Why Republicans Must Take the Lead on Israel

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There is a truism – “You can’t be more Catholic than the pope” – that is rather scrupulously adhered to in political circles.

With regard to Israel, this bit of political wisdom suggests that it is inappropriate for U.S. politicians, whatever their predilections or convictions, to move to the right of the Israeli government on issues of Israel’s claim to Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank).

However remote the possibility of negotiations between the PLO and Israel – however clear the evidence that the Arabs don’t want a negotiated settlement, but want the Jews gone, the notion of a “two-state solution” continues to be the politically correct mantra in the U.S.

As long as that “solution” remains the official position of the Israeli government, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu persists in his calls for PA president Abbas to come to the table without pre-conditions, Republican members of Congress are reluctant to advance positions to the right of what he is saying.  Republican policy-makers are waiting for the Israeli government to make the first move.

It is time for Republican decision-makers to move beyond this conventional wisdom. For, in fact, a vast historical opportunity awaits them if they are bold enough to seize it.

What we are seeing is a confluence of events in the U.S and Israel that has significant implications:

In Israel, a 90-page report has been released that is surely destined to cause shifts in the political landscape and has already begun to do so.  In January, Prime Minister Netanyahu appointed a committee of three to consider the legal status of “unauthorized settlements” in Judea and Samaria.  Headed by Supreme Court Justice (ret) Edmund Levy, the committee also consisted of Tel Aviv District Court Judge (Ret.) Tehiya Shapira and Dr. Alan Baker an expert on international law.

After taking testimonies and doing an extensive examination of a host of legal and historical documents, what they have concluded, in brief, is that:

  • “According to international law, Israelis have a legal right to settle all of Judea and Samaria, at the very least the lands that Israel controls under agreements with the Palestinian Authority.  Therefore, the establishment of Jewish settlements [in Judea and Samaria] is, in itself, not illegal.”
  • “…considering the testimonies heard, the basic conclusion is that from an international law perspective, the laws of ‘occupation’ do not apply to the unique historic and legal circumstances surrounding Israel’s decades-long presence in Judea and Samaria.”
  • “Likewise, the Fourth Geneva Convention [relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War] on the transfer of populations does not apply, and wasn’t intended to apply to communities such as those established by Israel in Judea and Samaria.”

The Levy Committee has made recommendations in accordance with its findings, but these recommendations are not binding on the government.

The report was released first to the attorney general, about two weeks ago, and then to the prime minister.  He has submitted it to the Ministerial Committee on Settlements for consideration, and in due course it is hoped that there will be an official response from the prime minister and this ministerial committee.

The recommendations might be accepted.  It is possible, however, that the prime minister will decide to sit on the report at present, rather than taking a definitive position.

Be that as it may, there has been a significant shift in the political climate in Israel, and there is no way that matters can return to a “pre-Levy report” situation:

“Two-state” advocates are in despair, and some are saying, “OK, you’ve won. Now what?”

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  • Nakba1948

    What an indelible image: Mitt Romney standing in front of the flag that will give him his foreign policy marching orders should he become president. Another sellout to the Zionist Apartheid Entity. Once again, we have the usual chickenhawks hawking the Levy Report, 90 pages of tripe that no legitimate nation on earth recognizes as legally valid (note: "Israel" is not a legitimate nation). So yes, Republicans, go ahead and help the Zionists facilitate this historic land theft and monumental act of ethnic cleansing. You'll be able to congratulate one another when the Zionist Terror Regime incites an all-out war in Palestine, provoking the entire Muslim world in the process. That's definitely in America's best interests. What, you Israel-firsters don't care about America's best interests? Geez, what a shock.

    • kafir4life

      allahu's snackbar, nakkie! allahu's snackbar! Have you taken advantage of their ramadamadingdong special on pulled pork? It was the pedophile "prophet" mohamat's favorite. He'd give a couple of good pulls on his pork, and praise allah the moon god as he finished inside his mama who oinked the entire time.
      By the way, nakkie…..Hate to spoil the ending for you, but Israel will win. It has God on its side, not some made up moon god invented by a pedophilic madman rapist, mohamat the pig faced dog. Also, who gives a rat's behind what the "muslim world" has to say?

      • Andy Lewis

        And when he's through pulling your pork he can pull mine as well.

    • kafir4life

      Forgot to inform you (you already know, it's just an inconvenient truth…..there's no such thing as a "palestinian". It's been made up.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Palestinian is as much a myth as the "moderate" muslim or the "good" nazi.

    • http://frontpage.com richard sherman

      Take a deep breath…breathe slowly…and study Winston Churchill's words in 1948 in THE GATHERING STORM: …"MEINKAMPF was the new KORAN"….

    • Ar'nun

      Awe. You're just mad that the lies of your clerics and Imams over the last 70 years haven't worked and the Levy Report exposes this.

      • Lan Astaslem

        go suck on pig turds

    • Drakken

      In case is escaped your little sand ape logic hadji, you savages lost the wars you started and then you come to the west hat in hand begging for aid and sympathy for the plight you brought upon yourselves, GFY hadji sympathy is reserved for those who deserve it.

    • Foolster41

      No Nations? Hmm. Maybe you should tell that to the United Nations and League of Nations which both founded Isreal. A nimber of nations, including the US reconize Isreal, so that statement is completely false. Caught lying again! I guess Jordan is also not legitimate then!

      Of course you're leaving out the inconvient truth that it was the ARAB NEIGHBORS who have instigated ALL of the wars in the ME since 1948 when Isreal was founded, that HAMAS (the "palastinians") have been spreading terrorism and genocidal hatred (even to children) against the Jews. You are a disgusting Jew hater.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,Nakba,unlike your beloved Palestinians,the Israelis care about us Americans. Your people hate the both Israelis and Americans simply because we exist on this planet and aren't like them.

    • UCSPanther

      Wasn't the German American BUND trying the "patriotism" angle in hopes of keeping America out of WWII?

      That's what I suspect freaks like you are doing. Here's a hint: It didn't work for the BUND, and it will not work for you.

  • WildJew

    Two points

    1) Arlene Kushner wrote: "Prime Minister Netanyahu may well not be at the forefront of this process. There is in fact good reason to assume he will not be, for he is bound by a number of constraints. For example: a primary concern of his, with valid reason, is the nuclear advancement of Iran. His interest in securing the cooperation of the U.S. in dealing with Iran may make it necessary for him to continue to assume the politically correct “two-state” stance…."

    Right, this is a good time to project, not strength, but weakness and timidity in the face of a genocidal nascent nuclear Iran which is breathing threats to annihilate Israel's Jews and is perpetrating acts of murderous terrorism. One cannot think of a better time for the prime minister to embrace the Levy report as official government policy.

    I don't know what "cooperation from the U.S." means. Both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama have pressured Israel to not take preemptive action against Iran. They have sent envoy after envoy to Jerusalem, pressuring Israel to stand down. "If" Israel does take preemptive action – which she should – the United States will protect her interests in Strait of Hormuz and elsewhere. I have full confidence in America's ability to defend herself and her interests as I do Israel's ability to defend herself and her interests.

    2) The Republican party (my party) is the party of George W. Bush, John Boehner and John McCain, the latter two most recently condemned Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her colleagues because they are calling for an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood penetration of the U.S. government, at the highest levels. I voted for Bush in 2000; sadly. Bush became the first American president to make the establishment of a Muslim (enemy) state in Israel, a "formal goal of U.S. policy," early October 2001.

    The following was reported in the Washington Post: "Challenged by reporters to explain the difference between the comments by Bush and Clinton, (Undersecretary of State Karen) Hughes said: "President George W. Bush is the first president to make it a matter of United States policy that we support two states living side by side in peace and freedom…"

    "Shibley Telhami, a Middle East expert at the University of Maryland, agrees that Bush formally made creating a Palestinian state the goal of U.S. policy, largely to appeal to the Muslim world at a time when the United States had attacked Afghanistan."

    Bush / Rove codified the abomination in our national party platform, August 2004 for the first time in the history of the GOP, thereby making it official. It is up to Governor Romney to ask the Republican national platform writing committee to change official Republican party aims and policy at the Tampa convention late August 2012. Judging by the way Romney responded to Gingrich in the December 10, 2011 Iowa debate, where Romney essentially took the side of the Palestinians whom Gingrich called terrorists, I am not optimistic.

    Thus it is up to prime minister Netanyahu to exercise some moral courage with regard to the Levy Report. Should Netanyahu support MK Tzipi Hotovely's (not Livni's) proposed bill in support of the findings of the Levy committee, the party of John McCain might have no other choice but to follow suit.

    Steve Klein

    • Shoshana Rubin

      The Jewish State is responsible for her Jewish citizens and should not expect any help from Obama regarding Iran. Because Obama welcomed the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, an organization which is anti-American, anti-democracy, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian and anti-atheist, we know exactly where Obama stands.

  • Bert

    Republicans might logically argue that is is NOT in the security interest of the U.S. to see Israel weakened by having a PLO terrorist state established in its midst. The only ally of the the U.S. in the Middle East is Israel and a strong Israel takes priority over the politics of a corrupt Israeli government.
    When a corrupt U.S. administration wants to suck up to Israel's enemies they have no problem kicking Israel just as George W. Bush did with his two state solution.
    U.S. policy can be a two way street. It is just as easy to pressure Israel to reject a two state solution as it is to promote it.

  • Boston

    The world has made part 1 of the trade. All the Jews born in the Arab countries have been relocated to Israel. Part 2 of the trade is to relocate the 'Palestinians' from Judea and Samaria to Jordan or whichever Moslem country will have the Natural Born Killers.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Palestinians are actually Arabs, they have no unique culture, language or religion that differentiates them from the rest of the savage Arab world.

  • Marty

    It's important for the Republican party to take a strong stand with Israel that is unequivocal. Doing so will make the Republican party morally correct and on the side of decency. There will be the additional benefit of securing more votes in critical states such as Florida. It's obvious to everyone except the current administration that the palestinians don't want peace, democracy, or a two-state solution, but the desturction of the Israeli state and the slaughter of its citizens. palestinians don't deserve a state anyway; they are a fictitious people whose political leadership is composed of genocidal sociopaths and religious fanatics who serve no useful purpose.

  • WildJew

    The last statement (until 2004) I could find on Israel in a national Republican party platform, was in 1992, the year I believe Bill Clinton was elected president. After all the anti-Israel things George H. W. Bush (Sr.) did and said, I guess it was not enough help his re-election chances.

    The platform read in part: "We oppose the creation of an independent Palestinian state. Nor will we support the creation of any political entity that would jeopardize Israel's security…."


    1992 Republican Party Platform

    In 2004, Republicans commend Israel for her willingness to dismantle portions of the Jewish state – thereby establishing a Palestinian-enemy state – "as a courageous step toward peace in the face of continuing terrorist violence."

  • Willy Rho

    I loved this guys comment. So perfectly apropos.

    allahu's snackbar, nakkie! allahu's snackbar! Have you taken advantage of their ramadamadingdong special on pulled pork? It was the pedophile "prophet" mohamat's favorite. He'd give a couple of good pulls on his pork, and praise allah the moon god as he finished inside his mama who oinked the entire time.
    By the way, nakkie…..Hate to spoil the ending for you, but Israel will win. It has God on its side, not some made up moon god invented by a pedophilic madman rapist, mohamat the pig faced dog. Also, who gives a rat's behind what the "muslim world" has to say?

    But let me add this: Israel has submarines and Nukes, many of them. Probably enouth for all 57 ot the OINCK OIC. . You know the 57 States that Obozo thinks are USA states. But you can't blame Obozo. "He was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii", ie, he knows nothing of the USA, Liberty and Justice, all he knows is the Communism his mentors taught him, while grooming him to be the First Communist President of the United States of America. Good Riddance of a 6th century Evil Cult.

  • Elliott

    As stated by "WildJew" the Likud MK (Member of Knesset) is Tzipi Hotovely – definitely NOT Tzipi Livni. The latter (Livni) is the one who jumped ship from the Likud, in order to help give birth to "Kadima"; and what a disaster that has turned out to be

  • Atlas_Collins

    Why should any American political leader "take a stand" on some craphole foreign country?

    • WildJew

      Israel is some "craphole" foreign country only to those miserable creatures who hate the God of Israel. Not a good idea to hate one's Creator.

      • Atlas_Collins

        Sorry. I don't grovel in fear before your tribal storm god.

        Now tell me why any American political leader should "take a stand" for a schithole foreign country … ANY schithole foreign country?

        • Boston

          Cool. Let's pull all foreign aid from schithole foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Germany, France, England, etc, while we're at it.

          • Atlas_Collins


          • Kufar Dawg

            To tell the truth, considering the state of the US economy that's not a bad idea even at face value, much
            less the fact I despise the idea of supporting islamofascist states.

        • WildJew

          1) You are what I would call a "scoffer." It is futile to argue or try to reason with a scoffer.

          2) You call the God described in the Bible – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – a tribal storm god. We haven't any basis to conduct a conversation. What's the use? What difference does it make what I or anyone like me tells you?

          • Atlas_Collins

            Your fairy tale book is not "holy" to me. Sorry. Why should I give the slightest care for some dude named Abe and his kids who lived thousands of years ago? And what, exactly, does that have to do with my question which is why any American political leader has to take a stand for any foreign country?

            Oh wait? You think your little tribal god "chose" the jews for some great mystical destiny, don't you? I suppose in such a backwards mind as yours that justifies the ethnic cleansing of Canaan 3,000 years ago, right?

          • Looking4Sanity

            What DO you believe in…other than hate and your own arrogance?

            A haughty spirit goes before a fall, and pride before destruction.

            Your time is coming, Poindexter.

          • Atlas_Collins

            Is any opinion that runs counter to yours "hate?" You sound just like a marxist vermin rat America-hater.

            As to what I believe in, what does it matter to a closed-minded religious fanatic such as yourself who insists that you and you alone hold the secrets to the divine mysteries of space and time and that your dogma and your dogma alone is the right, true and correct one?

            You're no better than the muslim scum who demand everyone submit to the moon godlet of Mecca.

            Personally, I believe that the Creator of the Universe had better things to do than to "choose" an obscure band of goatherders and "promise" them a sliver of schitty land for all eternity.

            But that's just my belief and I wouldn't dream of ever imposing my beliefs upon others.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Thank you. You've made my point for me far more eloquently than I ever could have. Anyone who can't see the venomous hatred born of ignorant arrogance dripping from your response is blind as a bat.

          • Kevin Stowell

            Wee Todd on vacation?

          • Looking4Sanity

            Kinda looks like he brought in a pinch hitter, doesn't it? LOL!I haven't seen you in a while, Kev. I hope you are well.

          • Kevin Stowell

            That'll teach ya' not to leave stink bait out. :o)

          • Looking4Sanity

            You can't lay it entirely at my doorstep. To these yellow tailed catfish, the entire site is “stink bait”. They just can't seem to resist it. But, that's just normal behavior for bottom feeders.

          • Looking4Sanity

            I just got done looking at this miscreant's profile page. 25 pages of the vilest crap to ever assault your eyes! I dare you to go look at it. Pick any three pages randomly and tell me this guy isn't a straight up hate monger! Even Breitbart wouldn't tolerate him…and that's saying something!

            It shouldn't take him long to wear out his welcome here I imagine.

          • Atlas_Collins

            Thank you for visiting. I hope you learned a thing or two. ;)

          • 4_Constitution

            Hey Kev.

            Ya'll wanna order pizza or sumpin'??!!

            How's about Pappa John's?

          • Kevin Stowell

            Works for me. You picking it up? It's a forty-mile trip for me. How ya' bin? Laden?

          • 4_Constitution

            Nah. Let's just do delivery! When I lived in WI, the town was so small we couldn't get pizza delivered. I told my hubby when we moved down here that I wanted to be able to get a pizza delivered LOL. When I had my third child, I had to drive an hour to make it to a good hospital. I'm glad I had my kids while insurance was still available. Word today on Drudge is that 10% of employers are going to drop insurance in the years ahead.

            Bin doin' awright. I've graduated to crutches now and I have to do laps around the house so I can get my muscles back into shape. Right now, my knees feel like I pulled a muscle or two. I'm trying to be patient but after being laid up for 8 weeks…

            How are you and the misses?

          • Atlas_Collins

            So you do define "hate" as any opinion you don't like. Thanks for clarifying.

            Does it hurt to have your feeble mind so firmly clamped down inside a tiny box?

          • Looking4Sanity

            That's pretty funny coming from you! I guess you imagine yourself to be a beacon of free thought, don't you? You're too stupid to realize you've been living in a tiny little box of your own construction all your life.

          • Looking4Sanity

            And…I didn't "clarify" anything. You make a ton of assumptions all on your own and attributed them to me in your own mind. That's your problem, not mine.

          • Atlas_Collins

            So your implied threat:

            "A haughty spirit goes before a fall, and pride before destruction.

            Your time is coming, Poindexter."

            … was just something I attributed to you in my own mind, I see.

          • Looking4Sanity

            The "threat", as you call it, was not mine…it was God's. I just passed along the message.

          • Kevin Stowell

            Someone's wayward, attention-seeking child. Nothing substantive to offer–just taunts, projections, evasions, and redirections. Your work here is done. :o)

          • Looking4Sanity

            I believe you are right…and thank you for reminding me, good shepherd! ;o)

          • Atlas_Collins

            Odin never said any such thing.

          • Kevin Stowell

            "But that's just my belief and I wouldn't dream of ever imposing my beliefs upon others."

            Well, only vicariously while trying to disparage others' beliefs to a point that they would abandon them, right? You're not nearly as obtuse as you obviously imagine yourself to be. Morons usually aren't.

          • Atlas_Collins

            There, there, Kevie. Just take Looking4Sanity's advice and attribute your assumptions and perceptions to my obtuseness. That should make you feel better.

          • Kevin Stowell


          • WildJew

            Leaving Biblical arguments aside, leftist U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt persuaded a reluctant America to take a stand for the British against Nazi Germany, first with Lend-Lease and later when the United States declared war on Germany. Do you think that was unjustified?

          • Atlas_Collins

            FDR was the most vile and evil person ever to hold the highest office of this land.

            Nice try with the Nazi argument though, Wild Jew. I can always count on you guys around here to whine about Hitler.

          • Boston

            I thought that Barack Odumbo was the most vile and evil person to hold the Presidency but everyone's entitled to his opinion.

          • Atlas_Collins

            Barry hasn't quite succeeded in wrecking our Constitutional foundation to the extent of FDR yet, but he's getting close.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Why do you hate Jews? Was your daddy a Jew and ran out on your mom? Or did you just pick up the habit at those Ku Klux Klan rallies? Burn any crosses lately?

          • WildJew

            You are vile and evil. I did not ask you to weigh-in on FDR's character.

            You wrote above: "And what, exactly, does that have to do with my question which is why any American political leader has to take a stand for any foreign country?"

            I did not ask you your opinion about FDR as a man. I asked you, was America "taking a stand" on the side of the British justified? Yes or no?

            Yes or no Mr. Collins?

          • Looking4Sanity

            You're not going to get an honest answer from this one. He's a hate monger and that is his only objective. I've read his profile. All of his comments are like this.

          • Atlas_Collins

            I didn't ask you to weigh in with your slobbering over the "God of Israel" way back after the first post either, but for some reason you thought it was germane. I guess that evens things out then.

            As for your question, I believe Germany declared war on the United States the day after Pearl Harbor, so your question is moot. But feel free to keep trying to play the holocaust card.

          • Looking4Sanity

            What's the matter? You don't like us whining about your hero, Hitler? Why don't you go back to whatever Klan rally you were at?

          • Andy Lewis

            Phuque off and die, Nazi filth.

          • johnnywoods

            Atlass, You are a moron. Go play somewhere else.

          • Kufar Dawg

            3000 year old atrocities get your panties in a bunch? Why don't the more contemporary genocides committed by muslimes interest you (in the 1970's and late 20th century for example)? Or the ongoing ethnic cleansing of non-muslimes from muslime states?

          • Looking4Sanity

            You're too kind. Let's tell it like it is. The boy is an apostate and a heretic.

          • Atlas_Collins

            Wow! I didn't see this one. "Apostate and a heretic?" Do you want to slice my head off whilst chanting to YahHoo, or should I just be stoned to death in the public square?

          • Kufar Dawg

            I think you've got the wrong website, http://www.yahoo.com is over ———————————->
            that a way.

        • Foolster41

          Israel isn't a "sh*thole" country. Israel affords more rights, to Jews AND non-jews than any country in the middle east (Compare Christians, or any non-Muslim, and women in any Muslim majority nation),. so your question is based on a faulty premise.

    • Looking4Sanity

      How long have you been an isolationist xenophobe?

      • Atlas_Collins

        I believe our Founders where quite clear about the dangers of foreign entanglements.

        And "xenophobe" is a made-up word like "Islamophobe" or "homophobe," meaningless and designed solely as bludgeon-words to stifle debate.

        • WildJew

          George Washington (who many invoke in this regard) did not mention the term "foreign entanglements" in his Farewell Address.

        • Looking4Sanity

          No. They are words created to accurately describe people like you who hide behind white sheets and burn crosses on other people's lawns for entertainment.

          And our founders wouldn't have anything to do with an animal like you.

          • Atlas_Collins

            So I'm a "racist" and I burn crosses on people's lawns because I don't agree with you, right?

          • Looking4Sanity

            Why would you deny being a racist? You're obviously very proud of it. Your entire profile is chock full of racial slurs. My disagreeing with you has nothing to do with that.

        • Kufar Dawg

          An isolationist policy won't work in the 21st century. Hell it didn't even work in the 20th century.

    • Andy Lewis

      Go brush yer teeth. Yer breath stinks.

  • noorazao@hotmail.com

    Saudi/Qatar/Islam-bowing Jihadist/War Criminal/Dictator Barack Hussein Obama now is trying to manipulate Israel to join its oil-robbing & Arabicizing non-Arab Mid-East/Syria (next will be Lebanon- under the pretext of war against Hezbollah) – it's a trap for Israel. Although Iran is evil but don't forget that the TERRORIST Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Obama’s REGIMES royals -sponsored Jew/Christian/women/girls-hating Nazi Muslim Brotherhood (MB) jihadists have called for Genocide of the Jews through Yusuf Qardawi. The MB created the terrorist cults of Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Taleban, Salafist and Boko Haram (in Nigeria), al-Shabaab (in Somalia) and so on. Their global goal is "One Saudi/Arabic Caliphate" (this is why Obama bowed to the Saudi king when first elected) and a 'pure' Saudi-Arabic Mid-East without the Jews/Israel. And although Iran's Ayatollah's REGIME also called for the Genocide of the Jews due to Islam, but they have no intention for that same global Caliphate as dreamed by the Saudi/Qatar/MB REGIMES (& Jihadist Obama himself of course)!

  • Looking4Sanity

    Aside from our obvious national security issues and the inherent morality of defending Israel, I have to wonder why Republicans should bother with the issue. After all, they don't enjoy any support from the vast majority of Jews in their own country. The American Jewish community has consistently sided with Democrats in this country time after time. Their political life is no different from their religious history. Time and again they turn their backs on what is right or good and then cry out for mercy and deliverance to the very entity they have so recently offended! There is something primally and psychologically wrong with that behavior.

    • Jose_Can_U_Si?

      Genesis 12:3 God says this:
      "I will bless those who bless you (Israel),
      and whoever curses you I will curse;
      and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

      ~ New International Version (©1984)

      ~ Whenever biblical Christians, think that things couldn’t possibly become more preposterous in Christendom, we read ignorant posts (like the one above) and we call to mind that the Scriptures tell us that a time will come when persons, (like Looking4Sanity) – "will not endure sound doctrine," and will corrupt the Word of God.

      ~ 2 Timothy:4:3: "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;"

      The Bible declares that God determined to keep His chosen people separated to Himself (Exodus 33:16; Leviticus 20:26; etc.) because He would bring them back into their land in the last days (Jeremiah 30:10; 31:8-12; Ezekiel 36:24, 35-38; etc.) prior to Messiah’s second coming.

      Remember Tisha B'Av (July 29th 2012) Pray for Israel!

      • Looking4Sanity

        Yeah, right. Like they can't take a little legitimate criticism. And you're still off topic. Still looking for a fight, I see. When are you going to grow up, child?Everyone who knows me knows I support Israel. They also know I don't support liberalism. So, if you happen to be an American who is a liberal and happens to be Jewish…don't look for any slack from me. You were born Jewish, but you had a CHOICE to become a liberal or not. It's that CHOICE I criticize.

      • Looking4Sanity

        Big words like "national security" and "inherent morality" must baffle you.

  • Schlomotion

    In a *surprising* turn of events, Israel has discovered that they have a legal right to control all of the Levant. Therefore, Ms. Kushner advises the Republican party to accept full framing within the brackets of the Likud Party.

    Then the two-state solution, now defined as America and Israel, will be achieved. That is, until Israeli legal experts suddenly discover that the plates of Joseph Smith also entitle them to Utah.

    • Boston

      Nah, Schloky, I'd just settle for the argument of one Ze'ev Jabotinsky

      How does article shake up your spinal cord ? :=))))

    • Kufar Dawg

      Kinda like muslimes want legal right to control all of the Mid-East and N. Africa huh?

    • Wallace Brand

      Israel has not yet accepted the report. But it is based on legal opinion on International Law, not on political opinion. If we should back "a government of laws and not a government of men, we should seek to find out what is the law. That Israel has lawful sovereignty over the West Bank based on the grant of exclusive political rights by the WWI Allies at San Remo (adopting the Balfour Policy) is not a newly discovered view." But it is a view that has not been able to be heard in the supposedly open and free market of ideas at universities even though the invented Palestinian Arab People's view of their sovereignty has not been disputed in those fora. See: http://israelagainstterror.blogspot.com/2012/06/s… Howard Grief, Legal Foundations and Boundaries of Israel Under International Law, (2008), Salomon Benzimra, The Jewish People's Rights to Israel (2011)

      Presidents after Carter and before Obama have held that it is not illegal for the Jews to build homes in what the Arabs have chosen to refer to as "The West Bank" instead of by its historic names, "Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem". One pro-zionist has suggested it is because they would look silly in claiming that the Jews are illegally settling in Judea. A review of construction by Arabs filled with Arabs from other states who now mirabile dictu' are "Palestinians" shows settlements since 1950 twice that built by Jews.

      If you can get beyond the cynical view of Schlomotion that the legal opinion of a former member of the Supreme Court of Israel is a hoax, and look at the history and documents as evidence, I see a preponderance of evidence in favor of the Levy Report.

  • Ghostwriter

    Once more,an article about Israel has brought out the Jew haters en masse. Not only Schlockmotion and his fact-free rants but Atlas_Collins and his anti-semitism as well. Neither of you would be happy until every Jew on earth is dead.

  • marios

    To "looking4sanity". Republicans, most of them Patriots of US and interests of US dictate that they should take care about only ONE REAL ALLY in the ME (and probably in the world), only one Western civilized Democracy state Israel there. More over Israel is on the first line in battle with Islam-fascism which openly declared "Islam will dominate in the world", which openly stated that their goal to build world wide Caliphate. Islam is supremacists political ideology to conquer all the world. Yes, all the world.

  • marios

    Israel is as they stated "little Satan and US is big Satan". Is not it obvious that their goal to 1.destroy Israel and 2. destroy US. They use violence (terror) and non-violence means: infiltration and penetration into all Institution of US power. They are already in WH (MB members are BHO advisors), 2 Muslim Congressmen, etc. BHO brought Muslims immigrants by 1ML each year. Did not you know how many new mosques are built for 10 years after 21century "Pearl Harbor" 9/11 Islamic terrorists act, acts of war against our country? Israel destiny is our destiny and even all Western civilization destiny. Stay for Israel if you love your own children and want them have a future. Islamists ready to make a next Holocaust and not only for Jews but for all non-Muslims.

  • marios

    It is in Koran:
    So fight them until there is no more Fitnah(disbelief) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone. Q. 8:39
    …the unbelievers are unto you open enemies. Q. 4:101
    Muslims have the responsibility to fight infidels. Q. 2:191, 9:5, 4:89)
    …and subjugate the People of the book under the rule of Islamic law. Q. 9:29

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Re: Tisha B'Av

    Mitt Romney: Tisha B'Av in Jerusalem – http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/mitt-romney-t

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to be in Israel on Sunday, July 29. That day coincides on the Jewish calendar with the observance of the ninth day of the month of Av—Tisha B’Av, the fast day that commemorates the destruction of the first and second temples in Jerusalem. -And SO MUCH MORE!

    If Romney wants to impress Biblical Christians; he is making inroads.

    Sincere Kudos Romney!!!!

  • Wallace Brand

    All US Presidents after Jimmy Carter and Before Barack Obama have held that it is not illegal under International Law for Jewish settlers to construct settlements in Judea and Samaria, or to build homes in East Jerusalem that has already been annexed by Israel. However they have discouraged such construction (but not Arab construction) because it would tend to discourage settlement negotiations. Now that it has been revealed that such negotiations have been a charade, commmencing when Brezhnev told Arafat to PRETEND TO RENOUNCE VIOLENCE and to PRETEND TO SEEK PEACE. Ceaucescu warned him he would have to pretend over and over again. Abbas is still pretending. See: Brand, Soviet Russia the Creators of the PLO and the Palestinian People: http://www.think-israel.org/brand.russiatheenemy….

  • http://louboutinshomme.webnode.fr/ Escarpins Louboutin

    Partendo dai più maturi, di quelli che hanno indicato e indicano la via alle nuove leve, ci sono i fratelli Coen con “Inside Llewyn Davis” ispirato alla vita del cantante folk Dave van Ronk, attivo a New York negli anni ’60, interpretato nel film da Oscar Isaac, attorniato da due dei migliori giovani attori americani, Carey Mulligan e Justin Timberlake, più una faccia nota del mondo dei Coen, John Goodman.