National Jewish Democratic Council Doesn’t Speak for Me on Adelson

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Moreover, the demand that Mitt Romney return Adelson’s contributions is absurd.  If all candidates had to return the contributions of every businessman against whom questionable allegations were made in a vengeful lawsuit, millions of dollars would have to be returned by hundreds of candidates all around the country.  Consider just one highly publicized example:  the million dollars given by comedian Bill Maher to a super PAC supporting Barak Obama.  I single out Maher, whose comedy I generally like, because he said that he “decided to become the Sheldon Adelson of the Obama campaign,” and because extremists on the right have similarly demanded that the Super PAC return Maher’s contribution, claiming it is tainted by his misogynistic rants against female Republicans such as Sarah Palin, against whom he has used vile, sexist language.  This is how the Christian Science Monitor delicately characterized Maher’s remarks:  “[H]e has said some very bad things about Sarah Palin and other Republican women.  He’s started with “bimbo” and then moved on into derogatory gynecological references that are too obscene for us to repeat.”

I’m sure that if the Democrats were to apply David Harris’ “Adelson test” to all the contributions they have received from Hollywood moguls and other wealthy business people, they wouldn’t like the results.

So let extremists in both parties stop this nonsense about returning “tainted” contributions and  focus on the real issues that separate the Democrats from the Republicans.

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  • PDK

    I don`t think republicans admonishing Obama to give back Mahrs money had the intention of getting Obama to return the money. First and foremost Obama is a moneywhore. However, I believe the point was to remind the liberals of their double standard. If one recalls, Rush had just called Fluke a whore for wanting the American taxpayers to finace the protection for her personal sex life. The liberals jumped all over Rush and the conservatives as being misogynistic, they called it, "the republican war on women". This, all the while Mahr, and other liberals, besmirched Sarah and Michelle Bachmann with extreme rudeness.

    I think Mahr is a POS.

    One and done! Nobama 2012, vote republican. Thank you.

  • Steve Chavez

    I officially call on all Democrats who are receiving funds from Communists, Muslims/Saudi's, Fake Jews, and Hollywood since they are all anti-Capitalist hypocrites and fund the downfall of the United States and Israel, to return their hundreds of millions too beginning with Bill Maher!

  • geopeyton

    Prof. Dershowitz, will you ever wake up and realize the Democrats left you long ago?

  • dennis x

    Isn't this the same guy who stated he was not proud to have been a member of the us military?

  • Choi

    @Mr. Dershowitz:
    WHY do you remain a Democrat?
    You ,as much as anyone KNOWS that today's Democratic Party is NOT the Democratic Party of the past.
    You should be a leader in bringing Jewish-Americans OUT of the Democratic Party,not just disagreeing with the party re: Israel.
    As BRILLIANT as you are,and YOU ARE, you have COGNITIVE DISSONANCE re: The Democratic Party.

    • ajnn

      there was an old television commercial for a cigarette brand (Tarryton ?) for which the catchphrase was;

      "I'd rather fight than switch"

      Perhaps Mr. Derchowitz is a smoker ? My father smoked camel cigarettes up until a month before his passing and I never wavered in my love for him. There were times as a child, like when I hid his cigarettes, that I was not so sure about his feelings about me !!! (lol)

      What were we arguing about again ? Oh, yes: there are so many things in this world to fight about let us agree that a man's brand of cigarette shall not be one of them.

  • Herbster

    National Jewish Democratic Council……..sounds like the same leftist type organization made up of Jews whose true religion is not Judaism, but liberalism. For shame!

  • mmichlin66

    I do admire that Mr. Dershowitz found the time to stand up in defense of truth and common sense even when the attack comes from the ranks of the Democratic Party. There is, however, one question I'd like to pose to him: why the word "extremist" is used to describe those who demand that Obama return money to Maher? One of such people, for example, is Sean Hannity. Is he an extremist? I personally don't agree with that demand, but it sounds strange that Mr. Dershowitz uses the word "extremist" in this context.

  • NotaBene

    Slimes of a feather ooze together.