Christianity’s Death Rattle in Gaza?

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Fulfilling Caliph Umar’s “Vision”?

A report today (7/17/12) in Haaretz highlights the ongoing plight of Gaza’s tiny, fragile Christian minority. Their miniscule numbers have shrunk from a mere 3,500 to about 1,500 since Hamas seized control in 2006,  dispersed among 1.7 million Gazan Palestinians, overwhelmingly traditionalist, Hamas-supporting Muslims.

Briefly ignoring their dangerous vulnerability, as they verge on extinction, Gaza’s beleaguered Christian minority has brought their latest predicament—forced conversions, the recrudescence of a millennial Islamic scourge upon the region’s pre-Islamic, indigenous Christians—to public attention.

Dozens of Gaza Christians staged a rare public protest Monday, claiming two congregants were forcibly converted to Islam and were being held against their will. The small but noisy demonstration showed the increasingly desperate situation facing the tiny minority. Protesters banged on a church bell and chanted, “With our spirit, with our blood we will sacrifice ourselves for you, Jesus.”

Indeed the current plight of Gaza’s Christians reflects a continuum of destruction, persecution, and attrition of Middle Eastern Christianity—the legacy of Islam’s jihad—that dates back to the reign of the second “Rightly Guided” Caliph Umar (r. 634-644 A.D.).  Not only did Umar wage devastating, sanguinary campaigns of jihad conquest, he also imposed limitations upon the surviving, vanquished Christians aimed at their ultimate destruction by attrition. The Arab historian al-Baladhuri indicates that Umar deported Christians who refused to apostasize and embrace Islam, and that he obeyed the order of Islam’s prophet Muhammad who advised: “there shall not remain two religions in the land of Arabia.”During Umar’s caliphate neither cities nor monasteries were spared if they resisted Islamic goals. Thus when the Greek garrison of Gaza refused to submit and convert to Islam, all were put to death.

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  • David Carlson

    Wow, I had no idea that it is the Palestinians that are oppressing the Palestinians…..somehow I thought the the 4.7 Million Palestinian refugees were the result of oppression by the Zionists!…..thank you for clearing this up and for showing concern for the Christian Palestinians!…..Jesus would be proud of you… Dave

  • rbla

    There are large numbers of persecuted Christians – Copts, Maronites, Assyrians etc., as well as other threatened non Muslim groups in the Middle East. And there are apt to be many more of them if the Islamic fanatics get control of Syria. Why not allow them to resettle within their region, make the West Bank a place of refuge. Lets see how the UN etc. will have a hissy fit about that one.

    • tremain2004

      Our govenment and our president is on the side of Jihad
      No Christians, no Jews, no problem
      Like Obamas sprititual adviser says, the chickens have come home to kill all Infidels

      Thanks, president Hussein, for suporting the Islamists.

  • watsa46

    Must be these damn Jews fault.
    Perhaps the Muslims believe that a few Jews must be hiding among the Christians and the only way to get them is to convert, kill or expel all of them.

  • tremain2004

    These Jews and Christionans hove more courage that all of us in the West combined
    Imagen sticking to your faith when you know you will be killed for it


    They are right; there should be only one religion in SAUDI ;not ISLAM.