Why Anti-Semitism Is Moving Toward the Mainstream

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For the first time since the end of World War II, classic anti-Semitic tropes—“the Jews” control the world and are to blame for everything that goes wrong, including the financial crisis; The Jews killed Christian children in order to use the blood to bake Matzo; the Holocaust never happened—are becoming acceptable and legitimate subjects for academic and political discussion.  To understand why these absurd and reprehensible views, once reserved for the racist fringes of academia and politics, are now moving closer to the mainstream, consider the attitudes of two men, one an academic, the other a politician, toward those who express or endorse such bigotry.  The academic is Professor Brian Leiter.  The politician is Ron Paul.

You’ve probably never heard of Leiter.  He’s a relatively obscure professor of jurisprudence, who is trying to elevate his profile by publishing a gossipy blog about law school professors.  He is a colleague of John Mearsheimer, a prominent and world famous professor at the University of Chicago.

Several months ago Mearsheimer enthusiastically endorsed a book, really a pamphlet, that included all the classic anti-Semitic tropes.  It was entitled “The Wandering Who” and written by Gilad Atzmon, a British version of David Duke, who plays the saxophone and has no academic connections.  Atzmon writes that we must take “very seriously” the claim that “the Jewish people are trying to control the world.” He calls the recent credit crunch “the Zio punch.” He says “the Holocaust narrative” doesn’t make “historical sense” and expresses doubt that Auschwitz was a death camp.  He invites students to accept the “accusations of Jews making Matzo out of young Goyim’s blood.”

Books and pamphlets of this sort are written every day by obscure anti-Semites and published by disreputable presses that specialize in this kind of garbage.  No one ever takes notice, except for neo-Nazis around the world who welcome any additions to the literature of hate.

What is remarkable about the publication of this hateful piece of anti-Semitic trash, is that it was enthusiastically endorsed by two prominent American professors, John Mearsheimer and Richard Falk, who urged readers, including students, to read, “reflect upon” and “discuss widely” the themes of Atzmon’s book.  Never before has any such book received the imprimatur of such established academics.

I was not shocked by these endorsements, because I knew that both of these academics had previously crossed “red lines,” separating legitimate criticism of Israel from subtle anti-Semitism.  Mearsheimer has accused American Jews of dual loyalty, and Falk has repeatedly compared Israel to Nazi Germany.  Both were so enthusiastic about Atzmon’s anti-Zionism—he has written that Israel is “worse” than the Nazis—that they were prepared to give him a pass on his classic “blood libel” anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.  No great surprise there.

What was surprising—indeed shocking—was the fact that Mearsheimer’s relatively apolitical colleague, Brian Leiter, rushed to Mearsheimer’s defense.  Without bothering even to read Atzmon’s book, Leiter pronounced that Atzmon’s “positions [do not mark him] as an anti-Semite [but rather as] cosmopolitan.” Leiter also certified that Atzmon “does not deny the Holocaust or the gas chambers.” Had Leiter read the book, he could not have made either statement.

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  • john in cheshire

    Is 'cosmopolitan' the new marxist mot du jour? It amuses me how they choose new words from time to time, which mask their true purpose, and at the same time sound very intellectual. And there's another marxist word – intellectual. In Europe, (not the UK) they love to call their communists intellectuals.

    • teq

      "Cosmopolitan" is not a new word for them. The term "rootless cosmopolitans" was coined by either Lenin or Stalin as a name for the Jews.

      • New Yorker

        It was used by Trotsky to describe himself.

        • intrcptr2

          That would explain it's obscurity, then…

    • http://www.boycottscotland.com Edward

      john in cheshire, or "progressive" as an alternate to leftist, commie.

      Or "anti-war", yet we have never seen an "anti-war" march, activist denounce al qada, osama bin laden, islamofascism, hamass, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Pete

    Where was Alan when Tom Friedman launched his recent vicious diatribe against Israel? The New York Times is a greater threat to Israel than Ron Paul.

    • SHmuelHaLevi

      Excellent question.
      It is now recognized that the relentless onslaught against Jews and Jewish Heritage, going unabated to this day in Israel by the assimilated or unJewish "elites" aka Oslo partners, served as beacon for anti-Semites that quickly understood that they have an ally on the Peresites.
      Tom Friedman is just one out of some hundreds of those elements.

    • stern

      Absolutely agree with this post. Alan Dershowitz, you have been challenged. We await your reply ….

  • Amused

    Marxism ? What is it with types like you john ?Do you have only one word in you lexicon ? Ron Paul , weho embraced Trufers is not marxist , nor are most trufers .Nreo Nazis , white supremacists , Mearshimer , the David Dukes of the world , and most holocaust deniers are NOT marxists .Almost ALL of the extreme right fringes are NOT marxists . I;m not in any way defending marxists , but I am condemning this blind definition that Repocon mantras are spewing out everyday , the constant memes , that "it must be the "MARXISTS on the LEFT" [ Democrats ] who are the jew haters and holocaust deniers , when in FACT it is a redominately held view of the RIGHT ! These folks drifted in to OWS , just as they had "drifted " into the Tea Party , which simply proves ONE THING – anti-semitism knows no political boundaries . This has been around in the US since the days of Henry Ford . And "intellectuals " ???
    Most racist and bigot leaders and their followers in the US , Like Duke et al can hardly be called "intellectuals " .

    • reader

      Prominent Marxists are very much involved in collaborating with the Holocaust deniers (see Chomsky letters to Rollins, for example).

    • alan g

      Amused, don’t even compare ows with the tea party. They are two different animals. Ows people openly supported anti-semetic demonstrations without a single shout against. Whereas the teaparty had not a single iota of opposition to supporting national defense and support for Israel. In fact it is noted by all of the tea party backed politicians wither exception of Ron Paul.

      • Neils60

        Sadly, Elizabeth Warren-D, who takes credit for creating the “intellectual foundation” for OWS, is running against Sen. Scott Brown-R., Mass. She’s not only leading the senator by significant numbers, but sadly, she’s very, very popular among the Jewish community, too. Why? No logical explanation, for sure.

      • Amused

        Yea and Tea Party backers did it on the sly , under their breath and with innuendo . I suggest you catalogue the various groups that have showed up at Tea Party rallies , and do a bit of earnest investigation into their backgrounds . You find that the tea party , just like OWS has picked up some fleas on the way .

    • ziontruth

      "…but I am condemning this blind definition that Repocon mantras are spewing out everyday , the constant memes , that 'it must be the 'MARXISTS on the LEFT' [ Democrats ] who are the jew haters and holocaust deniers , when in FACT it is a redominately held view of the RIGHT !"

      Not today, the situation isn't.

      For most of last century, Jew-haters found a welcoming home on much of the Right (but see significant exceptions such as the Republican Martin Luther King) and were largely shunned on the Left. In a process beginning in the middle of the 20th century, the Old (Buchananite) Right has lost traction while the Marxist branch of the Left has come to dominate, thus bringing to the current, reversed situation, in which it is the Left that is more receptive to Jew-hatred (just be careful enough to mask it as "anti-Zionism" and it's bon ton), while most of the Right shuns it.

      The Jew-haters on the Right are mostly Old Right holdovers; those who reject Jew-hatred on the Left today are mainly the pre-1960s, non-Marxist Left remnants. Go to any Progressive forum (like Common Dreams) and you'll find, on any Israel-related thread, the same kind of virulent Jew-hatred (ZOG, Khazar Theory, you name it) as found on Stormfront.

      I don't automatically assume every Leftist is a Jew-hater, but face it, the Left has got a problem, and that problem is none other than the movement of its once marginal Marxist branch to center fold. Sorry, but them's facts.

    • A guest

      Hey Amused. Can you please learn how to write with proper spelling, punctuation and structure?

      • Amused

        Sorry about that guest , but my hands are rather large , and caloused after 50 years of hardwork , so dont be so anal-retentive about my typos , because after all , you have no problem whatsoever in inderstanding exactly what i'm saying ….do you ? Asssshole ? In other words criticize my view , not my spelling , otherwise GFY .
        Getting jerkoff ?

        • Amused

          Oooops , there goes another one , guest ….should'a been ARE YOU GETTING THAT ? JERKOFF ! .

  • Jefferson

    what lolocaust?
    the one where they had swimming pools, football championships, dental cabinets and theater plays?
    the one where germany was paying ungodly amounts of money in 1954 to 3.3 million "survivors" although in all Axis occupied lands jooz were only 2.8 million, the other 1 trillion being lost?

    who runs the FED board? it sure isn't "nazis" ruining the entire planet's economy.
    who are the most RABID pro-immigration and pro-multikult advocates in Europe and USA? it's JEWS!
    who owns almost all TV networks in the USA that continually push racemixing and degeneracy on our children? it's jews.
    who financed the bolshevik revolution in Russia? Warburg and Schiff of New York's Kuhn Loeb Bank. guess what they were: JEWS.
    who killed 63 million white christian russians and ukrainians under Lenin and Stalin's (both jews) regimes? the CHEKA, whos ranks were 75% jews.
    who killed 55000 of my country's elites after w2 in the 50s? the jews of Anna Pauker?
    who tried to bolshevise Hungary after ww1? Bela Cohen, a jew.

    history is catching up on your murderous past.

    • stern

      Uh oh, Jefferson. You left out the part where the Joos control the media. That means you cannot say stuff like this. Somewhere, the Joos are watching you, waiting for you, marking you for punishment. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • reader

      You picked a pretty funny pen name for this rant, Borat.

    • ziontruth

      "what lolocaust? the one where they had swimming pools, football championships, dental cabinets and theater plays?"

      Yes, I agree, the situation in Gaza is far removed from the "dying of hunger," "open-air concentration camp," "present-day Warsaw Ghetto" and "Palestinian Holocaust" accusations the anti-Zionists charge Israel with. Well put.

      (No need to tell me: I know exactly what that waste of oxygen meant.)

    • Ghostwriter

      Good grief! Another anti-semitic creep. They’ve been coming out of the woodwork a lot lately. What a piece of garbage Jefferson is.

    • UCSPanther

      You sound like a white supremicist puke.

      There is only one use for a nazi, and it involves testing a Lee-Enfield…

    • Tremley

      Well said jefferson. Too bad most people do not know the truth about the zionist jews. When we try to educate the ignorants, instead of them doing research on the zionist, they call us nazi,bigots,racist, anti- semite, ect… i suggest everyone learn the real truth about the zionist and their evil ways

      • UCSPanther

        Okay Mr. Gibson, Let's get you back to bed…

    • http://vnnforum.com DeShawn

      Very good, Jefferson, exactly right. The jew are the biggest racists and murderers in HISTORY (also the biggest slave traitors, by the way). With jews, you lose!

      • UCSPanther

        Funny. I thought VNN vermin like yourself were ALL for slave-trading of non-whites, like the bad old days.

      • ziontruth

        Hey Jefferson, Tremley and DeSchutzstaffel,

        Why don't you three get a room?

    • RonL

      "what lolocaust? "
      The one that that killed 6 million Jews and 7 million gentiles, of whom over 6 million were white Christian Europeans. You anti-white anti-Christian retard
      "the one where they had swimming pools, football championships, dental cabinets and theater plays? " Stop onanizing and face reality.

      "who runs the FED board?"
      Trans-national corporalists

      "it sure isn't "nazis" ruining the entire planet's economy. "
      The Fed doesn't run the worlds economy.

      "who are the most RABID pro-immigration and pro-multikult advocates in Europe and USA? it's JEWS! "
      The Eurabian elite who hate Israel, and a few Court Jews owned by the left. As for American, the schmucks do so because they are liberals, not based on Judaism or Jewish interest. Importing people who dislike Jews and Israel is not in the interest of Jews.

      "who owns almost all TV networks in the USA that continually push racemixing and degeneracy on our children? it's jews. "
      Leftists who don't go to synagogue, hate the Torah, and don't care about Israel.

      "who financed the bolshevik revolution in Russia? Warburg and Schiff of New York's Kuhn Loeb Bank. guess what they were: JEWS. "
      I didn't realize that future Nazi ally, Erich Ludendorff, and the rest of the German high command, who provided the Bolsheviks money weapons and printing presses and who brought the Bolsheviks from Switzerland to Russia were Jewish. Who new the Paul von Hindenburg was Jewish!

      "who killed 63 million white christian russians and ukrainians under Lenin and Stalin's (both jews) regimes? the CHEKA, whos ranks were 75% jews. "
      Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Lenin was in no way Jewish. His maternal grandfather, Alexander Blank was born Jewish but converted to Russian Orthodoxy. Blank's wife Anna Ivanovna Groschopf was German. Lenin's father was a part Kalmyk and part Tatar Russian noble.
      Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili aka Stalin was born a Georgian Christian, who went to a Georgian Orthodox seminary for 5 years. Not a Jew, except in the delusions or lies of Nazis.
      The same Cheka, which was never 75% Jewish, persecuted Jews.

      From the time of Marx, communists have tried to exterminate Judaism and Jewishness. Go read Marx's On the Jewish Question. You'll probably go crazy or have a stroke when reality hits you.

    • http://www.boycottscotland.com Edward


      Here is a video of your heroes SURRENDERING, UNCONDITIONALLY to the US, UK and SU.

      WW2 Victory in Europe Day: Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender (1945) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFFEKPIB0J8

      Eat your fascist heart out Jerkersson, you DUMB SACK OF SHlTler!

    • http://CCFIILE.com Joe Rizoli

      Nice job. Totally agree with you plus more to say. Anti-Semitism isn't you hating Jews it's WHO the Jews hate.

      CCFIILE ( dot ) com check out Holocaust links and info

    • ahad ha'amoratsom

      Jefferson, Prof. Leiter, and so many others like him are willing to give a free pass to people who hate Jews, so long as they are the right kind of people and camoflage their hatred with politically correct trappings. That willingness emboldens the likes of you and your Jew hating friends who do not bother to camoflage their hatred. If not for the likes of Prof. Leiter, the likes of you would still be skulking around Stornfront (where Prof. Dershowitz's article has apparently been cross-posted) but would not publicly spew your delusional filth in respectable company.

    • 789

      Commys, all jews, killed from 1917 to 1993, 200 millions peoples all around the world. (Stephane Courtois, "Livre Noir du Communisme" Paris 1997.
      Jews like Shimone Jacob-Veil in Frankland, have passed all the abortions-"laws" killing there 200.000 peoples every year since 1975; The jewish abortions-facrorys kills every year, acording to the WHO 55 millions peoples every year, mainly in the White World.
      Dershowitz Chutzpah is caracteristic for the lies of the jews.
      In the Gospel of Saint John, Jesus Christ Himself has shown distintly hwo they are: "Sons of the devil, liers, and murders of mankind since the very beginning!"

    • Merrill

      Swimming pools? Sir, I pity your total lack of happiness in your life. You can probably increase your intellect by watching Honey Boo Boo episodes. Lenin and Stalin were anti semites.

  • WildJew

    I have several times said (when I call in on our talk radio program), "We already have one racist in the White House – a very clever and savvy racist, unlike Dr. Paul who is not – we do not need another." If Professor Dershowitz reads this site, he will see Dr. Paul's racism and his anti-Semitism has been exposed and condemned. Many conservatives are fighting Dr. Paul. We want him out of the Republican party. Where is racism and anti-Semitism being fought on the left? We have a racist / anti-Semite in the White House. Obama ran with racists, anti-Semites, jihadists, PLO activists, etc., his entire adult life. The proof is in the pudding with Israel. Mr. Dershowitz voted for and he supports Obama. We have a prominent racist (Al Sharpton) who makes guest appearances on The O'Reilly Factor, CNN, and MSNBC. and is the host of MSNBC's PoliticsNation. Where is the outrage on the left?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      It really makes one scratch their head and give in to some profane remarks.
      I will never understand a leftist complaining about antisemitism or bigotry
      when they are so unbalanced in their judgement. If someone has done something
      to you it is possible to have some sour grapes to squeeze but outright
      hatred for people because of race, religion or personal differneces is just
      wrong. People are of value until they prove otherwise and become dangerous
      and evil. We are headed for rough times and bigotry is the last thing we

  • KKKK

    i believe the growth of anti-Semitism in the West is due to polotical correctness and the growth of the Muslim population in our countries in recent years. they bring their loser ideas with them, plus the support of the LAMEstreamMedia and leftist politicans, and presto!

  • steven l

    What goes around comes around. The self-hating Jews will become the victim of anti-semites. Good riddance. They are proud to teach their ignorance of historical facts.
    Cosmopolitan is a code word for universalism and the negation of the concept of self, uniqueness of each one of us, identity, individualism and the promotion of a disguised form of communism. The so called "intellectuals" would be in control! Marx and Lenin must lough.

  • Martel64

    No disrespect intended,but Anti-Whiteism has been much bigger mainstream-wise ,especially,since the 1960s

    • ziontruth

      In anti-Zionism, which is portrayed as opposition to the "settlement" of Palestine by "white European Jews" on expense of the "brown indigenous Palestinians"*, those two Marxist demonologies are fused.

      *More than half of Israeli Jews today are "brown people," while many Arab villagers (especially in the Galilee) could pass for Polish peasants by their looks alone. Don't expect those facts to get in the way of the anti-Zionist narrative (as I described above) anytime soon, though.

    • RonL

      They are quite related. It is racial marxism.

  • alanweberman


    Ron Paul is no joke. He has the potential to become another Adolf Hitler.

    • Questions

      Yet he is lionized by many libertarians, especially those affiliated with the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.

    • han

      alan weberman. Is that a Jewish name? I think it is. I also think that this guy doesn't want Ron Paul to cut the 3 billion in foriegn aid to Israel so he spreads lies like this. Let us not forget that Jews are the masters of lies, is not their while identity based on one great lie, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race?

  • mrbean

    Barack Obama the mainstream media's darling, and most of the Marxist-democrat party have little or no use for Israel or the Jewish people. Since Jimmy Carter, another terrorist sympathizer, and well known anti-Semite, the democrat party has been hostile toward Israel and the Jewish people, but they tried to hide it from American Jews.
    President Barack Obama, who has marinated in hatred for America and Israel since childhood, the mask has come off the Marxist-democrat party. As anyone who was paying attention knows, Barack Obama attended the “church” of Reverend Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright for over 20 years. Wright is a well known anti-Semite and supporter of the terrorist group Hamas. Since taking office, Obama has constantly been on a real crusade to alienate all of our friends worldwide, and coddle our enemies.

  • MethanP

    Mr. Dershowitz; It never seems to occur to you that the left, to which you are so proud a member, are fellow travelers with Islamist and Neo-Nazi anti-semitism. I know and respect your history as a supporter of Israel and Judaism. However, I believe that you can no longer ignore the leftist-liberal core of modern Western anti-semitism/anti-zionism.

    • ziontruth

      It's reasonable to assume Dershowitz, like so many Dem-voting American Jews, still thinks the recent rise of the Marxist branch to predominance on today's Left is nothing but an aberration (if he's aware of it at all).

      To paraphrase that ad from the Republican Jewish Committee: Jews, this is not your grandparents' Democratic Party anymore! Wake up!

      • stern

        Shouldn't that be "dumb-voting American Jews"?

  • MethanP

    To Allan Weberman; Please no name calling. Being wrong or a fool does not make you Adolf!

  • Moishe Pupick

    Wednesday, 01/04/12 common era

    Professor Dershowitz's article is, sadly, so accurate. For that reason, I can't understand why he advocates for yet more "gun control." Both the Nazis and the Communists had very strict "gun control" laws. Barack Husein Obama and his Shyster in Chief Eric Holder want federal gun registration laws in order to compile a computerized file of 2nd Amendment supporters, e.g., U.S. citizens with Jewish surnames who live in Zip Code 90211. It can't happen here!? It IS happening here, in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Antisemitism is on the rise because Zionism is at a feverish and psychopathic pitch.

    • ziontruth

      Jew-hatred is on the rise because the Islamic imperialists and their apologists on the Marxist Left (and you as well) now have a front row seat in shaping "world opinion."

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        You’re right. At the meeting last night we decided unanimously that you get the gas. There was one abstention, but he also got the gas.

  • PhillipGaley

    Although I am presently without the benefit of a 4yr degree, just from what I’ve been able to pick up in life—arguing with a wife and children, say—and, without now giving a full critique of this piece, but if at the very least, as some preamble: in the 2nd paragraph— counting the picture as the first—“”To understand why these absurd and reprehensible views, . . .”, for “absurd” and “reprehensible”—you truly want your view to actually be accepted, it’s best to leave that kind of conclusive thrust for the mind of the other party, or, to have presented such at the end, after something like: “To sum up, . . .”.

    Doing so, constrains you to avoid volume swings, waving arms and so forth, and to produce real reasons. Also, it shows respect for powers of thought in someone else’s head; for, if they see that, you don’t respect them in that way, they will feel jaded and distant, and your hopeful presentation will be met with very much of a jaundiced eye.

    In the 4th paragraph also, “disreputable presses that specialize in this kind of garbage.”; and especially, because, yes, “No one ever takes notice, except for neo-Nazis around the world who . . . .”, so, in arguing as I say, with a wife, I’ve learned never to beat a dead horse or she’ll drill you for being not too smart.

    5th paragraph, same thing: “piece of anti-Semitic trash”.

    In the 6th paragraph, “endorsements, because I knew that both of these . . . .”, the “that” is not definitive, but conjunctive and so, it takes a comma after; and in programming—parsing natural English for a computer—the comma is not simply essential, rather, it is necessary; this mistake exists elsewhere, . . .

    For these mistakes, I don’t know whether our author is the famous Alan M. D, the lawyer whom we occasionally hear so much of, but I think that, in an upscale blog such as FrontPageMag is, well, I hope that, by stronger construction in detail and concept, other of FrontPageMag’s authors presentations also, may achieve greater cogency and possibility for acceptation.

    But to have said something about why anti-Semitism is going mainstream, and of its threat to civil Society: in the first place, anti-Semitism is a kind of act of self-preservation of a weaker party, in assentation, a defensive move through a cobbled together offensive action against discovery of attributes which would reveal diminishment in manhood—and not now to fill all that out, but to speak of why and how for presently increasing popularity: use of the technique, magic, interpersonal sleight of hand, fraud, dissembling, plausible deniability, however else in childish cartoons these things might seem, as an obscurness, in smoke and foul odor, always, they are dirty and besmirching of the soul of the individual in which they originate, and thence, to weaken the nation. But, the evil begins somewhere, . . .

    Who could tell how many times that, Goebell’s advocacy for reliance upon the biggest lie possible has been used; except that, concerning current popularity of anti-Semitism—and, many other such—the great problem then is that, there appear just too few of innocence to declare the emperor to be without clothing, . . .

    • PhillipGaley

      “If the foundations suffer ruination, what can the righteous do?”

      Magic does not force its way; rather, though deceptive, it is called forth–by incantation.

      “It is a foolish woman who tears apart her own house.”

      In his book about his experience matriculating through Harvard’s law school, Kahlenburg(?) gives this as coming from one of his teachers, concerning courtroom presentation: “I don’t want to tell you to lie, but it works.”.

      And in unavoidable conjunction, for some decades, now, our U.S. Supreme court has allowed police and other administrative officers to be clothed in evil, even to buying and supplying miscreants with whatever may be essential to the advancement of animus in crime.

      Somewhere in their rearing, education or life experiences, they never apprehended any useful true estimate of the relative power of right and wrong, nor also, of the fact that, between the two, eschewing use of the technique, carries no dreadful penalty.

      People who feel most comfortable in lies, love the biggest lie possible, so, the blogs show, for the low-life crowd, most naturally, revisionist stuff is of great appeal. And so, as this lie is not so far removed from that lie, or the little lie from the big lie, because resort to the other stratagem is now institutionalized, sadly, all of the things essential to see anti-Semitism go mainstream are in place.

      For my dad—and, without criminal record or charge—that kind of administrative evil was used to break up his family. And for me and mine, . . . the same; and such fate for how many other otherwise defenseless families, beside, for, as I suppose, an employment program for persons of make-shift character and personalities?

      If as the great English philologist, George M. Crabb shows, honesty is the organic foundation for anyone’s entrance upon civil society–and which tribal societies are lacking–for dishonesty and its attendants as being essential to use of the big lie in open propagation of anti-Semitism, is there any way to get the demon back into the bottle?

      Well, although, “While there’s life, there’s hope.” may be so, I get the idea that, people generally, and specifically, those who would be seen as the pillars of our Society, are unwilling to alter course, but present as feeling willing to cross any possible bridge of punishment when they come to it. And in that way, how could anyone of whole mind say that, they see anything signal to institutional change?

      If the foregoing posts are any sign, there are times in which, “One sows to the wind, and reaps a whirlwind.”, . . . only, let’s not put on that, we’ve taken by surprise, . . .

      And—yes, though it is always the best which can be done—sometimes, repentance is not enough; for, although king David repented, still, the child died, . . . but in all, there was mercy, . . .

    • stern

      What on earth are you blathering on about? And why do you find it necessary to reply to yourself?

    • aspacia


      You attempt to refute the published Dershowitz is an epic fail. Why on earth did you try? Did you attend one or two classes with an antiJewish professor? Sounds like it. Do yourself, and FP a favor, and not try to analyze an author's claims with little to no background.

      Google, Owl, or another academic site regarding literary analysis or criticism.

      Galey, this is my area, so listen before making a bigger fool of yourself. This is an opinion piece, and it is perfectly correct to start an essay with an introductory clause and thesis sentence/s.

  • UCSPanther

    I wouldn't call people like Ron Paul or any academic "mainstream".

    If it starts to get promoted in a disturbingly rational manner by prominent celebrities and corporate heads (IE Henry Ford in the 1920s), then I'd start to worried.

    • aspacia

      Be worried, I am.

  • http://vnnforum.com DeShawn

    Man, "anti-Semitism" (which is a lie, because jews aren't semites) is moving to the mainstream because it is TRUE. You parasite demons can only fool the public so long with you media machine before they learn the truth. the jew is ALL our misfortune, black, white, hispanic, etc. And it's past time you get out of Palestine! Go to Antartica or something where yo can't cause any trouble. HAHAHAHA

    • UCSPanther

      Wanna destroy Israel?

      The last words you'll be yelling is "Mein Lieben!"

    • UCSPanther

      The more idiots like you talk, the more it reveals the Pro-Palestinian crowd for what it is.

    • ziontruth

      "the jew is ALL our misfortune…"

      The original German has a better rhythm to it.

      "Go to Antartica or something where yo can't cause any trouble."

      Whereas you would cause trouble even in Antarctica. Only in Hell would the world be safe from you and your ilk.

    • aspacia

      Just keep talking dolt.

  • Attila

    Dershovitz should look in the mirror- and so should others like Foxman, etc. etc. etc.

    People are tired of the Perpetual Whining Machine.

    • aspacia


      You mean the perpetual Muslim whining machine, and victim card. I am sick of it too.

  • Jim

    Not my main stream.

  • http://www.boycottscotland.com Edward

    You've got to be a moron to vote for MORON Paul.

    MORON Paul – a supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran whose goal is Death to America.

    I say Death to Iran!

    Long Live Persia!

    F U MORON Paul.

    • han

      you are nothing more than a stupid goyim cattle that has been herded by the zionist shepherd, the mainstream media into believing this nonsense. The real enemy is the International Jew (Zionists). they divide and conquer nations and get them fight amongst each other while they stay behind the scenes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwJeM2OBEb0&li

  • Conrad

    There are two types of politicians out there, Ron Paul and traitors.

    As for the Jews, well, maybe they should stop doing those things. After all, they've been kicked out of every country on the face of the planet. People don't hate angels you know.

    • EccoLa

      So I guess you don't like the English either? They've been kicked out of lots of countries too (eg the US, India, etc.)

      Not too keen on women either, eh? Women have been dominated and repressed in almost every society across human history (eg denied voting rights, female genital mutilation, chinese footbinding, etc.)

      Shall we just run through the list of man's inhumanity to man and blame the victims?

      What an idiotic comment you put forward — oh, yes, and borrowed straight from the Islamic strategic playbook. Wanker… LOL!!!!

      • aspacia

        Very true.

  • http://lesterhhunt.blogspot.com/ Lester Hunt

    Alan, you are the one who should be ashamed. Ron Paul isn't even anti-Zionist, let alone anti-Semitic. What a nasty smear job.

    • ahad ha'amoratsom

      Alan didn't say that Ron Paul hates Jews. (I stay away from the term anti-Semite because it gives an opportunity to know nothings who want to disrupt the discussion.) He said that Ron Paul attracts people who hate Jews, and does nothing to disavow support from people who hate Jews. Looking at the comments on this thread, can there be any doubt that he's right?

  • Phil Chapman

    Jews have quite a bit more control than Dershowitz and others of his ilk find it convenient for gentiles to know about. If "anti-Semitism" is going mainstream, it is because a greater percentage of the public knows about the power that Jews have and the ways that they use it than at any time since before World War II. The Internet has made this possible, as it is the only genuinely democratic mass medium, the only one of the West's major mass media over which the Jews do not ultimately have control. Dershowitz is concerned about Jews looking bad, but he apparently hasn't the slightest concern about Jews actually being bad. In that respect he is a typical Jew, unlike Mr. Atzmon, whom he predictably hates.

  • http://www.codoh.com Jett Rucker

    Gilad Atzmon has no academic connections?!

    Horrors! What other damning truths will Dershowitz smear his opponents with?

    All his academic connections don't seem to have done his spelling of Birkenau much good. I suppose academic connections are above trivial matters like spelling – and other accuracies.

  • Pedro

    only allegations from Dershowitz, this is typical Jewish Chutzpah from Alan M. Dershowitz, plagiarism and his support for the murderous state of Israel take away all his credibility. He and other psychopaths like Abe Foxman and likeminded worms has one agenda and it is to promote Jewish supremacy and are blatant anti-white and anti-Christians, any person who don't agree with these subhuman's are fascist and neo Nazi. but America and Europe is waking up once again.

  • Chris

    who is the dirty jew that wrote this

  • Silrak

    I hope it is moving toward the mainstream! For far to long the Jews have had a stranglehold grip on the world! Come on America! Come on Europe!!! It's time to fight back!!! And smash the so called "Chosen People!"

  • privatethinker

    Always thought direct and bold criticism of jewish refractarian attitude towards hos societies (and abuse of course), was unavoidable and now it is installed in America's public opinion. Jewish culture is toxic and sooner or later, host societies realise it . Reaction is a quiestion of time. Spain, Britain, Germany, Russia…etc. Jews scholars fail to see this and are too busy justifying themselves (ADL). A silent and growing irritation among gentiles may end up in the classic massive reaction against jews. There is no reason to believe that this time it will be different from all other.

  • Chloe Blue

    The term “antisemitism” is nothing more than a widespread, dismissive tactic, compulsively used to shut people up and shut people’s minds down.

    People who aren’t allowed to question their own society should actually be more suspicious and questioning than ever.

  • Johan Alvarson

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” ― Voltaire


  • Ted Bundy

    The Jew is by nature a deceiver. If not for the Jew playbook which has been perfected over time, they are a weak race. First, always the victim and when controlling all media, that part is easy. The jew is a cancer to the advancement of the human race. Hardly have I ever known of such evil (USS liberty, gold train, Lavonne, etc)

  • aspacia

    Regardless of faith, a Jew is a Jew. Even if converted to Christianity or another faith, if an ancestor was Jewish, their progeny were rounded up in the cattle cars.

    Get a Clue!

    Zundel is a Holocaust Denier which is illegal in Canada and Europe, but not the U.S.A.. THIS IS THE USA., and Dershowitz may disagree with Zundel, he would probably stand for his right to the First Amendment.

    Jews are Jews because of what others like you define them to be. They will always be Jews, just as Karl Marx was.