Obama’s War on the American Military

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If the president’s plans go forward, tomorrow’s U.S. military won’t be nearly as ambidextrous. In 2010, Obama directed the military to be capable of “maintaining the ability to prevail against two capable nation-state aggressors.” That was Obama’s way of restating the so-called two-war strategy that helped shape the post-Cold War force. In contrast, as The New York Times reports, the president’s new strategy calls on the Pentagon only to be capable of “denying the objectives of—or imposing unacceptable costs on—an opportunistic aggressor in a second region.”

That’s not an insignificant difference. What Obama fails to understand is that the two-war strategy gave the military resources to carry out other important missions—missions that are less intensive than full-blown conflicts against nation-state rivals: counterterrorism ops in the Philippines and Abbottabad and Somalia, air wars in Libya and Kosovo, counter-piracy off the Horn of Africa, freedom-of-navigation maneuvers in the Strait of Hormuz and South China Sea, humanitarian rescues in Japan and Haiti.

In other words, the two-war strategy gave the Pentagon and the commander-in-chief a tool box full of resources that could be used in several ways. As the number of tools in the toolbox diminishes, it stands to reason that the number of missions the Pentagon can perform will as well.

While the president is understandably proud of recent successes against al Qaeda and bin Laden and Qaddafi—all of them occurring on his watch—we cannot overlook how much this president has constrained the Pentagon’s strategic reach:

  • The president cut the nation’s strategic nuclear forces by 30 percent.
  • The president carried out a Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) pledging that the United States “will not conduct nuclear testing…will not develop new nuclear warheads…[and] will not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapons states that are party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and in compliance with their nuclear nonproliferation obligations.” As Gates explained, the president’s changes ended what was known as “calculated ambiguity,” a posture that kept America’s enemies on notice and off balance for decades—and, not coincidentally, kept America and American forces safe from nuclear, biological and chemical attack.
  • And now, the president has dramatically shrunk the global footprint and reach of the U.S. military.

One wonders if this is the sort of change all of those independents and erstwhile conservatives who supported Obama in 2008 hand in mind.

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  • Joe Hensley

    It pains me to see that the author started a sentence with "But why don't the president…" If you're going to criticize the most powerful man in the world, at least get the grammar right.

    • CPJ

      It just pains me to see that with everything written in this informative and very intresting article, you chose to correct the grammar. Yea good job, now maybe you can start your own magazine or paper and have people like you disregard your entire articles.

      • CPJ

        Before you choose to correct my spelling, the word is “interesting” not intresting.

        • mrbean

          Sounds like CPJ has a sexual thing for Obama with a tingle up his leg for Obama like Chris Mathews. Don't fret, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has been repeeled or is it repealed? heh heh heh heh

          • old white guy

            i sais second amendment in my last comment and it was held.

          • CPJ

            Holy cow!! Are you kidding me? Hope you don’t have a job as a fortune teller, cause you are soooo off base. You seemed to feel pretty comfortable using sex, chris m. and Obama so comfortably in your little reply that I think you might check those tingles up your legs.

    • old white guy

      the guy says he doesn't know what the u.s. is turning into. must be blind . the u.s. is a more socialist country than canada, sweden the uk. jeez there are laws now on the books that should provoke immediate use of the second amendment to clean up those who are in power.

    • intrcptr2

      "…don't the President AND his…" is proper gramar.

  • NEC

    We are NOT the worlds policemen! America spends more militarily than any other 10 nations combined, we just can't afford to continue like that!

    • CPJ

      Let’s start by pulling out of the United Nations!!! That would be money in our coffers. Our military should Never be reduced in size or budget. I thought this article addressed the amount of money used for the military not being an integral part of the debt our country is in was explained rather well.

    • Rifleman

      What's relevent is military spending as a percentage of GDP, and that's low.

  • Alvaro

    "…air wars in Libya and Kosovo"

    Would it really be a bad thing if the US had refused to intervene? The wars were won and gave us one sharia state and one Muslim gangster state.

    • Rifleman

      In those two cases, no.

  • Ron Carnine

    It is a foolish thing to cut our defense budget in the middle of a war. We are at war with Islam and anyone who doesn't understand that is a fool. I guess that describes our President as he doesn't get it. Muslims are not going to respect our country until it becomes a Muslim country. That is their goal. Islam has been dormant for a long time, waiting for the day that they can resume their war of world conquest and a universal caliphate. That was their goal then and it is their goal now. Study world history. Study US history. Our first foreign war was a war with Muslim states. That is a fact. They were stopping and boarding US ships and those who didn't convert to Islam were sold into slavery. If we hadn't had a strong military (in the terms of the late 1780's) we would still be paying tribute to keep the Muslim Pirates at bay. A weakened US military it a fool's game.

    • Indioviejo

      You are right of course, but don't believe that the Manchurian President doesn't get it, unfortunately for us he does. He is doing it on purpose and just as his comrade Bill Ayers, he and Michelle, and the scum they surround themselves by, all hate America and what it stands for. Apparently a majority of the American people hate their country too. What have we done?

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    I am a former, ret. Senior Fellow Engineer, US DoD Military Avionics Programs.
    As it could be extrapolated, no one really retires from the greatest organization defending freedom and justice worldwide that ever was. We old timers talk with each other quite often. I prefer to avoid repeating what it is said.
    Since the advent of the liberal, shall we say, communist styled political core into running the ship of state, the US has collapsed socially, econonomically, as a defender of democracy and freedom at home and abroad and is dangerously approachiing military failure as well.
    Otherwise, the fellowship in question has done great…
    It pains to see the terrific damage inflicted upon the US education, industry base, quality of life not to mention the unpayable debt accrued.
    There are no many opportunities left to correct course.
    The US people must iron itself into doing what is neded to prevent ultimate disaster.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Obama is a leftist that will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Perhaps Obama is on the other side.

    • mlcblog


    • WilliamJamesWard

      He is the other side, no perhaps here, everything he does is to weaken
      America and the Republicans are arguing over who did what and who
      is smarter and who is ready and what the hell, we are screwed unless
      America can find and American with backbone and a fierce will to replace
      this horror……………………………..William

  • randy

    If the u.s was not sticking thier nose into other countries affairs,the worid would be better off.

    • zionista

      Maybe we should have kept our noses out while the nazis were gobbling up Europe and murdering millions, huh randy – and before you go saying it's easy when it's other people's sons and fathers who are sent to war, my dad was a proud WWII vet as was many of my uncles.

    • mlcblog

      Although that is a popular belief, that is simply not true. The statistics show that with our way of life, freedom, personal responsibility, reverence for life people across the board are better off in every way.

  • AntiSharia

    The Democratic party has waged a 200 year Jihad against the United States Military. Thomas Jefferson considered the modest forces of the early republic a Federalist cabal plotting rejoin America with the British empire. Upon taking office he cut the navy to 3 ships, and the army to 1,000 men, which left us unable to defend ourselves when war broke out in 1812.

    Jefferson's successors were no better. By the time the civil war broke out the United States army was just 16,000 men and the navy had less than 40 ships. Admittedly our defense responsibilities were much smaller back then, but even taking that into account we didn't have enough of a military.

    Woodrow Wilson got us into world war one, before we had an army to fight it. FDR gutted the United States army to just 70,000 men by 1940. All of this in the face of German rearmament, and Japanese aggression.

    The only Democrat President to build up the military was LBJ. Too bad he did it through conscription(though that's another argument for another time) and he didn't have the brains to use it for victory.

    Carter slashed the military to the point it was an international joke, Clinton gutted the military leaving us incapable of dealing with a growing terrorist threat, and now Obama continues the war. The Democratic party has always been made up of unpatriotic paranoids who think that the military, instead of sacrificing their lives to defend this country, is always secretly plotting a coup to install a right wing dictatorship. If that was their end game they sure would have done it by now.

    So now we'll be too weak to defend ourselves, something calamitous will happen, we'll need a Republican president to build our forces back up, and then the cycle will start all over again.

    • tom

      Explain to us why in 1975-1977 under President Ford, that the military was slashed? I guess when Repuklicans do it, it does not count.

    • Asher

      Cowardly Islam could never defeat our brave, skilled, and honorable military without deceit and one of their own in the White House…America must be disasembled before they go after Israel…..The greatest problem is the ignorance of the Voters who put Obama in Office….maybe they will bend over now and realize the major blunder they made!

  • sedoanman

    Re: "The American people may be ready to give up this thankless job, but that seems doubtful."

    What the American people are ready to give up is fighting wars in a manner designed for America to lose.

  • mrbean

    Clinton tried and failed to ruin the military by infecting it with the cornholers and muff divers but they had to keep it secret. Now ….. Iran has obtained four S-300 surface-to-air missile platform systems and 50 missiles the official Iranian news agency claimed Wednesday. Russian warships that have reached waters off Syria in recent days were carrying, among other things, Russian technical advisors who will help the Syrians set up an array of 10 S-300 missiles Damascus has received in recent weeks, a report in the London-based Arabic language Al Quds-Al Arabi said Thursday. China’s new military capabilities are difficult or impossible to hide. Examples of such capabilities include advanced aircraft, long range missiles, and modern naval assets. Furthermore, missiles, space-based, and counterspace systems must be tested and exercised before being operationally deployed with confidence. Now all the cuts by BillAyers housw negro in the Oval Office.

  • tom

    Quit calling Social Security a entitlement program. We all PAY into it and it IS OUR own earned income. There was always plenty of money in the Social Security program. The problem is that every damn time that Congress needed money, the bastards would raid the social security fund since it had a surplus of money in it and Congress spent it lavishly on everything but what it was suppose to be used for.

    • APP

      Molto FUZZY math Mr. Tom! Us, lackeys pay SSec benefits WAY past the individual's own paid amount into the system. The very first beneficiary, Ida Fuller paid a TOTAL $22 in SSec taxes and received $20,944.42 in benefits! Who do you think paid the $20, 922.42? SSec is a giant ponzi scam and a mega-entitlement!

    • Rifleman

      In the mid '60s when the federal government began spending every dime that went into it, social security became an entiltlement program, or more accurately, a ponzi scheme.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    It's easy folks, peace through strength in the long run is far cheaper than having to fight and win wars. However, it was never given a chance to work because GHWB undid it as soon as we finally reached the point where we could implement it, and the inevitable results have been Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, Mogadishu, Pakistan's acquisition of nukes, Clinton's Wag The Dog Wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, the 9/11 jihad attacks, N. Korea's acquisition of nukes, the ouster of Saddam, the Afghanistan and Iraq fantasy based nation-building missions that inevitably turned into the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history, Iran's quest for nukes, etc., etc., etc. If all these enemies knew beforehand that they would summarily be obliterated, all those conflicts never would have emerged, and the trillions of dollars, plus the thousand of lives wasted could have all been avoided.

    Anyway, with Iran poised to acquire nukes in less than a year, the Saudi owned nuclear weapons arsenal already staged in Pakistan that will inevitably be proliferated throughout the Sunni Islamic world as soon as Iran acquires nukes, and with the resulting permanent explosion in oil prices that will also inevitably occur as a direct result, nuclear WWIII (Armageddon) will be all but preordained sooner rather than later. Yet, again we are gutting our military and begging for more wars at the same time. Not to mention that thanks to the transition of the defense department from what was once a merit based institution to what is today a diversity based institution, the military of today is severely incompetent relative to the military of a few years ago, as the best and the brightest escape as fast as they possibly can.

    • Jim_C

      "If all these enemies knew beforehand that they would summarily be obliterated, all those conflicts never would have emerged."

      One could easily argue it might incent MORE regimes and rogue elements to push for something they could use to stand up to us. At any rate, you don't know we could simply pre-empt everything bad.

      "the military of today is severely incompetent relative to the military of a few years ago, as the best and the brightest escape as fast as they possibly can."

      We are WAY better equipped to deal with the problems of today than we were 10 years ago.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        I was looking at your post trying to think of something sane to respond with, then I realized that your post is so dumb that it isn't worthy of a response.

        • Western Canadian

          And the poorly written oym program responds with another witless load of swill.

        • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

          I was looking at your posts, wondering why you don’t use your real name of Jim Hoft.

  • tagalog

    The reason why the United States is “the greatest force for freedom and security that the world has ever known” is that we've kicked the ass of everyone who has messed with us, and one or two we just felt like kicking their ass (Mexico and Spain, for example); since the 1960s, however, our leaders have done their best, with the blessing of far too many ordinary folks, to waste all the power we've built.

    It's been quite a while since anybody in the world thought that the United States is the greatest force for freedom and security around, since we started planning to start wars and then lose them. We shouldn't fight wars if we're not going to fight to win. We should send in the diplomats. Go get 'em, Hillary!

    • Jim_C

      We shouldn't fight wars of choice; that is true. Iraq, like Vietnam, was such a war. And that is said with full regard for the good reasons of holding communism at bay in SE Asia, and getting rid of the execrable regime of Saddam.

      I give Mr. Bush credit for a few things, and one of them is putting teeth into U.S. foreign policy–a policy that Obama continues, mind you, and finished according to Bush's plan. So we are in no danger of not being respected as a military power.

      These Middle Eastern backwaters can fight among themselves for all I care, and they will. If we have to, we can smack them down without pretending we're going to police their problems. We, on the other hand, need to prepare for the day when China starts carrying the big stick.

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    It is weird seeing Dowoouuuuuuuud arguing that the U.S. should maintain a bloated, overextended military like the USSR and collapse economically. Maybe when he dies, he will get full Soviet honors.

    • Nakba1948

      Hah, good one! The FPM chickenhawks always need to be demonizing or pushing for war against someone. It's their raison d'etre. They and their fellow Israel-firster friends in the government are crippling American economic and national security. Fools at best, traitors at worst

      • Jim_C

        FPM has a large group of fools for writers, that's true, with a small handful of sensible ones. But the ones who continually agitate for war with Iran, or (like the laughable Rick Perry) actually going BACK into Iraq (!!!) are certainly fools of the worst sort. I wouldn't say they're loyal or disloyal to the United States–loyalty, like morality, is simply not a quality they aspire to or possess.

    • Rifleman

      The soviet union was spending over 30% of their GDP on their military, we're spending less than 5%. It's obviously not our military that's breaking us. The fed spends more on unemployment bennies than we spend on weapons procurement.

      Full soviet honors, you mean like alger hiss?

  • Rifleman

    Nailed it again.

  • LindaRivera

    Iran has vowed repeatedly to "Destroy America". North Korea has made similar threats.

    Drastically cutting our defense is wonderful news for America's enemies who are legion. Muslim and communist nations, and Muslim terrorist organizations are united and work together with the goal of conquering and utterly destroying America.

    Our borders are deliberately left unguarded. It has been proven that many Muslim terrorists have easily crossed our borders (including weapons of mass destruction?). Many Muslim terrorist training camps are ALLOWED by our government to operate in America. Hezbollah Muslim terrorist organization who operate throughout Latin America and work closely with violent Mexican drug cartels, have set up operations close to our border.

    There is no one watching out for America. A great nation that has deliberately been made vulnerable to attack, conquest and total destruction.