Got Racism?

Liberal racism sightings have become like a lunatic’s version of “Where’s Waldo?” Kevin Baker of Harper’s magazine says Romney’s referring to his “five boys” in last week’s debate was how he “slyly found a way” to call Obama a “boy.” Says Baker: “How the right’s hard-core racists must have howled at that!”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says the word “apartment” is racist because black people live in apartments. He also says the word “Chicago” is racist because — despite its well-known reputation as the home of Al Capone and the Daley machine — a lot of black people live there, too. (And don’t get him started on “Chicago apartments”!)

As we go to press, Matthews is working on an exciting new hypothesis that peanut butter is racist.

Meanwhile, my new favorite actress, Stacey Dash, sends an inoffensive little tweet supporting Mitt Romney and is buried in tweets calling her “an indoor slave” and a “jiggaboo,” who was “slutting (herself) to the white man.” (And those were just the tweets from the Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign!)

Could we get an expert opinion from Chris Matthews or Kevin Baker about whether any of that is racist?

It’s a strange thing with liberals. They spend so much time fawning over black nonentities — like Maya Angelou, Eugene Robinson, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Rachel Maddow’s very, very, very special black guest Melissa Harris-Perry — that, every once in awhile, they seem to erupt in racist bile to restore their mental equilibrium.

After President George W. Bush appointed Condoleezza Rice the first black female secretary of state, she was maligned in racist cartoons portraying her as Aunt Jemima, Butterfly McQueen from “Gone With the Wind,” a fat-lipped Bush parrot and other racist cliches.

Kevin Baker didn’t notice any of that because he was working on his theory that referring to your sons is racist.

When Michael Steele ran for senator from Maryland, he was depicted in blackface and with huge red lips by liberal blogger Steve Gilliard. Sen. Charles Schumer’s Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee dug up a copy of Steele’s credit report — something done to no other Republican candidate.

Is that more or less racist than Romney mentioning his sons? More or less racist than the word “apartment”?

Mia Love, a black Republican running for Congress in Utah had her Wikipedia page hacked with racist bile, heavy on the N-word. Her campaign headquarters has been bombarded with racist graffiti and slimy mailings with pictures of Klansman next to photos of her family.

Some would say that’s even more racist than Romney talking about his sons.

On less evidence than the birthers have, liberals slandered both Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain with the racist stereotype of black men as sexual predators.

As the preceding short list suggests, liberals usually limit their racist slime to conservative blacks. But not always.

In 2008, Bill Clinton said of Obama “a few years ago this guy would have been carrying our bags.” Democratic Sen. Harry Reid praised Obama for not speaking in a “Negro dialect.” Joe Biden complimented Obama for being “clean” and “articulate.”

Did I mention that Kevin Baker thinks that Romney referring to his “five boys” is racist?

Two years ago, liberal newsman Dan Rather said the criticism of Obama was that he “couldn’t sell watermelons if you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.” (I immediately called for Rather’s firing for that, and then remembered that he didn’t have a job.)

Last week, Rather won the 2012 Edward R. Murrow Award for Lifetime Achievement from Washington State University. That’s not a joke — or at least not my joke.

Meanwhile, evidence of alleged Republican racism invariably consists of tenuous connections and apocryphal signals normally associated with schizophrenics and sufferers of “Thrilled Leg Syndrome.”

Since February 2008, the primary evidence of racism has been failure to fully support Obama’s election, policies or re-election. As Slate magazine’s Jacob Weisberg put it during the last presidential campaign, only if Obama were elected president would children in America be able to “grow up thinking of prejudice as a nonfactor in their lives.”

I wish I had a nickel for every kid who’s come up to me in an airport and said, “What I wouldn’t give to be able to think of prejudice as a non-factor in my life …”

Curiously, liberals weren’t concerned about what children in America would think if Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court nomination had been defeated. No, only electing the most liberal person ever to seek the presidency on a major party ticket would prove that the country could “put its own self-interest ahead of its crazy irrationality over race.”

The left’s racial demagoguery worked: In 2008, Obama received a larger proportion of the white vote than any Democrat running for president in nearly 40 years. (Though he tied Clinton’s 1996 white vote record.)

And look how well that turned out! We haven’t heard another peep about racism since then.

To read more about what a smashing success the left’s utterly self-serving racial bullying has been, read my new book, “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama.”

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  • judahlevi

    It has been my experience that liberals are the opposite of what they say they are. They say they are tolerant, but they are really intolerant of any other opinion other than their liberal orthodoxy. They say they are non-racists, but they really are racists who see everyone by the color of their skin, not by their individual character. They say they are non-judgmental, but they are some of the most judgmental people in the country (take their view of Sarah Palin for example).

    The most racist people in America are liberals.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      They learned from their masters the art of propaganda.

      • E. L. Mercon

        Matthews is going to be surprised when he finds out who actually invented peanut butter….I can’t WAIT to see his face, then.

        • sebyandrew


    • PaulRevereNow

      Just take a college course from any number of lefty profs. And when confronted with their miscreance, they invariably reply, "It was intended as a light-hearted comment…I was only joking." Look at Sara Pawlucy, when her math teacher humiliated her for wearing a Romney t-shirt to class.. Joking? If I had been Ms. Pawlucy's father, I wouldn't have accepted her "apology," and campaigned for this teacher's firing.

    • Randall Hayden

      Yep, the lefties "self-project" their own gross foibles to others, as well as misunderstanding reality, making/implying meanings to basic words (ie "taking the country back [to the Constitution]" supposedly means back to pre-1860, slavery policy), and cognitive dissonance — disconnecting from reason & conditions (ie concepts to success; cause & effect).

  • Advocatus

    Great examples of left-wing hypocrisy (I hate to use the word "liberal" to describe these ignorant buffoons as they are anything but liberal in the traditional sense), but sadly Ann Coulter is a hardcore racist.

    Can I back that assertion up with sound arguments and specific examples to prove she is a racist? Of course not. But I don't have to. She is a white woman and a conservative. Therefore, she is a racist.

    What? Are you saying the great Thomas Sowell recommends her new book :"Mugged" on Democrats' shameless phony-baloney grievance-mongering? Well then, Thomas Sowell is a racist too. He just is.

    And if you don't agree, you are a racist too.

    • Kevin

      That pretty much sums up the Left and racism accusations. No evidence needed; they just need to feel that way. I'd say think, but I never use that word when referencing the Left.

    • Randall Hayden

      Yep, the lefties "self-project" their own gross foibles to others, as well as misunderstanding reality, making/implying meanings to basic words (ie "taking the country back [to the Constitution]" supposedly means back to pre-1860, slavery policy), and cognitive dissonance — disconnecting from reason & conditions (ie concepts to success; cause & effect).

      "Liberal" used to be supportive of liberty & such, as John Locke, the founders & libertarians, thus the current term "classical liberal" & those lefties change word meanings & make many oxymorons, such as "tax subsidy" to fit their narratives.

      History has been forgotten regarding Repubs & their ending slavery & that the Dems since then being anti-Black w/KKK & Jim Crow & opposing civil rights, until the 60s & then giving out favoritism, because they believe that BS cannot do it on own.
      What legislation or stances are there by Repubs that are racist?

  • Bruce O'H.

    As for Obama, I'm not a racist, and I can prove it…it's his White half that I don't like!

  • Stern

    Oh boy, what a great article. (Oops, sorry, said the "b" word. My bad.)

  • Omar

    This just shows that the left's racial double standards just never ends. What the left is trying to do is similar to Orwellian Newspeak, where you can't say certain words without facing harsh reprisal for the so-called "offense". Clearly, the left is so paranoid about racism and bigotry that they would do anything to falsely portray classical liberals (modern conservatives), the only true liberals (not the so-called "liberals" who are really leftists) as "racists" and "bigots", just to ruin their reputations. Where was the left and the MSM when Janeane Garofalo insulted Herman Cain as a person who was "suffering from Stockholm Syndrome"? Garofalo not only insulted prominent figures like Cain, but also insulted real victims of Stockholm Syndrome. Yet, not one leftist has made Garofalo a pariah for her racist and bigoted comments, nor denounced her. Now, that is a huge double standard. It is time for conservatives to expose the left's dangerous, paranoid and hypocritical agenda.

  • Spider

    I only wish Ann would stop referring to these people as liberals. There is absolutely nothing liberal about these brain-washed closed minded non thinking leftist pinkos from hell.

    • Alex

      I truly agree with you that these folk are not true liberals. At one time liberal was a good word. However, it has been sullied by the "Liberal" p[arty in Canada and the left taking to itself the appellation of "liberal." The left has recently moved on, appropriating to itself the term "progressive," which it is not. The left is retrogressive, trying to take us back to the days of heatheninsm!

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I truly agree with you that these folk are not true liberals. At one time liberal was a good word"

        Well it has always really depended on context. Nowadays if you talk about a liberal without specifying context, you're talking about people who want to be liberal about all the wrong things. They are truly liberal in the things they want to be liberal about, but it's no longer very often that the issues that they fight for should call for a liberal approach. In other words, they are liberal about all the wrong things now.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    I’m wondering if there will ever come a time when we can call liberals America’s largest hate group. I won’t hold my breath for that, but in the meantime I’m considering throwing out the white sheets on my bed.

    • johnnywoods

      You still have white sheets? You racist!:)

      • Debbie G.

        Yes, but then he would have to get "colored" sheets.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I'm wondering if there will ever come a time when we can call liberals America's largest hate group"

      You can do that now, but you'll never get them to agree. Western culture is developing a chasm.

  • Fray222

    "After President George W. Bush appointed Condoleezza Rice the first black female secretary of state, she was maligned in racist cartoons portraying her as Aunt Jemima, Butterfly McQueen from “Gone With the Wind,” a fat-lipped Bush parrot and other racist cliches."

    Hey Ann, are you saying that Aunt Jemina pancakes, Gone With the Wind, and parrots, are all racist? Maybe, but establishing that would require some context would it not? Just like it would be helpful if you provided some context on those Matthews quotes.

    • JoJoJams

      lmao!! Ok Fray. Here's your proof – you can do this little thought experiment at home (well, your momma's home…). Simply close your eyes. Now, just pretend REALLLL hard that it was George Bush who said these things about, say, Michelle Obama. Yep!! See!! RAAAACISSSTT!! Easy thought experiment for you sophomoric loony leftists! Remember: When in doubt, pretend it is George Bush who said/did it. That's all you need to do. And don't forget all the other quotes Ann spoke of, regarding the loony lefties screaming "jiggaboo" etc. ((*sigh* – these loony lefty neo-libs truly are pathetic….))

      • Fray222

        Again, i'd have to know the proper context. If George Bush were, I don't know, implying that Michelle Obama were being disloyal to the black community by using Butterful McQueen as a reference, I'd be happy to hear out his argument, in full context, before calling him out as a racist. I really would.

        • pagegl

          Try Google, type "Chris Matthews statements on race" and press Enter. Choose any of the top five million hits… oh wait, my bad, I used Bing, Google probably returns at least as many as Bing.

          • Fray222

            The point is that I shouldn't have to, Ann Coulter should have provided the full quote, and the context in which in was made. Matthews did just say "apartments are racist", he was making an argument, but I don't know what that argument is from this article.
            "Aunt Jemina" is a term used primarily by blacks to describe other blacks who betray the black community. It is exactly the same as when Jews call other Jews, 'self-hating Jews'. Is calling Normal Finkelstein a self-hating Jew anti-semitic? Again, it depends on context.

    • wsk

      Don't forget Uncle Ben!

  • elixelx

    Off topic but REALLY REALLY counter intuitive…
    If Romney lied and lied and lied during the debate and STILL WON by 50 points, why are the Dems begging him to stop?
    Do they want him to tell the TRUTH and lose?
    In that case when will Barry-boy see lying as the winning strategy and start doing what his base is begging the other guy NOT to do?

  • Ghostwriter

    I should at least be grateful that mrbean isn't here for this or we'd be subjected to his inane "Amos n' Andy" routine,which does nobody any good.

    • dennis x


      • Ghostwriter

        Great! From one bigoted fool to another! You're a real intellectual lightweight,aren't you,dennis x.

  • dennis x

    Two gop congressmen have come out in support of slavery. Your idea of racism is some tweets to a clueless actress, please!

    • Western Canadian

      No, no gop congresmen have come out in support of slavery. You know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it. You are one sad loser.

    • tagalog

      Name one of them. It should be easy; such an endorsement would be front-page international news.

    • Eva

      Start opening history books, pal. Plus, dig into the internet. Guess what you are going to find out? What you will be surprised to learn about is that it was Democrats who opposed abolishing slavery. Oh, and one more thing… Did you know that Martin Luther King was a Republican? Yes, it is true. Check it out for yourself. And tell your friends about it.

      • tagalog

        My understanding of Martin Luther King, Jr., is that he never revealed his political party, assuming he had one. He said something to the effect that he voted for the individual. His father, Martin Luther King, Sr., was a registered Republican in Alabama. Which raises interesting questions about the denial of the franchise to black people down in that horrible Solid South before the Civil Rights Era.

  • Mike

    Five years ago, Obama and Hillary Clinton were duking it out for the nomination.

    Obama supporter: The ONLY reason you support Clinton instead of Obama is because you are RACIST!
    Clinton supporter: The ONLY reason you support Obama instead of Clinton is because you are SEXIST!

    Obama supporter: Waaaah, I was called sexist! That's so MEAN!
    Clinton supporter: Waaaah, I was called racist! That's so MEAN!

    It was funny to watch.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Su., 10/14/12

    Racism everywhere! I see Islamacists in the proverbial woodpile.

  • michael

    No Republican EVER owned a SLAVE! Period!