Geert Wilders’ Courageous Journey

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has released in 2012 his autobiographical account of his internationally known condemnation of, and personal conflicts with, Islam, with a forward available online by his fellow comrade in letters vis-à-vis Islam, conservative columnist Mark SteynMarked for Death: Islam’s War against the West and Me recounts how an individual Dutchman became aware of an aggressive and authoritarian agenda in Islam as a faith-based political ideology.  Through personal travels to the Middle East and the example of Muslim migrants who sought not to assimilate to Holland’s world-renowned tolerant culture, but rather despised and sought to dominate it, Wilders recognized the incompatibility of Islam’s canonical core with a free Western civilization.  Wilders in turn personally experienced this incompatibility as his continuing condemnation of Islam brought him not the intellectual interchange due a debater in public forums, but rather personal and legal endangerment.  Yet Wilders persevered and prevailed, thereby giving an example of how the free world can once again overcome a totalitarian threat.

As Steyn writes in his forward, the Wilders “who emerges in the following pages is not the grunting thug of media demonology but a well-read, well-traveled, elegant, and perceptive analyst.”  Wilders traveled and worked in Israel following his 1981 high school graduation, beginning a lifelong passion for this country that has led to at least annual visits throughout the years, over 50 trips in all.  During this initial stay in Israel, Wilders also made his first visit to a majoritarian-Muslim country, Egypt.

Wilders was “overwhelmed by the kindness, friendliness, and helpfulness of its people.”  Yet an “overwhelming sense of fear” under the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak also possessed these people.  Additionally, their capital “Cairo was poor and incredibly dirty,” making Wilders “amazed that such a place could be a neighbor of Israel, which was so clean.”  One “big mistake” by Wilders here was buying a glass of water from a public water collector, leading to several days of severe diarrhea spent lying on a hostel floor for two dollars a day “in a crowded, stinking room.”

Wilders’ travels made him notice critical attitudinal differences between Muslim Arabs and Jews.  Understandably in the context of Israel’s fight for survival amongst surrounding Arabs, “Israelis often had negative political opinions about Arabs.”  Yet even Israelis who had lost loved ones to Arab terrorism “did not feel offended by the Arabs’ mere existence.”  In Egypt, though, the “mention of Israel inevitably produced an outburst of vitriolic hatred.”  This “wrath was not confined to Israeli soldiers or politicians or to Israelis who had done them personal harm,” but rather “was hatred against all Jews, even children.”  It “was hard to find an Arab who spoke about Jews with anything but unconcealed contempt.”

Wilders’ experience with Islam at home in Holland has been no less negative.  In his chapter “Conquest,” Wilders writes that mass Muslim migration is turning many Dutch neighborhoods into “cities of the prophet.”  This is in emulation of Islam’s prophet Muhammad and his original followers who sought refuge from Mecca in the largely Jewish settlement of Yathrib in the Arabian Peninsula in 622.  “By foolishly welcoming Muhammad and Meccan followers into their town,” Wilders writes, “the Yathribians guaranteed their own extinction and the transformation of their land into Medina, the ‘City of the Prophet’, which it has remained ever since.”  Wilders’ writes elsewhere that Muhammad’s emigration or hijra from Mecca to Medina, the orientation point of the Islamic calendar, is an “intrinsic part of Islamic culture” such that for some Muslim immigrants “Islam is meant to dominate, not to assimilate” in the immigrants’ new home.  Thus, with the open encouragement of Muslim leaders like Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “immigration is Islam’s Trojan horse, paving the way for jihad” in another Islamic attempt “to conquer Europe.”

The result is a “slippery slope toward full Islamization” of Europe under “creeping Shaira” as a “non-violent infiltration of our institutions, a stealth jihad.”  Among many examples cited by Wilders, municipal authorities in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well as the nearby Belgian port of Antwerp have begun registering polygamous marriages.  Pools and beaches in diverse European countries such as Finland and Italy have also accommodated Muslim demands for strict sexual segregation with separate bathing areas. In Britain, non-Muslim women have even had to wear the so-called burkini adaptation of Islamic female body covering.

Likewise, Europe faces the depredations of many Muslims who see the continent not as a new home to settle, but rather as a foreign society to be subjugated and plundered in accord with Islam’s history of raiding.  Holland, for instance, has 40 areas known as “Vogelaar neighborhoods” after a list published in 2007 by the Dutch Minister of Integration and Housing, Ella Vogelaar.  Here large Muslim communities exhibit high crime rates, particularly with respect to non-Muslim victims, vigilante enforcement of sharia norms such as those involving the “modesty” of females, and a susceptibility to riots provoked by any incident à la Rodney King.  Even state authorities such as the police only enter these areas with the greatest precaution.  France similarly has since 1996 751 internationally known zones urbaines sensibles (sensitive urban areas or ZUS), the scene of extensive rioting in 2005 with over 10,000 destroyed cars.  Wilders describes the same phenomenon of non-Muslim “no-go” areas in Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Muslim hostility extends beyond individual criminal acts to state social services.  Some imams in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom have told their congregations to avoid work and paying taxes in order to drain their host societies through welfare payments.  Similarly, a Pakistani immigrant told a Norwegian newspaper that he and his boss avoided paying taxes.

Wilders’ ongoing exposure to Islam has prompted his extensive study of the same.  Wilders is a “fervent reader of the Koran,” often compared by Wilders to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, banned in many countries like Wilders’ Holland.  Reading the Koran for the first time, Wilders expected “to find injunctions to ‘love thy neighbor’…similar to those in the Bible, but instead…found the spite of a god who hates.”

Drawing upon the analysis of many other scholars of Islam, Wilders discerns that “Islam is primarily a political ideology, not a religion.”  In particular, unlike “authentic religions” Islam “does not teach the golden rule” but rather “institutionalizes inequality.”  Wilders has come to the conclusion that while “many moderate Muslims” exist, the “political ideology of Islam is not moderate–it is a totalitarian cult with global ambitions.”

Like others, Wilders has determined that oft-criticized “inhuman aspects form the core of Islam,” thereby marginalizing any attempt to formulate a benign understanding of Islam as esoteric and largely unviable. Therefore “there is no such thing as ‘Islam with a human face,’ just as there was no real ‘socialism with a human face’ or ‘national-socialism with a human face.'”  “People who reject Islam’s violent, intolerant, and misogynistic commandments may be moderates,” Wilders analyzes, “but they are not practicing ‘moderate Islam’–they are not practicing Islam at all.”  Having traveled to Afghanistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey, Wilders recognizes the great “potential” of Muslim individuals.  Yet Wilders concludes, “Islam is the problem–and we should not be afraid to say so,” thereby rejecting any attempt to “sugarcoat Islam…out of a misguided fear of offending its adherents.”

Wilders has paid a price for his condemnation of Islam.  Since November 4, 2004, two days after the Amsterdam murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Muslim, Wilders has lived under constant police protection “like a prisoner” due to similar death threats.  “Providing permanent protection for critics of Islam,” Wilders observes, “is one of the many costs a society has to pay once it allows Islam inside its borders.”  Wilders also endured a prosecution in Holland for his anti-Islam statements before obtaining a critical legal victory for free speech on June 23, 2011.

Yet Wilders has ultimately obtained results.  Following the strong showing (15.5% of the vote) of Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) in the June 9, 2010, Dutch general elections, Wilders was able to demand in return for PVV support for a minority government changes in Dutch immigration policy.  Dutch policies now restrict the extent of immigrant family unification to spouses and young children, emphasize integration into Dutch life as opposed to cultural relativism, and expel residents convicted of crime.  The Dutch government, meanwhile, denounced the 57-member state (including Palestine) Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for its calls to suppress Wilders following his legal victory.  The Dutch government has also strengthened its support for Israel, cutting support for “humanitarian organizations” supporting anti-Israel sanctions and questioning Israel’s right to exist.  Along with Israel and the United States, Holland also boycotted the shamelessly anti-Israel United Nations anti-racism conference (Durban III) in September 2011.  Wilders’ defiant example shows that free nations need hardly submit to Islamic threats often seen as insurmountable.

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  • whipcc

    Wake up America!!!

    • Rostislav

      To judge from the comment about the Pakistani restaurant, a good part of America still prefers not to wake up, but to eat up, unfortunately… Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    • tanstaafl

      Right on!

  • t-USA

    Because of articles like this, I was too nervous to enter a Pakistani restaurant in a nearby neighborhood last night with my husband and three young children. I was afraid I would be watching the staff and wondering about their intentions in this area new to them. I was really hungry for food at the time, and I would've liked to try their food that had names I never heard of, but my nervous feelings might've upset my stomach. I read comments about their restaurant on the internet while yet sitting in the parking lot, and everyone who mentioned food said their "naan" was the best part of the meal.

    • reader

      "I was really hungry for food at the time, and I would've liked to try their food that had names I never heard of, but my nervous feelings might've upset my stomach."

      Hardships your stomach had to endure in this episode most certainly eclipse the Holocaust, let alone atrocities conducted by Al Qaeda and alike. Let's invite EVERY Pakistani over, so that your stomach won't ever suffer again!

    • curmudgeon

      your world is being overrun by your sworn and deadly enemies, your grandchildren are at risk for extermination by the conquerors your government has invited to subjugate you, and you prattle about where to eat. no surprise we are being conquered by people who intend to genocide us. enjoy your "naan". say a prayer for your husband and children. when the muslims conquered constantinople, they murdered the men, made sex slaves of the women, and either slaughtered or enslaved the children, according to their needs. when they conquer america, the same will happen. dont worry. if you are attractive and compliant, (and your post suggests you will comply very well), you will get to be a sex slave. they might allow you local anesthetic when they do your clitorrectomy. you will be required to worship an evil god, and venerate an archcriminal. the price of cultural suicide.

    • Lan Astaslem

      the pakis welcome your $ but usually have only hatred the Jews, Christians and the west.

    • Guest

      Stop replying to her/him. She's parodying you and laughing about it.

      • curmudgeon

        nah. she is a liberal. liberals are a parody of humans, but not by intent. they cant help it. they are so sure that wrong is right that they cannot imagine anyone being able to think clearly.

    • pieceofmymind

      Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage, t-USA's freedom comes a lot cheaper.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Because of articles like this, I was too nervous to enter a Pakistani restaurant in a nearby neighborhood last night with my husband and three young children."

      You've been victimized but not by terrorists, you've been victimized by those who discuss it.

      Welcome to liberal la-la land.

      "I read comments about their restaurant on the internet while yet sitting in the parking lot, and everyone who mentioned food said their "naan" was the best part of the meal."

      I'm weeping just thinking about you suffering like that. Who cares about non-Muslims in the middle east? I just get all depressed thinking Western leftists can't enjoy their delusions in peace.

      It's tragic. Poor poor you.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      There is a Lebanese restaurant in my neighborhood. It pleases me to know that the family owning the establishment are Christians. They display a creche every Christmas.

      Your hyperbolic attempt to indirectly cast the editors of FPN and its readership as xenophobes is funny, but read about the Detroit restaurant chain La Shish. It's not likely a restaurant run by terrorist symps will off their customers, but your shawarma might pay for the bullet which kills an Israeli pre-schooler.

      Bon Appetit.

  • Daphne

    Absolutely brilliant and heartwarming account of a BRAVE MAN, and thank heavens that there are some such brave men with the insight and judgement of Geert Wilders.

  • JacksonPearson

    Gad, I wish we had a person with character like Geert Wilders in American government.

    Over zealous Dutch prosecutors attempted to persecute him for telling the truth about Islam. A classic case of where the truth wasn't about to set him free, but instead, used to silence and incarcerate him. Even though his case was dismissed, and he walked, Wilders knows he's a marked man with a big fatwa target painted on his back. His bravery today goes without question.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Sadly the truth that Geert Wilders brings is politicized by those who know that the money
      valves of Islam might shut off if they pay attention. As our government is lost to the
      American people and is and establishmet of criminal scam artists we are up for sale
      to Islamist money, everything is for sale in America, our future included. The loss of
      sanity in America or the unhingement of American identity was executed in American
      schools by leftists who use Islam as a club to smash America like Europe, we can
      expect what is coming, Geert Wilders tells it all. Still clinging to my guns and Bible.

  • ffortnightly

    We are dealing with a Win or Die attitude from Islam. They place little value on life and they figure they've done you a favor when they murder you. But leftist Americans still think they can negotiate with them.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      The left is more insidious, the left wants a drastic reduction in the World population and see the
      Islamists as the means to do this with happy swords slicing away…………..William

  • The Infidel Alliancw

    A true hero in THE ISLAMIC WORLD WAR.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • hikerdude

    How much more proof does the Planet need before the reality of ,"An addition of Muslims to a Nation is a
    subtraction in civilization" , sets in ?

  • RiverFred

    If you have not read “The Life and Religion of Mohammed by J. L. Menezes I suggest you purchase this informative easy reading fascinating autobiography. The last chapters refute all the reasons why Muslims

    think Mo. was a prophet.

  • bluffcreek1967

    When are Americans and Europeans going to awaken from their multicultural slumber? We ought to be showing Muslims our contempt for their murderous religion every opportunity we get. Even those Muslims who are not directly terrorizing others are complicit in their refusal to speak out against their spiritual brothers. Gee, could it be that the 'religion of peace' is not so peaceful after all?

    I'm not advocating violence against Muslims, but I think we can do things on a practical and social level that demonstrates our disgust in their evil ways, such as don't greet them on the street; don't do business with them; making it normal to mock and ridicule Islam in your conversations with friends and relatives; shun all followers of their pedophile prophet; and when they inquire, tell them very soberly what you think of their consistently murderous religion. Warn and teach your children about the truth of Islam. This last point is perhaps the most important. An informed and intellectually armed future generation of Americans is a great antidote in prevent any further Islamic inroads within our country.

    • burkasrugly

      You are so right with all that you said…simple measures, yet effective.

    • fuzzygracie

      Many schools in America ,especially colleges , were infiltrated with "muslim education groups " long ago.
      They are down to infesting grade schools . Our children are already being taught submissiveness to muslims and how to wear a hijab…………..

    • Drakken

      The problem is, they are going to keep pushing us until we push back and it will not be pretty.

  • curmudgeon

    your suggested treatment of muslims will serve no purpose. we are being ruled by a cabal of traitors who are importing muslims, feeding them, preferring them, nuturing them, enabling them, and they are thriving. they do not have to work, and have full time to spend indoctrinating their youth, poisoning our youth with their criminal ideology, brutalizing their own women, grooming our women for rape and subjugation. you do not advocate violence against them, and i dont either. i advocate doing to them far nicer than they intend to do to us, which is slavery and murder. i advocate sending them all to some country they dont hate. to do less is to accept our own genocide. to do more would be to be like them.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I agree with your sympathies, but the American people, including the people of Europe, do not possess the collective will to deport them to some other land. Things still have not become bad enough yet for whites to rise up and overthrow their genocidal governments and deport all third-world immigrants.

      Moreover, to do anything less is not necessarily tantamount to 'accepting our own genocide.' There are small things we can do, as I had suggested in a previous post, to show our contempt for the feral Muslim invaders. Small steps often lead to bigger ones and we must begin where we find ourselves.

      Think whatever you will, but I will not treat the Muslims as if they are my brothers or fellow citizens. Islam has openly declared war on the West, particularly white, Western nations – and we are utterly foolish to pretend these people are our friends and intend us no harm.

      One further suggestion: It's okay to begin your sentences with a capital letter. Just saying . . .

      • meme22

        Things still have not become bad enough YET…
        Let me correct you, we are talking here about muslims and islam not about " third-world immigrants" which may be christians.

    • Drakken

      Sorry my friend, what is going to happen is that things will get so bad that we will have to get downright medival on them, it will be a Balkans on steroids, civil war is comming.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, you may be right about this. I've considered this possible scenario as well, and I wouldn't rule it out. But everything in its time. We shall see.

  • Ghostwriter

    Geert Wilders has a right to be heard. He has as much right to speak as I do.

  • john

    I am a Dutch Canadian. The Dutch live in fear, for the sake of being killed by a muslim they voted against Wilders. The Dutch government made sure and have succeeded and brainwashed their own people as to keep their mouths shot at all times and never to be against any muslim. Wilders could have had a 60% majority if the Dutch voters hadn't been so stupid. Minister Ella Vogelaar was the culprit and the shame to bringing in Maroccans by the plane loads now they are stuck with them, sofar the they have done more damage than good.

  • burkasrugly

    Mr. Wilders is a very brave man. Thank God for him! People like him are precious. We all need to stand up and do our part, how small it may seem. If you can write, write letters to your local newspaper; if you can speak well, talk to local ACT! for America or TEA Party groups. Let people know about radical Islam. Call your elected officials. Do something to get the word out about this threat to our very freedom! This is not a test. This is for real and we need to make sure we are well educated on these issues and make sure we educate others. Start by reading great sources like FrontPage, Atlasshrugs, JihadWatch, etc. I have blogged about how Hillary Clinton is pushing for a global blasphemy law through the UN.

  • Suzanne

    Geert, a modern day hero!

  • watsa46

    As long as Europe is Arab-energy dependent, she will side with the Muslims..

    • meme22

      yeap, but that s just because of the greed of some companies which are against alternative energy power sources, less polluting and safer and in time even cheaper. Let s stop using our gasoline cars and buy electric cars instead. So, we are not dependent of arabs' oil, not at all. Some of us, for money, keep this false dependency. It seems that we have only retarded political heads in Europe that cannot think farther than their noses!

  • fuzzygracie

    Mr.Wilders is a courageous ,intelligent ,rational gentleman .
    But how long can his lone voice carry the Netherlands against its own muslim friendly , antisemitic population ? How long can they hold out against the pressure of the other highly antisemitic European countries surrounding them with their burgeoning muslim populations and crime ?

  • Brian

    Check out ACT! for America.

  • hatsylady

    The anti-Wilders propaganda in the Netherlands is vicious. Labeling him a xenophobe and Nazi are what the Dutch leftists do on a daily basis. My husband is from the Netherlands and still has lots of family there. I'm afraid there are far too many unwilling to face this brutal reality.

  • Rebas Thgil

    Accolades for Geert.

    May islam go to blazes where it and it's perversion of a prophet came from.

  • Rita

    I am ashamed for the Australian government. According to 'their' statistics the local muslim comunity represents only about 1 or 2 percent of the population (statistics lie, I know), and yet, this gutless government, bullied by the pro-islamist and jew-hating Greens and the new anti-semitic Foreign minister, Bob Carr have tried every trick in the book to prevent Geert Wilders to come to Australia. He was supposed to give a series of lectures here. Finally, when some of us protested and got louder, noting that this government welcomed some truly hate-preaching extreme islamist sheiks/imans in our country, they "caved in" and granted him a visa about 5 minutes before he was supposed to fly out. Now we expect him for next year, at the invitation of the Q-Society.

    Geert Wilders is a hero, and the cowardly Australian Government does not reach his ankles when it comes to courage and vision. Shame on them.

    • curmudgeon

      the australian government, like north american and european governments, may not be able to reach geert wilders' ankles, but they have no difficulty at all reaching their own ankles, and do so every time a muslim is near.

  • Rita

    Oh, we do have 1 or 2 courageous columnists in Australia, one of whom, Andrew Bolt, happens do be of dutch parentage:

  • H.j.Dcruz

    The writer of this article hit he nail on the head.This represents the actual truth and nothing but facts.Wake up whites and you have a last chance and do not fall victim to glib talk of peace and harmony from an enemy in the name of peace.

  • Asher

    Wilders is a patriot. He has stood up to Islam and not retreated on the truth or the issues. Lets follow his example!

  • john

    Had the Dutch voted Geert Wilders the muslim problem would have been solved in the Netherlands and in that case all of Europe would have followed the Dutch and all of western Europe got their country back again and lived in peace and freedom. This one big mistake we are now on the steps of a religion war.

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  • curmudgeon

    if the archtraitor george w bush had done the right thing on 9-12-01, he would have issued an order expelling or permanently incarcerating all muslims of any origin, like lincoln did to anyone who did not agree with him during the war of northern aggression. if bush had done his duty, there would not be a muslim in any western country, and muslims in their muslim majority countries could gnash their teeth impotently, persecute their minorities, beat their women, rape their children, molest their dead and their animals, worship their god of evil, revere the worst criminal or all times, and rail against the evil infidel, but their ability to harm the infidel would be significantly diminished. instead, he labeled them the "religion of peace", and the sheep of our country doubled down on his stupidity and elected a muslim to replace him. if the archtraitor had done his duty, we would not even need geert wilders. as it is, we need him desperately. some country, somewhere, has to be the first to wake up and do what is necessary to survive: send the invaders home.

  • Jozy

    I am native Dutch born citizen of the Netherlands. Although I agree with almost everything he has to say (I read the PVV's website every now and then), I do not think he does very well at the televised debates or interviews. Although he does criticise Islam and call it the fascist ideology that it is, I have never really heard him take the time to lay out his arguments and points, which is a pity. I think he would make a lot of headway if he were to argue more like Robert Spencer, and let the Quran speak for itself.
    Unfortunately, at the last elections in the Netherlands, he got hammered. Wilders' PVV went down 6% in the total vote, shrinking the party by three eighths. This is largely due to the fact that he had the most right-wing possible coalition you could get in this country (himself, the right wing Liberal Democrats (VVD) and the Christian Democrats (CDA) ) and they fell apart, and now most of his voters have moved to the Liberal Democrats, VVD. Now the Liberal Democrats are in a cabinet with the Social Democrats; the worst of both worlds!

    • Jozy

      "Although I agree with almost everything he has to say"-> 'he' being Geert Wilders

      • AEHarrod

        Wilders' book stops before the recent electoral losses of the PVV, although I briefly saw the news on these events. Wilders can at least claim credit for some successes.

  • Abe

    The Dutch are " tolerant " but at the same time fiercly anti-Christian and proudly atheist. Generations of Dutch people have been brainwashed into distancing themselves from the Judeo-Christian culture. Today The Netherlands is a fertile ground for the spread of Islam in Europe. Many confused Dutch women who marry muslims are prepared to wear burqa. The reaction of their parents is usually: " Do whatever you like, conversion, burqa … as long as you are happy. " Immigration and not Islam is the main concern of the followers of Wilders. As long as that is the case Wilders will be fighting a losing battle because Islam is already in the wombs of Dutch women.

    • Jozy

      The proudly atheist Dutch are not having children. They're stuck with their heads only in the here and now, the proudly atheist women are too busy persuing childless careers and so are the proudly atheist men. However, all the Dutch christians I know of my age group (late teens, early twenties) are having babies or have sincere aspirations to have a fair number of children in the near future. However, that same goes for the muslims. In fact, the muslims are pumping out babies like rabits, preparing for the war. Wilders needs to emphasize the Judeo-Christian heritage of this country, so that the Dutch (and other Europeans, for that matter) will relearn who they are and find the will to fight for it.

  • JAK

    Countries don't want them, but don't want to be seen not to want them so they allow them in. Hypocracy is a large part of the problem

  • Jeff

    We must differentiate between Islam and Muslims. Muslims are people with families who from birth have been indoctrinated by the ideology of Islam which prevents them from speaking against another Muslim and denouncing any act perpetrated in the name of Islam for fear of death. Most Muslims I have met are very reasonable, friendly people. However,Islam is a political ideology that claims to be a religion. It is organised from Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood who have just gained control of that country in the name of "The Arab Spring". It is financed by oil revenue. We are effectively financing the greatest threat to democracy and personal freedom with every barrel of oil we import from the Middle East.


    Wilders was “overwhelmed by the kindness, friendliness, and helpfulness of its people.” Yet an “overwhelming sense of fear” under the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak also possessed these people."
    Dear Wilder I suggest 2 go 2 egypt NOW when hosni mubarak IS GONE!
    Then we will see how many "freindly nazistsmuzlimz" will you meet in your journey in egypt..By their truly izlami c..hocus pocus focus AND SURVIVE THAT JOURNEY!!!
    You meet them thankx 2 mubarak "hard way" against izlamists and their dirty agenda of truly izlamists!!!

  • fras

    Watch Pat Condell – he's a hero too.