MSNBC: Lord of the Super-Racist Decoder Rings

If one were trying to prove in court that MSNBC is crazily biased, you could do worse than submitting Rachel Maddow’s Tuesday night show.

She was discussing the recently released June 2007 tape of Barack Obama using Hillary Clinton’s black accent to tell an audience of black preachers that the U.S. government doesn’t care about black people, Maddow explained with her typical leaden sarcastic wit that the tape reveals Obama’s “secret plan to be way more black than he seems to you now.”

(Though it’s counterintuitive, apparently some higher-ups at MSNBC are convinced that Rachel’s adorableness is working and they want more of it.)

Yes, it’s that Obama is black, that’s what the tape illustrates.

In the speech, Obama lied about America to portray the nation as irredeemably racist. Channeling Kayne West, Obama said the government doesn’t “care about” black people in New Orleans. This was based on his assertion that New York City received more help from the federal government after 9/11, and Florida got more after Hurricane Andrew.

Unlike blacks in New Orleans, he said, those victims were considered “part of the American family.”

Obama was a sitting senator when he spouted this nonsense. He had to know that months earlier, $100 billion in federal disaster relief had been sent to the Gulf states hit by Katrina — or five times more than the disaster relief funds sent to New York after 9/11.

All this was edited out of the clips Rachel played from Obama’s speech. This allowed her to smirk: “This is how (Obama) snuck into the White House, right? People didn’t actually know he was this black, and if they had known he was this black, they never would have elected him. That’s the idea here, right?”

Actually, Rachel, I think the point is that this half-black, private-schooled Hawaiian, born in 1961, is desperate for reasons to be angry at white America, so he can play-act Ralph Ellison in “The Invisible Man.”

As noted in that great new book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama,” it’s always the person with the least black heritage who is angriest at the anti-racism meetings. The ones who have never actually experienced anything resembling Jim Crow — in fact, nothing but white suck-uppery — are the most consumed with rage about things having nothing to do with their lives.

You know who’s even angrier than the half-black Hawaiian about nonexistent racism in America? Pasty-white liberals on MSNBC.

Last week, Mitt Romney used the word “apartment.” That font of racial understanding, Chris Matthews (who has no black friends, neighbors or employees), revealed on MSNBC that the word “apartment” is racist.

So please add that to your New Racist Dictionary, along with others common to native English speakers, such as “law and order,” “welfare,” “Chicago,” “kitchen cabinet,” “golfing” and “the.” (“The” became racist when Donald Trump said he had a “great relationship with the blacks.”)

Liberals reason that if a Republican said it, it must be racist, and proceed from there.

In 2008, John McCain’s campaign ran a surprisingly effective ad called “Celeb.” On MSNBC, it was adjudged racist.

The ad began with a clip of a Berlin crowd ecstatically cheering Obama (historically, the mark of a great leader), followed by photos of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, as the narrator called Obama “the biggest celebrity in the world.” Then, the music turned ominous, and the narrator listed Obama’s high-tax policies and opposition to offshore drilling, before saying that this was “the real Obama.”

It must have taken hours to come up with something racist about that, but Jonathan Alter and Keith Olbermann whipped out their “Captain America Super-Racist Decoder Rings”:

Alter, Newsweek columnist at the time: “The larger issue, I think, is clear — which is they’re trying to portray him as being uppity. Now, is that racist? I’m not sure.”

Olbermann: “Well, if we’re playing Password, and you say ‘uppity,’ the word that comes into my mind, that’s racist, yes.”

Wait — who said “uppity,” again? Did any Republican call Obama uppity? No. Did the ad call Obama uppity? No. Alter said “uppity”: It’s about Obama’s uppityness. That much we know. Is that racist? That’s for the public to decide. I remain neutral.

The ad had nothing to do with Obama being uppity. It was nearly the opposite, comparing him to lightweight celebrities.

In 2010, even Scott Brown’s pickup truck came in for a charge of racism on MSNBC. Olbermann said that what Scott Brown voters truly opposed was having “an African-American president.”

When this insane point was met with mild resistance from Howard Fineman, Keith produced the smoking gun: “What were the Scott Brown ads, though? Every one of the Scott Brown ads had him in a pickup truck.”

I wonder if it was an “uppity” pickup truck …

As soon as the racism hunters at MSNBC come up with a final and complete list of racist code words, they should release it to the public. But it needs to be aired on a network with lots of viewers, so they better send it to Fox News.

In a world bristling with imaginary “dog-whistle” racists, white liberal racists prefer bullhorns.

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  • kafir4life

    I'm sorry, but NOBODY is going to buy Ronny Mannow as a female. He really overstepped when he thought that face and body could ever be mistaken as that of a woman. He didn't have his TonyD removed yet, has he?

    In the polls (no pun intended towards Ronny), Ron's show does best in the 25 to 54 demographic, pretty much the only time MSNBC beats….well……anybody actually. It's a marginal difference considering that Fox beats them all over the place left right up and down. But it's not fair to even compare them to any "news" organizations. MSNBC completely dropped the pretense, and maybe it's time they start getting compared with shows like Survivor, DWTS, and Dirtiest Jobs.

  • tagalog

    I think the main problem that white people have with President Obama is that he gives the appearance of being clueless about how to govern, what the political power network under our Constitution requires of the branches of government, and that he appears to see the Presidency as a throne for his kingship instead of one branch of a tripartite government.

    His blackness, such as it may be, is entirely beside the point, except for desperate lefties, Democrats among them, who are casting about frantically for some distracting issue that will take peoples' attention away from Barack Obama's incompetence while they manipulate the system in an effort to turn us into a socialist state.

    • watsa46

      Pr. O missed a big opportunity to use his "bi-raciality" to bring blacks and whites closer.
      He was unable to transcend his own narrative and achievements for better ends. Too consumed with his own ANGER against white America.

    • PAthena

      See J. Christian Adams, INJUSTICE, about the black racism at the Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder (under President Barack Obama). For examdple, Holder and Obama dropped the case against the New Black Panthers' intimidation of voters at a polling booth in Philadelphia.

  • Rudy

    Who cares?!!! The next time someone calls you a "racist," tell them to go screw themself.

    • kafir4life

      Naw…..they'd just lie there and whimper. Like Stinky (BO) last nite!!

  • Chiggles

    Should be Captain _Midnight_ Super Racist Decoder Rings.

    • tagalog

      Or Lone Ranger Atomic Racist Decoder Rings.

  • guest
  • tagalog

    Almost no white voter at this time thinks for a second about Barack Obama's race. They think a lot about his level of incompetence, and, to the extent that he IS competent, his program for leading America.

    The Left is so desperate to see Barack Obama re-elected, so that they can continue to have a shot at socializing America, that they will deliberately "misinterpret" any criticism of Obama as racism.

    I think it's uproariously funny that they think America is reacting negatively to Obama because he's "too black." What does "black" mean in that context? Who thinks Obama is all that "black?" Where do they get the idea that black people subscribe to Obama's political philosophy? Black people voted for him largely because he's considered black. Black voters, to their credit, have been pretty frank about that. Who could possibly have voted for him because of his plans for America? No one knew what those plans were in 2008 (because his plans, such as they may have been, were secondary to his being black).

  • kafir4life

    Obama's ancestors were on the "other side" of the slavery equation than most Blacks in America. While Michelle's family was toiling in Georgia, the Obama's were seeing to it that a supply of "product" was always available for purchase. So I guess that deep down and way back, the Obama's WERE capitalists! But so long as the cell phones are free………

    • tagalog

      It's entirely possible that Barack Obama's biological father is descended from Africans who sold other Africans to the slavers at some point in the past.

      • trickyblain

        Possible, but not probable as slaves generally came from West Africa.

  • Ghostwriter

    To me,this trivializing of racism is stupid. When something REALLY racist happens,nobody's going to care.

  • Sebastian Anthony Ilacqua

    The racial question has been answered by the previous election of Obama and should be put to rest. I have to reiterate the question , what is black (about Obama)? Obama has as many caucasian genes as African genes. He was raised by white people, went to schools that were predominantly white, has an Ivy League education, is wealthy, has no other "black" affectation or accent (except politically motivated when speaking to actual black people) and, except for a slightly amber skin color, has no other obvious characteristic of "blackness". So, please, let's get off this racist thing and think about what's best for our country…

    • Maxie

      "This racist thing" is all the Left has and for them "The ends {political power) justify the means."

  • flowerknife_us

    Socialism transcends all color barriers. The left just cannot admit to it lest they lose their favorite wedge issue.