2016: Obama’s America

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Following on Obama Sr. and Davis, D’Souza surveys a veritable rogue’s gallery of leftist political figures and academics surrounding Obama.  These include the former 1970s Weather Underground terrorists William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, who hosted meetings at their Chicago home introducing Obama during his 1995 Illinois State Senate run.  In Chicago as well, Obama and his family had a decades-long relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ, whose explosive anti-American rhetoric became a national issue during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.  Rounding out Obama’s social circle are various academics such as the PLO/Yasser Arafat apologists Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said, a professor of Obama’s at Columbia University, and Obama’s Harvard University Law School professor Roberto Unger, who proclaims himself in a self-description quoted by D’Souza as a “leftist and by conviction as well as temperament a revolutionary.”

D’Souza’s movie raises the question how any person such as Obama could become America’s president.  D’Souza’s colleague at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, the writer and race-relations scholar Shelby Steele, provides an answer in America’s hunger for a dramatic symbol of racial reconciliation.  Voting for the mixed-race Obama as the United States’ first non-white president, argues Steele, gave many Americans a unique opportunity to demonstrate their civil rights bona fides, something they could even tell their grandchildren.

While these voters projected their American hopes upon an inexperienced politician running for president, the real Obama and his leftist views anathema to the electorate remained, according to Steele, largely “invisible,” thanks, many would say, to a compliant liberal media (consider the “thrill going up” Chris Matthews’ “leg” at MSNBC).  Obama himself, the film notes, skillfully added to the transmutation of his leftist background into an all-American story when he publicly addressed the Rev. Wright scandal in 2008. Meanwhile, the affair itself was likely downplayed due to America’s desire to heal racial divisions.  Thus the election of Obama was, Steele shrewdly argues, not so much his individual achievement as a collective achievement of the American people and their dreams.  “You didn’t build that,” the film implies of Obama.

Once in office, though, Obama pursued policies reflecting not traditional American understandings, but rather Obama’s deeply ingrained leftist views.  Obama, for example, took a rather benign view of the Arab Spring uprisings, being unable to look beyond visions of downtrodden people rising up against oppressors allied with America to see an Islamist threat.  Community-organizer-in-chief Obama also apparently has no concern about abandoning an American strategic dominance through global nuclear arms reductions.  Similarly, D’Souza detects in Obama’s insouciance towards the national debt mounting under his big government policies a willing acquiescence to America’s decline as world leader, wasted away by domestic obligations.   Such weakening of America reflects the leftist view expressed by Obama himself that America has no exceptional position in the world, but rather should abandon a hubristic and dangerous claim to global primacy in favor of a more egalitarian, collective global community. While Obama’s views are at variance with American political traditions, D’Souza also notes in interviews with George Obama, a Kenyan half-brother of Barack from one of Obama Sr.’s various wives, that the downtrodden of the developing world do not necessarily agree with the American president either.

D’Souza concludes with a discussion of his understanding of the choice Americans face in considering four more years for Obama lasting through 2016.  While Americans may have thought that they were fulfilling an American Dream of national unity in electing Obama in 2008, voters can now clearly tell upon the basis of the President’s record that he is pursuing other, less American-influenced visions.  An Indian boy from D’Souza’s imagination contemplating a future history book of successive world powers with reference to an American era ending in 2016 leaves a final impression of D’Souza’s estimation of the enormous stakes involved.

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  • sayyapillai

    Thanks for your grateful students excitement informations.

  • kingofdisco

    Barry and the Dems and their one world hippy supporters in the media are an election cycle ahead of the Repubs, who are now fighting with a team and a strategy that might have won them the last election. Barry will win this race hands down, and judging by the Dem line up and one notable absentee at their conference, and that crowning Clinton endorsement, they will post the first credible female Presidential candidate to fight the next election, while the Repubs find some team that might have won this one. Presumably, the conversation went something like this :

    'Hey Biblical Bill, your protege Young Barry's green Ponzi hasn't quite hit the balance sheet yet. There is the delay factor to figure in, you know, just like for your subprime Ponzi, remember? We need you to say a few words to the faithful, to keep them on track.'

    And the loyal Bill replied –

    'No sweat off my brow, but you know after Monica I owe the wife one, and I love to bathe in reflected power and glory anyway, so the price for my pushing Barry toward the line now is your full support for Hilary as Democratic candidate after Barry steps down in 2016.'

    And the Dems accepted, gratefully –

    'Sounds like a win win to us, and the Repubs will probably put an Afro American conservative up against her, or some minority candidate, that might have won this election, by which time middle of the road Americans will be desperate for a deceptively successful woman to climb into the high seat, to clean up the mess.'

    Some chance of that. Instead of a handbag swinging Maggie, they'll get a little red book preaching Mao. In the words of a pundit caught in the madness of the UK/EU quantitative easing scam, as the argument charges blindly around, 'I feel like I've been trapped in the middle of an Ionesco play'. Is there anyone at FPM with eyes wide open who can crack the Republican Rhino over the hide with a Sjambok, before it is too late?

    The author is right. African society and culture, its people and their cultural hangers on, are all ripe for Marxist indoctrination. The Soviets worked that one out, and gave South Africa Mandela. And the Chinese fit in there wonderfully well. The question is, can all that dark crap be parked in the American White House for three consecutive terms, without damaging the foundations? Let's hope so.

    • JohnB

      Some excellent insight there, indeed!!
      You are probably correct.

  • Pod

    Obama is a communist and his policies and ideology are there for everyone to see. While one can credibly argue that Obama obfuscated his communist beliefs in 2008 one can not make that argument in 2012.

    My view is that Obama will win in 2012 because he is a communist, not despite it. The America that we grew up in is gone. It is too late. A majority of the American people support communism; the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    • Sunbeam

      The America that you grew up in is not gone. Please do not be negative. You are what you believe. And you are what you make yourself to be. Stop believing this lie. It gets you no where. You must have the spirit to carry on with the fight and to persevere at all cost. Nothing is more important than this at this time and future. It is about your land and rights be stampered upon and be cast away soon if you're indifferent or adamant about. Their invasion must be stopped or all that you have will be stopped. There's no middle line.

  • PaulRevereNow

    "Can all that dark crap be parked in the American White House for three…terms, without damaging the foundations? Let's hope so." The fact that you ask this question reveals your lack of appreciation for the damage that Obama's collectivist mentality, shared by Pelosi and her lemming followers in Congress, has already done.
    Government bailouts, no effort to stabilize our way-out-of-line trade deficit with China, constant lies about the jobs Obama has supposedly created; "You didn't build that," much higher taxes in 2013, vetoing the Keystone oil pipeline; the PPACA; Operation Fast and Furious, courtesy of corrupt Eric Holder, amnesty for Illegal aliens; voting for the UN Arms treaty, that bypasses the 2nd Amendment; allowing terrorists into the White House….weakening America's ties to Israel…making the world a more dangerous place, by helping to overthrow Egypt's Mubarak, and Libya's Ghaddafi; continuing our senseless presence in Afghanistan, where an American soldier gets killed every day…what HASN'T Obama done? With another Obama term, we'll be in a barter economy, our cars will be rusting heaps in the back yard, and we'll be living in tents, courtesty of UN Agenda 21.

    • kingofdisco

      In his speech, and I can only bear to watch short extracts, the Arkansas Cowboy described one of the founding fathers as 'an accountant with dodgy teeth', or the likes, to lay claim I suppose to the humble values of one of the architects of the constitution. Coming from a party of vain elitists whose VP has a pricey set of dentures that would in the words of one observer 'dazzle a Polar Bear', you'd have to take that as a veiled attack served up as feigned praise. You describe symptoms, that you can see. They are quite serious in themselves, I agree. My concern is for the constitution. Whatever causes these symptoms must have that in its sights. How many terms does it take to lever up the US foundation stones? I think three, after three. Carter, Clinton, Obama, to refine the product, then three consecutive terms to tip the balance. Barry, Barry, Hilary would do the trick. Even the best laid foundations can be levered out given enough time and the right equipment. The Repubs are playing catch up, when they aren't unwittingly doing the work of their enemies themselves. Perhaps I'll rephrase the question. 'Can the constitution survive an attack from the inside, while the opposition obsesses over issues like abortion that a dose of common sense could resolve?' Like, console yourself with championing the divine rights of the fruit of the womb, while the basic and pragmatic rights granted you in life by the greatest constitution on earth are being stolen from under your nose. Learn to live with abortion up to three months, and turn worthy ideals into policy grounded in reality, or get ready to live with cradle to grave socialism.

  • Schlomotion

    I watched the trailer where D'Souza interviews Daniel Pipes. Alan Scherstuhl of The Village Voice gave the best review, which was:

    "The film is a sleepy dud, a polemic that, like D'Souza himself, is at once both outrageous and deeply boring." http://www.villagevoice.com/2012-08-22/film/dines

    That's really accurate. No amount of Icees, Sno-Caps and Popcorn can wash this movie down.

    • Knucklehead

      Schlo, why don't you go back to your lefty websites. D'Souza is trying to wake America up to the destruction this leftist Anti-Christ is causing. You really are a puke.

    • Atikva

      You got it all wrong, of course – but what else to expect from someone who takes his cues from the Village Voice.

      The movie is very successful and very much appreciated by the viewers, who never fail to applaud at the end. Eat your heart out, Schlomotion.

    • fiddler

      Uh, I found it very informative and not a dud at all. I have to say it was quite interesting and full of info. Several segment featured Obama reading from his own book! I was left with Obama trying to prove something to his absentee father. In the spirit of anti-colonialism he wants to make his mark on "leveling the playing field" globally by reducing our wealth and nuclear weapons drastically (because in his mind we have nothing precious to defend) while allowing other nations to acquire more nuclear weapons.

      Oh America, what did you DO in 2008. It may come back to haunt your wayward children and unfortunately all the rest of us that saw it coming.

    • fiddler

      Schlo, it ranks #2 of all time for documentaries. Go to a cheap theatre if you can't afford plush. That is, if you care to apply yourself.

  • clarespark

    Much of the resistance to the "American Empire" comes not from the Marxist tradition, but from his anarchist rivals. This is especially true for the New Leftists who dominate the humanities in the universities ever since the 1960s. I wrote about this anti-modern, reactionary tradition here: http://clarespark.com/2012/08/16/marx-rivals-and-…. "Marx, his rivals and our enigmatic president." The movement against American expansionism may have started with the upper-class Anti-Imperialist League and became institutionalized in the Ivy League and other prestigious institutions.

  • geopeyton

    When faced with injustice in life, one typically chooses one of two responses:

    1) Work to correct the injustice for all; or

    2) Gain power and become the one perpetrating injustice on others.

    Dinesh chose option #1, as a good person would do; Barry chose #2, as any sick person who craves power would do.

    (Btw, that's one of the things that made the American Revolution and ensuing experiment so special. Those who won power choose to create a system that would minimize the impact of governmental power over the individual, rather than simply grabbing power for themselves, as happened in the vast majority of other revolutions around the world.)

    It's sad – and to our eternal discredit – that our country would elect someone who chose option #2.

    • fiddler

      We had too much inter-generational guilt that he skillfully played upon. Dinesh talks about that in the movie, getting on the good side of whites by not criticising them (yet) and establishing the "wonder" of voting for a first black president. Oh, if only our first black president were someone like Ken Blackwell of Ohio or a Thomas Sowell! But nope, he had to be a marxist steeped in Anti-Colonial hatred. Dinesh also indicates that in Hawaii there is some of that. I dunno, maybe it was best we stayed in Britian?

      Dinesh starts the movie thinking that if he stayed in India, he would have been confined to a small area living in poverty the rest of his life. Ask youself what is better after seeing the movie.

  • Ghostwriter

    I haven't seen the film so I can't comment on it.

  • Paul Taylor

    The establishment American media elected Obama because they hate Bush, they worship Obama's narrative, and they hungered for redemption of their closeted bigotry in the low expectations of black achievement. They never examined his socialist provenance, his executive inexperience or his anti-capitalist ideologies — "2016, Obama's America" movie.

    Obama's defeat will set back the trust in achievements of the black middle class — Obama's lasting insult to moderate black Americans. Libs deny their closeted racism by voting for Obama's scam.

  • PermReader

    I see the liberal-conservative choice as the individual moral one,though the Islam is the heavy anti-conservative factor.Isee Obama as the cinical and aggressive person that defined his Afro-Asian leftism.

  • Obama Effect

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