The Genocidal Quest for ‘Palestine’

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The Palestinian National Charter, adopted by the Palestinian National Council (the legislative body of the PLO) in 1968, however, reflects a perspective that is decidedly more nationalistic than anything in the Hamas charter:

• Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people…

• Palestine, with the boundaries it had during the British Mandate is an indivisible territorial unit…

• The Palestinian Arab people possess the legal right to their homeland…

• The Palestinian people possess the fundamental and genuine legal right to liberate and retrieve their homeland…

There is not a single reference to Islam or Islamic in this charter, which has not been amended since 1968. And while there is a nod to Palestine as “an indivisible part of the Arab homeland,” there is clearly a readiness to demarcate a “Palestinian homeland” as separate.

The PLO is officially the body that negotiates with Israel; it (or more accurately, its head, Yasser Arafat), signed off on the Oslo Accords that created the Palestinian Authority.

Can we assume then, that the PLO, or the PA, aspiring to a Palestinian state, may ultimately wish to sign off on that “two state solution”?

Clearly not.  For its charter defines the future Palestinian homeland as “Palestine within the boundaries of the British Mandate.”

For all their ideological difference, this is where PLO goals and Hamas goals dovetail:

When PA president Mahmoud Abbas and cohorts speak of “resistance,” they are also speaking of driving Jews from all of Palestine, no matter what pretense is advanced for Western ears.

In the end, it matters to Israeli survival not a whit whether the goal is a Palestinian national homeland or a caliphate based on Islamic law: the mutual intent of Hamas and the PLO is the destruction of Israel.

This shared objective is the underpinning of that recent PA-Hamas “unity accord”—the Doha Declaration—no matter what other practical considerations have also come into play or what dissension may ultimately render it not viable.

Abbas was willing to sign with Hamas.  This should not be forgotten.

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  • Larry

    Iranians, and Arabs in general, are not so much Holocaust Deniers, but Genocide Desirers.

    • sandykramer

      Iranians are not Arabs. They do share the Arabs' Islamic beliefs, however.

      • aspacia

        They are Persian Shia and have a Jewish population of 20,000 which dwindled from 500,000

      • ziontruth

        Correct. They adhere to an Arab religion of Arab supremacism against their national interests.

        But for Islam, there'd be no reason for any hostility between Israel and Iran. It's all about Islam.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Hamas and the PA agree that a state is not their first priority. Destroying Israel comes first.
    Hassan Nasrallah was quoted in the Lebanese Daily Star in 2002 as encouraging Jews to move to Israel. “If they gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide”. The issue for Nasrallah is not the continuing existence of Israel but rather the troubling presence of Jews in the world.
    The Palestinians agree. They know perfectly well that if they succceed in destroying Israel, the other Arab states will divide the territory and oppress the Palestinians. The Palestinian movement is totally selfless. They are willing to suffer for the sake of "virtue"–killing Jews.
    Hitler too had nothing to gain by killing Jews. He could have used them to give Germany atomic weapons. He too was totally selfless.

  • maria

    Concocted false nation "palestinians", actually arabs from many countries are hostages for those Islamic countries. Non of arabs and muslims countries accepted them, granted them citizentry. They are "meat" for other bloodthirsty muslims. However propaganda made their deal. They hate Jews (but Christians as well) more than they loved their own children. Arabs/so called palestinians mothers celebrate suicidal death of their children as they are paid for that one. Are they are human being? No, those creatures are just have image of human but they are worthe than any wild beasts.
    Ironically they are think about themselves as suprem one. Muslims are supremassists as Koran describe them they are #1 and all others, unbelievers, non-muslims are the second level, kind of dogs level. They are not able to comprehend how is it happened as they super but have nothing. They are not able to creat as first of all their religion, actualy idealogical cult don't allowed them to be sussesfull as well.
    Overall all Islamists are not selfless as they want to conquer what was created by other. Hitler as well wanted in the first year to expropriate Jews property and expell them with nothing.

  • Ghostwriter

    What were people like Nakba1948's doing on 9/11? Oh yes,I forgot. They were celebrating the mass murder of three thousand Americans! They pass out candies and danced in the streets while Americans were dying!! This happened all over the Muslim world! Explain again to me why me or any other American should support those who want to kill Americans and Israelis?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Ismail Hyena and Idiot Abb-ass have no intention of ever bringing about peace.
    The lives of the former Egyptian and Jordanian citizens now the new Palestininas
    are part of a larger farce which will end with their sacrifice, they are expendible
    players in the Islamist picture of their hoped for Caliphate. It is amazing how
    well the leaders live and are excused their excesses by the left. Israel will be
    sandbagged by false claims as long as the lying rats are existent. I wonder if
    these people will be tossing candy in the air as their lives are extinguished and
    they realize they are unimportant to their masters………………………William