Roger Cohen and the New York Times – Useful Idiots

As Operation Pillar of Defense entered its sixth day, the New York Times continued its unrelenting propaganda war against the Jewish state. This time they employed Roger Cohen, the Times’ convenient point man for its anti-Israel crusade, to do its dirty work. In his November 19 screed, “Gaza Without End” Cohen implies that Israel’s defensive military campaign was motivated by a desire to improve Netanyahu’s standing with Israel’s electorate. We’ll get back to this convoluted absurdity momentarily, but it’s worthwhile taking a brief moment to examine Roger Cohen and his radical views on Israel and the Muslim world.

In February 2009, Cohen showered praise on Iran for its benevolent treatment of its Jewish hostages. He conducted “interviews” with Iranian Jews who, under the watchful eye of a government “interpreter,” unsurprisingly had nothing but praise for the oppressive mullahs. In June 2011 he dismissed Israel’s legitimate concerns over a nuclear-armed Iran as a “nuclear bogeyman obsession.” In fact, so enamored were the Iranians with their trophy Jew that he became a favorite with the Tehran Times, an official government mouthpiece. Cohen was one of Israel’s harshest critics when Israel intercepted the Turkish terrorist boat, the Mavi Marmara. In a 2011 piece, he adopted the classic anti-Semitic method that Israel bashers routinely employ to drive a wedge between the United States and Israel – the use of American casualties ostensibly caused by Israeli “aggression.”

But Cohen’s anti-Israel shrill reaches new heights with his latest diatribe. The suggestion that Prime Minister Netanyahu was motivated by petty electioneering is ludicrous and beyond defamatory. With a strong economy and unemployment rates of under 7% recent surveys conducted shortly before the outbreak of hostilities showed Netanyahu and his Likud poised to lead again. The fact is that with nearly 2,000,000 of its citizens living in bomb shelters and normal day-to-day activity coming to a halt due to incessant and indiscriminate rocket attacks, Israel had no choice but to initiate defensive action. However, Cohen, so skewed with hatred of Israel, sees only conspiracy theories and conjures up the most asinine of blood libels in an attempt to smear the only democracy in the Middle East and bolster his Islamist pals in Gaza.

Cohen states that past Israeli military actions, such as Operation Cast Lead, were “self defeating” but in typical Cohen fashion, fails to note why. In fact, Cast Lead was a remarkable success. It reinforced Israeli deterrence, resulted in the deaths of over 700 terrorists (including 50 bomb makers) and in the intermediate term, resulted in a dramatic decrease in rocket fire emanating from Gaza. These facts are conveniently omitted by the self-hater.

Cohen gives new meaning to the phrase “Yellow Journalism.” He conjures up a false and misleading prelude to Operation Pillar of Defense where Palestinian casualties are referred to as “boy[s]” and “teenagers” while all of Israel’s casualties are “soldiers.” While he doesn’t say so explicitly, Cohen’s implication – that Hamas targets soldiers while Israel strikes out at civilians – is difficult to ignore. Only someone completely divorced from reality or, alternatively, a visceral anti-Semite, can conjure up such a blatantly false narrative.

It is beyond dispute that Israel has done more to safeguard the rights of civilians during conflict than any nation in history. Moreover, Israel has achieved an astonishingly high terrorist to civilian casualty ratio leading one commentator to conclude that, “no army in history has ever had a better ratio of combatants to civilians killed in a comparable setting.” Cohen fails to note that in the weeks preceding Pillar of Defense, hundreds of rockets rained down on Israel’s southern towns and cities. That civilian casualties were kept to a minimum is testament to the extraordinary lengths that Israel will go to safeguard its civilians and not to Hamas’ proficiency at minimizing collateral damage, as Cohen would have us believe.

Israel’s Iron Dome shield is not infallible, however, and on October 24, two Thai workers were critically injured in a terrorist rocket strike. This incident occurred well before Israel’s liquidation of Hamas’ top gangster, but this crucial fact is conveniently omitted in Cohen’s tit for tat, moral equivalency narrative. Perhaps Cohen doesn’t regard Thai casualties as worthy of mention. Perhaps they weren’t “Palestinian” enough to gain recognition as casualties. We will never know for certain why Cohen deems certain casualties worthy of note while others unworthy. One thing we do know for certain, when it comes to Israel, Roger Cohen and his paymasters at the New York Times are precisely what Chief Red, Vladimir Lenin had in mind when he coined the phrase “useful idiots.”

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  • Mary Sue

    Yeah, this reminds me of times we hear of "Children" stoning IDF soldiers…then I see actual videos of it and the "children" in question look 17, 18, 19…

  • crackerjack

    Cohen is spot on. Not only Netenjahu, the whole Israeli Right Wing placed their highest stakes in the US elections contra Obama and recieved a crushing defeat from the electorate, including the US Jewish voters. The mantra of the "Jewish Vote" swaying US elections in favour of the Israeli Right is once and for all over. A disaster for Bibi, Likud and sadly also for Israel, now under compleat international isolation.

    Bibi desperately needed a war, and he got himself one.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Your name makes sense.

    • guest

      You are a Fascist moron.

      Go back to your diaper, your Obama comic books and better yet go to Gaza. It'll one less Democratic vote next time around.

    • Herbster

      Wow, Crackerjack……no turkey for you…….just an increase in your meds.

    • Mary Sue

      hey, jack-on-crack, put down the pipe and step away.

    • Vlad-Drakul

      Well said. The loonies here have no interest in intelligent anaysis as the quality of this rubbish article shows. The idea that Bibi Netanayu has political concerns in his mind is simply dismissed despite the obvious fact of it’s being true. Along with the non coincidence of the last Israeli attack also being launched ‘between presidents’.
      It’s all back fired and now Israel has been humiliated in fornt of the world and it’s pay back time for a fool who believes as Israels elected leader he ahas a righ to meddle in US politics. With AIPACS treasonous corruption of our politics this ‘santching defeat from the jaws of victory attack on HAMAS; (al that good will lost for NO gain while HAMAS has secured it’s postion as the only Palestinian leadership worthy of the name.
      With the level of thinking and nanysis hee reduced to sputtering, racist insults and name calling I expect nothing but insults and accusationsof ‘betrayle by anti democratic racist losers; form whoem praise would be a deep insult.
      Go laugh that off losers! Obama won, Romney the bought billionaire Quisling lost. You fascists can choke on your own bile for all I care. You lost. The Conservatives lost and are on their way out (out bred thank God). Your racist apartheid visions are history. You lost in 1865, You lost in 1945; and you are going down to defeat again; this time forever. Sorry Dixies dead!

  • Vitorino Batalim

    My Fellow non Zionist Americans, Zionist has created for itself the conviction that the best way to control everything, good, money, gold and people is by a comunist regime. What does this mean for them and for us? It means that they began supporting people throug state subventions represented by tickets with which people can buy elementary needed goods without working. This way people go becoming lazy and loosing working habits.Slowly more and more people are falling in the trapp. Zionists know they process needs time and they are not concerned about time needed. They experience has proved that with enough time they have reached everything they want until they get the control. So the number of people who live supported by State Tickets is alredy about fifty million, about a quarter of the total population which they control. Imagine one of this days, when they dicide the time has come they stop the distribution of the tickets und use those 50 million hungry citizens to arm them and start a revolution like that they didi with Bolchevicks telling them they have to stoll their own food and other items they need like in Russia in Tzares time. Can you preview what will happen? But their is something more to think about. This people, depending of state support to live are not safe. After they kill as many millionb of Americans Zionists want to be killed this people will be mostly exterminated and those who are not killed are to be enslaved. So no one who is not Zionist Nazi Fascist can laugh or fill glad and happy.For the non Zionist Nazi Fascist people Zionists have created and planed the same destiny. Death or slavery. Wakeup, my fellow Non Zionist Americans. Our common fight is aginst Political Zionist Nazi Fascist Project.

    • Guest

      Vitorino Batalim – American…NOT

      Just another Euro-trash Muzzy piece of garbage. Funny whenever Israel has to defend itself Hitler's grandchildren come-a-crawling out of the sewers and the pig-stys where they live.

    • Willy Rho

      I am looking forward to Israel eliminating Islam from the face of the Earth. 570 Nukes divided by 57 Obama Moo Slim Nations is exactly 10 Nukes per Islamic Nation in the OIC. I think they should first hit all 57 with 57 EMP weapons first, just to slow the Camels down. That ends the Second most Evil Cause on the Face of the Earth, The most Evil will require something else, I guess.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I am looking forward to Israel eliminating Islam from the face of the Earth. 570 Nukes divided by 57 Obama Moo Slim Nations is exactly 10 Nukes per Islamic Nation in the OIC."

        I have to be honest with you that I'd be very sad if it came to that, but I have to admit that it might be the most rational response at some point in the future between now and when Iran gets a productive WMD program. You'd probably only need to wipe out half or so, and then send reality teams to educate the others about the facts of history without the dangerous "believe what you want" bs that got us in this mess. You can believe what you want, but don't expect me to kiss your a$$ and apologize when I confront you with the facts. If we all did this, Islam would go away.

    • Mary Sue

      Whoever read the Protocols Of the Learning Disabled Elders of Zion to you like a bedtime story should have their ears boxed.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "My Fellow non Zionist Americans, Zionist has created for itself the conviction that the best way to control everything, good, money, gold and people is by a comunist regime"

      Seek medical help immediately.

      "Our common fight is aginst Political Zionist Nazi Fascist Project."

      You just tell me which planet to meet you on, and I'll be there real soon. Just wait patiently for reinforcements before you do anything, ok?

  • Herbster

    As Goethe stated, "There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action."

  • Willy Rho

    I am looking forward to Israel eliminating Islam from the face of the Earth. 570 Nukes divided by 57 Obama Moo Slim Nations is exactly 10 Nukes per Islamic Nation in the OIC. I think they should first hit all 57 with 57 EMP weapons first, just to slow the Camels down. That ends the Second most Evil Cause on the Face of the Earth, The most Evil will require something else, I guess.

  • Dwee

    Israel must start acting more like a nation with a 6000 year old history and not a daily news player. This man is a traitor to the Jewish people, therefore, should be treated as such. An undercover agent should inject him. With what? Eye for eye, so something that makes his evil voice go silent, his fingers too weary to type! I am not suggesting death penalty either. Let him know the pain he inflicts on others…..

  • Elvis

    Another wining self acting Jew loser

    • Mary Sue

      did you mean self-hating?

  • Ghostwriter

    I think Roger Cohen is a fool. How are Israelis supposed to live with rockets raining down on them? No other country would allow such a thing. Why should Israel be any different? And Mr. Cohen isn't the only one. Here on FPM,we have this Vitorino Batalim who makes this Cohen guy sound reasonable. From what part of the anti-Jewish sewer did this creep come from?

  • Anamah

    You, all myopic from The NYT and rest of corrupted media and your pretentious self entitled as intellectual elite: Kill me first idiot, I am in the first row as Zionist totally in love with this unique beautiful Israel!

  • Jim

    After the truce was announced the Gaza citizens came out in the streets and cheered.

    Hamas has brought ruin on the citizens and those citizens know to blame Hamas.

    In a fair election given now Hamas would lose.

  • vlad drakul

    It is said that some Jews survived the war by lplaying Nazis. Here we ahave a whole bunch of Israeli facists replaying Nazi racsim but against Arabs. Of course these are the same people who supported South Africa's Apartheid so it just goes to prove yet again that cultural origin is no indicator of humaity or intelligence.
    Racists are all the same. Some of them are Arabs, some Jews, some Black some White. Teh targets of hate change but the inhumanity is the same. Here we have genocidal psychopaths who should be put in a large cell with some Taliban and let them just get on with killing each other.
    That would be poetic justice!