Media Swoon Over ‘Techie’ Obama

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President Obama’s pals in the media are at it again, this time cheering Team Obama’s command of the latest technology. One outlet is entranced by the Obama campaign’s use of Google+ to conduct “the first completely digital interview from the White House.” A mobile technology news site declares that “President Obama’s decision to use Google+” and “embrace of social media…enhances his reputation as a tech-savvy commander-in-chief.” Another media outlet gushes that the Obama campaign represents “the first national political adoption” of mobile credit card readers. Yet another marvels at how “President Obama has Twittered, Googled and Facebooked millions of American voters.” Fast Company expects Team Obama “to storm into new digital territory in the upcoming race,” thanks to the Obama campaign’s hiring of “uber-hipster and tech rebel Harper Reed as the organization’s chief technology officer.” Calling Obama “the Google-style candidate,” The Financial Times adds, with a sense of fait accompli, “Mr. Obama’s campaign Facebook page already has 24m friends.” Translation: Why even bother trying to challenge our tech-savvy, with-it, and above-all, hip commander-in-chief?

This all calls to mind some of the nonsense said early in the Age of Obama.

A Computer Weekly column, for instance, praised “Obama’s technology presidency,” declared the new president a “technology-savvy leader” and applauded Obama for “leadership by example” in the area of information technology.

Perhaps worst of all was a piece penned by Anna Quindlen mocking John McCain because he “doesn’t text-message or have a BlackBerry or use e-mail.” The next president of the United States needs to be a “techie,” she declared, because “Americans cannot afford” a president who is “out of it”—and because America’s national security depends on it. “If Osama bin Laden beat us with a laptop,” Quindlen queried, “shouldn’t we at least have a president who is reasonably conversant with one?”

The short answer was then—and remains today: “Not necessarily.” Being a “techie” is not a prerequisite for being president.

By Quindlen’s logic—and the logic of her media brethren who confuse technological acumen with governing competence—presidents should have a working knowledge of everything that the U.S. government and its enemies use to pursue their respective objectives, as well as everything average Americans use in their daily lives. Of course, we know that’s not possible or necessary.

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  • Guest

    "iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations, — none of which I know how to work." – Barack Obama, Hampton University, VA., 2010

  • oldtimer

    Also it's a media outlet he wants the government to control.

  • tanstaafl

    Doesn't matter how the message gets there – if it falls on deaf ears.

  • BLJ

    This reminds me of how the media tries to portray Obama as some sort of basketball jock. Believe me this man is no jock.

    I have seen him play basketball, swing a golf club, throw a bowling ball and toss out a first pitch. In all cases he sucks. He is like the kid who always gets picked last at the playground.

    If the media had one shred of credibility and honor they would actually do some real vetting of the Chosen One so that those mindless drones that they MSM caters to would be able to see that not only does the emperor wear no clothes he is also an enemy to the American way of life.

    • Dennis X

      Just because you were a cheer leader in high school doesn't make you an expert on someones ability.

      • BLJ

        Nice lame attempt at humor. How about you and your boy Obama take me on in any sport? Pick your poison. I'll whip both your butts.

      • Rifleman

        Lol, he throws like a little girl. It doesn't take an expert to see that.

  • mrbean

    The mainstream media has their tongues so far up Obama's A$$ that they have embedded his dingleberries in their chin. White guilt, black tribalism, and the adoring leftist mainstream media are the only reasons this clown was ever not properly vetted and snded up elected as President , The GOP chosing a loser like John "Dead Man Walking" as their candidate in 2008 did not help either.

  • Junkie

    Nice to see he is skilled in *one* field.

  • Paul of Alexandria

    A president doesn't have to be, and perhaps shouldn't be, an engineer to hold the office – i.e. Jimmy Carter. However, like any good CEO he should know enough about any given technology to be able to find good people to advise him.

    • mrbean

      Let's not elect any more lawyers as they do not and will not meet a criterion for any moral standards ever.

  • pagegl

    If he is so tech savvy why does he continue to foist poor technical solutions to problems, both real and perceived?

  • johnnywoods

    Wow! Obummer is "tech savvy", never mind that he is a total incompetent "boob" when it comes to governing and he seems to be doing everything he can to destroy this once great country but boy, can he "twitter". YIPPEE!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama is tech savvy?, I guess the media has to come up with something that
    has a spin that can move the nitwits that voted for him back to his corner no
    matter how devistatingly bad he is and how horrid our future could be with
    him reelected. Savvy no, slippery yes…………………………………..William

  • Anamah

    Incompetent and drowning in bad faith. Thats the problem. We have a charlatan in the middle of a overcrowded court of perverse ideology, where hand writing or e texting doesn't change the quality of ideas.

  • OldmanRick

    So dear leader knows how to text. So do millions of others. Only Biden would think it was a BFD.

  • Michael Shaw

    Does anyone else sense a growing cult of personality?

  • Juan Connor

    As the underlying infrastructure of our planet is increasingly becoming digitized, the geeks/techies will inherit the future, therefore I would rather have a IT person as our president, not some poser who grandstands about his crackberry just to garner more votes. Better yet, I'd like to see a White Hat Hacker as the POTUS…that would certainly scare the hell out of our enemies.

    It pains me to watch the politicians discuss anything IT-related on CSPAN…totally clueless.