Race According to the Media: Zimmerman vs. Warren

Editor’s note: The cartoon above is the creation of our cartoonist Amir Avni. To see his work for Frontpagemag.com, click here.

  • H&R_ Barack

    Obama is the media's favorite HOOD Ornament.

  • H&R_ Barack

    Speaking of Cartoons,………
    Non-hyphenated, taxpaying, Evangelicals and Jews today often feel like the "Snake" character in
    ~ B.C. – by Parker and Hart.

    WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! (~ "Fat Broad" character today is played by….. First Biceps)

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If Lucy is government and Charlie Brown is all taxpayers, the football must be truth………..William

  • http://Baersart.com Jane Larson Baer

    I heard that Zimmerman's grandmother lived with them while George was growing up and helped raise him. She is the samerace as Obama. I have a godson from Peru,his father was a light complexioned Peruvian and his mother is a dark compexioned Peruvian. He has a "white name" because he and his mother immigrated to the US and she married a "white" American. My godson is a non-white Latino.

  • scum

    So race IS a social construction.

  • mrbean

    I watched Bill "Ted Baxter" Oreilly interview the Martin family lawyer last night. Mr Crump's opinions are irrelevant, and his only purpose of being there was to propaganize. As usual, Oreilly starts on well and it goes downhill from there. Oreilly points out that both the police report and photos and a doctors report confirm that Mr Zimmerman had a broken nose, a black eye, a split lip cuts on the back of his head, and scratches on his back. He also points out that the Trayvon Martin autopsy shows significant cuts on the knuckles of Trayvon Martin. Mr Crump then attacked the police and the doctor saying all this has to be vetted in court to see if it is true. These are hard facts that went right of Oreilly's head when he enthusasticakky agreed to vetting. The court sure didn't vet the arrest affidavit for 2nd degree murder which Professor Alan Dershowitz and other prominent lawyers well versed in criminal law said was a sham and not even close to minum standards for probable cause. Next – what probably really happened.

  • wctaqiyya

    As I commented on a related post, this Warren thing means we can all be any combination of protected minority status critter. Allow me to re-introduce myself. I am now a Black, Hispanic, Female, LGBT, developmentally challenged, Native American Rastafarian Jew. When you see me coming down the street, move aside because I have more special legal entitlements than you. So there.

    Hello? Pardon me for a moment, Harvard is on the other line…

    • ebonystone

      Sorry, lady, I'm a Moslem — that out-ranks all of your entitlements combined.

      • mrbean

        Declaring you are a Moslem as a point of pride is not unlike a leper displacing his oozing sores to get attention. Advertizing your intellectual incompetency is not a virtue.

        • Chezwick

          I believe she was being sarcastic.

    • mrbean

      Aaaaah yes Haarvarrd…. with a proper dining room where one can converse intelligently with ones peers and colleagues over wine and cheese without the riff raff about. Yess Yess,,,

  • marios

    What country we are living now? For not completed 4 years BHO really transformed US into kind of 3 world countriy with denegrated morality, real racism minority against majority, false propaganda, lies on TV 24/7 (exept Foxnews) and fear many of Americans feel now. I believe that such prominent lawer as Alan Dershowitz should take that case and defend innocent "white Hispanic". At stake real justice and probably fate of this country. if anyone know how to connect to A. Dershowitz, please do it.

  • Schlomotion

    הו, קנדה!
    הו, קנדה! http://sphr.org/v3/images/stories/news/large-news

    (sung by Drake)

    • Anonymous

      The internet allows an antisemitic pig such as yourself to appear to use our language – but you don't know any Hebrew.

      Swallow an avocado pit, filthy ba s tard.

  • mrbean

    Mr Zimmerman's community was a gated community and Mr Zimmerman was simply doing his job as a community safety watch. There had already been 7 or 8 burglaries already that month and 3 of them were by young black men. Trayvon Martin did not live there and had a obligation to explain to an adult what he was doing there late at night. Instead of saying: "My name is TRAYVON MARTIN and I am visiting GIVE NAME who lives at GIVE ADDRESS it appears by the evidence that he attacked Mr Zimmerman breaking his nose and then was banging his head into the pavement. If this happened, Mr Zimmerman had every right to shoot him in self-defence. Maybe Trayvon Martin's parents should have taught him not to assault people and he would still be alive.

  • neils60

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Ms. Warren decides to audition as the television next spokesperson for Ancestry.com should her senate bid fail against Scott Brown-R., Massachusetts.

    • Larry

      Now that she isn't 1/32 Cherokee she can get a job as a talking head on MSNBC.

  • Carla Dean

    In retrospect, this cartoon is now idiotic.