Communism By Insurance Mandate

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Anything close to the beating heart of feminism is about to become a mandatory part of insurance coverage: fertility treatments, chemical sensitivities, a year’s leave of absence for fathers after the birth of a child, attention deficit disorder, massages, aromatherapy, watching MSNBC, sex change operations, gender reassignment surgery, gender re-reassignment surgery.

And then, once every single insurance plan in the country is required by federal law to cover one million liberal causes having nothing to do with medical problems, Democrats will be happy to let us purchase health insurance across state lines. Sure, buy your insurance from Utah or Kentucky. Every insurance plan in the country, by federal law, will be identical.

The contraception diktat is only the beginning of the government controlling your life under ObamaCare. There are approximately 100,000 more decisions the HHS Secretary will have to make under ObamaCare that you will not be able to appeal.

The bill should have been called “Kathleen Sebelius’ Dream Journal.”

As we have seen, Sebelius is not a go-with-the-flow kind of secretary. She is a doctrinaire feminist who thinks it’s important to make a statement by ordering something that has only a tangential connection to health care but will have the effect of costing everyone more money.

Are you getting why this isn’t a Catholic issue? So what if some “compromise” is reached that makes the Catholic bishops happy? They supported ObamaCare to begin with! They ought to be forced to live with the consequences of the totalitarian regime they helped foist on the rest of us.

Maybe they’ll get a waiver from the contraception mandate on religious grounds — just like unions and Obama-friendly corporations got waivers on the grounds that they realized ObamaCare would suck and they didn’t want to be a part of it.

What about the rest of us? You know, the ones who didn’t support ObamaCare? We still have to live under the thumb of a nutcase gender-feminist with unlimited authority to ban whatever she doesn’t like, subsidize whatever she does like and call it “insurance.”

If Obama is re-elected this November and ObamaCare is not repealed, Republicans’ only option will be to make Rick Santorum the head of HHS under the next Republican president (if we ever have one).

He can prohibit insurance companies from covering anything related to contraception, AIDS and substance abuse, and mandate that insurance plans pay subsidies to stay-at-home mothers, tuition for home-schooled kids and cover the purchase of his book, “It Takes a Family.”

Those particular lifestyle choices have as much to do with “insurance” as contraceptives do.

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  • davarino

    I have a hard time adding to that other than, thanks catholics for helping to foist this terrible thing on us. Hope you enjoy it.

  • StephenD

    I posited that this is a stage play in which the Catholic Church filibusters until this segment of Obamacare is pulled and then they will be all for the balance of it. In the audience are the American people being played for the fool.
    Even if they remain steadfast against it, it is certainly not merely a Catholic issue. It is an attack on the Constitution itself. Nowhere in the Commerce Clause are Americans required to purchase something against their will. Folks say “you have to buy auto insurance.” Yeah, but only if I want to drive a car; I shouldn’t have to buy insurance because I draw breath.
    This is indeed communism by another name. We are all supposed to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. It is in need of defending on all fronts. The idea that Obama can actually get re-elected makes me sick to my stomach. Say, can I get free care for that?

    • sedoanman

      Re: “you have to buy auto insurance.”

      This is a false analogy. You have to buy auto insurance to protect THE PUBLIC from YOUR negligence [i.e., liability]; you do not need to buy the part that protects you.

  • truckwork

    The federal government has no authority to be involved in health care or insurance.

    • BS77

      Please read Ann Coulter's DEMONIC . Thanks to Ann Coulter for her sardonic humor, sarcasm and wit in dealing with the liberal left and the Nanny Statists.

  • mrbean

    I want my government to look after me. I am entitled to freedom from want, because FDR told me so. I am entitled to food, housing, free education, and free medical care including sex changes and abortions. Donald Trump and Bill Gates and all those rich people don't need all that money. 90% of it should be taken by the government from them for redistribution to people who really need it. There are a very large percentage of Americans who actually think this way.

    • alan g

      I am assuming you are being sarcastic.

    • sedoanman

      "I am entitled to food, housing, free education, and free medical care including sex changes and abortions."

      If everything was provided, you wouldn't need education, would you?

  • BS77

    Support legislation that will require valid ID for voting in an election. We MUST show a valid ID for major purchases, for credit card, for boarding aircraft, for getting prescriptions filled…..why not for voting? How is this "discriminatory"?

  • Brujo Blanco

    One thing that communist systems do is to force a group to do something that they do not want to do. After doing this they come up with something else they want them to do. The commies will use healthcare and perhaps the threat to deny healthcare to control the masses. I went to my healthcare provider and brush wanted to know if I had any guns in my house.

  • Brujo Blanco

    I would like to add something. It is likely that medical records will be accessible by many organizations government and private. This database may end up being used for political and not medical reasons.

    • Rifleman

      MAY end up…?

      • michiganruth

        my thought exactly.

  • dirty

    How about free contraception for men? Kathleen and Obama and the leftists are all anti-men, which is a hate crime.

    • sedoanman

      "…leftists are all anti-men, which is a hate crime."

      No, it isn't. It's the second highest form of patriotism, treason being the highest.

  • jason

    And you’ve clearly never been in a PP clinic. Think before you talk champ.

    • coyote3

      PP can do anything they want, but there is no enumerated and delegated power for them to use federal money to do it.

  • C.R.




    • michiganruth

      perhaps Ann is willing to give Romney a break because she understands, correctly, that he is the only person who has even a chance of beating Obama.

      also Chris Christie endorsed Romney, and Ann (and I!) are BIG Christie fans, so…

      people do strange things in political campaigns. why were Newt's numerous marriages and affairs ok with supposed social conservatives?

      • coyote3

        Although this is lost on the untermenchen, Romneycare was a "state" program. Now, I am not saying that states can't be constitutionally incorrect, they have a good track record of it, but they "do" a much broader scope of power then the federal government.


    This is the same moron that wants Romney care.

  • Amused

    It's called HYPOCRISY .Not an unusual trait at all amongst ALL politicians .The Republicans simply make no bones about displaying it openly .Most people who are railing about Federal programs are themselves participating in them . Coulter cerytainly is not shy about expressing hers .LOL…..a few months back , FPM for all its ranting and raging against commies and socialists did indeed have an ad for CHE GUEVERRA TEA SHIRTS …….lol….go figure .

  • Flowerknife_us

    Womens health is but a crack in the door of Government control. Next will be your DIET. A healthy diet will be devised for all just like they are doing already for the Schools now. With the added weight of enviromental regulation through "calories" generated by the body producing Carbon Dioxide. Currently considered a polutant and hazzardous to everyones health. Starting with Sugar taxes like they plan to raise already as a "health hazzard"

    The snowball has already been crafted and is rolling down the hill. If it doesn't hit a tree soon we will all be rolled over by it.

  • Dennis X

    Should a church sponsored business, like a hospital be able to force thier employees to attend church? Should that same business/ hospital accept federal funds?

  • cynthia curran

    The difference is that Romeny did it at the state level. And Gringrich who favors making illegals legal will add also to the government a lot of illegals for medicad. Most illegal immirgants children are on the children's verison of medicad.

  • alexander

    News: "Iran cuts oil to France and U.K." – WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR???
    For our turn????
    DRILL NOW!!!
    Let them eat sand and wash it down with their useless oil……

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