Another Palestinian Fraud Exposed

It is as predictable as a sunrise. Despite more than 11,000 rockets and mortars fired into Israel by Hamas since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005 — including more than 800 rockets this year alone — as soon as Israel begins to defend itself from attack, it is invariable cast as the cold-blooded aggressor, and mainstream media salivate to find the evidence. An outrageous example of this came recently from CNN, which reported that a dead Palestinian child was killed by a missile and that Israel was likely responsible. Yet CNN is far from alone in looking for ways to brand Israel as the villain in the latest outbreak of violence.

The picture shown above (and here) has been broadcast all over the world. The dead body of four-year-old Mahmoud Sadallah is being cradled by Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil and Gaza’s Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh during a media presentation at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, last Friday. “The boy, the martyr, whose blood is still on my hands and clothes, is something that we cannot keep silent about,” said Kandil, who then promised to defend the Palestinian people.

As the Boston Globe was determined to point out, Sadallah’s death “has drawn attention to the dangers Gaza’s children face in this crowded urban battle zone,” further noting that such children “seem to be everywhere in the current round of cross-border fighting between Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers.” What the Boston Globe and others are equally determined to underplay, or ignore completely, is why there are any children at all in these “crowded urban battle zones.”

A photo shown here gets to the heart of Hamas’s propaganda strategy, as well as their complete disregard for the well-being of their own citizens — especially children. The picture shows a Fajr-5 missile launch pad located in the heavily populated Zeitoun district of Gaza. Within a half-block of the launcher, designed to fire long range rockets into the Jewish State, there is a children’s playground, a mosque, two civilian factories and a gas station.

On Wednesday, Israel carried out a surgical strike on that pad as part of their Operation Pillar of Defense. They had an excellent reason for doing so. The Fajr-5, developed by Iran, has a range of almost 47 miles — meaning it can hit Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the heavily populated areas of central Israel. On Saturday, Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system intercepted a Fajr-5 missile heading for Tel Aviv. This was Hamas’s third attempted attack on Tel Aviv in three days. Moreover, Palestinian terrorists nearly hit Jerusalem with a rocket for the first time in decades on Friday.

Thus, Israel is faced with a clear, but unenviable, choice. It can either allow such missile launchers to remain intact, and leave Israeli civilians in its two largest cities and elsewhere completely vulnerable to an organization whose charter calls for Israel’s annihilation, or it can strike critical targets as precisely as possible and endure the inevitable claims of “unnecessary” civilian casualties that feed the Hamas propaganda machine.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper was more than willing to abet that propaganda, much of which consists of making Hamas’s aggression and Israel’s attempt to defend itself morally equivalent. After noting Israel has the upper hand in a “straight fight,” the paper is seemingly delighted to report that “the Palestinians have used a weapon which gives them a rare if short-lived advantage–a rocket (the Fajr-5) which can strike at Israel’s civilian heartland.” The paper further notes that the Fajr-5 “is not a game-changer, but it does even out the stakes.”

Fortunately, even as the effort to blame Sadallah’s death on Israel was intensifying, the story began to fall apart. As the Telegraph reported, “The highly publicised death of four-year-old Mohammed Sadallah appeared to have been the result of a misfiring home-made rocket, not a bomb dropped by Israel.” The paper further revealed that the “Palestinian Centre for Human Rights who visited the site on Saturday said they believed that the explosion was caused by a Palestinian rocket.” Even the boy’s mother said it was “possible he was struck by a rocket fired by Palestinian fighters.”

Though this outrageous example of prejudiced reporting has been exposed as a fraud, rest assured the media is still intent on dictating exactly how far Israel can go in terms of defending itself, and a possible ground invasion is not part of that agenda. The Telegraph notes that there has been “broad international support so far for the bombing campaign against rocket sites, but that could wane if a ground invasion led to a sharp rise in the number of people killed.”

The New York Times didn’t even support Israel’s initial aerial attacks, characterizing them as “one of the most ferocious assaults on Gaza since its invasion four years ago.” “Israel has a right to defend itself, but it’s hard to see how Wednesday’s operation could be the most effective way of advancing its long-term interests,” the paper editorialized.

The Times also referred to Ahmed al-Jabari, the Hamas terrorist killed in the initial attack, as a “top military commander” instead a thug involved in multiple terrorist attacks against Israel, including a 1998 attack on a school bus that killed two children.

Reuters also echoed the limited response refrain, noting that “Israel’s operation has so far drawn Western support for what U.S. and European leaders have called its right to self-defence, but there was also a growing number of appeals from them to seek an end to the hostilities.” And the Associated Press is reporting that president Obama was of like mind as well. “If we see a further escalation of the situation in Gaza, the likelihood of us getting back on any kind of peace track that leads to a two-state solution is going to be pushed off way into the future,” Obama contended.

All of this nonsense reflects an ugly double-standard. Not once has the so-called international community ever condemned Hamas for regularly firing rockets into Israel over the span of eight years. Among the global elites, it is apparently taken as a matter of course that Israelis must live under constant threat of bombardments that have been responsible for 30 deaths, 1500 injuries, and hundreds of thousands of traumatized citizens.

It is only when Israel reaches a breaking point, and seeks to defend itself, that the international community suddenly becomes concerned with casualties — Palestinian casualties. Until such escalation occurs, Hamas can continue firing missiles with impunity, even as these paragons of “enlightened thinking” remain willfully uninterested.

Whether such predictable responses amount to moral cowardice or anti-Semitism, it feeds the anti-Israel media complex critical to Hamas’s war strategy. Unlike Israel, or any civilized people, Hamas is buoyed by collateral damage from Israeli strikes because it allows them to foment hatred of their enemy, increase international pressure on Israel to not retaliate, and garner sympathy for their terrorist cause. Lost in the human interest stories are the facts that it was they who initiated the conflict in the first place and used women and children as human shields.

Hamas’s Gaza Interior Minister, Fathi Hamad, confirmed this strategy in a video recorded in 2008. “For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry, at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land. The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children. This is why they have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly, and the mujahideen, in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine. It is as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy: ‘We desire death like you desire life.’”

For those quick to make moral equivalency between Palestinian terrorism and Israel’s “ferocious assaults” in its own defense, an average of two to three missile launches per day is likely seen as a reasonable tradeoff for peace’s sake. For Israelis, however, it is becoming more and more obvious that they comprise the only country in the world expected to live under such “peaceful” conditions — and they are losing patience with the game and are willing to take matters into their own hands.

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  • Mary Sue

    They tolerate the rocketing by the Palestinians because they've been duped into believing that the rocket attacks by the Palestinians are the result of "oppression", whatever the heck that means.

    • aspacia

      And they are afraid.

  • Honing machines

    so bad

  • Jocelyn B

    This is sickening. Perhaps I may be mistaken, but I think this little boy's body was 'displayed' on many occasions to the press and foreign visits to Gaza. Please let the boy rest in peace, no matter how or why he died.

  • oldtimer

    They use their children as shields and suicide bombers and train them from birth to hate and kill. I feel no pity for even their children except for the fact that they were born to evil, satan worshipping parents.

    • sju

      we all have children and you should consider your statement very carefully- We are all children of the Abrahamic Faiths- so are you also satan worshipping??

      • Tmantom

        Yes I am of Abraham, – But I do not wish any certain race or religion exterminated as do most that follow the teachings of Islam. To me, "This is of Satan" ! Yes war is horrible, it destroys lives & dreams for all concerned, and I believe God hates it too. It certainly should be avoided at all cost; but sometimes it it also necessary in order to defeat Evil & those who do Evil and wickedness in the name of religion.

      • Drakken

        We christians and jews in no way, shape or form worship the same god as the devil worshiping muslims, period. When the muslims raise their offspring to hate us infidels, the time for any empathy or sympathy for them or theirs is over.

      • Mary Sue

        Teaching people to hate in that manner to become bloodthirsty murderers who are so unsure of their own salvation that they resort to Jihad/suicide attacks to ensure they reach paradise? I'd call that Satanic whether it was "Abrahamic" or not. And even the "abrahamic" aspect is pretty fraudulent in regards to Islam.

  • Ed Frias

    Watch this video of Palestinians using children as human shields.
    Golda Meir 40 years ago talked about this Arab child abuse.

  • davarino

    Unbelievable, Isreal pulls out of Gaza, giving it to the Pallies, and what do they do? The idiots destroy everything the Isrealies built, instead of using it, and start launching rockets. And the left has the audacity to call it an open air prison.

    Well the Pallies voted in Hamas so I say they must reap the consequences.

  • victor

    Israel must do what it must do to protect its citizens. The Jews have always been at the mercy of others and their whims and suffered too much for it. Israel was re-built after centuries of dominion and time is here that Jews do not have to fear anyone warped ideas about eliminating the Jews. We, as Jews, should not live under the shadow of hostile elements who wish us harm and elimination, instead, we will vengefully lash out at anyone, friend or foe who will again try to re-create history with respect to our elimination. We vowed "NEVER AGAIN", and the world should know we mean it. We have no intention to lay down and be slaughtered. Even if it means the children of terrorists will suffer from the consequences of their own action, so be it. Our children to us are our priority, if their children are their priority, then they should stop using them as shields and start realizing that Israel is gouing nowhere. If they want their children to have a bright future, like Israel's children, then their only option is peace.

  • Michael Schneider

    America did not enter WW2 until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor (in Hawaii) and finished up dropping 2 atomic bombs on Japan to finish it's war!
    And we're talking about years of missile attacks on Israel from an area, the Gaza strip, which Israel completely evacuated, even down to our graveyards and agricultural industries later demolished by the incoming Hamas Palestinians.
    There has not been any presence of Israelis (army or citizens) in Gaza since the evacuation apart from incursions to stop the murderous rocket fire during the last 8 years.
    Is there any person reading this post that would endure explosive missiles raining down on their country and not retaliating? Just look at America when attacked by Japan, or the UK who went to war when Argentina tried to take back the Falkland Islands! Islands, by the way, that almost no English person had ever heard of let alone that they were British.
    I know that Front Page Magazine is pro Israel and that I'm mostly speaking to like minds but we must do our best to get the truth out an every little helps

  • Rodney

    I am willing to bet anyone that this child is not even dead. It is all a farce.

  • joe

    I don't care whose at falt, I'm sick of paying for it, and I'm fed up with the Jewish lobby!

    • Stern

      But you don't care whose (sic) at "falt" (sic), but just incidentally, you point your finger at "the Jewish lobby". Yeah right. If your command of the English language wasn't enough to display your lack of intelligence, your post certainly suffices.

      • Donna Angelillo

        Donna Angelillo

    • BS77

      I don't care WHO IS at FAULT. Joe…go back to grade school.

    • nightspore

      Do you guys vie with each other to see who can come up with the most inane comment to post on a given thread?

      A comment like this reminds me of the duck that used to plop down from time to time on the old Groucho Marx show – out of the blue and irrelevant to anything else going on.

    • Zionista

      but a schmuck like you probably thinks $ sent to egypt is just fine

    • Mary Sue

      Oh yeah, the Jewish Lobby is so successful, that countries around the world are rallying to Israel's defense! [/sarcasm]

      Oh wait, NO they're not!

      Seriously, are you really that dumb?

    • aspacia

      Are fed-up with all the foreign aide we supply to all lands?

  • Ken

    Israel should blow Gaza off the face of the earth and every rotten terrorist and terrorist supporter that lives there. If the US really supported Israel they would have put a stop to this crap years ago. Face it, Israel is alone and they need to do whatever it takes to protect themselves. Now, if those cowards ( Hamas) want to move their rockets to playgrounds and schools then they are the ones responsible for the deaths of any children. Besides, if history is any indication, they're only going to grow-up to be terrorists.

  • UCSPanther

    Hey Hamas. Here's a simple truth that you have yet to obviously grasp: When you tell lies and they constantly get debunked, you lose what little credibility you have.

    But then again, they've been doing it so long that they are obviously long past the point of caring, and they have no shame playing the victim card every time they suffer well-deserved retaliation.

  • Chris

    Truth is the first casualty of war, and both sides lie through their teeth.

    Clearly, Israel has the right to exist and protect itself. However, the way the Palestinians have been treated is completely unacceptable.

    The missiles fired into Israel, while meant to terrorize, rarely kill; I believe 2-3 Israelis die a year. However, 2-300 Gaza people are killed every year by Israel's direct military action. As for them using their children as a shield, etc… the Gaza strip is 140 square miles, with 1.7 million people, extremely densely packed. It's like shooting fish in a barrel; they have no choice but to put military emplacements close to the population.

    I hope today's peace overtures stop this latest stupidity (on both sides) and that Europe and a newly-empowered US President force both sides back to the table to get a settlement that will last (and both sides will undoubtedly hate), so that the violence can end. Hell, let them talk for 10 years about the issues, as long as they're not lobbing ordinance at each other.

    • Michael Schneider

      Chris, are you suggesting that Hamas is not trying to kill Israelis with their rockets? Then why do they launch rockets into Israel? For fun? Israel supplies Gazans with electricity and potable water. It is still supplying it today while Hamas swears to wipe out the Israelis. Gazans are treated in Israeli hospitals, even today! Israel completely withdrew from Gaza 8 years ago and left it to the Palestinians who used iy as a launching pad for their missiles into Israel.
      Where were you when Hamas was launching missiles into Israel for the last 8 years? Do you wake up only when Israel finally retaliates?
      Are you a European politician only complaining when Israel decides it's had enough and starts protecting the million or so Israelis living under fire in their shelters after completely evacuating Gaza years ago?
      You say that the way the Palestinians have been treated is unacceptable. I agree with you %100. Their leaders and the Arab League have used them as pawns in their wars to annihilate the State of Israel since it was established in 1948.
      Of course you have the right to put your views forward as we all do but surely some knowledge of the last 60-80 + years history of the area would give your comments some weight.

    • nightspore

      Not really. What you need is some real perspective – and your plague-on-both-houses stance is not it.

      And how exactly is Israel lying about rockets falling within its territory? I think you're trying to fit the present situation into the usual anti-Israel script.

      I could go on, but I'm tired of fools mouthing inanities as if they were verities. (One thing you might do – but you won't because you're not really serious – is to check out and ponder the meaning of Benny Morris' mental evolution.)

    • Larry

      Once again, an idiot conflating Israeli restraint with arab incompetence.

      The only reason the arabs don't kill thousands of Israelis a year is sheer incompetence, they would if they could, but they have trouble tying their own shoelaces.

      The only reason Israel doesn't kill thousands of arabs every year is because they choose, under intense provocation, not to.

      Do you understand the difference? Once side wants to commit genocide, the other wants to be left alone to get on with their lives.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Chris, we know you are an evil twat who believes Hitler was a failure because he didn't wipe Judaism off the planet.

    • Patscholar

      Chris, palestinians have something wrong with their wee wee's, that are tiny and they have no cajones that is why they routinely place rocket launchers in childrens play grounds. The idea that they have to locate these rocket launchers near schools and apartment buildings is absolutely absurd. They do it deliberately. Oh, so its OK if the Palestinians only kill a few Isrealis when they launch some 800 rockets into souther Israel, but Isralies should not attack the Hamas terrorists? I hope Barak Obama stays out of this as he is bound and determined to shaft the Isrealis one way or another in favor of the Palestinians. He said Israel has the right to defend itself but opposes the land occupation of Gaza, the only effective way to clean out all the terrorists.

    • Mike

      Spot on mate, an open form of communication is better than the alternative.
      Sadly the people on both sides of the fence agree to a two state solution & are all for it.
      It appears that their leaders (like all leaders) care very little for what the people have to say, think or feel.

      I hope you have a fantastic afternoon & enjoy the rest of your week.

      • Mary Sue

        are you really so naive as to believe the Palestinians are interested in anything other than the noncompromisable position of literally Driving The Jews Into The Sea™?

        Look it up, it's in the charter of every terrorist Pali organization.

      • aspacia

        Yeah, sure Mikey, like when Chamberlame negotiated with Hitler.

        Typical Brit.

    • aspacia

      Arabs treat their own people and the Pals a whole lot worse than Israel ever has. What about the 650,000 Jewish refugees driven from Arab lands? Israel absorbed her brethren, and the Muslims use their brethren as cannon fodder to keep the violence going.

    • aspacia

      And we killed more Germans and Japanese in WWII? So the Palis are lousy warriors and shots. The started the fight, and whine every time their nose is bloodied. They do have a choice not to shoot rockets into Israel.

      Jordan was to be Jewish, have the Arabs move there. But oh, no, Muslims are sworn to destroy Israel and all Jews.

      There will never be peace as Hamas has sworn to destroy Israel, and 80% of Palis support suicide/homicide attacks.


  • Ghostwriter

    The Palestinians scream for the deaths of Americans and Israelis every single day. They hate us and want us dead. They lost my sympathy on 9/11 when the overwhelming majority of Palestinians celebrated the deaths of 3,000 Americans. In my view,they're reaping what they've been sowing for years.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Exactly. The images of these whooping savages handing out sweets to their children in the aftermath of 9/11 will never leave me as long as I live.

    • BS77

      IT is now clear that many Gaza casualties and damages are a result of dozens of rockets going out of control and landing right in Gaza. Hamas is 100% responsible for all casualties in Gaza and Israel. If they did not fire rockets at Israel, none of this would be happening. Hamas has fired over 800 rockets at Israel in the last week….

    • Mike

      The people of palestine hate America because you idiots are funding the Jews & providing them with the idea that they are allowed to not only be there but are allowed to be oppressing the Palestinian people without consequence.

      They hate America because the Jewish people have NEVER owned, fought for or purchased land on their own account, they had the world force another people to allow the Jews into their home land against their will.

      After thousands of years of trying they have now successfully claimed ownership of land already inhabited by people with the excuse that a book told them it was theirs.
      NOBODY knows what land is in question as biblically the Jews NEVER received their holy land.
      So where we see Israel today was not on the cards.
      The land they currently occupy was never given to them by their deity….The deity back-flipped & gave them nothing after the Jewish people failed to meet what ever criteria was set to them.

      If it was not for the world feeling sorry for them in the 40s they would still have no place to call home.
      Israel has only been a "state" since the late 1940s….opposed to the thousands of years that the Palestinian people have been there calling it home, without ever leaving & coming back later.
      It is THEIR land.

      The Jews were given the land without permission of the Palestinian people.
      This is something that made them angry (I wonder why)
      This anger is NOT something that will go away just because a few foreign nations said that the Jews could be there.
      They gave away something that was not theirs to give.
      They were given a SMALL portion of Palestine & have since taken over the entire area from top to bottom, left to right.

      If someone forced me out of the house I own in the same fashion that they have been forced out of their home country, I'd burn my house down with the unwelcome guests inside.

      The Jewish people HATE America & the Western world as a whole, we are all sub human to them & should be treated as such, if you don't believe me, look on youtube at videos filmed BY Jewish people in Israel speaking of their contempt for any and all nations & their citizens that are not under the banner of Judah.
      It is just that the stupid nations of the west are serving a purpose for the Jews by providing the MONEY needed to fund their attack on the Palestinian people & the backing power to carry out such acts without persecution from the west.
      So of course they are only going to actively oppose the people that do nothing for them (Palestinians)

      Wake up Americans, your govt is giving Israel billions per year, money you idiots are having to BORROW from other nations, then need to work the first 1-2 months of the year to pay off just what you have sent to Israel.
      Not to mention all of the problems going on in America that are costing you money.
      Do the economically intelligent thing.
      Cut the funding to Israel, the Jews like all other churches have tax exempt status everywhere on earth, that is enough.

      Stop making Israel a better place & focus on the place you live in….because just quietly the Australian economy is stronger than America's, their dollar is stronger than America's & their debt per capita is non existent in comparison.
      Is that not a wake-up call in itself?
      That your home is being run into the ground, while people that would happily see you all dead reap the rewards of your hard work.

      • aspacia


        Rothchilde did purchase most of the land from the Ottoman Empire. Israel was attacked in 1948 and won with zero help, and one tank with no cannons.

        The whole of the ME was artificially created: Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, etc. Jordan was to be Jewish, but Europe and Churchill bowed to Arab pressure and gave it to the losing Hasemite tribe in Saudi Arabia.

        Why is your beef only with Israel? What about the 650,000 Jews driven without compensation from Arab lands?

        What about the rampant discrimination in the ME against all nonMuslims and women.

        You are so wrong. I grew-up surrounded by whites and Jews and one Mormon family and no one discriminated against me and I was invited to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. My maiden name is Candelaria, and I was the darkest student in my entire elementary school.

        No you WAKE-UP- The plan is to destroy the West after destroying Israel you Judeophobe.

  • Clearhead

    “The boy, the martyr, WHOSE BLOOD IS STILL ON MY HANDS and clothes, is something that we cannot keep silent about,” You're 100% correct, Kandil !! This little boy's blood IS on your hands, and the hands of every other one of your mayhem instigators who started this mess. AND, the little boy is not a "martyr", he is a VICTIM ! A victim of you and your miserable group of like-minded goons. And on your hands is moreover the blood of every other person who has died as a result of your animalistic (with apologies to animals) and evil spirit. If at all possible, WAKE UP and understand that Mahmoud is playing you for a fool, a 'useful idiot' and a dope. You will never derive any profit from this alliance except remorse and incredibly deep shame. At the end of the path you're on is an abrupt extinguishing of the light of the Kandil.

  • marios

    leftists support maintaining status quo as openly terrorists formation which are fed by stupid Western world keep them not only alive but make them stronger and stronger. Leftists MSM lie and distort facts to do it as well. Many of them are on islamists payroll. In respond, in instance, invented people of Palestine not only celebrated 9/11 as their own victory but proclaimed "Islam will dominate all the world", "Death to Israel", "Death to USA". Gullible/ignorant people like Chris above cannot say right from wrong as well they cannot vote for Pres. who would not betrays our country, who would not Islamize our country as well. Israel destiny is USA destiny. Period. Moreover it is Western civilization destiny. Israel is fighting with Islamo-Nazism there and we are fortune that Israel protect all of us doing so. As Muslims said "Israel is small Satan, USA is big Satan".

  • marios

    Arabs of Palestine use their own children as a shield and they don't care actually about them. Arabs mothers celebrate death of their kid if that one cause death of Jews (Jewish kids as well). Arabs mothers distributed candies celebrating blown up their own children. You think still they are human being? As far we realize that we have deal with devil's creature and stop consider all of them as human being (as they are not) we can win this battle with kind of alien barbarians. Otherwise they annihilated all of us.

  • craig

    tha palastians get what they deserve as the have brought it on themselves they voted hamas in so suffour the consequences

  • Drakken

    No more empathy or sympathy for these islamic savages, period! Enough is enough ! Killem all and let allah sortem out. If Israel does not level Gaza and get an unconditional surrender from them, this cycle of stupidity cannot continue.

  • Mike

    Self defence is a countermeasure that involves defending oneself or one's property from harm.
    The harm in this case is the Jews trying to claim ownership of land that was NOT theirs to begin with.
    So who has right to defend what ?
    Not the Jews, that is for sure.
    Are you all forgetting that the original owners of this land are STILL angry after having a group decide in the 1940s that it is OK to STEAL it & give it to someone else?
    Jews were given a SMALL portion of land in the 1940s, centuries after failed attempts to use brute force & fiscal ability to secure more land in Palestine than they are entitled to.
    (Which for the several centuries it has taken place been largely unsuccessful.)
    This seems to be not good enough for the greedy Jews.
    They want ALL of Palestine & the regression of it's people to a stage where they are a controllable commodity.
    Israel, constantly stating their belief that the enemy are all sub-human & deserve to be treated as such….coming from a group of people who fundamentally were just slaves is very rich indeed.

    • Fist

      You have to wonder if someone this ignorant has ever picked up a book on the subject. Clearly not.

      • Mike
        Everything you need is online & NOT written by people that follow the belief structures in question.
        Amazes me how people can have an opinion online but not actually research things for themselves.

      • aspacia

        I am surprised it can even read.

    • Mary Sue

      Dude. Dude dude dude dude dude.

      Even before 1948 (remember WW II ended in 1945), the Palestinians wanted to go all Final Solution on the Jews the world over, to the point where the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem went to visit Hitler to offer his assistance. His assistance included recruiting an entire division of Bosnian Muslims for the Nazi war effort!

      So don't think for one measly rotten minute that this is over "land", mr. Mike's. This is about the Radicalized Islam devotees obeying their word of Allah to kill all the Jews.

      • Mike

        Hi Mary Sue, I'm sure that you have great intentions & all but I have studied the Jewish people's behaviour over the last 4000+ years.
        I have studied the situation surrounding this topic extensively….right back as far as it will go.
        The Jews were SLAVES at the bottom of the food chain, till some lovely little chap started telling them that they are the the "chosen people" of a singular god, anything written in text at that point in history was considered to be fact as less than 2% of the population could read & only 1% could write.
        So show them the book, preach the story, gain a follower.
        Significant portions of the story told in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are not and were never intended to be historiographic yet are treated as fact.

        Jews have been waging war on other groups since formation of their belief.
        Hitler was the best publicity stunt ever for the Jews, now the whole world's opinion has changed and everyone feels sorry for them.
        I don't know why, considering they view the Palestinian people & greater western world with as much contempt as Hitler himself had for the Jews.

        NOBODY tolerated that attitude when Hitler held it because he aimed it at a very large portion of the world in one go.
        Compared to the Jews….they currently hold that attitude to not only the Palestinian people but the whole non Jewish population at large….yet SO many support them.
        Do you really think that the Jewish people give a rats arse about any other group on earth apart from themselves ?
        Don't get too happy with yourself though, there are JUST as many people who recognise what is happening & oppose you.

        Wake up, you are all being used to better the Jewish-Zionist cause at a cost to the rest of the world both fiscally & ethically.

        I bet you argue against gay rights too.

        • Advocatus

          You say, Mike: "Hi Mary Sue, I'm sure that you have great intentions & all but I have studied the Jewish people's behaviour over the last 4000+ years."

          There were no Jews 4,000 years ago. Try harder.

          Next: You keep insisting that there's no God. Fine. But then off you go and start quoting the Hebrew Bible as history. Huh? Any ideas about such trifles as biblical archaeology and whatnot?

          Then: You rehash some chestnuts about Jews' alleged racism and sense of moral superiority with pathetic old libels about a worldwide Jewish conspiracy thrown in for good measure. Well done, Mike, a supremely original thinker you are.

          Now pat yourself on the back. There's a good boy.

          • Mike

            Yes, I quote the books because I too have knowledge of them & their contents so when they are used as a reference of fact, I like to point out that I not only have the same knowledge as them I also know it is a story of fiction.

            In my opinion the holy texts of any belief are all tripe & those that follow them are nothing more than weak minded failures that need fear of eternal damnation in order to be good people.
            I am a good person because I choose NOT to do wrong by others, not because a book or mythical entity threatened me.

            Oh they have not been around that long hey?
            Jewish history is the history of the Jews, and their religion and culture, as it developed and interacted with other peoples, religions and cultures.
            Jewish history IS over 4,000 years long.

            ALL information can be found here on the internet & amazingly you can even get information written by people NOT devout, those with nothing to gain by lieing.

            You Americans are all kinds of stupid….you have the internet, it has been more than 20 minutes & still you have no clue as to real factual events extending across 4000 years of human history, go back to your mother's breast & stick to topics you have knowledge of, like the tripe that is on E-News…the only kind of news America listens to.

            It is not racism, it is prejudice you illiterate imbecile.
            And what conspiracy?
            Show me some proof of what you state to be fact, because I just went looking and found again that I am right.

            Tell me again how much you know about history, of wait you didn't because you don't know squat about history.
            If you knew anything or had any kind of proof, you would have presented that, rather than trying to simply discredit facts that have been known for thousands of years.

            Let me guess, you believe the world is only 6000 years old too ?

          • Advocatus

            Yo, Mikey, you'll need to start reading "books" that actually make sense. And please don't call me an "illiterate imbecile". But feel free to call your mommy that; see if she likes it. And do learn to spell correctly. Trust me it will improve your style no end.

            Again, there were no Jews 4,000 years ago. Abraham lived about that long ago and he was not a Jew. Jews merely claimed descent from Abraham. If you mean that the ancestors of the Jews were alive 4,000 years ago, sure. And no, I do not think the world is 6,000 years old. Why would I? So nice try but no champagne. Nor am I an American.

            You're a pathetic excuse for a human being with cow dung for brains. You rant and rave but can't make a single coherent point beyond "them Joos are so eviil."

            Now, Mike, don't take all that personally. Clearly you are a mentally handicapped and emotionally crippled creature so I should not be too hard on you. Now, be a good boy and take your medicine.

          • aspacia

            Mikey has no sense of history or logic. He spouts nothing but Muslim lies.

        • rachaelamb

          You asked do you really think the Jewish people give a rats about any other group on earth apart from themselves? They certainly do, whenever there is any kind of a humantarian crisis like the aftermath of an earthquake, or hurricane Israel is usually among the first countries that offer help.

          Israelis saved many lives in Haiti after the earthquake, which killed 100,000 people. Israel first responders and medical teams rescued many people trapped under rubble. The Haitian people were so greatful many shouted "we love Israel".They did the same in other countries.

          Their doctors go to different third world countries and save the eyesight of many people who could not otherwise afford surgery. They have an organization "Save a Child's Heart has performed surgery free of charge to many children in the Arab world,including many Palestinian Arab children who would have died otherwise.

          • Mike

            Really ?
            My home nation has been struck by a multitude of natural disasters over the last 6 years, costing our government billions & billions & billions of dollars to recover from, which our nation is still going to be in debt for in 10 years time.
            Not one cent was given to us by Israel to recover from any of them… fact we received more aid from Indonesia, China, Japan & JUSTIN BIEBER FANS.

            Of COURSE Israel is going to aid America, they are allied in force & in funding….Not to mention that America has lent money to Israel on top of the money donated to them.
            The money lent to them was instantly forgiven & not one cent has been handed back.
            You do realise that your entire nation has had it's credit rating down graded due to the bad financial decisions made by your government, including the endless unconditional support of Israel & it's actions.

            Yes they might do good things, but they are also doing terrible things.
            One does not erase the other.

            You can divert the point away from the fact that the land was not theirs all you like, the fact remains.
            If someone forced me out of my house in the same fashion that Jews have forced Palestinian people out of their land, I'd burn my house down with them inside.
            The rest of the world had NO right to take land from Palestinian people & even less right to force them to have invaders within their borders.

          • Mary Sue

            Is your country by any chance Anti-semitic?

          • Mary Sue

            The palestinian people are themselves squatters, they are illegal occupants since Sal-adin came in and illegally occupied Jerusalem and the entire Holy Land.

          • aspacia


            The land was mostly purchased, or was won fair and square after Nassar tried to annihilate Israel. So What. I hope Israel annihilates or exiles all Gazans and West Banks Palis to Jordan and Egypt and protect herself.

            If have no sympathy for Palis anymore.

            AGAIN, ROTHCHILDE PURCHASED THE LAND; in 48 Muslims attacked and lost, and were massing for another attack, but again lost.

            You should read valid history Mikey.

        • Mary Sue



          Ok, what exactly have you studied, and why should I take it as Revealed From On High™? It wasn't the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a notable forgery made by antisemitic Russians), was it? Where is your proof that the Torah is not historical? The Bible has been proven historically reliable time and time again with various archaelogical discoveries, including discoveries made in Egypt (when they weren't screwed up by idiots that misdated a few things–Sesostris II (aka Senusret II) was clearly the Pharaoh that Joseph served under; this means Ramses II was clearly NOT the Pharaoh of the Exodus. I've done extensive research about this; including seeing the information (unwitting to the Museum itself or the exhibit) right in front of my face when there was an Egyptian exhibit at the Museum. It all correlated very nicely.

        • Mary Sue

          I don't think gays should be persecuted, btw. Ironically, Israel HAS gay rights.

        • aspacia

          So Abraham was a slave? Valid support? He was born in Ur and migrated to the land we now know as Israel. Slaves are not allowed to migrate, and Hagar was Abraham and Sarai's slave, as well as the mother of Ishmael the progenitor of Arabs, who are also spawn of Abraham.

          You are a typical, arrogant Brit and pseudo intellectual.

  • Mike

    They then go on to express that they are the chosen people above all others….that means America, England, Australia & the rest of the western world.
    They have NO respect for us & are using us ALL to achieve their goals.
    Constantly they admit to their manipulation of the USA to aid them in achieving their goals of totalitarianism over the people of Palestine yet people & governments STILL condone the actions of this group not only by voicing their support, but by financing the entire operation from start to finish.
    How is it that the entire population seems to forget that before the 1940s, there was NO Israel & that the Jews had been roaming around for 2000+ years sooking & picking fights over occupied land or fights in presently occupied land under rule of a
    "foreign belief"
    Not ONCE have they EVER tried to inhabit UNOCCUPIED land….always trying to take it from someone else.
    The people of Israel have ZERO rights to the land they claim to be protecting as they are nothing more than glorified squatters.
    Palestine & it's people have FULL rights to defend the soil they stand on as they own it.
    If someone took my home from me & dictated that I may only live in part of the yard, while the free loaders get the whole house to use.
    I'd burn it to the ground with them inside before I allowed some self imposed ruler to decide that though I own it, this is no longer MY home.

    • Mary Sue

      Mr. Mike:

      There is no such thing as unoccupied land. Except in maybe the Sahara desert or Antarctica.

      The Jews as an entity (religious/cultural) were most certainly there FIRST. Do you even know how the Arabs got there? OCCUPATION BY SALADIN, A MUSLIM GENERAL. That's right, the "Palestinians" are there as a result of illegal occupation by Muslim (Arabian) forces, and then illegal Turkish Occupation. So don't come here telling us who has the right to what land.

    • aspacia

      Chosen to be a beacon of light and knowledge for humanity,and considering the number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners they are fulfilling their commandment.

      Rothchilde purchased the land from the Ottoman Empire for Zionist settlement.

  • Mike

    The "conflict" was initiated by the people who decided that they were allowed to GIVE AWAY someone else's home land to a group of people who for the last 2000 years have been at war with MANY groups over the ownership of land….which history has shown, they own NONE.
    The Jewsish people have been taken for a 2000+ year ride, on the worlds longest running con job.
    Their deity promised them land…not for free…there were demands that the Jewish people DID NOT MEET.
    Their own deity back flipped on the deal when the Jews failed, leaving the Jewish people NOTHING!
    Their deity did NOT allocate them this land, it was handed to them by the western world.
    Without the help of the Western world, they would STILL be scattered around with NO financial, political or humanitarian backing to aid their fight on everyone else's beliefs.
    As with MANY of the Western worlds decisions, the people of Palestine REFUSE to acknowledge the ruling & rightly so !
    Who the HELL are we to give THEIR land away?
    In the second half of the 16th century, Suleiman the Magnificent gave the Jews RIGHTS to worship at the Western Wall and had his court architect Mimar Sinan build an oratory for them there.
    He gave them rights to use, not rights of ownership.
    This all came about after the Jews were tossed out of Spain.
    Amazing how the only people on earth to be told that they are entitled to (occupied) land is the Jews.

    • Mary Sue

      They were tossed out of Spain because the Spaniards were a bunch of Anti-Semites. (and I think that the fact that Spain was under Moorish Muslim Control for many years before the Moors themselves were booted the hell out left some strange ideas about Jews floating around in there)

      Where would you rather live, a democratic country with riches and full rights, or a miserable chunk of desert under Sharia tyranny and jack and s___?

    • aspacia


      All nonMuslims in Muslim lands are discriminated against and you know it!

  • Mike

    NOBODY told the rest of the world population….possibly because the god in question
    (like ALL deities) is a fraud…the doctrine they push is fundamentally based on DECEIT written in a manner to benefit only those who follow the belief while taking from & targeting those who don't.
    For all of the money the Jews have made honestly, they have been GIVEN billions, by OTHER nations…..not to fund their war efforts or the forward progression of their faith.
    The billions of dollars the Jews receive from the world is given under the guise of it being to build a safe & functioning environment for their people to call home.
    Not to try & take the rest of Palestine for themselves or spin global opinion to support their theft of a nation.
    Rather than use the worlds financial contributions for their intended purpose, instead the Jews take the money given to them by the rest of the world & spend it on the forward progression of an idiotic belief structure & the wars associated with undermining the rest of the worlds beliefs.

    The people of Palestine have been living in that area for MANY centuries…..The Jews mind you have not even officially been there one century….perhaps because the land is NOT THEIRS.
    They are NEW residents in an established community, who have decided that because some of Earth's population said that they are entitled to land….that ALL land in the near vicinity is also theirs.

    Remember Jews, you do not own a country….it was acquired for you & that as a group, there has been ZERO effort to assimilate.

    • Mary Sue

      The jews aren't the ones that need to assimilate, moron. The Palestinians should, because the jews actually (gasp) BELIEVE IN FREEDOM! Seriously, you can't get gay rights anywhere else in that region EXCEPT ISRAEL.

      • Laughing@America

        What a shock, I am able to be abused & name called but not allowed to reply in a rational FACTUAL manner.
        Remember boys & girls, you can't erase everything that your opposition says.

    • aspacia

      Mike, look at a map and remember that Jordan was to be Jewish. Also, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. are all artificial constructs.

      Sir, you are are a Judeophobe.

  • Advocatus

    Wonderful little rant there, Mike, well done on it. So you don't like Jews, is that it? Fine. But why spend hundreds and hundreds of words in a rambling incoherent diatribe with schoolgirlish grammar and logic on that simple point? Clearly, you have some issues, mate. Anyhow, you should lie down and take a rest; surely, you're exhausted after all that typing.

    • Mike

      Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to address the fact that I hate ALL organised belief structures & the horrible things that have happened in the name of divine entities.
      So no, not just the Jews you pathetic little man, you are only reading what you want to.
      I would have the same opinion even if there were NO belief structures involved.
      They have no right to be there, end of story.
      Jazz it up how ever you like.
      The Jews believe the people of Palestine to be inferior, sub human.
      (Much the same as HITLER'S opinion of the JEWS)
      Which funnily enough, the world hated Hitler for but allows the Jews to get away with.
      Maybe because the Jews only target the people of Palestine & not the world as a whole.

      It angers the Jews that the rest of the world prevents them from carrying out their wishes, if the Jews were allowed to, they would wipe the Palestinian people from the face of the earth.

      Work it out.
      There is NO god.
      ALL faiths are WRONG & those that CHOOSE to follow them are not only wrong but stupid & weak minded as well.

      If you need threat of eternal damnation to MAKE you do the right thing in life, YOU are broken.
      So rather than pretend to know me or understand what I am saying, or what you are talking about, why not go and educate yourself on the topic at hand.
      That way you will be able to have an opinion worth reading opposed to pathetic half hearted personal attacks. (Talking of schoolgirlish behaviour)
      But then again you are on the internet….it has been more than 20 minutes & that is the best you have to contribute.
      Maybe your problem is a lack of intellect rather than a lack of information.

      If you have not got the time or energy to research the facts, then do us all a favour & crawl back under your mother's breast.
      And please stick to talking about topics within your range of comprehension.
      I bet the "E-News" channel misses you.

      • Advocatus

        No sense of irony, Mike, do you now?

        To wit: "Maybe your problem is a lack of intellect rather than a lack of information."

        So says the man who rants and raves like a little twat and can't even string a coherent sentence together. I'd love to tackle you on your arguments, but you have none beyond cheap little insults and trottinf out tired old lies of moral equivalence along the lines of "The Jews are the new Nazis" etc. What else have you got, mate?

        What facts do you want me to research, Mike? Give me some. Sounds like you know next to nothing about squat. But nice try, buddy.

      • Ghostwriter

        Mike,at least the Jews aren't screaming for the deaths of Americans like your beloved Palestinians. For goodness sake,you're just another Schlockmotion clone,just wanting attention any way he can get it.

  • Mary Sue

    Ok, Mr. Mike, we get it, you're a schlo-motion wannabe. Where are you getting this utter hunk of s___ that you're spewing here? Protocols? Stormfront? Mein Kampf? Spill it buddy, I'll bet you dollars to donuts it's not only unreliable but highly biased as well.

    There is no "give and take" when the other side (Palestinians) will be satisfied with NO LESS than the UTTER DESTRUCTION OF JEWS EVERYWHERE. Were you even aware of that?