Why Liberals Behave the Way They Do

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My smash best-seller “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America” has just come out in paperback — and not a moment too soon! Democrats always become especially mob-like during presidential election campaigns.

The “root cause” of the Democrats’ wild allegations against Republicans, their fear of change, their slogans and insane metaphors, are all explained by mass psychology, diagnosed more than a century ago by the French psychologist Gustave Le Bon, on whose work much of my own book is based.

Le Bon’s 1896 book, “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind,” was carefully read by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in order to learn how to incite mobs. Our liberals could have been Le Bon’s study subjects.

With the country drowning in debt and Medicare and Social Security on high-speed bullet trains to bankruptcy, the entire Democratic Party refuses to acknowledge mathematical facts. Instead, they incite the Democratic mob to hate Republicans by accusing them of wanting to kill old people.

According to a 2009 report — before Obama added another $5 trillion to the national debt — Obama’s own treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, stated that in less than 10 years, spending on major entitlement programs, plus interest payments on the national debt, would consume 92 cents of every dollar in federal revenue.

That means no money for an army, a navy, rockets, national parks, food inspectors, air traffic controllers, highways, and so on. Basically, the entire federal budget will be required just to pay for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — and the cost of borrowing money to pay for these programs.

When Social Security was enacted in 1935, the average lifespan was 61.7 years. Today, it’s almost 79 and rising. But liberals believe the age at which people can begin collecting Social Security must never, ever be changed, even to save Social Security itself.

Mobs, according to Le Bon, have a “fetish-like respect” for tradition, except moral traditions because crowds are too impulsive to be moral. That’s why liberals say our Constitution is a “living, breathing” document that sprouts rights to gay marriage and abortion, but the age at which Social Security and Medicare benefits kick in is written in stone.

Le Bon says that it is lucky “for the progress of civilization that the power of crowds only began to exist when the great discoveries of science and industry had already been effected.” If “democracies possessed the power they wield today at the time of the invention of mechanical looms or of the introduction of steam-power and of railways, the realization of these inventions would have been impossible.”

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  • Schlomotion

    Ms. Coulter claims that "liberals say our Constitution is a 'living, breathing' document that sprouts rights to gay marriage and abortion."

    I thought, liberals, like Fareed Zakaria, who like Ms. Coulter also bases much of his writing on the writing of others, say the Constitution is a dead document, passe and full of archaic, quaint, and obsolete values.

    Didn't she read the smash new article by Bruce Thornton proclaiming that the word "liberal" doesn't mean anything anymore? If "liberal" doesn't mean anything, then how can "Liberal Mob" mean anything, and consequently, how can Ms. Coulter's "smash best-selling paperback" mean anything?

    • Rifleman

      So, the left makes no sense, and you blame the Right for that too? I'm not surprised. Hope you didn't strain anything coming up with that post Schlomo.

    • kafir4life

      The liberal zakaria doesn't "base" his writings on anything. He "steals" the writings of others. That's one of the main tenents of liberalism, someone wlse does your thinking (and by extension, wrigint) for you.

      allahu snackbar, schlomie. allahu snackbar.

      • Schlomotion

        That's easy for you to say.

    • davarino

      Wow, that is the smartest thing I ever heard anyone say about anything.

      So liberal doesnt mean anything because its been rebranded into progressive? Hey, I think thats what commies call themselves now. Oops, I think its about time for another re-branding. Thats funny how the left has to keep re-branding itself in order to hide what its all about. Has it occured to you that the left cannot be fully honest and open about what its real agenda is? Doesnt that say something about its basic philosophy? That most people's bull$hit-ometer would go tilt if they knew what was really going on?

    • jmz

      actually libs started the claim that the Constitution is a living document not ann. libs change their argument to suit their desires. They also change their name too, communist, liberal, progressive, social democratic are all different names for the same inept animal Ann is talking about. libs believe in sharing the wealth…just not their wealth. they believe in freedom of speech…unless its something they dont like. they want govt out of their lives but they want the same govt to pay for their every need and desire. power hungry primary libs incite mob mentality because the facts do not matter in mobs ..only emotion. libs believe the constitution is dead as a set document. however it seems you already know all this. this is why the post from you come from a smart azz faux-intellectual smugness.

    • teq

      Liberalism used to mean something but it was replaced by progressivism. The old liberalism is now referred to as "Classical Liberalism." Many conservatives, like Hayek were classical liberals.

      A "living Constitution" means a constitution that can be changed every year according to fashionable trends. Roe v. Rade based itself on the Constitutional Right to Privacy. As if the Founders had baby-killing in mind when they composed that! These folks even believe that the Bible is a living document and can be changed every year to conform with the latest fads.

  • BS77

    Demonic, Ann Coulter's excellent book…full of careful research and FACTS, should be required reading. The contrast between the French Revolution and the American couldn't be more stark…..The screaming yelling morons of Occupy are the unwitting inheritors of the French model….hysteria, violence, anarchy, vandalism and irrationality.
    This is the left.

  • Choi

    And the LEFT tells SUFFERING Americans to "Eat Cake".

  • Rothschild

    With the Clintonian triangulation politics , and identity politics of the 90s, most of the liberals became progressives…which may be a good thing for liberal pacifists such as myself.

    • Western Spirit

      What is a liberal pacifist? A "liberal" who isn't actively fighting in the war against freedom?

      • Rothschild

        Yes…but with non-violent (pacifistic) eastern principles of Ahimsa; adopted for Americans…. seeking a true liberal, ideal or utopian life, with liberty and the pursuit of happiness….and experiment seeking a true democracy.

        • Drakken

          The problem with goofy pacifists like you is, your always buried in mass graves because your too cowardly to protect yourself.

        • JakeTobias

          Rothschild, I'm afraid I have to agree with Drakken. If you follow the logic of pacifism consistently, you wind up in an early grave. Or you wind up thinking like Gandhi, who advised the Jews to "accept" Nazi aggression, and allow themselves to be exterminated. He admitted the Jews would be dead, but at least they would retain their moral superiority over the Nazis. Or, you wind up conquered like Tibet. No matter what your principles are, or what part of the world they come from, pacifism is surrender.

        • HoR_Emperor

          "Pacifism is objectively pro-Nazi." — George Orwell, 1941

  • amused

    LOLOL….oh look who's calling the kettle black ! It's Ann Coulter again . Oh yea , an it those demons again ..lol… as for Social Security of which the Federal Government owes about 1 trillion dollars to , due to their fiscal finagling over the years , but a fact that you leave out , whether due to misinformation , ignorance or both , remember when you [if ever ] worked for a living Ann ? way back in the early 70's if you made $ X you'd see thatv the social security deductions stopped usually late Nov. or Dec . Aside from about two years , that s' the only time I saw it in my paycheck . So , what does that mean ? It means that adjustments to that SS deduction changed year to year , going up of course every year to reflect the overall funding of SS . Just as Medicare premiums payable by those on SS /Medicare have increased . So someone is fiscally paying attention . SS will be fine if the politicians stop using it as a political football ….but right now ..lol..it's all a matter of " FEAR MONGERING " as the political argument . Hey didn't I hear that term out of your mouth , at the top of the thread ? I smell a new book …whaddya say Ann ?

    • jmz

      SS was never meant to be a retirement plan its meant as a backup in case you outlived your own. It is BANKRUPT. you see it go up because the system is screwed and the amt of people using it just increased exponetially. You know its going to hell, the simple truth is if it was ok then the fearmongering done by OBAMA wouldnt matter. but OBAMA just gutted your lovely system to pay for another bankrupt entitlement. Tell YOU what. lets make it an entirely voluntary system where you can choose to opt out of it. if you are correct and we are just 'fear mongering' then it should be fine ..right? and then no politician can use it as 'political football' right? i smell a liberal excuse.commin.whatya say amuzed

    • Eva

      Move to North Korea, "amused". A lot of people on this forum would be happy to buy you a one-way ticket.

  • tanstaafl jw

    Being a progressive means never having to say you're sorry.

    • amused

      being conservative means never even ackowledging you are wrong ,whether you Know it or not , and therefore Never , ever , ever having to say your sorry . [even when you KNOW you're wrong ]

      • Rothschild

        Conservatives, fix the game and the books, so they think they are not doing anything wrong, because they are playing by the fixed rules…(the rules)…progressives, are to incompetent to know they are playing in a rigged game; then if they find out they were in a rigged game; would never admit they were wrong.

        The liberal pacifists know that the game is rigged from day one.

        • jmz

          ok then either play the game or be run over cause this conspiracy bs is really old. there is no area 51 aliens using mind control. we DID land on the moon, 9-11 was done by islam. you are not in possestion of any secret knowlege. you do not know aything I do not know. Please hop off the tinfoil hat train and join us in the real world

          • Rothschild

            But, what if I know how to win?..won’t the casino house at Wall Street be a tad upset?..You do know Wall Street is a casino?

      • Maxie

        A textbook example of 'projection'

  • pagegl

    Leftists/progressives/whatever they call themselves behave the way they do for a very simple reason: hive mentality. Individual units can be lost but the hive must survive. Kind of explains why leftists such as William Ayers and others of his ilk were/are willing to eliminate those they feel cannnot be 'reeducated'.

  • tagalog

    Liberals behave the way they do because:

    1. They want the people to divide their wealth up and share that wealth commonly;

    2. Since dividing up the wealth among everyone will be financially helpful to the poverty-stricken, it's automatically the right thing and therefore doesn't need to be examined;

    3. Those who have examined that premise and who have rejected it are in favor of oppressing others;

    4. The oppression of the poor can be enlarged to racial, ethnic, and sexual groups, whether minorities or not;

    5. Since those who disagree with the fundamental liberal assumption are oppressors, they are, of course, bad people;

    6. The longer the oppressors resist the spreading of the wealth, the more obvious it becomes that they're not only bad people, but evil;

    7. To a certain type of mind, once one is on the side of the right one may do anything, however evil, to the evil people, and therefore anything liberals do to non-liberals is within bounds.

    That's why liberals behave the way they do. All of the historical analysis is helpful in developing insight into the details, but the above is the overall rationale.

  • Rothschild

    As a liberal pacifist: I met many of the liberals you describe, they have no intention on spreading the wealth…. to the community… because they want “all” the wealth for themselves…. similar to the banksters… they don't care how they obtain the wealth …I think you mean the anarchist Marxist punks (Occupy Wall Street) that want to spread the wealth from the 1% to the community, which is a form of communism.

    It is to simplistic, for them to believe this because of the market forces of greed and fear; because if a “loser” is in charge of spreading the wealth, all the wealth would be lost, or stolen.

    • Rothschild

      Reply to Ttagalog.

    • tagalog

      Greed and fear are not market forces. Market forces as typically constituted consist of (1) the profit motive, i.e., the desire to sell enough of what one produces to provide for the needs, current and future, of one's self and one's loved ones; (2) the desire to compete successfully; (3) the supply of whatever resource is used to provide the good or service in question; and (4) the demand for that good or service.

      There are a few other market forces. Wikipedia has a workable description of the theoretical "perfectly competitive free market," which lays out the characteristics of free markets and the forces at work in them.

      • tagalog

        The way I learned it, there are seven major components (or forces) of free markets. They are:

        1. All buyers and sellers are free to enter or leave the market;

        2. All buyers and sellers have "perfect information," i.e., in reality, this means that there is open access to knowledge of prices and quantities;

        3. All costs of the transaction of selling/buying are borne by the seller and the buyer;

        4. All buyers and sellers are "utility maximizers," that is, each seller is seeking to receive as much as possible and each buyer to pay as little as possible;

        5. Homogeneous products – The characteristics of any given market good or service do not vary across suppliers;

        6. No individual party, or self-selected group of buyers or sellers has a substantial share of the market;

        7. No external party regulates the market (the market is free to be regulated by the interactions of buyers and sellers and the exigencies of nature).

        Not all of the above are forces per se, nor is any market as pure as these qualities, but they all are considered to be the main qualities of free markets.

  • PatriotThunderbird

    I hate lefties, but I think Miss Coulter is not a good representative of staunch Conservative thought.

    To quote:

    "The truth is irrelevant; only slogans and fear-mongering delight mobs.

    The rest of us are forced to live in a lawless universe of no new pharmaceuticals, foreign doctors, gay marriage, girl soldiers, a health care system run by the post office, and bankrupt Social Security and Medicare systems, because liberals can’t enjoy their wealth unless other people are living in squalor."

    Which, yes, is satirical, but is also chock-full of slogans and fear-mongering.

    Also, just to raise a question, how does such a good-looking woman avoid finding a husband for so long? Only one answer makes sense to me…

    • jmz

      she has a bf. Its not the slogans she is talking about. its the lefts consistant substitution of fact based talking points,in favor of emotion creating baseless slogans. the difference is most conservative talking points have a factual base. you can disagree with it, but it comes from a informative perspective. the left used slogans and song lyrics whic sound cool, and create powerful emotions, but when held up to informative scrutiny fals apart quickly. this is why the left is so quick to denounce anyone critisizing them as racist, fear mongering etc and deflect to another emotional issue. the anti romney adds are the best example of this sure the right can do it too. but the "99%" of it is on libs side. Ann is a good rep for us. I dont agree with everything, but we need bold conservatives, not apologetic RINOs

    • Serafino

      Did you think that being unmarried is not necessarily a bad label? I actually applaud those who are honest with themselves by realizing that their character traits would prevent them from forming a family. The same goes for folks who decide not to have children because on a deeper level they know they are not marriage/parent material. This is ten times better than failed marriages and unfit parents.

  • PaulRevereNow

    Liberals have trouble with gadgets and machines; partly because they have trouble with boundaries. If you can define something, and put a fence around it, or give it some type of physical boundary, liberals won't like it. This is one reason they don't particularly like home ownership. As for gadgets and machines, they are things that WORK, and they have always threatened the status quo. And why do you think Dr. Daniel Drake was run out of Cincinnati, 175 years ago? Because he tried to talk common sense to the mob, about what causes cholera. They didn't want to hear about microbes; they would rather have blamed it on the Jews.

  • tedh754

    Hey, "amused," Ann does not force anyone to buy her books. So if she is producing something people want and they are willing to pay for it, she is "working." Or are only liberal writers "working?" I doubt if Annie makes as much as George Clooney. Is he busting his butt for the American people?

  • WMInfidel

    The question is why does Ann Coulter support RINO jihad enabler and gun grabber Chris Christie?

    • Rothschild

      Republicans, have a lot in common with militant Islam (terrorists) with their authoritarian world view..their god is a god of fear…Fear God (be a God fearing citizen)… rather then be a God loving people…they imply that God never knew what peace is.

      In other words, man creates war, terrorism; so man can stop wars and terrorism; if he simply chooses too…but, you will never hear a Republican say this, because it would bring peace into the world.

      If there was universal peace in the world; there would be no need for a God fearing ideology, their messages would be like hearing a snake oil salesmen on the street; and if militant Islam would simply ignore them, and be pacifists, the Republicans would not have a religious war to talk about, and they would be bored; and powerless.

      • BS77

        yada yada yada blah blah blah…..all the pontificating and blabbing…you don't know anything…conflating Republicans with terrorists…….go on stammering away…few will listen to you anyway…..why? Because you are a fool.

      • teq

        "If there was universal peace in the world…"
        "If Militant Islam would simply ignore them, and be pacifists…"

        Sure, and if pigs could fly the farmers would have to build ceilings over the pig pens…
        If I could turn straw into gold I'd never have to work again…
        If Rothschild could think like an adult, he wouldn't have to write such silly unrealistic posts…
        How old are you, Rothschild? 11?

      • JakeTobias

        If we had universal health, we would not have sickness either. Or need doctors. If all men did not go bald, and had large penises, and were not crude, or mean to women, and remained faithful, and did what they were told to do, there would be no divorce. And if only those scaremongering conservatives would only say war is bad, there would be no more war. Can't we just get along? Those darn conservatives are ruing everything! And now that I think of it, if every person on planet earth would refrain from expressing foolish, unrealistic, stupid thoughts, there would be no more sarcasm.

  • Ozzy

    Once again
    Ann, and the rest of you, you are not forced to live under the stars and stripes. This is a free country and you are free to leave any time you like. but you won't will you?