Pakistan Imprisons Key Informant in Bin Laden Raid

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But such a demand is not forthcoming from this administration. Afridi is only the latest example of the president’s “oh well” doctrine when it comes to allies.

• Early on, the Obama administration offloaded a handful of Gitmo detainees onto the British protectorate of Bermuda—without consulting Britain, America’s oldest, most faithful friend in a dangerous world. “This is not the kind of behavior one expects from an ally,” a British official declared.

• The president pulled the rug out from under Poland and the Czech Republic in order to get an arms control treaty of questionable merit with Russia. Worried about Iran’s nukes and missiles, Europe had agreed to a NATO-wide missile defense system before the Age of Obama. But for the president, decades of friendship and shared sacrifice were less important than some ephemeral relationship with Russia, so he scrapped NATO’s plans for a permanent defense against missile threats. It may have pleased the Russians, but it humiliated the Poles and Czechs. A Polish defense official called the decision “catastrophic for Poland”—and understandably so. After all, Poland and the Czech Republic exposed themselves to Russian ire by agreeing to allow permanent U.S. missile defense bases on their soil. The Czech Republic announced that it was withdrawing from the president’s scaled-down missile defense program, angrily rejecting Washington’s revised plans as “a consolation prize.”

• When Britain and France led NATO into Libya, they expected—and deserved—a strong assist from Washington. What they got wasWashington’s insistence on a “time-limited” war and a stunning declaration that access to the full complement of U.S. air power “expires on Monday.”

• The president ditched the Dalai Lama in order to save a photo-op summit in Beijing. Likewise, he tossed longtime ally Hosni Mubarak aside when the crowds got too loud in Cairo. Mubarak deserved to go, but so did Iran’s Ahmadinejad and Syria’s Assad. Yet when given a chance to push those tyrants—who, unlike Mubarak, are America’s sworn enemies—out of power, the president did nothing.

• The Israelis have been diplomatically sideswiped with public diktats, undercut by leaks and treated to scorn rather than consultations by this administration too many times to count.

• Iraqis who helped the U.S. military have been left dangling in the storm winds. Not only is there no U.S. force to serve as a referee, a guide, a backstop in Iraq, but there is no one in the administration helping our Iraqi friends—who risked everything to help Gen. Petraeus’ troops win Iraq’s postwar war—make their way out of Iraq.

• The president famously concluded in 2009 that “it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan,”before promising that “after 18 months, our troops will begin to come home.” Setting aside the bizarre notion that “our vital national interest” has an expiration date, his tacit message to Hamid Karzai and the ever-dwindling number of Afghan troops willing to fight the Taliban was: Don’tcount on us for the long haul. Doubtless, that message was amplified by the president’s hasty pullout from Iraq.

In the summer of 2008—almost exactly four years ago—Candidate Obama traveled to Berlin and spoke of “loyalty and trust.” He declared that “the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together” and explained that “true partnership” requires “allies who will listen to each other, learn from each other and, most of all, trust each other.”

Oh well.

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  • Bamaguje

    Unless Bin Laden was in cahoots with the Pakistani government, how does aiding the capture of the world's most dangerous terrorist amount to treason?

    As for Libya, Obama had no business violating the War Power Act, illegally waging war without congressional approval against a nation that posed no threat whatsoever to America.
    The north African nation has known no peace since then, with out-of-control armed militias running amok, refusing to disarm and perpetrating heinous atrocities that has Amnesty International calling for investigation.

  • PhillipGaley

    "just how broken Pakistan is"? "just how broken Pakistan is"? But then, our dear author mentions just a few things which show something of just how broken the USA, is, . . .

    I kind of think that, the USA is spreading her legs, so to speak, positioning herself to be laughed at in a looming and rushing day of calamity, . . .

  • Rifleman

    Obama is just sending a clear message to anyone that might consider helping the USA in the future. Democrats leave American allies twisting in the breeze every chance they get. They're also pretty consistent about bending over ("more flexibility") for Americas enemies.

  • logdon

    Ever been in one of those, 'The Trial' episodes of life? You know when everything seems to conspire against you and each day it piles up and often with an element of state bureaucracy thrown in just to cruelly max up the battering mix.

    You've played it right, stuck to the rules yet somehow it sneaks up on your moments of content and it's, here we go. Yet again, the sucker punch.

    Most times it ends just like an adventure movie with a begrimed hero miraculously emerging from the quicksand, muddy, disheveled and gasping but with a lopsided grin and a wry quip.

    Now transfer that, multiplied by whatever figure you may imagine and plonk the scenario onto this poor devil. No magic release, never mind the wry quips from him

    On every level he is betrayed, cast aside and placed at the mercy of a judicial system which makes Abu Ghraib look like a Bahamas cruise.

    I'm struggling to imagine how he contains his rationality amidst the fizzing and the fury and the fear which must contaminate his consciousness and turn many into babbling mush.

    Most of us can withstand an element of pain and can even kind of rationalise our way out of deception, but this?

    It is politics of the worst kind and when Muslims favourable to the West watch what happens when they plant their mental flags on the side of a supposed free and fearless USA what will their conclusions be?

    In a way, and for some it may be a stretch but this also reminds me of Molly Norris.

    She is the Seattle graphic designer who believing in the sanctity of the First Amendment decided to enhance the ridiculousness of the withdrawal of an episode of South Park with Mohammed in a bear costume.

    Her Let’s Draw Mohammed Day illustrated him as various household objects (in other words, ironically yet in accordance with the non depiction rulings, not showing him at all) drew the ire of the Islamists and for her attempt at throwing a little whimsy on to the heat, she’s now living in a witness protection programme.

    This is in America? Another betrayal? She’s the one incarcerated whilst the threateners go scott free.

    However, she’s lucky if we can call it that for the small mercy of the tidbit of living an anonymous existence, apart from family, a mere pseudonym in some dusty town and a bleak shadow of her former life but not quite shackled in the literary sense of Shakil Afredi.

    Meanwhile Obama plays golf.

  • AfraidforAmerica

    I hope someone makes a big deal about this story. Maybe, just maybe, some of the Obama lemmings will get it thru their head that he – and his administration – cannot be trusted. I literally get sick to my stomach now reading story after story about what a slimey snake Obama is and then hearing how many people back him up.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    In September 2010 the CIA team surveiling Osama bin Laden's compound at Abbottabad-bin Laden's courier had led them there-had determined that a high value terrorist target was living inside who was most likely bin Ladin. But no, it wasn't good enough for our timid, overcautious, amateur president. He wanted absolute proof that bin Laden was there before ordering a raid or decimating the place. October, November, December, January, February, March go by and the CIA have no new information identifying the target. Fearing that Obama's indecision and dithering were putting the mission at risk a desperate CIA hatches an ingenious plan: they recruit Dr. Shakil Afridi to collect DNA samples from the children in the compound to determine if they were bin Laden's kids. He got the samples, they tested positive and now the 50 year old doctor has been convicted of treason by a Pakistani court and sentenced to 33 years because of Obama's cowardly stupid dithering.


  • ApolloSpeaks

    Indeed, it would have been enough for any reasonable, responsible, decisive commander and chief to quickly seize the chance to capture or kill ASAP any high value terrorist enemy of the US once his whereabouts were known. What if the dweller in the compound was planning a mass murder attack on the US mainland? Or a deadly operation against US troops in Afghanistan? What difference would it have made if it weren't bin Laden? Instead, what if it were Al-Zawahiri in the building, bin Laden's number two man? or someone further down the chain like Hassan Izz-Al-Din or Abdul Abdullah? If John McCain were President (or Bush had continued in office) it is likely that the compound would have been raided or destroyed by late October or early November months before Obama got up the nerve to act. I wonder, will Obama's Hollywood friends put this in his propaganda film?

    Click my name to read the rest of this piece.

  • Frank S

    Time for another Obama apology. To the family of Afridi. Dear Mrs. Afridi. I am running for re-election. I can't make waves. If and when your husband ever gets out of the hell hole he will be in, call me. In the mean time, I will send an extra billion dollars to Pakistan. Maybe they will use part of the money to update your husband's cell.That would be nice, wouldn't it? Right now I am worried about eliminating a real threat – Mitt Romney. I don't have any time for anything else. BO

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Dr. Afridi was not a "key informant" on OBL for the CIA. According the Peter Bergen's latest book he failed to obtain any DNA samples from OBL's kids.

    Click my name and learn more.

  • ordman

    So Obama just how in the F@#K are you going to blame Bush for this one? Bet if the Pakistani doctor was in a union that he would have already sent in the Marines. Obama the cluster F@#k in chief.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Hmmmmm…..What does this say about Pakistan our "close ally in the fight against terrorism". __First, I'm going to NOT be PC and tell you that it's really not a fight at all against terrorism, it's a fight against the radical ideology of Islam. Islam rules in Pakistan, therefore anyone who helps the infidel is a traitor. This man is lucky to he didn't get the death sentence. I'm sure in most Islamic Republics he probably would. _What it does say about Pakistan is what most of us with a brain would say. They can't be trusted, period.

  • Ghostwriter

    If Pakistan complains about the negative image it's receiving in the United States,someone should tell them to look in the mirror. It's their own fault,not ours.

  • kafirman

    Barry Soetoro reveres Muhammad, not "nature and nature's God" (quote from The Declaration of Independence).

  • marios

    Obama are using and then selling all of those who supported him. Rev. Jeremia Wright, who as BHO said was "like his kind uncle", his mentor for 20 years… BHO is DICTATOR. What he wants is only Power. But look how many Americans just blindly dedicated to him. It is our MSM deserts. MSM controlled by Democraps (90%) created Obama's cult. Socialism always characterized by Leader cult: Stalin who killed about 40 ML their own people in peace time, Mao-zge Doung, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot…Each of them mass murderers and each of them had cult of their personality. Obama did not accomplished any of his promisses except one: he couped to transform country to socialistic one for 3.5 years. Many Americans who never lived under communists rule don't notice it yet.