Post-Debate Media Cheerleading Won’t Fool Voters

The best question at the second presidential debate came from Michael Jones, an African-American who said: “Mr. President, I voted for you in 2008. What have you done or accomplished to earn my vote in 2012? I’m not that optimistic, as I was in 2008. Most things I need for everyday living are very expensive.”

To which Obama said: “Are you my half-brother?”

Actually, all Obama could say was that he had ended the war in Iraq (while pointlessly escalating the war in Afghanistan) and that Osama bin Laden is dead (and so is our ambassador). Both of which must be a great comfort to Mr. Jones as he tries to pay his bills every month.

Jones was right: Since Obama has been president, everything you own — your home, pension, savings accounts, weekly paychecks — are all worth less.

Meanwhile, everything you need — gas, food, and anything else that requires fuel to be transported to you — costs more.

Obama can’t talk his way out of his record. As Romney said in response to the president’s allegation that he is gung-ho about drilling for oil to lower fuel prices: “But that’s not what you’ve done in the last four years. That’s the problem.”

Obama also suddenly announced: “I’m all for pipelines. I’m all for oil production.” But he vetoed the Keystone pipeline.

He explained that the price of gasoline was $1.80 when he took office because the economy was in the toilet. Apparently, prices have spiked to more than $4 a gallon because all Americans are back at work now and making big bucks!

Obama said the “most important thing we can do is to make sure that we are creating jobs in this country.”

So now he’s going to create jobs? Because, nearly four years into his presidency, 23 million Americans are out of work and more than half of recent college graduates can’t find a job.

He claimed to believe that we should reward “self-reliance,” “individual initiative” and “risk-takers.” And yet, a few months ago, he ridiculed these self-reliant risk-takers for thinking they were “just so smart,” sneering “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Obama said we have to be “serious about reducing the deficit,” calling it “a moral obligation to the next generation.” But he’s increased the deficit by $5 trillion — more in four years than President Bush did in eight.

He also said he supported cutting corporate taxes. But only in odd-numbered years that don’t start with “2.”

The media will lie and say Obama won the debate — he has stopped the bleeding, he’s drawing huge crowds, the momentum is back! But as Romney said in response to many of Obama’s promises Tuesday night, “I don’t think the American people believe that.”

The trend is set and Obama’s voters are moving away from him in droves. People can see that Obama has to go to college campuses, the David Letterman show and “The Daily Show” to get a friendly audience these days. Even Lindsay Lohan is for Romney.

The media’s campaigning for Obama isn’t fooling Americans; it’s just making Obama’s obtuseness worse. If you’re behind at halftime, you don’t go to the cheerleading squad to ask what you’re doing wrong.

Absolutely nothing! You’re perfect! Don’t change anything!

But we’re behind by 7 points …

You’re great! You’re the best team ever!

With Obama unable to compete in a fair fight, debate moderator Candy Crowley had to become Obama’s wingman, injecting herself into the debate by declaring Obama the winner on the question of whether he had called the Benghazi attack an act of terror the day after the attack. Only after the debate, when everyone had gone home, did Crowley admit that Romney was right on Libya.

(If Obama called the Benghazi attack an “act of terror” in his Rose Garden speech, then he also said the victims of that attack were buried in the “hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery” and that he had visited them at Walter Reed — other comments in that speech not specifically referring to the Benghazi attack.)

Crowley stopped Romney from talking about Fast and Furious on the grounds that it had nothing to do with guns. She didn’t take a single question on Obamacare — the universally loathed monstrosity that fueled the 2010 Republican landslide and continues to be a thorn in America’s side.

In the media room, journalists cheered Obama’s cheap shot about Romney being rich, according to The Washington Times. Say, who did the Democrats run for president right before Obama? That would be the richest man in the U.S. Senate, John Kerry. But liberals believe Kerry acquired his fortune more honestly than by building businesses and creating jobs. He married a rich woman.

For all the media cheerleading, millions of Americans still know they’re out of work. They know, as Michael Jones noted, that everything is more expensive, including even-handed moderators.

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  • Banastre Tarleton

    With all due respect to Anne Coulter she is engaging in cheerleading ; the ''terrible mathemathics of the electoral college is going to be the dearth of Romney as OHIO is the hinge of fate that this election pivots and turns upon
    Obama has 120 campaign offices in Ohio compared to Romney's 40 and THAT is a ''community organiser '' at work ; in a polical campaign , as in war , victory will go to those who are better organised and methodical …team Obama has been over this battlefield 4 years ago and WON , while Romney is improvised , amateurish and half assed …it's still possible for Romney to win without Ohio , but VERY difficult
    Romney is suffering from a classic case of ''electile disfunction'' and no amount of political viagra will be able to help him ,and short of a miracle , Obama is going to win

    • UsurperinChief

      Romney has 500 Evangelical churches as campaign headquarters, as did Bush in his two wins in Ohio. The pastors in Ohio do not give a crap about the IRS, the preach politics for the pulpit and they hate the social agenda of Barack Hussein Obama. They would vote for a resurrected Joseph Smith over Barack Hussein Obama. We are not counting the thousands of Tea Party members who are working the ground game below the radar. The Black Churches in Cleveland are pissed off about Obama's Gay Marriage stand and will stay home. The fork is already in Barack Hussein Obama in Ohio.

    • 1.37…

      Sorry, jerk, but your messiah is heading for a defeat. Check current electoral college values on RealClearPolitics: your boy wonder is losing.

      Toughen up, as it is going to be a rough four years for you. Fool.

  • Banastre Tarleton

    Furthermore , Romneys only real hope was that he could thrash and humiliate Obama in the remaining debates like he did in the first one ….HE HAS FAILED, Obama has recovered and is on the slow , but methodical road to victory

    • Jean

      Are you liberal liars up early or out late?

      • Banastre Tarleton

        We're up early enough to see who's going to win …It will not even dawn upon you that Obama's won until he's back in the Oval Office , with his feet up on the desk , puffing on a big cigar and gently humming , hmm…hmmmm… hmmmmmmmmmm

        • davarino

          Wow, youve figured it out, genious. I cant wait for the free everything, it will be awsome : )

        • dmw

          Uh, make that "continuing" to have his feet up on the desk. As I recall, Ronald Reagan NEVER did that and never sought to have his feet on American's necks, O-Phony's footstool (as Mr. Jones apparently recognizes in his daily life).

        • reader

          So, why did you lie the other day of being a Romney supporter? Oops. Just caught trolling. Obama is toast. Just like the Walker recallers in Wisconsin were. There're a bunch of you Walker recall watchers are still here – instead of crawling back to a union fox hole you came out of.

        • cjk

          I think you mean on his knees gently humming in front of Reggie Lover Boy.

    • UsurperinChief

      Candy Crowley took the Benghazi football from Romney at a time in the debate when Romney was kicking the Usurper's butt. She later took the Benghazi to the replay booth and reversed her call (too late for that debate, damage was done). Ah, but the luck of the day, there is one more debate and guess what , the topic is foreign policy. Romney has the Benghazi football in his hands and he will expose just how pitiful the Obama foreign policy is and he will use the Benghazi as an example. No debate in the world will stop Romney from going into the end zone this time. He will stick the fork in Barack. Gallup has Romney up SEVEN (7), yes that would be SEVEN!

  • sebyandrew

    you'll be using another handle soon…better invent that rather than this false narrative.

  • davarino

    It should be obvious that the media is helping Obama, and yet Romney is winning. Its amazing how the people know the difference between $hit and shinola. I guess pretty soon they just wont allow Romney to speak, because thats just not fair talking about Obama's record and all. I mean, after all, Obama has only had 4 years. He needs a whole decade to totally revamp the American system and make it look something like what he has dreamed about his whole life. Ya, the richest nation on earth, the nation that people kill themselve to become a part of needs to be changed to look like some communist/socialist nation that people kill themselves to leave.

  • HermitLion

    So, Obama's strategy now is to repeat what Romney says, in the hope that the cheering masses, who can't follow his track record, will give him a chance to do the same things he didn't bother to fix in the last four years.

    I call it, the "hope at least 51% of them are too stupid to pay attention" doctrine, and unfortunately it is a pretty effective way to tackle the challenge.

  • amused

    LOL….for once Coulter has spoken the truth [accidentally ] . The Independents , NPA's and undecided voters will NOT be fooled by the cheerleaders NOR the post debate blustering by EITHER Party .The partisans of either side have already made their choice , however they both know that Independents , Centrists and NPA's in addition to the undecided in both Parties will in fact decide this election.
    These are the peole who listen to the rhetoric of both sides and then fact check the claims , something that Rigty and Lefty Blogs are totally devoid of . EVERY statement made by either Romney or Obama CAN be fact checked EVERY ONE of them . Politifact is only one of NON-PARTISAN websites , allthough the whiners on the right have accused Politifact of partisanship , that LIE can easily be evaporated with a simple visit to the website .
    In FACT the biggest whopper of the Republican Party is Obama's wild spending is the highest of all previous Administrations …lol…really ?
    Go check Market Watch and get the truth –

    • UsurperinChief

      …..and the UNDECIDED always go to the challenger, ALWAYS!

      • amused

        riiiiiiight .

  • amused

    LOL….or you can remain in self-imposed ignorance and buy another of Coulter's books . She's giving them out for free ……….isn't she ?

    • sebyandrew

      she'd rip you apart and still keep her humanity in the process

      • Maxie

        Nah, Confused would bury her in LOL's!

        • amused

          The only people dumber than Coulter herself , are the idiots who shell out bucks for her fractured faireytale books . Likethe two above . You can fix broken , but you cant fix stupid …..accept your fates .

          • sebyandrew

            You've got enough trouble with your own. No need to lecture anyone else on theirs.

  • Atikva

    How could Mr. Obama possibly explain how he's going to save our economy, reduce our debt and strengthen our foreign policy when he plans to do exactly the opposite?

    He doesn't want to create jobs,
    He doesn't want the economy to improve,
    He doesn't want to reduce the debt,
    He doesn't want lower gas price,
    and he certainly doesn't want America to regain its former position in the Middle East & elsewhere.

    Don't you understand? He is following exactly what he had planned to do from the beginning as the anti-capitalist, anti-"colonialist" and anti-American socialist he is. What he has accomplished for the pasts 4 years constitutes the "change" he means to bring about., i.e. the end of America as a free, prosperous and strong country. All the rest is smokescreen.

    I almost pity him trying to appear like he shares the same goals as his opponent when actually his are the exact opposite.

    So what is the point discussing the media-collabo’s efforts to maintain the fallacy about Mr. Obama's plans, it's too late. Those of us who are not yet totally indoctrinated have opened our eyes to reality.

    We don’t want any more attempts to make America into an islamo socialist country – WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  • Banastre Tarleton

    OHIO is the ''hinge of fate '' that this election turns on and Obama looks set to win it …….Romney will find it very , VERY difficult to win without it , even if he wins Florida , NC and Virginia ; he will still need to win Wisconsin , or Mitchigin and Nevada and Iowa
    Obama has 120 campaign offices in Ohio while Romney has 40 and THAT is what community organizing is all about ; he's been over this battleground 4 years earlier and WON , while Romney is amateurish , improvised and merely reacting to Obama's moves

    • Stephen_Brady

      You've got it wrong, sir. Community organizing is not about winning elections. It is about destroying whole communities, so that they become totally dependent upon an all-powerful government. Only the last phase in community organizing is about winning elections.

      The goal? To stay in power permanently. And when that happens, professional agitators and protestors are placed in front of a firing squad. After all, no dictatorship can suffer the existence of a professional protesting class.

      • amused

        what a croc of steaming .S. Brady . According to this oligarchy you suck up to [ as well as conservatives in general] all the little peones should get back to work and keep their mouths shut , and if the status quo seems to be crushing the working class well , how dare they organize , f there are pressing social or civic problems that the elkected ignore , HOW DARE THE PEOPLE ORGANIZE AND SPEAK UP .
        Screw you Brady and the rest of the shiiithead conservatives , this aint the Soviet Union r Communist China , everyone has theCONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OF FREE ASSEMBLY & SPEECH .
        Read and understand the Constitution that you all so sanctimoniously[ anf hypocritically ] wrap yourselves in . Community Organizing isn't going away anytime soon .If anyone initiates firing squads it will most likely be you psuedo-facists in the conservative party .

        • Army/Navy Veteran

          You have your facts wrong, as most libs do. Historically speaking, all Fascist Regimes always come from the Left, not the Right. Presently, the threats to our Constitutional freedoms have all come from the Liberals, not the Conservatives. The assaults upon the First Amendment Freedom of Religion (it is NOT Freedom FROM Religion as the Lefties believe) are coming from the Left, as is the assault on our Individual (NOT collective) Right to bear arms for SELF DEFENSE (NOT for Hunting!). You have nothing to fear from Conservatives, except you may be forced to actually pay taxes if you are part of the 47% who pay NOTHING and yet get a frigging refund! (actually a Left wing bribe for your vote!)

        • Stephen_Brady

          "croc of steaming S", "peones [sic]" "Screw you" "shiiithead"

          Your posts are so intellectually-based.

          Nevertheless …

          Every time you open your mouth … as it were … you prove that you are NOT, in fact, an independent, but are indebted and dedicated to the imposition of a Leftist (which could be communist or fascist) dream.

          Free assembly and speech is only used by the "community organizers". When they have their way, they will destroy it.

          • Leauxryda

            Hey SB…..hope all is well your end.

            Wanted to touch base with you here as opposed "elsewhere" to let you know if all goes well with out plans, the nestmate and I may end up "just across the river" from your neck of the woods visiting family. And if so, would love to buy you a beer if that's cool with you. Nothing solid yet…..but in the works.

          • Stephen_Brady

            Sorry for the delay. Sounds good. a cool one is always good!

          • Leauxryda

            No apologies necessary…..I'll let you know when that time comes. Thanks and my best to you and yours!

  • dmw

    Oh, we just sooooo love "process".

  • Iratus Vulgas

    Obama snarled and snapped like an alpha dog defending his turf. What he didn’t figure on was getting challenged by another alpha dog who had serious teeth of his own. On a visceral level, I think some voters could see which one was the real leader of the pack. And it ain’t that yappy Obama.

  • amused

    LOL…whenever I hit "the nerve of truth " as sure as the sun will rise , those thumbs down come-a – rollin ' in . Maybe some of you lazy asssses could actually break out of echo-chamber and make objective assessment of the statements both candidates make , nnnaaaaaaa- that might expose you to reality ! Ahhh go ahead , go ouit and buy another Coulter, after all she's never held herself accountable for what she writes or says , and she' s laughing all the way to bank with wheelbarrows filled with sucker-money .
    I'll remain "amused " …thanks for the entertainment .

    • reader

      Objective assessment? How about objective assessment of reality? Obama is toast.

      • reader

        Oh, I forgot this: LOL….

  • Iratus Vulgas

    Good to see Bemused still running with the pack. I'd figured that high school was back in session or maybe that drug store job opened up again. In any case, no thread is complete without that labored humor we've grown to know and love. In the vernacular of the canine, we appreciate the Alphas, and Betas in any discussion. But we should remember that the Omega dog is also essential to complete the group. For that we owe the Clever Mr. A some thanks.

    • sebyandrew

      i gotta give you that one. He's the yip to AC's YAp

      • amused

        yea , and you and Iratus Folio eat the same dog biscuits . btw , I don't respond to dog whistles.

  • Ghostwriter

    Let's be honest here. President Obama has NOT done a good job,and that something those like amused can't seem to grasp.

    • amused

      HONEST ?? YOU DOLTS HERE wouldn't know honest if it fell out of a tree and hit you on the head .

  • pinnie99

    BO has got nothing…he was a freak from day one….. MSM got him elected….

    • amused

      uh …no ..actually a majority of the electorate and the majority of electoral votes got him elected .

  • dennis x

    willard is just a liar, wake up people the only place he ever govern was Massachusetts. He did such a good job that the President is up by 20 points!!! FOMO!

  • JCS

    What a name Banastre Tarleton. Obviously you side with the British in the American Revolution.
    Who did you side with in World War II, der Fuehrer?

  • george

    unfotunately no matter who wins this country is in such a hole that it is not going to be able to get out of !!! the leadership of this country over the last 100 years has been so corrupt that nothing is going to stop this implosion !!! , the hate and greed running thru out this country ( egged on by our own leaders ) has sent this nation to the edge with no way of healing itself or fixing itself . so keep fighting among each other while rome burns !!! , when this country implodes it will take thr rest of the world with it !!! it is very sad to watchand depressing to be a part of !!!!!!! ( luke 21 : 34-36 ) , may "GOD" have mercy on humanity as "HE" exacts"HIS" righteous judgement on this "cesspool" that we have created !!!!!!!

  • popseal

    When I was leaving my home town having abandoned the place to corruption and stupidiy, the Mayor was on local TV correcting the theology of ministers that presented videos of the New OrleansFrench Quarter homosexual romp known as 'Decadance Festival'. Apparently SODOMY IN THE STREET is OK by now federal bureaucrat Marc Morial. We preachers need to keep ringing the bell against these kinds of people and their reprobate actvities.

  • amused

    Yea damn those homos , but it's still ok to hate your neighbor ,. cheat on your income tax , bear false witness , be a racist and bigot , and teach hatred tyo your children .

    Yea you ring the bell Preacher , in fact Bang the Gong .

    • sebyandrew

      You are living proof that one need not be religious to be self-righteous.