Answering Obama’s Israel Lies

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The footage in the video showing Obama in Israel comes from his time as a candidate, when he needed to appear friendly to the Jewish State in order to garner support (financial and electoral) from American Jews.  Much as he needs to do now. In the video he talks about how touched he was with the hardships of the people of Sderot, who get hit by rockets from Gaza. But from Israel he went to Germany for a major speech.  In that speech he addressed the problems nations of the world are having with terrorism.  He spoke about Spain and Great Britain, etc. etc., but neglected to mention Israel.  No point in appearing supportive of Israel on the international scene.  The Arabs might not like it. This is a friend of Israel?

As to Obama’s unswerving dedication to Israel’s security, it should be noted that he is the first president to explicitly call for a freeze on settlement building, and for the ’67 lines (with minor adjustments) to be the basis for negotiations with the PA.  Those lines would not constitute a secure border for Israel. This has been widely acknowledged since 1967; the Security Council resolution 242 said as much.  But Obama denied that he had to honor the letter written to then PM Sharon by his predecessor President Bush regarding recognition of settlements in Judea and Samaria in the course of final negotiations. Some friend to Israel.

In another respect, Obama has severely weakened Israel’s security, by courting Islamic forces.  He does not work to strengthen Western interests in the Middle East and his policies have been a horror.  While his errors of judgment are too numerous to detail in full here, some examples will suffice:

In Egypt, the overthrow of Mubarak (who supported the peace treaty with Israel and was an ally of the US) and the rising influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (which is virulently anti-Israel as well as being anti-Western) came about to a very great degree because of Obama policies.

The US, as commentator Caroline Glick has just observed, has actually intervened on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood since 2009: When Obama addressed the “Muslim  world,” in his speech at Cairo University (a Brotherhood stronghold), he was embracing the Muslim Brotherhood vision of a pan-Arab world, which they see united by Islam via a caliphate.  This was a rejection of Arab nationalism and constituted a direct hit on Mubarak’s national legitimacy.  Subsequently, Obama played a primary role in pushing out Mubarak.

Additionally, the US has now embraced Turkey, which is moving into the Islamist camp, as its most solid ally in the Middle East.

Obama refused to support the Green Movement in Iran, which was seeking to overthrow the Islamist regime, even as they begged for assistance.

And where Iran is concerned, it gets even worse.  In spite of the fact that Iran is an enormous danger to Israel and all moderate interests in the Middle East, Obama has not applied sanctions with the stringency that the Congress endorsed. In fact, using Turkey as a conduit, he is – incredibly – reaching out to Iran yet again regarding “dialogue.”  What he is doing is buying time for a duplicitous Iranian regime.

Thus, there are solid reasons for not voting for Obama even beyond his failure to be a true friend to Israel. He is, more broadly, making the world less safe for the forces of moderation and freedom.

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  • FriendofGaryCooper

    Obama's motto:Anything to hurt America, anything to hurt Israel. My motto: Anyone but Obama in 2012.

  • Gamaliel

    In order to get Israel to make concessions the U.S. has to convince Israel that it will protect Israel and that Israel doesn’t have to worry about the strategic folly of making those concessions. Dennis Ross wrote that in his book.

  • choi

    "For one suspects that those American Jews eager to find a reason to vote for Obama may be all too ready to stand convinced of what they are being told."

    TRUER words were NEVER said.
    What hypnotic powers does the words "Democratic Party have?
    It's incredible that they give BLIND ALLEGIANCE to a party because their ancestors voted for it in the 1930's.
    How many generations have been voting Democratic because their grandparents' & great-grandparents' Democratic Precinct Captain brought some coal to their families during the Depression?
    That "debt" has been LONG paid.

  • Cynic

    Well, after Johnson turned his back on his promises to Israel when Egypt blockaded the straits of Tiran and kicked the UN out of Sinai who in his right mind will believe the Americans again when they promise protection?

  • Mickey Oberman

    This article quite correctly keeps mentioning Obama.

    It should also mention just as frequently the American electors who put him into power despite what was known of his history, boosters, associates and religious religious leader for 20 years and his present appointees to offices of responsibility.

    And now, despite the grievous harm he has done to his "friend and ally" and to his own country they still make no move to remove him from the office of president which he has sorely besmirched.

    He has done far, far more damage to the USA than Richard Nixon ever did.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      At least Nixon was eligible to hold the office of President.

  • Nakba1948

    Funny, I thought the Obama-Israel video was disgusting as well, "a piece rife with half-truths and distortions." Can you imagine a president pledging allegiance and slavish devotion to another foreign nation in order to win domestic support in his re-election campaign? I'm sure this is exactly what Washington advocated for in his Farewell Address ::note sarcasm::.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      Note sarcasm: Obama's devotion is to complementary foreign ideologies-socialism and Islam.

    • Ghostwriter

      At least Israelis aren't screaming for the blood of Americans like yours do,Nakba1948.

      • Nakba1948

        I speak for myself, you hyperbolic oaf, not other Palestinians or Muslims. And thank goodness you don't speak for other Jews.

        • Ron Carnine

          Sir, if you want people to listen to your point of view you might tone down the disgust that you have for others.

    • ziontruth

      "Can you imagine a president pledging allegiance and slavish devotion to another foreign nation in order to win domestic support in his re-election campaign?"

      I'm sure you're going to tell us how shameful it is for Obama to have bowed to the Saudi king. /sarc

  • Brujo Blanco

    The only thing consistent about Obama is his hatred for America and Israel. He has already stated that when it comes down to it he will be on the side of the Muslims.

  • Michael

    The majority American Jews for BOgus are USEFUL IDIOTS,many of them a mental cases,however East Euro American immigrant/Jews having experience do not follow these IDIOTS.

  • Asher

    I hope more people listen to the Presidents rhetoric and realize that the words do not match the policies or his actions. We are in the Era of Deception.

  • Cee Gee

    Among other Obama falsehoods is the statement that his administration does not interfere in the general affairs of other countries; apparently, this does not apply to Israel. It is no secret that the American President has tried to influence the makeup of the coalition in Israel to include more left wing parties that would make drastic concessions and weaken the country. Contrary to his 'pro-Israel' stance, Obama's actions have not even proven evenhandedness. His actions reveal someone whose allegiance is to Islam – not even to the country he promised to protect. Kushner's excellent article is right on the mark!

  • formationrx

    israel sucks. it is leeching nation and terrorist state. americans are sick to death of all their stupid BS. its so obvious they are stealing land and the settlers are nuts. we should not protect it. they should protect themselves. their leaders are liars and war criminals for god sake. anyone who supports israel should have their head examined.

    • Guest

      Gee – I guess you believe the Palestinians are fine upstanding Arabs who really aren't bombing Israeli women and children everyday, too.