The Time Will Come When 51% Pay No Taxes

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At a private gathering, Romney told donors that Obama had a lock on the 47 percent of voters “who pay no income tax” and “believe the government has a responsibility to care for them.” This was deeply offensive to people who pay no income tax and believe the government has a responsibility to care for them.

But no matter how much the media belch out the usual cliches — out of touch, insensitive, racist, not one of us, Thurston Howell, etc. etc. — all most people heard was: FORTY-SEVEN PERCENT OF AMERICANS PAY NO INCOME TAX?

A friend of mine who spent time in Russia during the ’70s told me that whenever a Russian would bring up the extensive coverage of Watergate, he’d sigh, thinking he’d have to explain that the American political system was not as corrupt as the commissars would have it. But all they ever wanted to ask him was: “Do all Americans have such nice shoes?”

The lesson is: You can’t always control what the audience notices.

Thanks to the myopia of our one-party media, most journalists are firmly convinced that voters will be appalled by Romney’s description of 47 percent of Americans as supporting Obama because they pay no income tax. (Yes, head-up-their-butts journalists in the charming little burg of Manhattan are complaining that Romney isn’t connecting with ordinary people.)

But the only people shocked by Romney’s statement of fact are those who would never vote Republican under any circumstances. Everyone else is saying, “Is it really as high as 47 percent?” — as the media impotently shouts, “No, you idiot! That’s not the point!”

There’s going to come a time, in the not-distant future, when it’s 51 percent paying no income tax. And when that happens, the party of big government will never lose another election. America will become indistinguishable from Western European nanny states — except there will be no America to protect us.

The media happen to love the party of big government with all their heart, so from now until the election, no matter what Romney says, they plan to be scandalized.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    When it's 51 percent paying no income tax, when half of the nation becomes freeloaders – and PROUD, you have exactly the stage, identified by Alexis de Tocqueville two centuries ago: The stage when the low life voters discovered that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.

    Just some fifty years ago, it was still generally considered shameful to be a freeloader, even among poor people. Their honesty and work ethic made America great then. Now we came to the opposite, when freeloaders are proud, and demand more and more.

    Nobody can admonished them to voluntarily change their way and become moral and prudent again. No amount of speeches or apologies can reverse this erosion of morality caused by 100 years of unsuppressed communist propaganda…

    Yes, it is impossible to vote out the "dear leader" of freeloaders – the dispenser of the treasury and destroyer of America. Fortunately he can be defeated even prior to the election because he happened to be (among other things) a revealed identity thief, forger and fraud. Expose him fully – and that will be the end of his campaign!

    In the remaining one month, the general election challenges filed by Dr. Taitz will be heard in GA, IN, MS, CA, and KS. (And may be more). These challenges are based on the most solid expertises and testimonies, including the affidavit of Sheriff Arpaio. Still not enough Mr. Romney?

    The mere fact of Romney's willingness to run against a notorious thief (!) not uttering a word about his thievery means that Romney has lost the human dignity! (Never mind the integrity and duty to uphold the Constitution).

    Thanks to the myopia of our TOTALITARIAN media, DE-FACTO ONE PARTY SYSTEM, and your personal vehement denial of illegitimacy and criminality of Obama/Soetoro, Ms. Coulter, this disgrace of America lasts 4 ugly years (and deemed to be more – if your owners and your party have it their way).

  • tarleton

    The 47% will soon become the 51% and herald in the EU nanny state …that IS the future

    The Left has Hollywood pulling for it 24/7 with its drip drip drip of liberal subliminal messages…it has crafted and shaped the worldview of a whole generation ; THIS is the future

    After Obamas preformance as president over the last 4 years it should be a landslide , but the fact that it's close , with obama even ahead, shows clearly that there has been a radical re-alinement of the political axis over the last decade …….OBAMA IS NOT A FLUKE … he represents the spirit of the times ……HE'S HERE TO STAY

    • Fritz

      Then how do you explain the Republican takeover of 2010, the elections of Chris Christy, Scott Walker, and other Republicans of state governorships, all of which are fiscal conservatives. How about the Republican takeover of several state legislatures. Or the enactment of right to work laws stripping big labor of their money and political power. How about the failed recall election in Wisconsin in spite of all of the big labor and public freeloaders there. No this is not over, and if you think it is then you may as well put your head between your knees and kiss yourself goodbye. But I suspect that you aren't really a conservative anyhow, you are a Democrat interloper trying to demoralize the conservative side by playing a Casandra. IT AIN"T OVER UNTIL ELECTION DAY!

      • Fritz

        Actually I was wrong, you are not like a Casandra, you are more like a Tokyo Rose/Axis Sally,Lord Ha Ha, the propagandist radio personalities that Japan and Germany broadcast to allied troop in an attempt to demoralize them. In short you are full of it.

      • tarleton

        Well if you have the courage of your convictions you should go on INTADE ….you can triple your money in 45 days ….talk is cheap

      • tarleton

        The polls are accurate …..they were 4 years ago , 8 years ago and are NOW …Obama is confidently striding out over the last mile home for almost certain victory …Romney is handicaped by ROMNEY
        I wish it wasn't so , but it is

        America is no longer a center Right country , it's becoming increasingly centerLeft
        Over the last 20 years or so there has been a radical re-alinement of the political axis …Obama is the result …this really is the ''dawning of the age of Obama ''

  • pierce

    Wasn't it once said "Pride goeth before the fall". Well it seems quite apparent that there are too many people with their hand out, and I am beginning to wish I am one of them, but then again no I don't. Oh well said tarleton.

    • Jossi

      Indeed pierce, and permit me to complete what "was once said" and is still valid today: "Pride goes before ruin (fall) and arrogance before failure". And these are the words of King Solomon! Human nature didn't change…..

  • Jossi

    I'm firmly convinced America will implode before 51% will be freeloaders. America turned in a few decades from the largest world creditor nation to the largest debtor nation, and now having reached 100% ratio debt/GDP without counting the future social security, medicare and so forth. The political establishment (repub/dem) are unable and unwilling in their totality to take corrective action, even if single Congressmen or Senators are well admitting the problems. I fear America is toast as we know it today.
    The pride has been broken and the writing's on the wall.

  • clarespark

    The secret to the success of the Democratic Party lies in the long history of populism, which I have traced over many years. See…. "Index to blogs on populist demagoguery." Communism relies upon the populist "soak the rich" concept, which predated 1917.

  • clarespark

    I especially recommend this blog, which surprised even me:…. "Before Saul Alinsky: Rules for Democratic Politicians." Or think Andrew Jackson and the campaign of 1828.

  • CurmudgyOneJr

    Mr. Romney needs to study films and texts of Ronal Reagan's speeches — the texts to get the true flavor of what a Conservative must communicate, the films to learn how to become a better and more inspiring speaker.

    He might become a great President, if elected, but he must be a great campaigner to beat the Obama machine.

    • wsk

      Absolutely correct.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    The 47% is a fraudulent premise for a very bad argument. It is a fraud because even if you imagine that the federal income tax is the one magical tax that will determine an individual's vote, which it isn't, the actual number of people dependent on the government for pay and benefits is much larger. Plus, everyone pays taxes of some sort. And, all of those taxes provide pay and benefits to the huge majority of Americans who depend on the government for some tangible benefit. Basically, all retirees, government workers at every level of government (many millions) everyone in retirement homes, everyone collecting social security, medicare, disability, etc. Everyone working in a subsidized business, all defense related contractors and sub contractors, all people in or associated with the education system, all charities, most of the agriculture industry, everyone in the energy industry, all manufacturing, anyone with a mortgage, student loan, everyone who uses mass transit and the list goes on and on. So, Ann Coulter and Mitt Romney foolishly think 47% is the important number? And the idiot 'conservatives' who are proud of paying that magical income tax? I guess they don't know that by paying more than they take, they subsidize the almost universal dependency they claim to dislike. Silly so-called conservatives, you are a big part of the problem. Oh, and by the way, most of the people who derive some tangible benefit from the government will not vote for the guy who says he's gonna cut back. Once again, the herd rules and off the cliff we go. Thank you, poser conservative morons. Since you payed for the ride, are you still proud to pay federal income tax?

    • Fritz

      Except that I would argue that you would have to look at how much someone pays in taxes verses what they collect in benefits. You also cannot count a tax credit as a subsidy, many on the left do this and it is a fraudulent accounting practice, a tax credit means that you pay the government less money in taxes, the government isn't giving you anything.. A subsidy, on the other hand, means that government cuts you a cheque and gives you or your business someone else's money.
      One factor that never seems to enter into the arguement is whether those receiving a government cheque are doing so because they want to or because they have to. When the economy is bad people go onto unemployment insurance, which in theory they paid into, and if the unemployment runs out, and they can't find a job, they go onto welfare. In in all honesty would someone prefer to have a $40,000 + a year job or live on a fraction of that from government cheques and food stamps?
      The same is true of pensions and the U.S Medicare program, as far as the recipients are concerned they are collecting something that they paid into during their working lives, rightly or wrongly they don't view it as a reward for voting for a given politician. But we are talking about human individuals, not Pavlov's dogs, as Chris Christy as demonstrated in New Jersey ( a liberal state by the way) you can reason with people is you tell the truth and explain why you need to reform something, or why a freebee has to go away. So I am not totally convinced that there is a concrete ratio of taxpayers to recipients where a nation becomes like Greece. I think that the ration we should be looking at is what percentage of the workforce hold government jobs, particularly unionized government jobs, (in Greece it was about 40% of the workforce) those are a direct drain on the economy and on government finances, this is what is dragging Greece and other European states under.

      • W. C. Taqiyya

        Fritz, your reply is good. Sure, people can be reasoned with, as Christie did in New Jersey. But, nobody is making that kind of well reasoned argument for the republican candidate. The only thing people hear from Romney is cut backs on domestic spending, no tax increases and more defense spending. Going bankrupt for super jets we don't need or for food stamps is the question for voters it seems. Goodness knows, whether they want the benefit or just need it or paid for it partially or not at all or whatever the case may be, no voter wants to be on the short end of any cut back. Which is my main point. Thus, the majority will vote Obama. Now, if the dummies on the right would start talking about consolidating government services and delivering services more efficiently, keeping more money at the state and local level and trimming government employees through attrition thereby improving benefits for less money, that might make a difference. But they don't. Instead of talking about some of the better options in the Simpson/Boles plan, they say anyone 55 and over doesn't need to worry about social security. Which is a great way to make everyone, especially those under 55, worry a lot. It's just nonsense all around. Both parties love huge government and most Americans feed at the trough in some manner. It's not Pavlovian exactly, but it is human behavior in groups and fairly predictable. Self interest rules and most individuals will see which side the of the bread is buttered. Now, when I see these supposedly sincere and supposedly intelligent pundits for the right talk about that idiotic 47%, it makes me scream inside. Who are they really trying to help? BTW, I tend to agree that the number of government employees is an important factor, as you said. I also agree that most folks would rather earn a decent paycheck than subsist on government aid. Thanks for the reply.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    In all of this discussion of liberal inspired govt benefits, we may have forgotten about the confused pseudo economists who defend this Bizarro World system of income redistribution. Tax reform and cutting govt spending are no brainers. The only question remaining is how soon.

  • tarleton

    Sometime in the last few years America reached a tipping point where the Hollywood indoctrinated Liberal fools outnumber the traditional conservative folk ….OBAMA is not a flash in the pan created by ''white guilt '' or an unpopular war , he's HERE TO STAY , the spirit of the times …'s a generational thing as young folk are becoming increasingly liberal
    America is becoming a center Left country instead of a center Right , unfortunately

  • cynthia curran

    Well, I do pay taxes with an income under 30,000, usually you don't if you have kids,

  • Loyal Achates

    You guys are a trip. Have you never heard of payroll taxes? I paid 12% of my income even when I was making $4,000 a year working part-time as a student. That 47% includes children, elderly people on social security, and active-duty servicemen, by the way. Bunch of moochers!