Deport the GOP Establishment

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On no issue is the elite/American divide so great as on immigration. For decades, a majority of Americans have wanted to decrease immigration. Not just illegal immigration — all immigration.

Nearly three times as many Americans support reducing immigration as want it to stay the same, according to Gallup polls. A grand total of 5 percent of the population want to increase legal immigration — 10 times less than want to decrease it. I myself would like to deport the people responsible for our current immigration policies.

Our official policy is to turn away scientists in order to make room for illiterate Pakistani peasants who will drop out of high school to man coffee carts until deciding to plot a terrorist attack against the United States. That’s this week’s immigration poster boy, Najibullah Zazi.

Zazi’s own step-uncle said of him: “He was a dumb kid, believe me.” Our immigration officials said, WELCOME, ZAZI!… Oops, sorry Swedish scientists and nuclear engineers — no room for you.

In February, Zazi pleaded guilty in a plot to bomb the New York City subway.

One of his co-conspirators, Zarein Ahmedzay, was welcomed from Afghanistan to America because he was willing to do a job no American would: drive a cab. Where are you going to find an American with a driver’s license?

This week, a third accomplice, Adis Medunjanin, was convicted in the subway conspiracy. Medunjanin came from Bosnia and became an American citizen — a priceless gift to The New York Times, which was then able to begin its article on his convictions: “An American citizen was convicted of a host of terrorism charges on Tuesday …”

For this we can thank the late, lamented Teddy Kennedy, who altered our immigration laws in 1965 to ensure massive immigration from the Third World while severely limiting the number of Europeans who could come here.

And that’s legal immigration. When it comes to illegal immigration, Americans are in a sputtering rage about politicians’ obtuse refusal to address the problem.

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  • harrylies

    The only people in America who have a right to complain are the Indians. People might want to read history. Look how many Indians live. And people have the nerve to complaim about Mexicans. As former President Fox of Mexico said they do the work even blacks will not do.

    • ajnn

      huh ? we are back to denouncing discussion on the basis that only american indians are authentic americans. that just blocks all debate.

      ps: no homonids (humans) developed in the western hemisphere. american indians are, also, immigrants. the clovis american indians committed genocide against the came-before-them salutrian white europeans around 14,000 bce.

      hence, american indians are not authentic but rather mass-murderers who stole north american from the original americans; the salutrian white people from europe who came here 17,000 bce.

    • tagalog

      President Fox said that Mexicans will do the jobs even blacks won't do? How racist is that?

  • Phillip Ley

    It would seem as though the inmates have been in charge of the asylum, but, rather, this has been the plan all along……

  • logdon

    There's a phrase floating around here and it's expression is 'broken Britain'.

    In 1997 Blair's Labour Party won by a massive majority promising their equivalent of hope and change. Since then we've seen plenty of change but as for hope, forget it.

    The grand plan as revealed much later by Party apparatchik, Andrew Neather (Google it for the gruesome detail) was to swamp Britain with Third World and mainly Pakistani immigrants who would naturally gravitate their votes in a leftist direction towards their benefactors.

    Since then the face of many British cities and towns has changed irrevocably, resembling the Monsoon season, flea blown, run down and garbage strewn Asian hell holes we see on the news whenever Muslims decide to kill and maim anyone who disagrees with their point of view.

    So imbued in their religious zeal, these people have not one iota of an intent to integrate, rather the British state must genuflect and praise Islamic values in a craven attempt to keep a lid on the tensions, resentment and animosity created wherever Islam plants it's sordid blood stained flags.

    Add to the toxicity of this rancid stew a business class rubbing its hands in glee that yet more grateful minimum wage earners are entering the food chain.

    And, as if that's not enough we have a pietic, holier than thou msm toeing a politically correct multicultural line which seemingly now favours diversity over a nations survival.

    Pretty much a blueprint for Ann's dystopian view.

    • Spider

      The same "swamping from the Third World" plan has been designed for us by our political elites without our knowledge or consent right here in the good old USA..

  • Grantmann

    "First, turn off spigot; second, mop floor.

    Starting with those two policies is not only logical, but will force Democrats to admit they have no intention of ever blocking the border. …"

    As much as I love Ann, her ending only castigates the Dems. The Republicans also did nothing about the border.

    • davarino

      Maybe we need to keep the economy down for a while longer which will force more illegals to go home and then seal the border

  • Dispozadaburka

    "Strategic Commons." The World After America. Pg 107 Strategic Visions Zbigniew Brzezinski " After 9/11, the issue of border security has come to be seen as essential to homeland security; the specter of an Islamic terrorist crossing the border from Mexico enhanced popular cries to seal off the border completely. America's decision to construct a wall/fence to separate itself from Mexico as a mechanism to support border security has already stimulated anti-American sentiments. It evokes negative images of Israel's "security barrier" in the West Bank or of the Berlin Wall. An internationallly declining America is likely to become even more disturved by the insecurity of a porous border with Mexico and the resulting immigration inspiring a continuation of similar policies and creating a dangerous downward spiral for relations between the two neighbors." Is the objective to destroy the sovereignity of our Nation for a "stategic common? New World Order? Democratic Socialism? Think about it.

  • Spider

    Isn't it funny how Mexicans coming to the US and taking over are now considered "good" but people who came from Europe and took over the previous natives are now "bad" If you are of European descent it seems like you have a no win situation on your hands because of our political elites and are caught in the middle. And by the way wasn't what Ted Kennedy did to stop European immigration and facilitate immigration only by third world peasants recist?

  • StephenD

    Ann is absolutely right! Secure the damn border FIRST. No Benefits SECOND. Any REPRESENTATIVE of the people of the USA that does not wish to protect our borders is in fact an enemy; Republican, Democrat or Independent. After Romney gets in office, I'd like to see the FENCE be a major priority.


  • Phillip Ley

    What is “right”, “Rational”, “reasonable”, “responsible” will not matter and will not cross racial or ethnic lines in the mainstream, partly because it will not be allowed to do so. Watching an educated, upper-income black professional acquaintance of mine immediately empathize with Trayvon Martin convinced me that, indeed, blood is thicker than water. Any measure that tightens our borders (to anyone, not just Hispanics), will be seen as racist, xenophobic and an affront to Latin America, even though being undocumented in those nations will land you in jail. The hypocrisy on all sides is deafening, and new attempts to define the use of the word “illegal” as hate-speech exemplifies it.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    The real danger in America resides with the people who vote Democrack. Ignorance, apathy, and stupidity are in abundance at every turn, but cause no greater measure of mischief until they compel one to vote Democrack. (Voting for Statist Republicans is just as bad, if not worse.)

    As for immigration, NO FENCE IS NECESSARY. Simply provide a brief period (one year would be very generous) for illegal residents to get their affairs in order and leave the country. Anyone here illegally AFTER that would spend a year wearing pink underwear and eating PB&J sandwiches. Anyone employing them would spend the same year. Second offense: Ten Years.

    Problem: Solved.

  • Western Spirit

    the ruling class, that is destroying america for selfish reasons, is the ruling class because the average american has lost their way because they have cast off the restraints of the past, restraints we call the judeo-christian value system.

    people don't like to be restrained and feel freed when they cast off the judeo-christian guide lines.

    but it is a freedom that will lead to the chains of slavery because when a people won't restrain themselves others will. for the very good reason people prefer a dictator to chaos.

  • Ronald Johnston

    In order to deport the establishment, which includes all politicians, we need to unelect them!!!!

  • tagalog

    Why isn't that sign in the photo accompanying this article peppered with bullet holes? Is it because the sign is located in California, Gun Control Central, or is there some other reason?

  • Ralph

    Nice column, Ann. Except: WHERE WERE YOU, BEFORE? When this was all starting. Those of us who were subject to the Brown Drown were screaming this since the late '80's and early '90's and being called racists for it by just the kind of elite that you are, Ann. So where were you? Only noticing now? What happened, some Indian moved into your building and started blasting his cat-strangle music?

  • ashland fadeley

    ralphie How great is the sound of you blowing your own horn. We can't all be up to your speed. I am thankful to you pointing out Ann's eletism. Blow harder ralphie

    • Ralph

      What is the point of your post, Ashland? Do you think that this is what it's all about, blowing one's horn? You obviously have no idea of what is going on in this country because of third-world immigration, legal or otherwise. Anyone who's had to deal with it up close knows this is no joke and NOT about touting ourselves on some comments board. People's lives have been upturned and in many cases destroyed by the presence of these third-worlders. When you have had to fear for your family the way I and millions have then you can talk. Otherwise your response to us sounds like you are blowing your own horn. I doubt you are any kind of serious person at all, anyway.

      Ann Coulter and others like her were nowhere to be found when they were needed to speak up about what is essentially the destruction of our way of life. Rush Limbaugh once called us nativists just for pointing out what everybody is now starting to talk about. They and their kind didn't care about what wasn't going on outside of their own little circle. Now they dunk their toe in the water? Excuse me if I don't praise your little icon to the heavens the way you want me to.

      Again, people like you are not serious. I am making a comment on a board about something which is important. I don't care who thinks I'm bright or ahead of the curve or whatever idiotic measures you and your keyboard cops use. Millions of us who have endured the consequences of elitist arrogance care only about the well-being of our families and our country. You can keep all the rest.