Iran Has Declared War Against Israel and the Jewish People

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If Iran is indeed behind the spate of recent bombings and foiled attacks that have targeted Israeli and Jewish civilian institutions in India, Georgia, Azerbajan and Thailand—as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has alleged—then it has become crystal clear that Iran is at war with Israel, Zionism and Jewish communities throughout the world.  The Rajah news website, which is identified with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad, has expressly threatened to “take the war beyond the borders of Iran, and beyond the borders of the region.” A recent Iranian News Agency headline declared that, “Israeli people must be annihilated,” and a strategist close to Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei has released a report providing a religious and legal justification for a final attack against Israel and the Jewish people by 2014.  Over the past week, news reports have circulated that Jewish and Israeli institutions in the United States have been placed on high alert over intelligence reports that Iran or one of its proxies may target them.  Iran’s supreme Khamenei himself has also recently promised that “the Zionists and the Great Satan (America) will soon be defeated.”

These and other recent threats and attacks have led Israeli and American authorities to believe that Iran is preparing attacks against Israeli embassies and consulates as well as Jewish houses of prayer, schools, community centers, restaurants and other soft Jewish targets.

This is not the first time that Iranian agents have bombed or attacked Israeli and Jewish targets in distant countries.  Back in 1992, Iranian agents blew up the Israeli embassy and a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, killing and injuring hundreds of civilians, many of whom were children.  The Argentine government conducted a thorough criminal investigation and indicted several Iranian officials.  But these officials were well beyond the reach of Argentine legal authorities and remain at liberty.

If Iranian agents were to attack Israeli or Jewish soft targets in the United States, the United States should deem any such action as an armed military attack on the United States.  It should not treat it the way the Argentine authorities did, merely as a criminal act.  Under international law, an attack on an embassy is an attack both on the embassy’s country and on the country in which the embassy is located.  An attack against a nation’s citizens on its territory is also an act of armed aggression under the United Nations Charter that justifies retaliatory military action.

In light of the deliberately provocative statements recently issued from Iran, the United States should now publicly announce that any attack by Iranian agents against any American citizen, institution or religious group will be considered a military attack by Iran against the United States and that the United States will—not may, but will—retaliate militarily, at a time and place of its choosing.  An attack on an American synagogue is no different than an attack on the World Trade Center or on American aviation.  We correctly regarded those attacks as acts of war committed by the Taliban and facilitated by the government of Afghanistan and we responded militarily.  Similarly, an attack by Iranian agents on a Jewish (or any other) American target should be deemed a military attack requiring retaliation.  All American citizens, regardless of their religious affiliation, are equally entitled to the protection of the American military.

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  • brooklyn

    written by a lieing jew. enough said.

    • badofdirt

      which part?

      • dirt

        must form a mosque somewhere in brooklyn?

        • dirtbag

          or from somewhere in the DC?

    • Ghostwriter

      Oh great! Another anti-semitic jerk. Can't these people return to the ooze from which they came?

    • Alf

      Okay Adolph, we see where you are coming from. Oh and the Islamists? They wanna kill you too.

    • aild

      Fool…nuff said.

  • Richie

    Yeah right, like anyone is gonna listen to you Brooklyn, you can't even spell lying :-)

  • Andrés Rosendo

    I agree. Iran must be stopped.

  • Sam

    Where was the article of "Israel declaring the war on Iran and Iranian people when they assassinated the nuclear scientists in last couple of years??? The pro Jew / Israeli bias is as sickening as evil Iranian regime!

    • ThinkClearly

      I agree. The United States of America has nothing to do with the jews or their problems.

  • Amused

    Brooklyn ??? I doubt that …..they don't make'm that dumb in BROOKLYN .

  • muchiboy

    Your non stop whining, pleadings and protestations might have more credulity if Israel did not herself engage (successfully,I might add) in assassinations of Iranian and other opponents.Ditto with Iran's nuclear ambitions.And that from a country with perhaps a hundred nukes.My God,what need has Israel of one hundred nukes?Cry me a river and get over it.muchiboy

    • Dave

      Israel's surrounding neighborhood requires her to have any military protection that she can get. She is not fortunate to have good neighborlyu relations with surrounding countries like Western Europe or North America. We can all sure hope that some day, that may be true, but not in the foreseeable future!

    • zionista

      Israel is well known for going out of her way to carefully target savages who wish Israel and the world harm, unlike her bloodthirsty enemies who use children as shields and homicide bombers. much and brooklyn – crawl back under your slimy rocks

    • stern

      As always, muchiboy displays an incredible level of moral blindness, completely unable to see the difference between a scientist working on perfecting a weapon capable of killing millions of people, and a civilian woman on the way to pick up her children from school.

      As for israel's needs for defensive weapons, it's exactly that – defensive. Iran is clearly looking for an offensive advantage, while Israel simply wants to survive.

      If you can't open your eyes, muchiboy, perhaps you should keep your mouth shut too.

  • Chicago Ray

    "“Israeli people must be annihilated,” and a strategist close to Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei has released a report providing a religious and legal justification for a final attack against Israel and the Jewish people by 2014. "

    That alone is enough to nuke Teheran were I in charge. Then I'd nuke it again for the hostage crisis, and again for the Iraq war meddling. Let em think about THAT for 1000 years glowing in the dark.

    • Ros

      Oh,did I have a laugh at your last line!Why does little ol' Israel hold such a fascination to these muslims?Look at a map of the countries surrounding Israel-they're all muslim.What would you do if you were living in Israel except be afraid and protect yourself?It's time these camel herders were put in their place.Thanks for the laugh Chicago Ray!

  • StephenD

    "The administration must speak with a clear, unambiguous and credible voice that leaves no doubt in the minds of Iranian leaders as to America is resolve not to tolerate attacks on our citizens or a nuclear armed Iran. "

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this. Our hope is in the election of a new President and Senate.

    • stern

      Absolutely agree with you Stephen.

  • Marty

    The tragic reality is that Israel and the American Jewish community are on their own. iran views all Jewish civilians as legitimate targets. After all, muslims are inherent cowards who can only slaughter defenseless people. Israel must do more than eliminate nuclear installations in iran. It must instead do what is practical to eliminate the iranian leadership. The mullahs and government leaders and their immediate successors should be targeted for assassination. Aside from the fact that such monsters shouldn't be on this planet anyway, there is a need to convey the message that they won't be around to enjoy any holocaust they want to visit on Jewish men, women, and children.

    • joy52

      All you need to do is look at how they treat the defenseless in their societies. They are weak and it is past time to shut them up and move on.

    • Sage on the Stage


  • muchiboy

    Moral blindness? You,and most Jews and Zionists,too,would have us believe the good vs evil narrative so prevalent in the west and neoconservative circles.The truth is indeed more damning to Jews and Israel then anyone likes to admit.The truth is far less comfortable then we want to hear.Otherwise,we would be faced with some very difficult choices,including admission of Jewish,and ,by both commission and omission,western guilt over the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.
    Like George Carlin asked,"Why do we call Israeli terrorists 'commandos,' and Palestinian commandos 'terrorists?" Well,I'm not laughing ,either.muchiboy

    • alan g

      Its simple. Commandos target terrorists and terrorists target civilians. Now why didn’t you think of that, muchiboy. Whoops. I almost forgot that you were an idiot..

    • JoJoJams

      Yeah – Gotta love that "ethnic cleansing" claptrap! The Jooooos!! suck so bad at it, that the original (roughly 600,000) arabs invaders from palestine have grown to over 5 million. If they were being "ethnically cleansed", one would think their numbers would be going DOWN. You know – kind of like what the number of Christians and other minority religions have experienced in any "Islamic republic of blah blah" hell hole.

  • muchiboy

    Before more accusations of Antisemitism are posted in response to my last post let me say that I am not blind,deaf and unread to the point of being ignorant of the long ,historical suffering of the Jewish people,especially at the hands of westerners.Let me further say that I am not ungrateful for the gifts that the Jewish people have given the world,through their talents,skills and efforts.
    That said,it does not relieve the Jewish people the moral obligations that come with being and belonging,and furthermore,being major contributors,to,a civilized world.For a noble people,albeit a wronged, noble people,your behavior is unconscionable,and I cannot for the life of me understand why it goes unacknowledged and persists.

    • MethanP

      Yet the world is full of murder, oppression and bigotry. But only Israel, a liberal democracy, is the target of the worlds rage. Most UN resolutions condem Israel.
      I judge Israel by it's enemies. Russia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela. To have such enemies is a badge of honor sir!

    • JoJoJams

      Maybe because sooo much of the allegations against Israel are……Lies? Or "twisted truths", not much better than lies. I know! I know! Tough concept! It would burst your bubble of reality.

    • stern


      come on muchiboy, even you know better than that. Read any edition of the New York Times or The Guardian, watch any newscast on CNN and the BBC and you can hardly claim "unacknowledged". These organs never miss an opportunity to slander Israel – and you know it, because where else do you get your information – or should we say, what passes for information.

      Thank heavens there are a few places left, like this one, where your kind of nonsense is not allowed to stand.

      Go away muchiboy. Go away. and take your condescending "not ungrateful" idiocy with you. We don't want your half-assed gratitude and can manage very well without it.

      • muchiboy

        "We don't want your half-assed gratitude and can manage very well without it. "

        You're a fool if you believe that,stern.The Jews,I'm sure,wondered where humanity was during the chaos that was Nazism,as are the Palestinians today.No man,no nation is an island.Israel turns its back on the world,just as the world turns it's back on the Palestinian people.muchiboy

        • Raymond in DC

          “the world turned its back on the Palestinian people”

          WTH! “The world” can’t stop talking about the Palestinian people! The world (UN) gave them their very own agency (UNRWA) and their own special definition of “refugee” tasked with NOT settling displaced Palestinian Arabs. They get more aid per capita, more Red Cross personnel assigned per capita than any other refugee population. And more UN resolutions passed on their behalf than ANY other people. Heck, there’s little the world hasn’t done for the Palestinians.

          • stern

            Thank you Raymond. Isn't it amazing how the Jew-haters always insist that white is black and black is white?

          • muchiboy

            "Heck, there's little the world hasn't done for the Palestinians. "

            Their homeland.Their birth right.muchiboy

        • alf

          Wow dude DO NOT EVER compare what happened to the Jewish people by Nazi Germany, to what is going on between Israel and "Palestine". Israel has shown nothing but restraint. Osama Bin Laden engineered the 9/11 attacks and the US took out 2 middle eastern regimes. Hamas, PLO, and the Arab World, are attacking Israel today.

    • Sage on the Stage

      Moral obligations?! Israel has given the Palestinians in Gaza free electricity, free running water, and free food, for years. As has been said before, in a number of
      publications, American Jews purchased the greenhouses of the Jews of Gaza, and left them to the Palestinians(so they could have a way of raisiing crops), when the Jews evacuated Gaza, back in 2005. And what has Israel gotten for this generosity? A constant rain of rockets on their towns and cities. If there is any ethnic cleansing, the Muslims in Gaza and Lebanon, and now in Egypt, are committing it, with the Jews as the victims.
      And these are only 1-2 examples; other examplles would fill up a book. Mister, you badly need a reality check. Get off your ecstasy.

    • WilliamJamesWard

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  • joy52

    Interesting how you couch a slur, muchiboy.

    • muchiboy

      "Interesting how you couch a slur, muchiboy. "

      Pity you don't know how to take a compliment,joy52.muchiboy

  • Moishe Pupick

    Tu., 02/14/12 common era

    Professor Dershowitz's brilliant rhetoric will never be respected by all of the G-d haters/Jew haters in the world today. Israel will be criticized by most of the world no matter what it does or doesn't do with regard to Iran. For that reason, Israel should do what is best for Jewish survival worldwide and treat the enemy in Iran as contemporary Amalekites. Forget about President Obama, the U.N., the E.U., and the Kremlin. None of them created the heavens and the earth. Psalm 83 is beginning to take form so stay tuned.

  • JoJoJams

    Yeah – Gotta love that "ethnic cleansing" claptrap! The Jooooos!! suck so bad at it, that the original (roughly 600,000) arabs invaders from palestine have grown to over 5 million. If they were being "ethnically cleansed", one would think there numbers would be going DOWN. You know – kind of like what the number of Christians and other minority religions have experienced in
    any "Islamic republic of blah blah" hell hole.

  • MethanP

    Alan: Strange how most of this blatent anti semitism come from your friends on the left. Even prgressive "Jews" seem obsessed with condemnation of Israel. Have you ever questioned your adherence to the left. Can they be so wrong on this, yet correct on everything else?

    • kasandra

      I have been thinking much the same thing as MethanP. Alan: how can you continue to ally yourself with the political left when it is the very repository of anti-semitism, anti-Zionism, and Islamophila in the world today? Just yesterday your hero Obama announced a budget which, at this crucial time, cuts (for the second year in a row) – this time by $6.3 million relative to the 2012 budget proposal – U.S. contributions to Israel's missile defense? Come on, Alan. Wake up. They've broken up with you.

  • stern

    Ah, now there's the problem. If there actually WAS any "ethnic cleansing" we might have something to talk about. But as I've told you so often, if you read "Palestine Betrayed" by Efraim Karsh you will discover that those things you've believed so fully for so long actually, simply, plainly, are not true.

    Karsh proves with meticulous documentary evidence from both British and Arab sources that 99.99% of the Palestinians who left the Holy Land in 1948 did so in response to the urgings – and worse – of their own leaders, or out of their own desire to save their skins. In fact, there was more real ethnic cleansing of Jews than of anybody else. Think the Old City of Jerusalem and Gush Etzion.

    muchiboy, you don't belong here on this site. Take your garbage to The Guardian where you will feel much more comfortable and where people will happily agree with everything you say and you will no longer have to face being proven wrong every time you post.

  • Sam

    Chigaco Ray…Meddling in Iraq war?? how about US meddling ( and admitted to do so) since 1953 overthrow of the democratically elected government in Iran? Supporting Saddam during the war with Iran and turning a blind eye to usage if chemical weapon. Yes the same chemical weapons they were looking for. Furthermore, read and find out how Carter supported Khomeini while he was in Paris and while you are at it, find out why. They wrongfully took hostages for 444 days but US took the entire nation and its people as hostages since 1953. And by the way you are NOT in charge because you and those like you don't have what it takes!

    • Larry


      You are 100% correct.
      The world leaders have been getting their orders from others through lies, deceit, and financial favors.
      The wickedness has gotten to strong for humans to fight.
      It will be a disgustingly evil that takes over in 2013.
      The Book of Revelations of Jesus Christ our Lord God is now into play.
      And our Lord God Jesus Christ DOES have what it will take.

      Peace be unto you

  • Brain

    Maybe we should just let Israel fire off some of her larger and brighter fireworks and threaten her enemies retaliation with retaliation. If we really want peace we will let her melt that place down to glass.

  • dirt

    Sometime 'never again' may be hindered by foreign contry's 'political correctness' agenda.

    We need a leader with backbone and wisdom.

  • Ghostwriter

    Here's the thing that people like muchiboy seem to forget. The Iranians scream "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" every single day. Their leadership has made it crystal clear. They want Israel wiped off the face of the Earth. That's what they said. They also want to destroy the United States as well. And are very well on their way to doing just that. Maybe if muchiboy gets his head out of the clouds and starts dealing with reality,he would be frightened of the Iranian bomb.

    • muchiboy

      An Iranian nuclear bomb is no more frightening nor destructive then an Israeli nuclear bomb.I am an advocate for the Palestinian people,no more,no less.The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people can be laid at the feet of the Diaspora,and the walls and gates of Israel.The irrational actions of the Iranian Mullahs speak for themselves,and thankfully there are many advocates for a moderate,rational Iran.The two issues can be resolved separately,though it is not coincidental that Israel should be at the center of both.One cannot ignore,nor expect anything less,from the occupation of Palestine by hundreds of thousands,indeed millions,of Europeans and their decendents,Jews not-with-standing.muchiboy

      • Ghostwriter

        Here's the difference. Israel has those bombs to DEFEND herself against those who want to wipe her out. Iran wants nuclear weapons to WIPE Israel off the face of the Earth. The Palestinians support killing Israeli men,women,and children. They also support Iran. Maybe if you weren't so blind,you'd see the truth.

  • Larry

    Is it just me or is aummod jihad's face looking more like a goats?

  • bull

    show that there is censorship going on to deleted a post is censoring the true from being heard

    • muchiboy

      I will say that when a post is withheld by the FPM staff monitors it may be because of language or content.Remember the site is moderated,and not without reason.Re word or examine the content to ensure it meets the standards and is not abusive,racist,overtly antisemitic,etc.Sometimes a bug in the system is responsible for posts being rejected.Also,some posts do get through when I myself think the poster should be banned.muchiboy

  • Sam

    Its amazing that when you state facts as unpopular as it may be you get tums down here. It just confirms what I stated about bias about pro Jew / Israeli in my first comment!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is all of Islam that is the danger to Israel, Iran is the greatest threat of the day
    and must be dealt with but so many others are in the wings it will take devine
    intervention to end the horrid injustice. Now isn't that a coincidence, seems
    that The Almighty already has plans in this situation, Israel will stand and Israel
    will prosper while growing to fulfill it's true destiny……………………….William

  • Anamah

    Alan stand always searching for the truth and never stop defending Israel. But do it well in America because these friends of yours, Democrats in power are convinced it's a necessary act toward the inhalation of American soul.
    But defend America also Alan, because after this one, there is no other country to escape.


    ,western guilt over the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.
    Can you provide some proof to this claim?
    I see Gazans building hotels (5 star), They have malls, they go to the beach. Their fruit markets are loaded.
    I need to see some proof from a neutral source.
    All I see is that Gazans are the 5th most obese people in the world.
    What are the Israelis doing? Feeding them into oblivion?

    If you are going to hate the Jews and Israel, at least use some honesty-just say it: "I HATE JEWS AND ISRAEL"
    Just be honest instead of pushing the Islamo propaganda from Media Matters.

  • maturin20

    It is deeply disturbing that Alan Dershowitz is laying down the BS in advance that he has the moral right to extract a promise from the United States that as soon as a Synagogue bursts into flames the US has to go to war with Iran. We have now witnessed the dubious attempt to pin an assassination on Iran. (They hire Mexicans to kill Saudis out in the open in Washington DC? Really?) We know Israel is committing terrorist acts against Iranian nuclear scientists? Should the US consider that an act of war against us as well? Should the US just be an insane lunatic ready to go to war every single time a false flag operation takes place?

  • S thompson


    Joel 3:9-11
    Announce this to the godless nations: Prepare for battle! Soldiers at attention! Present arms! Advance! Turn your shovels into swords, turn your hoes into spears. Let the weak one throw out his chest and say, "I'm tough, I'm a fighter." Hurry up, pagans! Wherever you are, get a move on! Get your act together. Prepare to be shattered by God!

  • kkkk

    iran is o the verge of having nuclear weaposn, and therefore could convicably attack very soon. i think they will attack us with an electromagnetic pluse attack that will destory the entrie powr gride of this country.

  • Radha Z.

    Please work for peace, we are all children of the same God , same Holy Father.
    Stop warring against each other, love one another instead. God bless . Peace

    Shanti, shanti, shanti!





  • Dennis Marrero

    Nuke the Iranians.

  • Dan

    When will the US government start minding our own business, The fact is Iranian people dont hate american people (they hate our government). US envolvement with the shah caused the friction between our govt and Iran. The US govt created Sadam Husein because the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and then later had to deal with him. when will people wake up and realize we are no longer a nation for the people by the people, we are ruled and never consulted by our government. We have people starving here and we send billions of dollars in foriegn aid to countries that hate our guts! It is not right to throw the childrens food to the dogs!

  • Rzv

    I cannot belive that soo many of ppl that wrote about this article supports war. Humanity has many prbl and we just kill each other. Zionists want war not the jew community, Iranian leaders want war not the iranian ppl, why is every1 so dumb and not saying ''i do not want war". Be careful USA, like all great empires you will fall and many await to stab you in the back. Say NO to WAR and say YES to peace and prosperity for all human kind.

  • hslot4 youtube

    Israel Slap US in the Face AGAIN! and Again

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    We Need Your Kids To Die! Please

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    Jew Hate Speech:NO BLACKS ALLOWED

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  • Josh

    Maybe you shouldn't believe everything you're told.
    Most of these "terrorist attacks" are staged by mossad and/or cia to promote the idea of war. Like the one mentioned in Buenos Aires.
    Jewish people are not Zionists.
    For the record, just remember that any "attack" that starts this war will be a staged attacl. If there is a cyber attack that crashes US banks, it won't be Iran. If there's another 9/11 type event, it won't be Iran. Basically anything that wont be iran.
    Also, this says 9/11 was the taliban aka afganistan gov….
    well if the official story is true, all of the alleged hi-jackers were saudi arabian. why go into afganistan? and how can you be sure these attacks were "correctly reguarded" with no evidence whatsoever?
    Don't automatically believe the lies. Do some looking into. Stop repeating what you're told.

  • Nuvocleanse Detox

    My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was totally

    right. This publish truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!


    That is good to hear.


    I've been reading your website, and you made my whole night.
    I thank HaShem that you have seen how horrible those people really are.

    Once a month, I go to political chat.. I cant tell the difference anymore between a 'progressive' and a neo-Nazi.

    I am glad you have confirmed what I have been writing about.
    I am a terrible writer- I am a singer/entertainer, but what the left has done to Jews is disgusting.
    Past time for liberal Jews to be friendly with Christians and Conservative people.

  • muchiboy

    Sure,but does this mean America does not support Israel financially and militarily?muchiboy

  • Chaim

    that is the most cowardice thing that i ever heard in my life. it is Americas problem as well. look at all they've been through together it would be the most disgusting thing for them to back out. if your brother was getting beaten up would you just stand there like an idiot? i dont think so

  • aild

    were allies with israel and besides the the hate us also

  • aild

    so it is ARE problem they hate u just as much as israel this is simply bible coming to past