Stoned Dearborn Christian Speaks

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The video “American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI” from this year’s Dearborn Arab Festival has gone viral. The group at the center of the incident, Official Street Preachers, is led by Ruben Israel. I sat down for a candid conversation and interview with the man behind this video and got an inside exclusive look at what really happened, including a frightening vehicular attack that wasn’t captured on video.

The 2012 Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan ran this year from June 15 – 18 over the Father’s Day Weekend. Like every other year, incidents that occur there become YouTube sensations, but nothing like what happened this time around.

We have seen this before, and I have written and spoken on the Arab Festival for the last three years. At the 2010 festival, four Christians from the Acts 17 Apologetics group were arrested and charged with “breach of the peace.” Their cameras were confiscated, all for attempting to hand out Christian literature.

In September 2010, a jury acquitted all four Christians. Following the acquittal, Acts 17 filed a 96-page civil rights lawsuit against the city, its mayor, John B. O’Reilly, its chief of police, Ronald Haddad, 17 city police officers, and two executives from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce.

In January of this year, a Detroit judge awarded $103,401.96 to Acts 17 for attorney’s fees, and in February, a U.S. district court judge in Detroit, Michigan denied a request by the city of Dearborn to dismiss the civil rights suit.

In June 2010 when I wrote about the arrests, I focused on “Sharia in America” — people being arrested in an overwhelmingly Muslim community for nothing more than exercising their First Amendment right of free speech. But this year went far beyond people being arrested. This year they were stoned:

This group wasn’t just stoned, however. The Christians had bottles, cans, eggs, milk crates, stools, rocks and pieces of concrete thrown at them, all while the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department stood by, watched it occur, and did nothing.

Police waited an hour after the barrage of the group — until they were bleeding and injured — and then told the Christians that if they didn’t leave, they would be arrested.

Ruben Israel is one of the founders of Bible Believers and heads a group of Evangelical Christians known as the Official Street Preachers. He has been going to events with his group for over 30 years with his megaphone and signs preaching the gospel.

The video of his group being stoned in Dearborn has had over a million views in just 4 days when combing all the various websites it has been posted on. To say the incident has created some controversy would be an understatement.

Even a female reporter from ABC 7 WXYZ Detroit was hit with a water bottle while reporting live from the event.

Some are saying that he and his group are like the Westboro Baptist Church. Others are saying he “antagonized the Muslims into a rage” and that the reaction and stoning “was to be expected because they knew they were in an overwhelming Muslim area.”

The argument that I have continuously heard is that the video of the stoning is only 23 minutes long, and that it was edited so that it’s difficult to see what really happened. That is only somewhat true.

Yes, there is a “raw” video that is one hour and six minutes long (it can be seen here); it records from the moment the group arrived until after they left the festival. The video that United West posted was edited down to 23 minutes, but I have seen the full hour and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that Ruben and his group did in the long version that wasn’t in the short version.

The United West only edited it down to show the stoning parts as well as to remove large pieces that otherwise would be boring.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ruben and get the truth about what really took place that day and the story of what happened two days later, which wasn’t on video, but can be backed up by police documents.

I didn’t pull any punches on this interview and from the start I hit Ruben with hard-hitting questions:


Gadi Adelman: “What do you think of those that compare you and your group to the Westboro Baptist Church?”

Ruben Israel: “I don’t like Westboro Church. I don’t like them protesting soldiers funerals. I don’t like people burning the American flag, but it’s under the [right] of free speech; but I don’t go beat somebody up because they burn the American flag.”

GA: “Was there any point at all during any time at the Arab festival that you or your group did anything that was physically violent to these people?”

RI: We never pushed anybody, hit anybody, shoved anybody. The only thing we do, and you can see this in the video, is if anyone comes up to us we raise our hands, palms up, and this is because [if] we go to court [then] the attorney doesn’t freeze frame everything and blame us for pushing. Our palms are shown with empty hands and we do that primarily most of the day when we are confronted by people that look like they may get physical with us.

That was not our intent and to be very blunt, if our intention was to fight the Muslims as they have been accusing us, our arsenal would not have been to show up in Dearborn with a megaphone and signs.

GA: Could the banners that you carry be used as weapons?

RI: They are vinyl banners. They are legal and we have been flying them for over thirty years and not had any issues. It’s a good thing that they are vinyl so they could be cleaned very easily with all the stuff we were pelted with.

GA: What was your plan for that day, why did you go to the Arab festival?

RI: Actually what we were going to do, we had our attorney send a letter to the Sheriff and the attorney of Dearborn, a letter that we were coming. They knew who we were based upon last year and we were going to show up with our signs. The megaphone was only going to be used to compete with noise. If the noise level was high, we would use the megaphone.

We were going to do some preaching and the preaching would provoke some good conversation and conversation is what’s good, and the crowd is gathered around us, and that’s the purpose for the large signs because they display exactly who we are and what we believe.

That’s all we were going to do. We wanted to hang around there for a few hours, pack up and leave. We weren’t going to stay there until the end of the event; we didn’t want to be there at night because we knew that when you preach to Muslims there is a reputation that things can happen to you and that is why we asked the police to stand around us.

GA: You mentioned last year — had you been there last year as well?

RI: Yes we were, and the first day that we showed up the police put us in a “free speech” area with barricades. They had mounted police, uniformed and undercover. They brought in the Dearborn Police, police from Detroit and there was a helicopter overhead. It was almost as if we were a threat to the city. The second day we showed up they said, ‘No more, we’re not giving you barricades, you’re on your own,’ and then a fight broke out. They came at us punching.

GA: So you were attacked last year as well?

RI: Yes, that was last year and that is why this year I went there with a pig head. To the Muslims a pig or the blood from a pig is like a crucifix to a vampire. I knew the sheriff was not going to assist us because they had not responded to our letters from our attorneys, so I figured we would be on our own, and since the sheriffs weren’t going to be around us, I brought the next best thing and that’s a pig head on a stick.

In the video you can see that around the pig head we didn’t get pelted as much as where there was no pig head. I got a lot of heat for taking one pig head; I think in reality we should have brought 15 pig heads, that would have maybe soothed them a little bit more from throwing debris at us.

GA: You said that last year a fight broke out — what did the police do last year?

RI: They rushed in after the fight was over and they took one of our guys to jail. All they did was parade him by the angry Muslims, which showed them that they took care of it. They put the guy in a squad car, took him to jail and once they got to the sheriff’s station they just let him go. It was just a show. They just wanted to let the Muslims know ‘we got one of them’, and we have video footage of the sheriff’s department cheering the crowd on when we were getting thrown out of the event last year.

This is a police officer in uniform cheering the crowd on as they throw us out. Now, let me explain something. We preach to a lot of venues. We go to Mardi Gras, spring break, the Academy Awards, baseball games, plus we preach to a lot of religious people as well. Such as Salt Lake City, when the Pope comes to America, we have signs for him and we follow him in the city that he is in; some of the Evangelicals that are on TV that are nothing more than money hungry devils, we preach to them too.

Nobody gets violent except the Muslims. Yet they are under the umbrella of the ‘Religion of Peace.’ They are nothing more than people just waiting to attack us and because the sheriff’s department did nothing to those little kids throwing debris at us, all that did was fuel fire for these kids because they feel invincible. They throw things at us for an hour and a half, they got away with it, they screamed and hollered and we got kicked out of the event. They just fueled a monster that one day is going to strap a bomb on themselves and blow themselves up for their god and this sheriff’s department actually fueled that monster. ”

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  • mrbean

    If they want a stone fight bring a gun. These Muslims don't want to be tolerant, they don't want allies, they don't want to assimilate, they want to change America to conform to Islam and Sharia law. They all are the enemy. It is time to kill 'em all, wrap 'em in their prayer rugs soaked in pig fat, put 'em all in piles and burn 'em all using Qu'ans for kindling, scatter the ashes over the open excrement ponds on pig factory farms, and let Allah sort 'em out.

    • Karim

      You are truly sick. Try and say that to someone's face you trash.

      • kafir4life

        Karim – I think what mrbean is trying to point out is that islam is a gutter cult that was invented by a pedophilic madman named mohamat, who shat the contents of the terror guide, the koran, in the sand following coitus with, then later a meal of his favorite pig, also known as "Dad" to the perv mo.

      • BigMan

        Maybe not a ‘nice’ thing to say but the ‘Lims’ say things like this all the time and we’re supposed to respect thier anger.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        Mrbean sounds somewhat tepid in his disgust with those Jolly Musselmen. Ne c'est pas?

      • eoin

        Hey pedophile worshiping pig MoooHamHead calling to you from hell dont forget to bring your 9 year old sister MoohamHead needs to get sum.

      • curmudgeon


      • Snorbak

        No different to Muslims referring to Jew's as "decendents of apes & pigs". It is your belief system that is truly sick, which is understandable given that your "so called" prophet was a common thief, murderer & pedophile,….rocks & glass houses mate.

    • Mo

      Unfortunately, this type of statement gives ammo to those who claim that all who speak out about Islam are hateful people who want to do harm to Muslims.

      In other words, you’re not helping.

      • Roger

        We need more people are willing not to help then.

        Unless we are honest and don't run from the necessary truth we are targets.

        • mrbean

          That guy is a typical Dhimmi – like the Europeans who won't even make a big deal out of negro Muslims gang brutally raping white women.

          • Ghostwriter

            Your above statement doesn't help matters,mrbean.

          • curmudgeon


      • curmudgeon


    • student

      Lol, those Christian idiots should have gotten a serious beat down just like the rest of you insignificants running your sucks about stuff you know nothing about. Down with you pig f**king Christian maggots.

  • Alan K

    Oh my Gadi – that was a fantastic article / interview.

    The Wayne County Sheriffs Departments Chiefs Jaafar & Richardson with the legal guidance of Ms. Henry on the allowing these attacks to take place and continue repeatedly in a one hour time frame is down right scary. It is scary because when Law Enforcement fails to protect the life and liberty of it's citizens – the fabric of civilized society will quickly turn into anarchy and violence – as viewed in the Raw footage and The United West video.

    It is also beyond belief that in front of one of the largest Mosques in the country, Islamic Center of America, one of the Mosque followers of Imam Qazwini tried to run down and kill Israel Ruben and his friends exercising free speech under the watchful, unbiased, and professional Dearborn Police Department. Even scarier is that one of the Mosque principals ran out and tried to intimidate the DPD in a vain effort to protect his fellow Muslim brother after he tried to kill or injure 9 innocent people.

    The fact the mainstream news blacked the story out until you broke the story speaks volumes of the mainstream press.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Gadi Adelman and look forward to reading your articles every week.

    • Roger

      When will the lawsuits agains the law enforcement agency start?

  • bismarket

    If the purpose of this was to try & get souls for Jesus, why the Pig head on a stick? How is THAT likely to bring any lost Souls to the Lord? I don't understand.

    • fightwarnotwars

      Because it's not really about that, what some of these people really wanted to do was provoke, what this website doesn't say is that the so-called peaceful christians not only had a pig's head on a stake, signs calling Muhammad a false prophet and a child molester, but were also taunting and yelling at festival goers. I'm not sure how any of this fits into the New Testament's message of peace/tolerance/love… it seems more like the kind of hate filled accusatory type of protest that groups like Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK like to hold.

      • Roger

        Being anti-sharia isn't exactly the same as Christian.

        You can want freedom without religion in our secular country.
        Except for these pockets of islam of course.

        • bismarket

          It would appear that a lot of users here are assuming i have some sympathy for Islam? They're wrong, it's a disgusting, vile religion that, in it's homeland is bigoted, hateful & racist. Like a couple of commenters have pointed out, that this took place in the USA, a SECULAR country, where freedom OF & FROM religion is enshrined in law. Hate the Sin, NOT the sinner was one of the few teachings of Christ that makes any sense, along with turning the other cheek & loving your enemies. Maybe a few of the outraged Christians here should dwell a while on those teachings because it seems to me that Atheists follow those teachings of Jesus better than them. It's been said that Christianity in the USA is like no other, in fact i would go so far to say "It is no longer worthy of the name". I just can't see Jesus in a mega-church or promoting the prosperity Gospel or hating Homosexuals & women. US Christianity & Islam has too many parallels for me to feel comfortable anymore ☮

          • Roger

            You assume all those against islam are Christian.

            And you overlook surah 9. Perhaps they don't like people who attack Christians when they don't deserve it.

      • Foolster41

        And yet, even if their intention was to provoke, what they did goes against Christ's teachings, or they were like Westboro or the KKK, that still doesn't justify violence. EVER. This is the United States of America.

    • curmudgeon


      • bismarket

        Citation please, When & where did i say ANY of the things you are claiming? In my opinion someone who does all their typing in CAPS is rarely worth taking seriously & after reading your reply you have only confirmed that fact ☮ ps I do have just a few questions for you tho' if you would indulge me? 1. Are you a Christian. 2. Do you vote Republican. 3. Do you have any higher education (above High-school). That's it. I sense you don't like me very much but i really would be grateful if you would answer those questions honestly. Thanks!

        • Roger

          His education has nothing to do with it.
          Muslims historically use rape as a tool, they're doing so in Europe now.

          Why don't you google things instead of making demands?

          • bismarket

            I never said his education did have anything to do with it, i was just interested because i’m trying to develop a theory (sciency stuff) & i have demanded nothing from anybody, doesn’t anybody here actually bother to read what they reply too? As for assuming most people here are Christians “Mea culpa” but be honest, do you believe i’m wrong & if so why?

    • curmudgeon


      • Ugly Mike

        You,sir, are an idiot.

    • Mo_

      It's not my preferred tactic either, but it was a smart tactical move on the Christian group's part, for their own safety. With the Muslims' near terror of anything "unclean", it was a help to keep them a distance away.

      But that's beside the point. The point is even carrying a pig's head is not doing anyone any actual harm. They don't like it, but so what? In a civilized society, we all must deal with things we don't like. It doesn't justify getting things thrown at you and then the police doing nothing about it.

  • Alan K

    bismarket – From the interview Gadi did it sounds like the WCSD told Ruben he will be on his own and without protection from the Sheriffs department. Ruben brought the animal part because it has cultural signifgance to the Muslims and the sight of the pig head was used a means of protection from the angry Muslim mob – and was successful.

    The fact Rubens team was nearly run down and killed in front of the Islamic Center of America shows clearly, the animal part was not the reason for the attack but was based solely on the drivers hatred of Christianity making the attack a classic hate crime. The additional fact one of the Mosques principals tried to protect the attacker from the Mosque from the Dearborn Police adds another layer of intrigue that Imam Qazwini may have been complicit in the attack although that would be very difficult to prove unless the driver confesses to that fact.

    • Roger

      How can any sheriff dept decide when they will keep the peace?

      They deserve to be sued out of existence. Perhaps a bankruptcy court will appoint a law abiding sheriff.

    • bismarket

      I find your reply disingenuous & it fails to answer my question, I'm no fan of Islam or any extremist group, whatever religion they use for their hatred & bigotry. Considering a Pig would also have been as offensive to Jesus (as a Jew) i'll ask again, How was the pigs head helping to bring souls to the Lord?

      • curmudgeon


    • bismarket

      These violent people should be made to pat for what they did & if the Imam or leader of the Mosque helped, he should be arrested & tried. If that doesn’t happen something is seriously wrong.

  • Mike Villano

    The Dearborn police are completely corrupt and spineless.
    They are in bed with Islamic Jihad and are too corrupt and mentally conformed to allow themselves to get their brains around it.
    It's easier for them to blame the victims than to deal with the perps.
    Kind of like the way our foreign policy is being run.
    Government money poisons whoever it touches.

    • American Angel

      You are so ignorant. You don't even know what you are talking about. Ignorance will be the demise of this nation.

  • Alan K

    Mike – The problem in this case is with Wayne County Sheriffs Department not Dearborn Police Department.

    You can complain to the Chief of the WCSD Benny Napolean and demand he open an investigation

    • curmudgeon


      • Mo_

        Quit screaming, and at least write something intelligible. Sheesh.

  • wholearmor61018

    In the first video at 14:26 the cop said, "We don't have the coverage." If he were speaking the truth, he would have said, "We don't have the courage."

  • Supreme_Galooty

    When is the next biker convention in Dearborn? (Probably right after the next gay rights parade.) Somebody should sponsor a barbecued ribs cook off, complete with a pig parade.

  • Trisha

    They follow a god(little "g" of war,who doesn't LOVE them.When I get the opportunity,I tell them that the G-d of Israel(big "G"…;)LOVES them.That's what changed Ex-PLO,Walid Shoebat.
    Having said that,we cannot allow this to go on or they will plow down this country like locusts.

  • wholearmor61018

    Check out the Wayne County Sheriff's office website. At the top left, "WELCOME TO" scrolls in about 10 different languages. What's up with that?

    • eddie333

      They want to welcome the muzzie devils to their site but have to disguise it as being welcoming to all so they put other languages up there, too. If they weren't concerned with being PC, the whole site would be in the muzzie devil language and would have an audio of that ugly yodeling and music they seem to enjoy. And the sheriff would be photographed wearing that bedsheet-like crap they favor.

      There will be a day when God raises His hand against the muzzie devils and that will be the end of them.

      Praise be to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! In the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

      • bismarket


    • bismarket

      When the US was founded & for a long time afterwards, it was normal that it welcomed the worlds "Huddled masses", i understand that policy couldn't last forever, but i wonder how many of those first immigrants came already fluent in English, i wonder if YOUR ancestors were? Has the US come so far away from what the founders envisaged for this land that the inability to speak English upon arrival should make you LESS of an American? What's happened to you America, where did it all go wrong? (I suspect the Liberals, i bet it was THEM) ☻

      • wholearmor

        bismarket, hopefully you're not naive enough to think the Wayne County Sheriff's office scrolls "WELCOME TO" in several languages for the benefit of newly arrived, non-English speaking immigrants.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "Others are saying he “antagonized the Muslims into a rage” and that the reaction and stoning “was to be expected because they knew they were in an overwhelming Muslim area.”

    Typical. Attrocities committed by Islamists or Muslims are never never their fault. It's always the fault of the victims they committ them against. Such as the victim of a rapists, "she asked for it", "she shouldn't have been dressed that way…", "what was she doing in that neighborhood at that hour"……etc. It's always the victim's fault.

    Well, I guess there goes that whole CONSTITUTION thing with "freedom of religion or speech". If lib/progs have it their way it will be edited to say "freedom of all relgions except Judaism or Christianity" and "freedom of speech as long as it doesn't oppose ours".

    • Joseph

      Odd that no one points out that the muslims are in an overwhelmingly Christian country. That does not seem to matter.

      • Roger

        They do what they do. They don't care how many Christians are around waiting to be their next victims.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "Others are saying he “antagonized the Muslims into a rage” and that the reaction and stoning “was to be expected because they knew they were in an overwhelming Muslim area.”

    Typical. Attrocities committed by Islamists or Muslims are never never their fault. It's always the fault of the victims they committ them against. Simular to the victims of rapists, "she asked for it", "she shouldn't have been dressed that way…", "what was she doing in that neighborhood at that hour"……etc. It's always the victim's fault.

    Well, I guess there goes that whole CONSTITUTION thing with "freedom of religion or speech". If lib/progs have it their way it will be edited to say "freedom of all relgions except Judaism or Christianity" and "freedom of speech as long as it doesn't oppose ours".

  • RoguePatriot6

    I'm just curious as to ask; What would be the reaction of a "white-only" bathrrom where only whites are permitted to use it, or a "white only" zone where whites were the only ones permitted to speak? It seems that we had that at one time and I think the American people were pretty outraged by it. What's up? Where's the outrage?

    • Jim_C

      Bet a hundred bucks most people would be more outraged by the behavior of the pretend "Christians" than the Muslims.

  • Language police

    The problems is that the police hates hippies (can u blame them?). So when they heard that a bunch of white guys got stoned, they did not react.
    Next time, say that the demonstrators were lapidated. Or that someone threw fresh doughnuts at them.

  • Jim_C

    "Free speech," right. What is it they say about free speech and yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater?

    • fiddler

      Inane comparison.

  • Mo_

    You know what gets me about Muslims who behave in this manner? What gets me is how vulgar and profane they are. I haven't seen a video yet where they weren't screeching and swearing at people! It's the same on YouTube or other online places. Right away they start using the most ugly, vile profanity you can imagine. How do they defend this? Has anyone ever asked them? I would love to hear their response.

    It says a lot about the "god" you worship when all you can think to do is throw things and scream profanity at people who are doing nothing to you but holding signs and/or speaking.

    • Jim_C

      And just what do you think happened when the Illinois Nazi party wanted to march through Skokie (eventually they had to reschedule for Chicago)? Do you think we just turned the other cheek when they came to town?

      If your loved one was killed in action in Iraq and the scum of the Westboro Baptist Church came to picket the funeral, would you have kind, reasonable words for them?

      These aren't Christians, you needn't defend them.

      • Mo_

        What idiocy. Let me count the ways:
        – Comparing Christians peacefully exercising their right to free speech to Nazis (I don't even know how your brain twists to do that one)
        – Some nonsense about Iraq (no clue what that's about)
        – More nonsense about WBC (again, no clue why, but they always have to be brought up even when they have nothing at all to do with the topic at hand)
        – And my favorite, actually DEFENDING these savages threatening people, swearing at them and assaulting them.

        The only explanation is that you're a Muslim. Otherwise, you must be mentally ill. I mean that quite seriously. It's the only explanation for why a person would side with those DOING the assaulting, instead of those innocent people BEING assaulted.

  • fightwarnotwars

    Peaceful demo my a#s, this from a Christian Post article:

    “At a recent festival held annually by Dearborn’s Muslim community, it was reported that a group of Christian missionaries disrupted the event as they engaged in responses that challenged deeply valued Islamic ideals. This included holding up signs that attacked Islam’s prophet Muhammad, shouting at Muslims participating in the festival, and hoisting a pig’s head on a pole, an animal considered unclean by Muslims (See “Christian missionary group with pig’s head taunt Arab-Americans at Dearborn festival,” Niraj Warikoo, June 15, Detroit Free Press). Less tense forms of engagement also reportedly took place, such as the sharing of evangelistic literature outside the largest mosque in Michigan.”

    • Mo_

      You must be illiterate. .Where does it say in your post anything about the Christians harming anyone? You showed no evidence that these Christians were hitting anyone with bottles or anything else, or even threatening to do so.

      Therefore, your whole post here is a lie.

  • Jim_C

    Is it OK if we edit the word "Christians" in this case to "warped, hateful creeps?" I'd hate for these guys to be confused with real, actual Christians.

    • fiddler

      Who demonstrated the hate? Who threw the bottles? Gee, what else could the Muslims have done? Hmm, let me think. Perhaps turning around and ignoring them? Naw that would have been too peaceful.

      • fightwarnotwars

        it's hard to ignore when so-called peaceful christians get in front of you and yell in your face that you are "going to hell".

        • Roger

          And that sounds so violent.

          Right up there with rocks and broken bottles.

          • Jim_C

            So when the Illinois Nazis wanted to come to Skokie, do you think they were going to be met with "kumbaya?"

          • RoguePatriot6

            I wouldn't agree to their ideology however I would agree to their right of peaceful assembly and free speech.

          • Jim_C

            As do I, and ironically I'm a guy who thinks we should stage anti-America rallies in the ME–and then bomb 'em.

            But you must admit there's a huge difference between a genuinely evangelical group peacefully distributing literature without making too much commotion–and these clowns, who are actively inciting against them. You can bet they love the attention the suckers at FPM are giving them. You can also bet they're not bringing anyone closer to Jesus. "By their fruits you shall know them." A bad tree does not bear good fruit–even if you agree that there's serious problems with Islam.

        • Foolster41

          Yes, so hard to ignore. when someone yells at me, I just have this uncontrolled urge to throw things!
          You are yet another person who is excusing violence because of words said, and frankly don't understand how the US works.

          If the law worked that way, then violence is excused by the subjective definition of "offensive". But anything can be said to be "offensive", therefore freedom of speech disappears and we live in a fascist state.

        • Mo_

          Hard to tell whether you are a Muslim, or just one of their apologists.

          It's remarkable, isn't it? These Muslims could have literally murdered the Christians right there in the street – again, for no reason – and you would STILL be defending the Muslims.

          Why is that? What is it about this ideology that makes people like you continue to defend them, even after seeing their violence toward people who have done nothing to them? I would really like to know.

      • Jim_C

        Hmm, maybe the creeps with the pigs heads on sticks? Just a wild guess, genius.

        • RoguePatriot6

          You know, any other time I might see your point, but we live in a country where it's citizens can burn a flag or a bible and the least little outrage expressed about it will earn you a "extreme right wing" or "religious fanatic" label (yea, ironic. as if the Muslims that attacked those Christians weren't). So, I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it.

          • Jim_C

            Those other cases aren't quite the powderkeg, though. I'm personally offended by both flag and bible burning, but like you I realize it's best to live in a country where you can do such legally, and I just kind of pity the fool who does those things. But if you turn it up a notch…If someone burned a flag at a military funeral, I wouldn't hurt that person, but I'm pretty sure I'd be enraged in that situation.

            It's pretty unreasonable to expect Muslims, most of whom are first and second generation, to have that sort of cool-headed, this-is-what-America-is-all-about pity for these fools. Common sense has to prevail at some point.

      • Jim_C

        As for the "creep" part, I love how the thing they don't like about their soul mates in the Westboro Baptist Church is the fact that they burn flags. Other than that… LOL!

    • Mo_

      The moral inversion truly is frightening.

      Here we have a peaceful group exercising their freedom of speech rights. Perhaps saying something you don't like, but so what? Another group verbally and physically assaults them. It's there for you to see it happening before your eyes on video. Yet who are you railing against? The people peacefully exercising their right to freedom of speech and being abused by the other group.

      It is frightening to see people so completely unbalanced, so morally sick that not only can you not discern the right and the wrong here, but you invert them.

      • Chaban

        You are absolutely right, Mo_!

        Unfortunately the West is full of Dhimmis such as Jim_C. Notice how they always bring up the "not very Christian thing to do" argument?

        Hey Dhimmi_C, I guess it was not very Christian of those GIs to go beat the hell out of Nazis during WWII.

        How about when Jesus kicked the merchants out the Temple? Oh man! That wasn't a very Christian thing to do.

        Any Dhimmis like Jim_C will always revert to siding with what's seen as not mainstream American. They think it makes them better than the rest of us.

        One argument against Dhimmi_C's line of reasoning: Mormons are insulted, spat on, flipped off, etc. twice a year when they hold their general conference in Salt Lake City. Yet, have you ever heard of that kind of violence coming out of Salt Lake. Of course not.

        I'm from France… A country that will resemble Lebanon within 30 years. I'm sick of those Dhimmis who keep letting the wolves in the hen house and keep whacking the hens when they get slaughtered.

        • Mo_

          Exactly right.

          Thank you for standing up in your country. I have heard how difficult it is there already. Never give in!

        • Jim_C

          Hey dhimmwit, what do you imagine you're trying to justify when you bring up Christ's example in the temple?

          Dhimmwit–did you see how in the news story there were TWO Christian groups protesting? One was peacefully handing out material. Nothing happened to them. The other was these clowns with their pigs heads and confrontational demeanor.

          If you can't see the difference, you got no room to presume to moralize to me.

  • jppc

    The core issue here, as I see it is…….is it wise to allow so many Muslims to immigrate here? We know when a certain number/percentage of the population is Islamic, Shariw Law and other arcane laws and practices are implemented. So why don't we limit their immigration, especially with a weak economy, all immigration should be lowered.

    • Mo_

      An excellent point. I agree Muslim immigration should be limited.

      But, of course, you cannot dare say such a thing in today's society. It may hurt someone's feelings, and label you a bigot for life!

  • http://frontpagemag Michael Canzano

    The Christian Stoning in Dearborn is further proof that ,”An addition of Muslims to a Nation is a
    subtraction in civilization.”
    Detroit has morphed into a third world city . Fifty years of Democratic corrupt Mayors raping the treasury
    has taken its toll . The insanity ,denial and political correctness viruses have eaten the soul of a once great City. It is sad as this is a preview for what may be in store for the rest of the Nation.

  • Michael Canzano

    The Stoning in Dearborn adds to a myriad of proofs that ,"An addition of Muslims to a Nation is a subtraction in
    Fifty years of corrupt Democratic Mayors in Detroit raping the treasury has led to Detroit becoming a third world
    city. Insanity , denial and political correctness viruses have eaten the heart and soul of a once great city.
    It is sad as this may be an insight into the future of our Nation.
    American Christian

    • Questions

      The word "black" should appear somewhere. There actually are some good Democratic mayors around. The problem was Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, a black revanchist who used his two decades in office (1974-94) to make life miserable for the city's whites until they left — precisely the intent. Detroit needs white voters; otehrwise, it's doomed.

  • Questions

    Muslims stick their asses in the air five times a day to satisfy their almost insatiable prayer needs. Maybe now it's time for us to say to Muslims: "Say your prayers." I, for one, am tired of that stupid, violent religion that appeals to the most backward, shallow and authoritiarian of personalities.

  • Mary B

    Every time they go there it gets worse. I wish they’d stop going before someone dies. It’s a futile endeavor when none of them listen. Are they willing to die for nothing? When I say nothing I mean the souls they’re trying to save are deaf to them. It’s obvious the police are outnumbered.

    • Mo_

      Maybe they won't listen, but we don't know that about all of them. The best hope is for Muslims to turn from this blood cult and follow Christ. Or, at least leave the ideology of Islam for something else. Or nothing else. Nearly anything is an improvement over Islam!

      But to the greater point, if someone doesn't stand up to these bullies, then they truly have won.

  • Ninnybau

    This should be shown to every Church, Synagogue, Temple and Representative’s group! This must not stand in America! We must start teaching that Islam is NOT a “Religion” but a theocratical, military and political cult bent on the destruction of Western Civilization. Why haven’t we learned this with over 1400 years of history to back it up?

    • Mo_

      Yes, indeed! I have said many times that Islam needs to be reclassified as a political ideology, not a religion!

      But the thing is, I don't know how that can be done. Any ideas? Getting the word out is the first step, but how does an ideology get officially classified as not a religion? I have no idea if that's even possible.

  • jereme

    why doesnt this surprise me . i've heard stuff like this about dearborn michigan for along time, almost too long .The law enforcement in the area is clearly too afraid to step in and take control ,well send the feds in , and if they don't want to then send in the national guards, armed . there's no excuse for this behavior . if the people in the extreme muslim community dont want to comply then deport them back to whatever country they came from . if they are this religion of peace , i sure haven't seen much of this at all . if people don't stand up to this who will .

  • Schlomotion

    Messianic Jews and Christians go to Dearborn, invade an Arab festival with video cameras in order to loudly tell them that what they are doing is wrong, proselytize and convert them, and they are "surprised" that someone throws a rock at them? This surprise just happens to garner Jewish media attention and gets syndicated and cross-posted across the Hasbara-sphere? You might be surprised, but I am not.

    • fiddler

      So next time we have "Code Blue" or some atheist , or some other left wing fringe group, I gues they won't have to worry about being pelted with debris. Right? So let's see there are now certain RULES for protestors. RULE #1 they cannot protest Muslim activities, however peaceful they are, because under those circumstances law enforcement is exempt from performing their duty. Thanks for making that clarification for us. Perhaps that ought to be written into the city code to make it official.

      • JoJoJams

        Exactly, Fiddler. And @Sclom – Try this little thought experiment: Think REAL hard and pretend the reverse of this happened. Some Muslims went to an American festival (christian majority in attendance) and began using their own free speech to protest at said funtion. Now, pretend it was the "christian" or "white american" (again, the overwhelming majority….) that began pelting the protestors. What would you say? We all know what your hypocritical answer would be, Schmo – and so do you…. ;-)

        • Schlomotion

          The FPM factfinders are going to have to go find an example of Muslims deliberately crashing a Christian Cookout in some US city with the express intent of converting them to Islam. I doubt it ever happens. Especially they don't do it with video cameras so they can report back to an Islamic hate site that they were oppressed while doing it.

          • Roger

            Not in the US, and it wasn't cookouts.

            They want to make a statement much more severe than that.

          • Schlomotion

            With all of your gardening passions, you must know the difference between apples and oranges by now.

          • Roger

            If you have something to say, then say it.
            This is debate after all. That profile that you sent me, who hacked it?
            It was pulled of course, but games get old after a while.

          • Schlomotion

            Huh? I always say what I have to say. I remember you chiming in something about a Nigerian civil war, as you usually do. Someone hacked your whatsis? That doesn't have anything to do with the point I was making to Fiddler about the fact that no Muslims walk into Christian Cookouts in the US and try to convert them to Islam or tell them how terrible Jesus was. You would rather talk about Nigeria. I "sent you a profile?" Who are you? Reinhard Heydrich? Weirdo.

          • Roger

            You never say what you have to say.
            It's part of your slimy style to pretend you are just clowning around to see how far you can push.

          • Schlomotion

            I know I can push all the way. I am not clowning around. This is serious.

          • Roger

            Yes it is. Then you understand why your positions are so completely rejected.

          • Schlomotion

            Are they? I think they are verbally rejected but internalized for later consideration.

          • Roger

            Nope, they're just rejected. I've spoken to some that just see your name and thumb you down without even reading your comments.

          • Mo_

            Answer the question that was put to you. Answer mine as well.

          • Schlomotion

            It's in the mail.

          • Mo_

            Answer the questions put to you. Stop trying to evade it, simply because you know there is no justification for this assault.

          • Mo_

            (With each silly non-response you give, you expose your complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy on this issue. I keep giving you chances to remedy that, but for reasons that I cannot fathom, you keep refusing.)

            Again, why do you defend this assault on people exercising their Constitutionally protected right to free speech, by followers of an ideology that teaches that unbelievers – which includes YOU, if you're not one of them – that mandates conversion, subjugation or death?

          • Schlomotion

            You don't own or dispense chances.

      • Schlomotion

        Who says atheists shouldn't be pelted with debris for harassing Christians at a block party? And no, walking into the midst of a bunch of people at their own appropriate gathering and waving signs and t-shirts and yelling that they are all wrong is NOT a peaceful activity. I know, because I have done it before. When I have gone to events at Harvard and spoken aloud things contrary to soci.alist gatherings, I have been instructed not to do so and to stand aside by police, because it is really not peaceful behavior, rather it is incitement.

        • Foolster41

          You unfortunitly don't understand american law. No, disagreeing, or proselytizing, even loudly is not "incitement" but free speech. This inst soviet Russia or a Muslim country. This is the United States of America.

          shouting may be rude and annoying, but NEVER justifies violence of any kind. I'm no fan of Israel's group, but that you think what Israel says justifies violence in any way is frightening. The police who told you that was WRONG and really shouldn't be working as police officers if they don't understand how the first amendment works.

          Do you believe that violence against acts 17 (a group that was arrested last year) is justified as well? They do not shout or hold up signs, but mearly have conversations.

          Also, "Jewish media" just shows all the more your paranoid Jew-hatred. A Jewish media that frequently goes against Judeo-Christian values and apologizes for the bad behavior of Muslims! Ha!

          • Schlomotion

            I'm sorry. I just can't understand your English. Anyway, these guys were acting tactically like Westboro Baptist Church.

          • Foolster41

            Well, at least you're admitting you have a problem. I'm speaking plain english, the same that you are using and I think I was pretty clear. This is AMERICA, saying things that the group said is not "incitement" and NEVER, EVER justifies violence. It sounds to me you're saying that because you just don't want to (and likely can't) answer me.

            Even if they were like Westboro, that doesn't mean they don't have the freedom of speech, and that people are justified to throw things the way these Muslims did. If it were. then that would reduce "incitement' to "things that offend me" and then freedom of speech goes out the window.

            Again I ask, do you feel muslims would be justified in behaving this way to a group that mearely talks to people in the fair, (not holding up signs) and proslotizing, like acts 17?

          • Schlomotion

            If there is some cult that likes to go into the inner city when black people are having a block party and start throwing around the N-word, I would expect one of them to get shot. The same goes for Jews and Christians who want to wiggle into the middle of the Arab block party and start saying "Muhammad was a sinner." At least the Arabs are kind enough to use rocks.

            I have been in Jewish block parties where they like to erect a big metal fence around the town green and hire armed guards to frisk the rest of citizens for being non-Jewish but still needing to walk that day. I have not met a more obnoxious group of people having a public shindig than that. I bet if I were as stupid as they are and started shouting slogans about how the Jews Killed Christ, they might throw things at me. What do you think?

          • Roger

            Not in the US, you wouldn't'.

            That's the problem. What country are you native to?
            If you're palestinian the only reason they had the fence was go keep our suicide bombs, another issue we don't face here, yet.

          • fightwarnotwars

            Actually if you walk around wearing "provocative or revealing" clothing (meaning shorts, a short skirt, a dress that shows some thigh, a sleeveless t- shirt) into some of the Jewish orthodox neighborhoods both in Brooklyn and Israel you get spit on, and in some cases rocks thrown at you. That's pretty bad, but it's not convenient to remember or mention on this site, since it defeats the narrative that only people who follow Islam are evil.

          • Roger

            And do you have links or sources?

            I've heard of spitting and shoving when a women rode in a bus full of orthodox because she wouldn't go to the right part to be seated.

            But that's not exactly the same as being stoned and almost run over while corrupt officials looked on and allowed it.

          • fightwarnotwars

            From June 21. in Haaretz – Ultra-Orthodox Jews threw rocks on Wednesday in Beit Shemesh at a woman who was about to take her baby out of her car.

          • Roger

            The story about two other orthodox women who stopped them and led her to safety? I still don't see an equivalence here. Where were the muslims to saved them and stopped the violence?

            Good luck thought, you really do want to compare the two as equals. I doesn't work.

          • fightwarnotwars

            Just saying, the "throwing rocks at people you don't like" is not exclusive to angry muslims, it happens all the time to women, children and christians… and those rocks are thrown by ultra orthodox jews. It happens a lot in certain neighborhoods in Israel, there's a lot coverage about it in Israeli newspapers.

          • Roger

            Just saying that woman was saved by Jews and the act wasn't taught as necessary by their Judaic religion.

            Just saying, you didn't make any credible point. And it's apples to oranges.

          • Roger

            So you finally admit you can't read and track information.Thank you. But, honestly it's not really news to others.

          • Roger

            You don't make it easy with sentences that make no sense.

            Can't wee wee make you sound more intelligent?

          • Mo_

            Stop changing the subject to some other thing.

            Address the fact of how exercising your right to free speech justifies being assaulted.

          • Schlomotion

            It's easy. Free speech is when you voice your opinion. When you corner peaceably assembled people who are minding their own business and you wear abusive slogans and interrupt their social gatherings to tell them they have no right to be themselves and that they are damned, and then you yell at them and breathe on their faces and spray spittle when you talk it's not free speech, it's persecution. As Zionists are fond of reminding the world, once upon a time a long time ago in a land farrrr away, Jews were once persecuted. Not anymore though. Now they persecute people. Anyway, when you persecute a person, you trap him and trigger his fight or flight response he will either run or punch you. The video in this article is Jews and Christian Zionists persecuting Muslims and then tattling to their own press about the results.

            You are trying to pass off persecution as free speech. According to your internet code of ethics, where you anonymously libel and slander people and hope that they don't wheel on you and bludgeon you, you whip on the spectacles and start loosely paraphrasing Logical Positivism that words and thoughts are one thing and physical actions another, that words and thoughts are moral and physical acts are immoral. It just shows you to be craven. In real life, your heroes go and persecute people at a cookout and they get smacked around for doing it. If Muslims walked in on your toothless and moronic idols from Luton, the EDL and somebody made them bite the curb for it, you would be giddy with glee. So be quiet and take your spanks.

          • Foolster41

            Yes, I might expect them to get shot, but does that JUSTIFY them shooting a person and make it not a crime? NO, not in the US. You're not disproving my point at all.

            Oh, yes, using rocks was such a "kindness". Get help. Immediately.

          • Roger

            Aren't these folks just amazingly brazen now that the dictator of muslim heritage has the high court trained?

        • Mo_

          Speaking out, and at a public gathering, does not justify being assaulted.

          In case you haven't noticed, this is AMERICA.

          • Schlomotion

            They were not "speaking out." They were invading a peaceful assembly with a paparazzi team and persecuting the peaceful people who were gathered there. Finally, they were chased away with rocks. Nice try though. Just because it is America, doesn't give Jews and Christian Zionists the right to crowd people out of their own event and vilify them. Let's not forget that asking a policeman to beat partycrashers with a nightstick is also violence. Jews do that often. When Jews celebrate Israel, they rent out the public space and they hire the police as a goon squad to eject, arrest, or beat anyone who "speaks out." They view the Commons as a function hall and the police force as a security guard service. It sure is peculiar to see the Commonwealth reduced to a rentier system, buuut that's how they do.

    • Mo_

      How ridiculous. Explain to me how simply speaking words that perhaps people disagree with, in a public place, justifies being physically assaulted.

      I'd love to hear it.

      • Schlomotion

        Of course you would, because your characterization is a lie.

        • Mo_

          Please answer my question. Explain to me how simply speaking words that perhaps people disagree with, in a public place, justifies being physically assaulted.

          • Schlomotion

            Red herring. You are asking me to explain what is not the case.

          • Foolster41

            Ok.They were speaking words and carrying signs. Happy? Now answer the question.

            But I know what you are trying to say. The Christians didn't strike anyone, nor did they throw anything (even the unedited footage shows only the Muslims being aggressive), so your trying to make the Christians as the aggressors, or deserving of assault (!!!) is ridiculous and vile.

  • Crossbow87

    I really wanted the interviewer to ask what legal avenues they are pursuing. Sue the cash out of Wayne County Sheriff's department, sue the sheriff, make them suffer for their Shari'a obedience….

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Throwing objects at infidels is par for the course in Dar-Es-Islam, but it should never occur in Dar-Es-Harb. This is pure assault against American citizens. Charges should be brought.

  • jtbaumgart

    Could the Michigan State Police Investigate this? Their jurisdiction exceeds that of the Sheriff and the Dearborn Police Departments.

  • fightwarnotwars

    What rocks? stones? plastic cups and empty soda cans are a far cry from rocks and stones.

    "DEARBORN, Mich., June 16 (UPI) — Christian missionaries reportedly taunted Muslims attending the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Mich., telling them they would "burn in hell."

    While there was no serious violence Friday night, some young Muslims threw plastic bottles and cans at the Christians and one poured water on a missionary who said the Muslims were "transgressing against God," the Detroit Free Press reported Saturday.

    The Christians have become a regular feature of the festival, held in the largest Arab-American community in the United States, the newspaper said.

    Signs carried by the Christians included one that read "Islam is a religion of blood and murder" and another with a drawing of a pig's head.

    At least two Christian groups were present Friday. One took a gentler approach, handing out religious literature and urging Muslims to accept Jesus without denigrating Islam.

    Festival organizers said they did not expect the more anti-Muslim group to return Saturday because they were scheduled to move on to a gay festival in Ohio.

    Read more:

    • Stone Woman

      This article was written by a MUSLIM (Niraj Warikoo). Go to the source article, and you'll see what I'm talking about. What do you expect him to say? If you watched the video of the whole thing, you would know he was intentionally trying to downplay what those rotten little kids (and their supposedly adult parents) did, and what the cowardly sheriff's department FAILED to do! Read original article:

  • Linda Rivera

    Wayne County Sheriff’s Department NO longer serve and protect non-Muslims. They serve Muslim masters. Non-Muslims must stay out of their jurisdiction because non-Muslims do NOT have police protection. Stay SAFE, fellow Americans!

  • Saba Ahmed

    We are really sorry for the uncivilized behavior of Muslims at the event. Please forgive us. Thanks.

  • Linda Rivera

    Violent Muslim immigrants are confident in the knowledge that they are ALLOWED by U.S. authorities to attack HATED infidel Americans. Police complain to the peaceful Americans that THEY are the ones who are a threat to public safety. Why are many millions of Muslims imported into our countries? They are imported by Western leaders in order to wage jihad against hated infidels as commanded by their Koran war book.

  • Linda Rivera

    U.S. and EU leaders are radically pro-Islam. Rabidly anti-Jew, and rabidly ANTI-CHRISTIAN:

    gatestoneinstitute: It was revealed that “Christians are being refused refugee status [in the U.S.] and face persecution and many times certain death for their religious beliefs under [Islamic] Sharia [law], while whole Muslim communities are entering the U.S. by the tens of thousands per month despite the fact that they face no religious persecution.”

    Christians and Jews are hated by American and European leaders. US/EU leaders REJECT God, the Bible, Judaism and Christianity. They IDENTIFY WITH ISLAM and Islam's god.

    American leaders have no mercy for hated Christian infidels. It is an ongoing, vicious and deadly PERSECUTION of Christians by the U.S. government and other Western governments for REFUSING to allow into our countries Christians and other non-Muslims who are severely persecuted by Muslims. They import instead, many millions of Muslim persecutors whose goal is our conquest.

  • Jim_C

    Sorry, gotta keep coming back to the Nazis marching in Skokie thing. Pretty sure this site would be fuming with all sorts of ways to show the Nazis we don't take kindly to them, and not advocating for the Nazis to sue the Skokie police.

    • Mo_

      Explain to me why you are continually defending the assault of people peacefully exercising their Constitutionally protected right to free speech.

      Explain this to me.

      • Jim_C

        Because PEACEFUL is not an accurate descriptor. Confrontational and inflammatory are better in this instance.

        Did you read about the actual incident? There were TWO Christian groups there. One was legitimately evangelical and peaceful. They were left alone. The other was this Fred Phelps knockoff group of bozos who wouldn't know the message of Jesus if it smacked them in the face. "By your fruits you shall know them."

        Guess what, Mo? Sometimes actions have consequences. These guys came looking to provoke a fight. Then they get one, and they cry about it. Well, they got attention, right?

        Someone gets up yelling in your face and calls your wife a whore–are you going to say "I respectfully disagree with what you have to say, but I'll defend your right to say it?" If so, you're a better man than 99.9% of us.

        You are being coy to make your little point about free speech. Come on, wise up.

        • Mo_

          It really is remarkable to see people justifying the assault on innocent, peaceful people. Yes, peaceful. They were doing no harm to anyone, except perhaps saying things they and you don't like. Too bad. This is America. People have the right to say things you don't like.

          It's doubly funny to hear you talking about "the message of Jesus" as though you have any knowledge about that! The message of Jesus was exactly what they said – He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one gets to the Father/eternal life apart from Him.

          So, then, you agree with this? I'm assuming you do, since that's the message of Jesus, as found in Scripture.


          Now, back to the issue at hand. For the last time, why does simply saying things you don't like justify being physically assaulted?

          You do realize that unless you're a Muslim, Islamic teaching says you are to convert, submit, or die?

          And yet you and all those others like you continue and continue to and CONTINUE to defend and excuse savages like those shown in this video – people who would have literally murdered these Christians, if they had not been on camera. And just like they'd do to you, if you dared say something to them that they decided they did not like..

          It really is like a mental illness.

    • Mo_

      Well done in comparing Islam to Nazism, though! On that, we agree!

  • patriotwork

    After political correctness and hate speech laws and other anti-free speech measures, comes stoning; after stoning, comes beheading; after beheading, comes legal rape.

  • UCSPanther

    Detroit is like a post-apocalyptic city in many ways. One would be surprised if neither group tried to kill each other.

  • Trickyblain

    A) The title of this “article” [Stoned Dearborn Christian Speaks] is hilarious.

    B) If those are “hard-hitting” questions, how docile is this person when sucking up?

    • Jim_C


  • mekus milkdud

    I thought some christens were smoking pot or crack when I read the headline?

  • David

    Ruben Israel is a Fred Phelps style nut job. What does he expect if he turns up at an Arab Festival waving a pig's head in peoples faces. I suppose St Peter after Pentecost converted his fellow Jews by waving a pig's head in their faces.

    • Mo_

      Instead of calling someone names for no reason, explain to me why you are defending the act of Muslims assaulting people who were doing nothing wrong (even if you disagree with them), just peacefully exercising their free speech rights?

      • fightwarnotwars

        "Peacefully"? That's where you're wrong and continue to be wrong, violence can be verbal as well as physical, insulting peoples religious beliefs, taunting them and appearing with a pig's head on a stick (which is really just as insulting as burning a cross on an africa american's lawn) is not peaceful, it's violent provocation.

        • Mo_

          Yes, peacefully, as in, not doing any physical harm to anyone. Contrast this with throwing objects at people and/or trying to run them down with a car.

          I wish I knew if you are deliberately being obtuse in an effort to annoy people, or if you sincerely cannot make a distinction between these two behaviors. Which is it?

          Once you explain that, then tell me why you choose to defend those who assault innocent people who are not harming them, instead of defending the innocent people who are the victims of this assault.

          (Unless you are a Muslim. Then that explains a lot.)

  • zabo

    i'm sure all those young real men that stormed the beach in normandy would go for this crap. yea right! these muslim swine need to be stopped and destroyed. did you see all the young muslim swine? they act just like blacks do when they are in a large group. they have no-heart for us, and remember 9-11 they are the one's that brought this to us., and if we let barry soetoro to get another 4 more years we are done as a true nation. i can't f-ing believe this is happening. but it is and we must deal with these swine hard. NO MERCY not one ounce letting up. we will win this war mark my words. this is the stuff that makes tim mcveigh. they better be careful, because with these a-holes in wasington d.c. doing what they do plus these muslim swine spitting in our faces it will get ugly real quick people.

    • fightwarnotwars

      what a surprise, a racist posting on

  • los

    I do not understand why at the point that the moron cop claiming to protect 17 blocks worth of unruly conduct has the temerity to overlook the FACT that these man and women HAVE THE RIGHT TO PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY- That what is mist easily understood anal cavity Deareborne cop! Their conduct was to gather peacefully and I do not get it why you guys did not get the idiot cop at the start of the video and the last two morons badge numbers. Cowards, I have never seen or heard from the mouth of such a lowly peace office the things I heard here.
    May this video act as evidence enough to have this entire Deareborn Police force fired. The are not creating anything by being present idiot! Remember the KKK who marched in Chicago? You Deareborn cops are cowards and may the law have no mercy upon you.

  • eddie333

    Would it work to have packs of pork bacon on hand in place of the pig head? Might be easier to carry, although the pig head makes more of a statement.

    Maybe take some pig blood and sprinkle it across the festival site a few days before they start setting up the tents. Then when those devil-worshipping muzzies come for the festival, they walk in it and are defiled. Too bad you can't throw the pig blood at them. The devils in sheriff uniforms would arrest you for sure.

  • Chaos

    Dearborn police did not have law enforcement duties inside the 2012 Arab International Festival grounds by contract. Only the Wayne County Sheriff's Department had enforcement duties on Warren Avenue for the last two years at the Arab Fest. During the many videos of the riotous residents, there were no Dearborn police officers pictured. County brass and 30 on-duty county deputies knew of the violent midway mob and disappeared from the riot scene during the most violent minutes, according to unedited video –100s of assaults with no plans for prosecution. Really???? (Great mob-behavior training for Dearborn youngsters.) Where were the community leaders?
    Wayne County deputies, and not Dearborn police, had also allowed thousands of unprotected teens to get ripped off at the 12 individual basketball scams which took 10s of thousands of tainted dollars from these kids through obvious illegal midway games. County deputies, not Dearborn officers, had patrolled (in uniform) past illegal midway games and took no enforcement action to protect trusting potential victims from scams perpetrated by this infamous carnival: "North American Midway Entertainment," aka "Mid America Shows," aka "Pugh Shows, all co-owned by Danny Huston.

  • Therose

    There is another video, showing these guys pulling out a pigs head on a stake, and when a kid asks Mr Isreal why did they do that Mr Isreal retorts you must not know your book, I know your book better then you. In the groups video the camera man makes a concerted effort to keep the pigs head out of their video, you get a slight view of it at 8:42 and then again at 2:43.

  • Therose

    My brother emailed one of the members and he claimed he was against using the pig head, but they were using it as like a crucifix to ward off evil????????? Not to mention the fact that the group that was arrested in 2010 were acquitted in Sept 2010 they filed a 96 page civil rights lawsuit and awarded $103,401.96 in lawyers fees, and the lawyer I might add was Muslim. If the Acts 17 group filed a complaint with the Justice Dept then what Mr Isreal did can make the case more difficult, I know I am a long time activist.

  • Therose

    Christianity Today ran a story and in the story it mentioned that the Christian community had boothes set up at the festival, the largest religeous group in Dearborn are Catholic 58% according to the 2010 census, as well as many other faiths, I guess outsiders think the Christian communityin Dearborn are incapable of sharing the Gospel. I might remind you that the crowds when they heard of Jesus's teaching they came to him, and in the story of the demons being cast into pigs, when the towns people came and asked Jesus to leave, he got in his boat and went home.

  • Therose

    In my reading of Matthew, when Jesus did any confronting it was mostly at the religeous leaders. Mr Isreal on his website likes to make it sound like Jesus went around shouting and hollering, but according to Matthew12:14-21 when Jesus knew the Pharisees were plotting to have him arrested and kill him, he left the synagogue with many people following him and he healed all the sick among them cautioning them not to tell anyone thus fulfilling the prophcey of Isaiah concerning him:: Look at my severent, see my Chosen One He is my Beloved, in whom my soul delights I will put my spirit upon him and he will judge the nations HE DOES NOT FIGHT NOR SHOUT HE DOES NOT RAISE HIS VOICE He does not crush the weak or quench the smallest hope HE WILL END CONFLICT with HIS FINAL VICTORY And HIS NAME SHALL BE THE HOPE OF ALL THE WORLD! Standing there with a pig head on a stake which is offensive to not only Muslims but Orthodox Jews is not exactely a way to bring someone to Christ.

    • Foolster41

      I think you're preaching at the choir. I don;t think many people, even Christians like what Isreal does, but what the issue he is the injustice of how he was treated by the Muslims, and the police.

  • Therose

    Jesus also told he followers in Matthew 20:28 Your atitude must be like my own, for I, the Messiah did not come to be served butto serve, and to give my life as ransome for MANY. He also stated in Matthew 12:35-37 A good man's speech reveals the rich treasures within him. An evil-hearted man is filled with venom, and his speech reveals it. And I tell you this, that you must give account on Judgement Day foe every idle word you speak. Your words now reflect your fate then: either you will be justified by them or you will be condemned.
    I suggest going back and really pay attention to the behavior and attitude of Mr Isreal, look at his face and the face of the man holding the pigs head and see if the love of Christ is shining from them.

  • The rose

    Not to mention, I see the same attitude in some of these comments, where is Christs love, he also told us in Matthew 5:43-43 There is a saying, Love your friends and hate your enemies But I say: Love your enemies! Pray for those that persecute you! In that way you will be acting as TRUE SON'S of your Fatherin heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust too. If you love only those that love those that love you, what good is that? Even scoundrels do that much. If you are friendly only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even the heathen do that. BYO are to be prefect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.