The Recall Heard Around the World

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I watched the Wisconsin returns on MSNBC Tuesday night, and it came right down to the wire between “the Democrats were outspent 7-to-1″ and “Republicans are stripping union rights!” As we go to press it’s still too close to call.

President Obama wanted to go to Wisconsin, but he just didn’t have time. He’s been doing so many campaign fundraisers lately he barely has time to play golf.

The left’s “outspent” argument is ridiculous. Unions take money by force from members, hire hundreds of political operatives and give them salaries to work on campaigns, then call them “volunteers” so their work isn’t reported as a campaign contribution.

Luckily for them, government employees’ non-punishing work schedules leave them plenty of time to be in a constant state of grievance, demanding recalls after any election they lose, and mobilizing voters.

This election had nothing to do with people being paid a fair wage for the work they do. The question is: Do you want a society where the people whose salaries you pay make more than those who pay them?

The Democrats will do anything the government unions ask, because (1) It’s not their money they’re spending, it’s the taxpayers'; and (2) Government unions reciprocate by making sure the Democrats keep getting re-elected.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is about to turn New York into Pottersville from “It’s a Wonderful Life” by legalizing gambling so he can keep paying the unions.

All manufacturing has been driven out of the state by high taxes — and by well-compensated government employees who make it impossible to do business in New York. The state’s principal cash cow, New York City, is now entirely composed of a tiny slice of Wall Streeters and the people who serve them –- personal trainers, doormen, maids, doctors, lawyers, restaurateurs and Keith Olbermann’s cat groomer.

Outside of New York City, everyone works for the government. But there’s no actual industry in the state. People are fleeing New York faster than Democrat legislators fled Wisconsin before a vote they were going to lose.

Soon it will be just another mid-range, dying state. If the financial sector ever leaves, New York City will be Detroit, which itself was once the nation’s crown jewel metropolis.

So Cuomo’s going to bring in casinos to save public sector salaries, perks and pensions. Democrats don’t care that gambling destroys neighborhoods and ruins lives. They will do anything to keep government employees happy. They’ll legalize drugs or sell body parts to keep paying off public sector workers.

There’s a reason both FDR and labor leader George Meany said it would be insane to ever allow government employees to unionize. People who work for the government don’t have a hard-driving capitalist boss on the other side of the bargaining table demanding more work for less pay.

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  • Rocky Mountain

    The size and number of government buildings in downtown Buffalo confirms Ann's portrait of NY as a state devoted to taxation.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    44 year old Scott Walker kept his job as Wisconsin's 45th governor thus foreshadowing election day when Mitt Romney will be elected 45th president retiring number 44 to the ash heap of leftist history.

    Click ApolloSpeaks to read my widely linked piece: "Ronald Reagan, Wisconsin's Recall Vote And The 1920 Presidential Race." It's mind blowing.

  • davarino

    I agree with Rebecca Kleefisch, this is the beginning. Look, Scott did not abolish govment unions, he only asked that they contribute to their bennies like all the rest of us schmucks. What makes them so special? And I think that is what made the electorate wake up for this recall. I have no problem with private sector unions, I dont have to buy their product. They are free to shoot themselves in the foot all they want, but public sector unions are a different bread. They extort money from me, the tax payor, and make me buy their "product?".

    This is the rallying point

  • StephenD

    Good point. Walker DIDN'T eliminate the Unions. He merely asked them to take on their share of the burden and also to allow for FREE WILL MEMBERSHIP as opposed to mandatory membership. If anything, the so called "Liberals" should applaud this. I have no problem with there being an employee advocate for working conditions or representation in discipline procedures, etc. There is a place for such people. But there is no longer a need for the unions as they currently exist. This was the beginning. My money says we'll see many more municipalities wake up and begin to do what is right by the folks paying the tab.

  • hammar

    Turning America around is the first thing we must achieve together. Scott Walker won because the people in Wisconsin believed that. It is a "one step @a time" process and it will take time and votes. So we must vote this
    amateur out of the White House to move forward or He will destroy all our ways of life. So vote and pray!

  • BS77

    Read Ann Coulter's DEMONIC……for an in depth and definitively researched book on the nature of the leftist mob mentality and behavior, historically and currently.

  • Michael Canzano

    Just when I thought the liberal mind set was too far entrenched and pandemic in voter choices for insanity over
    common sense , the Wisconsin recall election showed me insanity does not rule . In a "D" state a Conservative
    was elected twice in his first term . My prayers are that common sense will carry over into November.
    May America become America again. Amen !
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • marios

    V. Lenin, the leader of Russian 1917 revolution said "Unions are the school of communism". Indeed. Only 7% of private sectors have Unions and that percentage continue shrinking as they bankrupt private companies. Look at our not long time ago famous prosperous automotive companies. Unions bankrupted them. So they occupied Government jobs sector. It was great idea: Government is not responsible for anything, government use not his own money but our, tax payers money. Chicago political style "pay to play" is reflected Government Unions activity. Government provide them special conditions which is advantage but not equal opportunity as in fair capitalists world and Unions always paid back supporting Democrats , Big Labor bosses salaries 700000 to more than $1,000,000. Not bad. They know what they are fighting for.

  • truebearing

    Scott Walker has shown us a path to freedom from the Democrat/union collective extortion racket, but there needs to be more clarity on what made Walker's leadership so effective.. Yes, Walker showed courage, and many think that is the path. Not exactly, though courage is indispensible.

    What Walker did in his battle with the unions was something we expect from a politician even less than courage. Walker was openly willing to lose his governorship. He did what needed to be done, though aware that he could well lose his office. He was willing to sacrifice his own personal gain, fame, etc for the good of Wisconsin's citizens. He did what he did out of principle and altruism.

  • truebearing

    In M. Scott Peck's "People of the Lie," he asserts that evil must be eliminated in this world by people willing to sacrifice themselves to end it. He also points out that evil can't understand self-sacrifice because of the intensely ego-centered nature of evil. Walker defeated the union's evil by being willing to sacrifice any personal ambition.

    Now compare Walker to Obama, who calculated that helping his union buddies might hurt his reelection, so he failed to honor his words of promise to the unions. Obama proved graphically that nothing and no one is important enough to him to even consider giving up power. That should chill every spine in America. He is not a good man.