Friends Seminary Legitimates Anti-Semitism

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If you want to understand why anti-Semitism seems to be increasing among young people—especially young people on the hard left—consider a recent invitation extended by a left leaning school in New York to a self-proclaimed Jew hater.

The Friends Schools around the country are legendary.  Presidents’ children attend them, my own daughter and nephew were students, and they are regarded as among the most elite schools in the world.  That is why it is so shocking that the Friends Seminary in New York has lent its imprimatur to a notorious anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.  Friends Seminary has a reputation for propagandizing its students against Israel, but it has now crossed a red line into legitimating anti-Semitism.

Gilad Atzmon, who was invited to be a featured performer in a celebration of Martin Luther King at the Friends Meeting House, has written an overtly anti-Semitic book entitled “The Wandering Who?”, which, he acknowledges, draws…much of his “insights from a man who…was an anti-Semite as well as a radical misogynist.”

Among the “insights”  Atzmon seeks to share with students are the following:

While the Holocaust “was not at all an historical narrative,” and Auschwitz was not a “death camp,” the “accusations of Jews making matzo out of young Goyim’s blood,” may be true.

“The Jews” caused the recent credit crunch, which the author calls “the Zio-punch.”

If Iran and Israel fight a nuclear war that kills millions of people, “some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all.’”

The “new Jewish religion…could well be the most sinister religion known to man…”

The author of the book containing these statements has told students that he cannot “say whether it’s right or not to burn down a synagogue. I can say that it is a rational act.” He has also apologized to the Nazis for having earlier compared them to Israel:  “Israel is in fact far worse than Nazi Germany.”

He has written that we “must begin to take the accusation that the Jewish people are trying to control the world very seriously,” and that “with Fagin and Shylock in mind, Israeli barbarism and organ trafficking seem to be just other events in an endless hellish continuum.”

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  • Flipside

    Perhaps “antisemitism” is on the rise because Alan Dershowitz is inflating it into a bubble economy so he can make a few bucks while telling other Jews what they are allowed to think, what they are allowed to say, where they are allowed to make appearances and whether they are allowed to use musical instruments. Very Pharisaical attempted tyranny and censorship Mr. Dershowitz. I cannot in good conscience refrain from ridiculing you. Your scrawny shadow is an offense to Faneuil Hall.

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      As allways,if you can"t find arguments against Alan Dershowitz,you trow
      up anti–semitic rhetorics. I can smell the stink over here.

      • Flipside

        The entire treatise On Sophistical Refutations by Aristotle is an argument against Dershowitz. Pumping Iron is an argument against Dershowitz. My argument against Dershowitz is that he is a cartel racist who is anathema to free speech. If you don’t like my argument then go slap some more grease in your hair and go argue the Kabbala.

        • Advocatus

          Steady on, old boy. You sound like one sick puppy so I reckon you may be forgiven for putting on airs by trying to quote Aristotle. Now, explain how highlighting a clear case of anti-Semitism is sophistry. And what's up with Pumping Iron? Are you some sort of Arnold wannabe?

          • Flipside

            A Jew cannot be an anti-Semite. He is himself a Semite. Otherwise it is amphibole.

          • Advocatus

            Amphibole? Is Atzmon some sort of silicate-based crystal? You lost me there. Meanwhile, but of course, a Jew can be an anti-Semite, just as an American can be anti-American and a German can be anti-German. That's why Israel haters laud him and fellows like Norman Finkelstein. Seeing as they're Jewish themselves, their excoriations of Jews must be true now, surely, coming from the horse's mouth and all. But Atzmon is an idiot. If his racist diatribes against Jews are true as he insists, being a Jew himself, he is likewise tainted by association in the blood libel and other joys of Jewishness. I suggest he promptly volunteer to subject himself to a progrom.

          • Flipside

            Predictive text is keeping the conversation lively. Amphiboly. If one is a semite he is not also an anti-semite. The amphiboly is here: Is Atzmon a racist? He is a Jew. Is he against a race or against a religion, or against a set of practices or against an ethnicity? Is he like an American who is Anti-American? Really? Is he a citizen of Judaism or just of Israel? Is he against himself?

          • Advocatus

            I guess you should ask him those questions.

            Does citing the blood libel make one a racist? Maybe it's just a criticism of Judaism in your view. So then explain what part of Judaism prescribes the use of Gentile children's blood for ritual purposes. Does citing a global Zionist conspiracy for all the ills of the world constitute racism? Maybe that too is just mere "criticism" of Israel and Judaism, but not Jews as a race per se. Dunno. Maybe you can explain it.

            No, he's hardly against himself. He seems pretty full of himself.

            Atzmon has simply dug up all the usual canards about Jews, including the blood libel, Holocaust denial, equating Israel with Nazi Germany, and all the other favoured entries from the "anti-Zionist" playbook. What does his being a Jew have anything to do with the truth of his charges against Israel and Judaism?

          • Flipside

            It's not incumbent upon me to answer every single Judenfrage. They're people like anyone else, and they have amassed their own peculiar negative public image. the main issue to me, is that Gilad Atzmon is perfectly free to renounce and denigrate aspects of Jewishness. He of all people might feel alienated or disgusted by them. But I don't think he has to suffer Tsenzura by The Lobby just because of that. He doesn't have to renounce public speaking because Dershowitz has a public campaign of BDS against him. he doesn't have to be barred from all jazz concerts because AIPAC decrees it. Those kind of behaviors make the charges against Judaism seem true, not the blood libel, but the accusation of clannishness, racism, and religious fanaticism. Whether they are are true or not, if Gilad Atzmon feels trapped or disgusted by Jewish racism, he should be more than free to speak about it.

          • Advocatus

            You have a curious way of coaching your own apparent loathing of Jews in euphemistic verbiage to make it seem like all you care about is playing it fair and square in the great arena of open debate. The Jews, you tell us, "have amassed their own peculiar negative public image." That's a fun way of defining anti-Semitism.

            Yes, Atzmon is perfectly free to spout whatever hateful diatribe he feels like spouting against Jews, but the point of the piece was that the Friends Schools should use greater discretion in inviting speakers like Atzmon. Would you also be cheerleading if the schools had invited a KKK stalwart to hold forth on his views of blacks?

            "Those kind of behaviors make the charges against Judaism seem true, not the blood libel, but the accusation of clannishness, racism, and religious fanaticism."

            Is that so? Examples of Jewish racism and religious fanaticism please. And try to do better than the "Chosen People" canard.

          • Advocatus

            "…Gilad Atzmon feels trapped or disgusted by Jewish racism."

            Right. So he is a fair-minded human rights activist who is clearly a victim of a Zionist witch hunt because of his anti-racism. He does sound like a wonderful human being and a great humanitarian now, does he not?

            Here's a thought experiment for you: if you think Atzmon is being persecuted unfairly by Jews, why don't you try the same stunt with Muslims? Be a man and stand up for the rights of women, minorities and people in general across the Arab-Muslim world in no uncertain terms. Then watch what happens.

          • Flipside

            I am am a man, and at no time does my opinion of Zionist behavior require me to go to Kultur war with Islam. Never. it never does.

          • Flipside

            It's always weird to me to consider that we use the term "racism" to describe racism, but Jews use their own word. Blacks did not invent a word that means specifically "hatred of black people, can you imagine that, God's own black people." They just use the expression racism. Jews use the narcissistic term "antisemitism." It seems to exceptionalize their own suffering and rank it in some special category. Them they balk at words like "Islamophobia." A word like "antihamitism" seems laughable. "Antisemitism" is only not laughable because there exists a notion that a religious national enclave can truly exist apart from humanity. It seems like Jews are trying to have it both ways. they want a special word for their suffering, but don't want want to cop to the actual public image that they generate politically.

            As regards your question, I believe anyone should be able to speak anywhere they are invited, regardless whether they practice the disdainful philosophies of white, black, or Jewish supremacy. Gilad Atzmon is Jewish. He can take himself out of Jewishness, but you cannot.

            The examples of Jewish racism and fanaticism are too numerous to list, but Irv Rubin, Baruch Goldstein, and Rabbi Meir Kahane, Yigal Amir, and Andrew Adler are some of the prominent racists and terrorists from your community. Jews are not so exceptional as to have no prominent or even banal racists and terrorists. Black – Jewish relations in the borders of the inner city are also notoriously bad, and although Cornel West wrote very concisely and graciously on the topic, David Horowitz has seen fit to attack him many times in print.

            really, accusing people of anti-semitism is like preying on white guilt, except this kind of guilt extends to Zionists blaming people for not attacking muslim countries in behalf of Israel. Excuse me, but calling for war with iran is very large scale racism.

          • Advocatus

            You need to read up on your history before you go on ill-informed rants. The term "anti-Semitism" was likely coined by a German racist in the late 19th century.

            But listen to what you are just saying:

            1) By having a term to denote hatred of Jews, Jews are therefore nefarious by claiming special privileges.
            2) Rather than deal wit the larger phenomenon of "special victimhood" by myriad ethnic groups, primarly Muslims these days, you insist on focusin on Jews alone.
            3) I disagree with you about whether Atzmon should have been invited to a Friends school, whereupon you assume I am a Jew.

            Sorry to inform you but these are classic symptoms of racism: namely, an obsessive focus on a single ethnic group's flaws, real or imagined, and the attribution of malign designs to them.

            Well done.

            Now: please define the term "Zionist."

          • Flipside

            I knew you would to on to say that Germans, not Jews coined the term "anti-semite." I am not making the niggling point over who owns the word factory itself. Am i going to retaliate and say that the German who coined the word most likely owed rent to a Jew, and so on ad infinitum? No. The point is clearly that Zionists use the word like Peter used the word "Wolf" and exhausted it so badly that they have now started to use the word "Jew-hatred" because it sounds more severe and excludes Arab semites from the special class of the offended.

            Yes. I am saying that Jews are narcissists when they employ a race-religious specific term that denotes that their loveableness is normative, even if they behave badly.

            You have resorted to the claim that I am singling out Jews alone. This is the old saw about Jews are only exceptional when Jews say they are, and not when goyim do. Hasbaras go out of their way to make Muslims a phantom particle in every instance of Zionist malfeasance and aim for quantum entanglement. I have no problem grabbing one head of a Teth and ignoring the other head for a moment while I mash the one. I can mash the other phantom one at my leisure. The point is to get the one with the fangs and not the rattle. I ask you, who do you expect I am supposed to focus on at a Zionist website? Not Zionists? Someone else?

            Zionism is Jewish nationalism. Was a definition lacking? Theodor Herzl put it plainly enough, and made it even seem appealing.

          • Advocatus

            An old canard that: "Arabs are Semites too so the Jews should not lay claim to the term anti-Semite." Pathetic. Now why don't you parse the misnomer "Islamphobia"? Anyway, if you take issue with anti-Semitism, call it simply "Jew-hatred." Or is that objectionable to you as well?

            "You have resorted to the claim that I am singling out Jews alone."
            I have? You have said so yourself above: "I am am a man, and at no time does my opinion of Zionist behavior require me to go to Kultur war with Islam. Never. it never does." Or I think that's what you're saying in what sounds like some gibberish there.

            So what's wrong with Jewish nationalism? All other peoples are pretty nationalistic, too, so why shouldn't Jews be? Is there something in your playbook that disgualifies them from having their own state where they can run their own state?

          • Flipside

            "Islamophobia" is simply Muslim intellectuals' attempt to craft a version of the word "antisemitism" based on the word "homophobia." The venom with which Horowitz, Geller, Spencer, & Co. respond to the term speaks to the idea that they want a moral and intellectual monopoly on the art of victim identity politics. All of this highly lucrative and attention-getting terminology is objectionable to me.

            You are looping. We are back to your complaint that Jews are being singled out when Jews are being obnoxious; complaining how unfair it is to not scale my criticism on a bell curve with Arab behavior. No one is permitted to discuss a Jew without also discussing a Muslim.

            There is nothing wrong with Jewish nationalism except where it is done on top of someone else's head, in his yard, out of his wallet, or which vilifies him in his own newspapers. Israel needs to move out of the Mike Stivic phase.

          • Advocatus

            You're right that some Jewish groups bring up the charge of anti-Semitism way too often in the face of even the slightest criticism of Israel. In the case of Atzmon, what we are dealing with is a fellow who takes his cue from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and classic Christian Jew-hatred, including the blood libel.

            Again: He's free to spout whatever hateful nonsense he wishes, but Horowitz, too, has the right to question why Friends schools would invite the likes of him to speak to their students. Would you want to see a KKK stalwart invited to a Friends school to hold forth about his views of blacks?

          • Flipside

            There are no anathema books. There are no Red Lines drawn by The Lobby's Watch and Ward Society that any free intellectual is likely to respect.

      • Nakba1948

        What exactly in Flipside's statement is "anti-Semitic"? Or is challenging Alan Dershowitz's authority now tantamount to scrawling swastikas on synagogues?

        • intrcptr2

          Because, like you, he puts the word in quotes, as though it were a euphemism, or an indeterminate jargon, as opposed to an actual, identifiable construct, which is often exhibited by the very things Atzmon has written.

          As well, it is clear from his little rant, that Flippy doubts the actual rise in antisemitism. Such ignoring of daily news reports does itself qualify.

          • Flipside

            Oh there’s a difference between antisemitism which is RACISM and “antisemitism” which is the mere disagreeing with a Jewish sophist. When the racism is being counterfeited by a Hasbara it’s correct to put it in quotations. Or are you a linguistic Marxist?

        • Advocatus

          Nothing. Now, take your hero's advice and "go slap some more grease in your hair and go argue the Kabbala."

    • stern

      Gee Flopped, thank you for explaining to me why I've been having such difficulty with my health lately. I forgot to ask Alan Dershowitz what I was allowed to think and what I'm allowed to say. Heck, I mistakenly thought I could make up my own mind about things. And, I shudder to admit, I picked up my daughter's guitar the other day and played it for a few minutes, also without permission from Alan Dershowitz. As you have so cleverly discerned, Mr. Dershowitz is our ruler and in charge of everything. Silly me for forgetting

      Thank heavens we have you to set us straight.

      • Flipside

        Yes, but you did not try to renounce Zionism and then speak at a university.

        • alan g

          I’ll bet he would have. You’re not fooling anyone about not mentioning it.

        • intrcptr2

          Didn't notice in your swipe that that mattered.

          Good thing I'm gentile…
          Or are you "telling other Jews what they are allowed to think", by suggesting that stern renounce Zionism?

          • Flipside

            Never do I suggest that Stern be banned from speaking his views. Dershowitz on the other hand practices Zionist BDS and favors prior restraint.

    • zionista

      a loser like you who has no life other than ranting on this site only wishes he/she/it had the brilliance and fame of a Dershowitz or David Horowitz – dream on you slug

      • Flipside

        A Dershowitz groupie is a pretty funny thing. You’re like the kids in Snatch hanging around outside Denovitz jewelers.

        • Advocatus

          Again, what's up with all the movie references? Is that where you draw your intellectual inspiration. Good for ya.

          • Flipside

            Yes. I realize now that Rotten Tomatoes has the correct approach to citicism

          • Advocatus

            Certainly. It may have the correction approach to film criticism. And that relates to the subject at hand in what way?

          • Flipside

            Because Zionism is a made for media melodrama. It is a boring, tedious rehash of the movie Black Sunday.

          • Advocatus

            Right. And reading your answers to simple questions makes one feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

          • Flipside


    • FriendofGaryCooper

      I notice you didn't respond to my reply yesterday; in which I said that you don't pay any attention to results. What's the matter, cat got your tongue? One thing's for certain'; Dershowitz has a far better track record than you, and is far better qualified to tell people what to do and say than you.

      • Flipside

        I did answer you. The post is not tagged to yours but it is right below it.

        • intrcptr2

          So how does that work again?

          At least respond properly so the man can cross-examine if he wishes.

          • Flipside

            Take it up with the Arabs. Anything I do is their fault, because they want to wipe Israel off the map.

          • Advocatus

            I'm sure you'd love to lend them a hand, given a chance.

          • Flipside

            No. Really, i am speaking as an American and a human, not as a pro-arab.

  • UCSPanther

    I read that some left-wing groups dropped Atzmon when they found out how virulent he was.

    He's like a David Duke, but not quite as open about his racism.

    • Advocatus

      The only special thing about Atzmon is that he is an Israeli Jew so in the eyes of Israel bashers his views carry great legitimacy and propaganda value. Not surprisingly, he milks that fact for all it's worth to endear himself to the Jewish state's enemies. I expect him to begin banging his chest while claiming victim status soon (if he hasn't already) by insisting the global Zionist conspiracy is out to discredit and kill him. He's a pathetic fellow and I don't see much point in getting too upset about whatever nonsense he spouts.

  • Grantmann

    Alan – it's not just the "hard" left as you state in your opening paragraph. Unfortunately it's the "soft" left, or liberals/progressives as they call themselves, that are allowing an increasingly virulent strain of anti-Semitism into their world as well. It's much more subtle, but it's there nonetheless.

    • Flipside

      Zionists have been fired as the world’s virologist.

  • ricksgeiger

    Dershowitz is courageous and even though I disagree with him on several subjects, he is a stalwart defender of human rights, even human rights for Jews in world where holding racist hatred for Jews is respected on the world stage at the despicable UN, and even now in the ranks at the White House. Thank you Prof. Dershowitz, you are a much greater man than you think you are.

    • alan g

      Here here.

    • Flipside

      Being stalled and having warts does not make him stalwart.

      • stern

        Another brilliant argument from Flopside. Like every post of his, not a single rational point, just a slew of insults. Go away again, Flopside, and this time, don't come back.

        • Flipside

          Were we discussing something rational? I thought we were discussing a prominent Jew who thinks other Jews should not be allowed to espouse opinions that are not approved by AIPAC.

          • stern

            Funny how freedom of speech does not apply to anyone you don't like, yeah? Dershowitz is not allowed to express opinions because, in your tiny mind, that means he's not allowing anyone to disagree with him. Unfortunately for you, this is a free country and Dershowitz is allowed to say what he likes, no matter how much you dislike and him.

            the fact remains that you still cannot dispute anything he says, so you are left flailing in the wind with cheap and petty insults.

          • Flipside

            You're clouding the issue with lies. Of course Dershowitz is allowed to express his corny, didactic, sophistical opinions. What I am making fun of him for is his pathetic attempts to sideline, boycott and censor people who deviate from AIPAC's party line. It was the issue before you spoke, and it is still the issue. Dershowitz is not for censorship… except when he is misrepresenting someone who wrote a book… except when he is shaming someone on transmitter for writing a book… except when he is trying to bring opponents of AIPAC into the fold so that he can take their dissent out of the public sphere and throttle it privately.

          • UCSPanther

            And we have the right to make fun of your bizarro and nonsensical comments.

          • intrcptr2

            "Sophistical opinions" Indeed.

            And why, prey tell, is it that Jews need goy blood for their matzah?

            Or rather, just what is so unhistorical about der Endlosung?

            Is it merely the bookend to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, on the path to global domination? Is that your position?
            It is not censorship that Dershowitz calls for so much as honesty and common sense. In history, there are things that happened. Trying to persuade, or rather deceiving those too young or unsophisticated or knowledgeable to know any better, is immoral (And anti-intellectual to boot).

            Your "defense" of Aztmon is…No, wait, you haven't defended him or his arguments. All you've done is attack Dershowitz for condemning the invitations offered by Friends.

            Why is that?

          • Flipside

            That is because:

            1) I am not here to write your school paper for you and
            2) I am not defending Atzmon's arguments. I am defending his and Dershowitz's right to write books and not be banned, blocked or censored.

            Finally, I probably would support Atzmon's book. Catholics have a right to renounce the idiotic mindlock of Catholicism. Why are Jews not allowed to publicly renounce Judaism? Why do they have to seek the permission of Alan Dershowitz in order to appear at an AIPAC podium cartel?

  • tagalog

    I gave up on the Society of Friends when I was an anti-Vietnam War protestor, working for the Quaker-run Boston Draft Resisters' Guild and the Quakers began a blood donation drive (must have been in 1969 or close to then) to give blood to the Viet Cong and NVA.

    I quit the BDRG immediately, and just as immediately began donating blood at the American Red Cross. I couldn't believe that an organization that prides itself on its pacifism would donate blood to any group engaged in war. But live and learn, live and learn…

    So I can't claim to be very surprised that they would offer what legitimacy they can to a Blood Libellist and antisemite. Their pride in pandering to the rich and influential (remember, "pride goeth before a fall") is palpable and somewhat revolting. I guess Jessamyn West is no longer topical on the Friends.

  • Wingy

    This blood libel is outrageous!!!

    I am an 11th generation American descended from white, anglo-saxon protestants and my mother would drive 25 miles to go to a Kosher Butcher shop in order to buy her chicken simply BECAUSE the butcher drained all the BLOOD OUT OF THE DAMN CHICKEN before it was pronounced KOSHER and fit to eat.

    My mother was not Jewish, nor did she know anyone who was Jewish. She just did know that at a Kosher butcher shop she could get properly handled chicken without blood in it….

    Jews do not eat blood…period…

    Anyone who says they do is lying or grossly misinformed.


    • Flipside

      Well, they’re missing out.

      • stern

        Definitive word form the bloodsucker in chief.

  • Stephen_Brady

    So, this hateful bigot was invited for his "musical accomplishments"? What a crock! They invited him because they agree with him, and share his hatred.

    • Flipside

      Remember that when Madison Rising is playing at the David Horowitz Memorial Prostate Center dedication.

      • Stephen_Brady

        Hey, thanks for the info. I hadn't heard of Madison Rising until you told me about them!

  • elbato

    sorry but i cannot get serious alan dershowitz after talking about "access road to the hebrew university"

  • joy52

    It is never too late to rehab your image. Hey, people have to eat and they are not coming over the wall yet. Better late than never.

  • Nakba1948

    I agree that Mr. Atzmon goes too far in some of his analysis. Criticism of Zionism is perfectly legitimate (and quite necessary), but invoking medieval stereotypes and denying the Holocaust is going too far. Atzmon also has a cordial relationship with David Duke, which is rather unforgivable.

    • ziontruth

      "I agree that Mr. Atzmon goes too far in some of his analysis."

      Yes, he's problematic in his laying bare of the Jew-hatred behind the mask of anti-Zionism for all to see.

      "Criticism of Zionism is perfectly legitimate…"

      It is not, any more than criticism of the Greeks' right to a nation-state in Hellas is.

      • Flipside

        That is legitimate as well.

    • UCSPanther

      Translation: I like Atzmon, but I am willing to throw him under the bus for optics.

      Pretty much the game that the anti-Israel crowd has always played.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm amazed that you condemned Atzmon,Nakba1948. You and Flipside hold views similar to his. Also,you share views similar to that of David Duke as well. I'm amazed you guys don't have each other e-mail addresses. The conversations there would be interesting but also disturbing as well.

    • Flipside

      More anonymous libel from you.

  • PhillipGaley

    To be brief, when, and as the Society fractures, let no thinking person wonder: "But, why?", . . .

    if you're sincerely interested in understanding why anti-Semitism appears to be increasing among young people—think: Leftist young people—consider the conjunction in them of being deprived of a part of the character of Man, through a Societally constrained lack of skill sets which might facilitate in any meaningful way to their dominion over any part of the Earth, and subjugation of it, the while, in the same remove, constrained to simply carry on.

    In natural consequence of Society's sanctioning of such fragmentary lives, quite naturally, will these individual look to and look up to the larger administrative group which statism presents—think: Big Brother—a return to a modern appearance of tribalism; or, the crumbs which are produced in the crumbling lives of the little cookies, going to support the big cheeses.

    The young Leftist or extremist, delivering pizza, staffing detail shops, cleaning up at a construction site, recycling Aluminium, delivering papers, and so forth, and without the benefit of college matriculation, may occasionally wonder about whether college would help.

    To the other side of current promulgations, the young Leftist or extremist, delivering pizza, staffing detail shops, cleaning up at a construction site, recycling Aluminium, delivering papers, and so forth, and having the benefit of college matriculation, may occasionally wonder about whether college really helps.

    Then, as the immigrant Koreans—or, the Hmong, or, the Mexicans, and others—have been envied for their families associating together to buy up small business and houses, the Jews appear in a much bigger way to stand as a prime cause—think: the cause—for my relative economic difficulties—think: social realities.

    Only, Jews in this way, have been so—and, so documented in long history—that, "Why, there must be something to it.".

    Fulfillment of the will and purposes of penultimate goodness in the way of manual skills in facilitation of dominion over the Earth, and subjugation of it to high purpose imparts sense of worth in the individual in ways and to such ends as nothing else can do. And in this way, of the Occupiers whom you have met and taking them as your sample, considering the Occupiers in all of our major cities, and the sameness in their presentation, in any individual's preparation for life, counting probably, on one hand about how many—would you say—are equipped in skill sets to fulfill the desire of every man and woman to be productive in ways which are objectively unassailable and universally approved of?

    But much to the contrary—and, living in times of unprecedented wealth for all—rather is it "The Jews, and the dirty rotten federal gov't, and the financial wizards who are the reason and cause as to why I hafta live in the park, and can't even have a tent, where I could've had sex, . . . if I'd just had a tent." (this last drawn from a previous FP Mag article), so coarse as reality must sometimes appear, . . .

    And proceeding consistent with fracture theory—about 10yrs ago, having been constrained to pass beneath the baleful power of typical Leftists who are in control of a "Child Protective Services" group, one of them complained to me: "And you have a cell-phone, . . . I don't even have a cell-phone!"—as arbitrary impulses in the unskilled become more extensive, and are institutionalized, beginning to link up in the minds of the Big Brother living units, eventually, the fragile protective shell of Society must break, . . . and in the nature of things—though pictured in the ancient Greek's story of Prometheus as the final stage of any society—to the forever unlearned or otherwise ignorant, the break-down will be due to mysterious causes and unanswerable accusations such as: "Why do you have more money than me?", or: "Are you a Jew?", . . .

    If as related by this article, when put to answer for the school's acceptation of this anti-semite—and, despite evidence pointing in another direction—the Headmaster and the director of development were not ashamed to devise the destructive simulation that, it was on account of Atzmon's accomplishments in jazz that, he was invited.

    And so we see, as to institutionalization within their jurisdiction of an open door to Jew-hatred in that school and serving as some example for other schools, through deployment of an implement of malevolence, the Headmaster and the director of development have given the impulse of their lives in full allowance and participation.

    And so to have come full circle, I would say, let no one of whole mind offer any feigned surprise: "What in the world, is going on?", . . .

    • aspacia

      Germany, circa 1930's

  • Jakareh

    Gilad Atzmon is himself an Israeli Jew. While that doesn't justify his preposterous views, it's worth mentioning in an op-ed centered around him. The Quakers would hardly dare to invite a Gentile anti-Semite, like David Duke, but this treasonous and probably mentally disturbed Israeli gives cover to their own anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

    • Flipside

      He’s treasonous for criticizing Israel?

  • Rochelle Owens


  • GirlKansas

    Hey Alan, when are you going to walk away from the "dark side"?

    Geez, how you could be a demoRat after all you've experienced and seen in your life, I haven't a clue.

    Just know this, my faith believes that the Jewish people are G-d's "chosen ones" that I will defend with my life.

    • intrcptr2

      atta, girl!!!

  • PAthena

    On the Friends' involvement with terrorism and anti-Israel (i.e. anti-semitism) see the following: (1) David Kirk, The Friendly Perversion, and (2) Gunter Lewy, Peace and Revolution.

  • Jim

    According to my fathers genealogy my family has been Quakers since some where near the 1600s.. They were driven from Virginia for refusal to fight for any side. They did help Blacks to make it to safety by hiding them in their houses. Yet at no time did they actually defame either the North or the South no praise either. Their job was to get people free not to take sides.
    Who is to say who is a true Quaker ? Who is to say who the good guys are and who the bad guys are? But is condemning one side or the other side a first step to war like behavior?

    If I were a Quaker I would feel it not Christ like to defame peoples. I would not join in defamatory practices for such is the first step leading to murder.

    Of course my ancestors were Quakers but I am not so who am I to speak.?

    • tagalog

      If you donated blood to the Viet Cong in 1969, and not to the United States Army, you were not a true Quaker.

  • Andrew Benjamin

    TAKE NOTE: Gilad Atzmon was promoted for years by Kalle Lasn, the Estonian antisemite who runs the Canadian publication ADBUSTERS.

    ADBUSTERS was instrumental in organizing OCCUPIED WALL STREET.

    Reportedly Atzmon is married to a Palestinian Arab. And yes, he is likely mentally disturbed.



  • Edisa

    Alan Dershowitz, you deserve commendation for pointing out this problem in academia. It astounds me over and over again that the most outrageous views are considered acceptable in our elite schools. It appears to me (from a distance) that much of the elite academy has lost its moral bearings, and has lost its very truth-sense . How else could it accept such a guest performer? His statements are not matters of opinion, but of factual falsehood. Accepting Anti-Semitism is one dangerous manifestation in this instance of an even more basic problem.

    • Flipside

      If we can accept religious fundamentalism in major Jewish Universities, we can certainly accept disgruntled regular old Jews speaking at regular old universities.

  • LindaRivera

    God hater, Atzmon, is a monster. Friends reveal their rabid hate for God by inviting Atzmon.

    • Flipside

      Know any other good Zoroastrian jokes?

  • martel

    With Friends like this, who needs Enemies?

    • Flipside

      Israel. Israel needs enemies. Defense doesn't work without enemies.