A Day in the Life of Two Struggling Young Conservative Artists

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Many years ago when I was a struggling actress/single mom, I sometimes had to pay for gas with a handful of pocket change, which usually meant I wouldn’t eat lunch that day.  It was rough juggling bills, trying to deem which collector was worthy of my hard-earned cash, and who would have to wait an extra week or so.  I was constantly working at least two jobs, and in-between work I was also going on auditions, taking acting classes, working as an extra and/or doing commercials–whatever it took to bring in enough money to survive.

It never occurred to me to get on food stamps, although I probably could have qualified.  I just worked and worked and worked.

Even back in ’96 when I gave up acting, Hollywood was a very different town.  There was no such thing as “reality shows,” no chance at instant fame-for-no-real-reason.  No one had computers, digital cameras, or easy access to printers so maintaining an actor’s always-needed inventory of headshots and updated resumes was expensive and time-consuming.

Times were tough for me back then, but I cannot imagine how much more difficult it is for young actors in the entertainment industry today.  Despite their technological advantages, at almost $5 per gallon the gas alone would’ve wiped me out for good, and having to compete with people like Snookie for work?  Sigh.

Two of my most favorite 20-somethings know these difficulties firsthand because they are living the artist’s life here in Los Angeles.

I’m calling them “Sam and Ellie” to protect their identities; both work in very liberal areas of show business and they could potentially lose their jobs if I named them.

Sam and Ellie live in an old 1920s apartment building near downtown Los Angeles.  They are within walking distance of some amazing Asian restaurants and know the best places to get interesting and very cheap food, including a rotating sushi bar with ‘happy hour’ sushi at $2 per plate.  They’ve learned that the cheapest grocery stores are the Mexican and Asian markets, and they save up all their quarters to use at their local laundromat.

Like many 20-somethings of the past few decades, they eat lots of Top Ramen noodles (“spicy beef is the best”) and know every item on every “dollar menu” in town.

Sam has lived in Los Angeles most of his life other than a few years in New York.  In high school, he was in an award-winning choir with several now-famous movie and TV stars.  He was also briefly an actor but instead fell in love with all things behind-the-scenes and he is currently working in production, with aspirations of being a screenwriter and director.  In his spare time, he creates short films and videos, including visuals for Ellie’s music.

And speaking of Ellie…

Ellie is Sam’s lovely and ultra-talented 23-year old girlfriend.  Her single mother (now deceased) was once a famous author so Ellie grew up traveling all over the world.

One word to sum up Ellie would be “Musician” with a capital “M.”  She plays classical guitar and writes, composes and produces all her own original music.  Ellie has gotten everything she has completely on her own, without any help from big Hollywood manager-types or rich family members.

Despite the fact that Sam and Ellie work in the entertainment industry, they are both very strong conservatives.  Their beliefs could literally be a detriment to their line of work, yet they still try to sneak off to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Larry Elder in their cars when they can and they avoid talking about politics in public. Neither can afford to lose any work in such shaky, unsure times.

I ask what their biggest difficulties are living in Los Angeles and both say money.”

It’s so hard to keep up,” Sam says, looking down at his hands.  “No matter how hard we try, how hard we work, we’re still barely getting by.”

“If I get some great gig and make a big chunk of money,” Ellie says, “by the time we pay our rent and buy food and fill up our cars, it’s gone.  Completely gone.  It gets beyond frustrating at times, makes you wonder if it’s all worth it.”

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  • PhillipGaley

    We are spiritual creatures; life is set up to yield to thought, . . . to desire; penultimate goodness is love, G0D is love. For those who believe G0D is, if that’s their desire, so be it; for them, there is a G0D. For those who desire to live their few days in a desolate universe, with no hope, why then, for them, there is not G0D: FOR, “He who would see G0D, must believe that, HE is and that, HE is a rewarder of those who seek Him so.”.

    Although it all boils down t’whatever yer a’wantin’, . . . G0D is a person, too. G0D has desires; He want’s to show His nature in the beauty of your uniqueness, . . .

  • Daryl L Hunter

    As a nature photographer I know how difficult it is to operate in a liberal world, my big mouth and activism has cost me many a dollar – good luck to these kids :D

  • Lou Brown

    Your best work yet. This is an excellent summation of the entire Obama fascination, still the only thing the young people have left. You have painted a real snapshot of the victims who are so clueless that it will come as a real shock to thoses who finally regain consciousness and have to face the future. I hope and pray that the skull and crossbones that I see when I look at the false president is not all that is left for our young people when he is finally gone. The truth always comes out, and Mr. Bush was demonized more than any good man should have to suffer. Truth is the only real hope left.

    • Robert Patrick

      I agree Lou!

  • Lou Brown

    those, not thoses. My error.

  • "gunner"

    i'd love to know who "ellie" is, so i can support/buy her music, but like the author of this piece i would not want her "outed" as a conservative and ruin her chances of success in a business dominated by leftist liberals.

  • Ghostwriter

    Wow! Whoever Sam and Ellie are,I wish them good luck in their chosen career and I hope things improve for them.

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    Being a single mom not a joke. You have to be strong and don't easily give up.

  • Centrist Moderate

    If Obama is so wrong then why are these two in the minority and have to live in fear of expressing their "correct" interpretation of Obama's policies?

    California was ran by GOP governor from 2003-2011.

    While I empathize with their struggle, it's part of what moving out to LA is all about in the quest to "make it." But to blame Obama for state GOP rule from 2003-2011 and Federal rule from 2000-2008 is just really insane.

    • Rainer

      You funny. It's almost as if there is no legislature or entrenched bureaucracy captured by public sector unions in California. Just a one-man dictatorship.

      But I guess that would be how a "centrist moderate" views political rule.

    • kparsels

      Arnold wasn't a Conservative. His life style and life choices proved that.

  • Schlomotion

    A rightist, a true rightist, would say that Sam and Ellie have chosen nonessential professions and deserve to eat Top Ramen until they can figure out how to earn Top Dollar with their avocations.

  • gary

    "centrist moderate",in other words,no identity at all.If you are trying to paint Arnold-Kennedy-Shriver as a conservative,you have pitifully failed!He was another ignorant liberal in conservative clothing who infiltrated our system dishonestly due to the fact that it`s the only way he could get elected.There`s no doubt that his untalented gonads (if he even had any after all the steroids)were in Maria`s jar somewhere,maybe in ole drunk,pervert Uncle Teddy`s den.Wake up and smell the reality,you pin head!

  • Ghostwriter

    What is that? This website has nothing to do with manga.

  • JoJoJams