollars and some weapons. Pakistan has always been artificially supported by USA. Pakistan has a ‘rent an army’ since its inception. its founder Jinnah has been responsible for so much violence and undemocratic precedents that its embarrassing to say the least. Jinnah was responsible for the biggest forced migration in the history of mankind. Muslims who he left in India, were left to fend for themselves, and reduced to suspicious and discriminatory treatment. Hindu’s rightly felt that muslims had taken their pound of flesh at the worst possible time.