Business Rejects Obamacare

Elections, as it is often said, have consequences. As a result of the president’s reelection, the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, will be fully implemented. Unsurprisingly, several businesses are looking for ways to avoid the costs associated with the law. Just as unsurprisingly, American leftists consider such efforts to keep one’s business profitable–or solvent–unseemly.

Zane Tankel, chairman and CEO of Apple-Metro, an Applebee’s New York-area franchise, explains the obvious. “We’ve calculated it will [cost] some millions of dollars across our system,” Tankel told Fox Business Network last Thursday. “So what does that say–that says we won’t build more restaurants. We won’t hire more people.” Apple-Metro runs 40 Applebee’s restaurants and employs from 80 to 300 people at each of its locations.

Jimmy John Liautaud, founder of Jimmy John’s sub franchise, echoed that sentiment. Like a number of smaller businesses, he is considering cutting employee hours to 28, to get under the Obamacare cap of 30 hours that defines full-time employment. Under the law, a full-time employee must be given healthcare insurance, or the company must pay a $2000 fine, if it fails to do so. Part-time employees don’t have to be covered. “We have to do that, said Liautaud. “There’s no other way we can survive it, because we think it will cost us 50 cents a sandwich. That’s just the actual cost. If you have 40 or 50 employees at a restaurant, and the penalty is $2,000, and you’re going to pay an $80,000 or $100,000 penalty, there goes the profit in your restaurant,” he added.

John Arensmeyer, CEO and founder of Small Business Majority, a national small business advocacy organization, served on a panel at the White House summit on healthcare reform in 2009. He contended that it is “counterproductive to criticize” the law at this point. “Now that the election is over, if there’s any political motivation behind it, I’m not sure what the objective is,” he said. “It’s the law of the land, and there’s no chance it’s going to be repealed after the reelection of the president and the Supreme Court decision earlier this year, and we think it’s time for all businesses to come together and figure out how to make this work.”

Apparently it hasn’t dawned on Mr. Arensmeyer that the CEOs of Apple-Metro and Jimmy Johns are doing precisely that.

They are not alone. John Schnatter, CEO of the Papa John’s pizza franchises, also revealed he would most likely begin reducing employees’ hours. Back in August, he told Politico why. “Our best estimate is that the Obamacare will cost 11 to 14 cents per pizza, or 15 to 20 cents per order from a corporate basis,” Schnatter said, even as he noted that “our business model and unit economics are about as ideal as you can get for a food company to absorb Obamacare.” Despite that reality, Schnatter remained defiant. “If Obamacare is in fact not repealed, we will find tactics to shallow out any Obamacare costs and core strategies to pass that cost onto consumers in order to protect our shareholders’ best interests,” Schnatter vowed.

He reinforced that argument at Edison State College’s Collier County campus the day after the election. After conceding that all Americans having health insurance is a good idea, he calculated that the implementation of the law would cost his company $5 million to $8 million in additional costs–year in, year out. Thus, he expects individual franchise owners will reduce employee hours in order to avoid covering them. “That’s probably what’s going to happen,” he said. “It’s common sense. That’s what I call lose-lose.”

The Darden chain of restaurants, owners of owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille, Eddie V’s and the Yard House, is also looking for a way to avoid the costs associated with ObamaCare. In October, the restaurant group began conducting a test at a select number of its restaurants in four markets, emulating a common theme: limiting employee shifts to get under the 30 hours that mandates converge. Ironically, the company, one of the nation’s 30 largest employers, already offers health insurance to all its approximately 185,000 employees. Yet the limited-benefit plan they offer is a type of coverage being phased out under Obamacare, which will ban annual limits for most plans. Three other restaurant chains, White Castle, McDonald’s and Denny’s, are also looking for ways to avoid the employer mandate scheduled to go into effect in 2014.

The leftist backlash is predictable. Prior to the election, Washington, D.C., employment law attorney Robert B. Fitzpatrick claimed that if the president won, “I would think aggressive enforcement people within the administration would pursue cases like that. And say listen, you’re just playing with the numbers, playing with the hours to try to avoid compliance with providing health care to employees,” he told Fox News. “And there are going to be consequences.”

The Huffington Post was upset that employers notified employees that their votes might have consequences, noting that employers who “sent notices to workers urging them to vote for Romney, or warning of potential problems if Obama won,” might face charges of “intimidation” — even as they were forced to concede that the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision protected employers’ rights to do so. Prior to that decision unions could promote candidates. Corporations could not.

The Huffington Post was also trolling for people who think they were fired because Obama got re-elected. In bold print, in two different articles at their website, the following message appeared: “Has your boss fired workers as a result of President Obama’s reelection? Email and tell us about it.”

And then there was Twitter. The prevailing sentiment was that decisions to limit hours or lay off workers are “selfish,” “ridiculous,” “unpatriotic,” and worthy of a “boycott.”

Such fascist characterizations may be emotionally satisfying, but they miss the point. A Las Vegas business owner who fired 22 of his 144 employees after the election, counters such perceptions with a dose of reality in an anonymous phone call to a local radio station. “I have always put my employees first,” said the employer. “I always made sure that when I went without a paycheck that I made sure they were paid. And I explained that I always put them first and unfortunately I’m at a point where I’m being forced to have to worry about me and my family now and a business that I built from just me to 114 employees…Elections do have consequences, but so do choices. A choice you make every day has consequences and you know what, I’ve always put my employees first, but unfortunately today I have to put me and my family first, and you watch what’s gonna happen.”

No doubt for many on the left, the idea that an employer might put his family’s interests ahead of his employee’s is little more than selfishness run amok. And in a burst of even more unrealism, these same, self-professed champions of the middle class apparently can’t comprehend (or don’t care) that a boycott of “offending” businesses will result in even more employees getting laid off.

Yet perhaps the most remarkable disconnect demonstrated by the left has to do with the election campaign itself. Barack Obama couldn’t run on an economic record that included 43 months of joblessness above 8 percent, the weakest recovery on record, or record numbers of Americans who became attached to government programs such as Food Stamps, welfare or Social Security disability. Thus, he chose to run against the “fat-cat bankers on Wall Street,”  private sector businesses who “didn’t build that” and the rich who aren’t paying their “fair share” and are “holding the economy hostage” as a result. He demonized wealth-producers in general, and Mitt Romney in particular.

Now, he and his followers not only expect the entire business community to fall in line behind them, but absorb the extra, and perhaps ultimately debilitating, costs of Obamacare–without so much as a whisper of protest, no less.

It is bad enough the left can demonstrate such a profound ignorance regarding human nature and economics. Yet what is far more unsettling is the premise on which such ignorance rests: in short, the American left apparently believes that the essence of free-market capitalism, namely “incentive,” is interchangeable with the essence of socialist-driven, redistributionist impulses, namely “coercion.” Nothing could be further from the truth, elusive as that truth may be to those who never seem to tire of finding ways to spend other people’s money. One suspects it will become glaringly and grimly apparent over the next four years.

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  • Mary Sue


    And all the rest of you that haven't expanded into Canada yet (I know Red Lobster has but not as much as it COULD).

    • tuffone3

      What is happening here is coming to Canada. It will travel the world before it's over.

      • Paul

        Hey Tuffone3, we already have the employer contributing to health care in Canada and the sun still comes up in the morning. It is not going to cost 50 cents a sandwich to do it wither. That is a lot of bull.

        • amused

          You deserve Walmarts in your neighborhood Mary Sue ……lol…do they have food stamps up there ?

          • Mary Sue

            We have Walmart here and it's a separate company from the US one legally (though they carry many of the same but not all the same items) and the Universe has not collapsed in on itself.

            Food stamps are a US only thing. This does not exist in Canada. Instead, we have Food Banks operated by nonprofit charities.

  • pierce


    • wsg

      Back off on the all caps please.

      • Mary Sue

        caps lock is cruise control for cool!

    • tara

      not all of us voted for the regime !!!! I VOTED for Romney…for change . please dont group us all with the obama(regime)phone holders…


    • @MikeWehunt

      The masses didn't vote for Obama solely on the issue of the ACA. Even now the majority of polls place the public highly against the healthcare law. Businesses do this to survive and if you decided to boycott all the businesses that are doing this then I guess you like the idea of starvation and running around naked because the vast majority oh stores and most manufacturers are already doing this in preparation.

  • The Truth

    Have you noticed that all the restaurant CEOs who are threatening to abuse their customers and employees over Obamacare all produce horrible tasting food for the lower classes? Who eats at those slime pits anyway? Who eats tilapia steak and fried potato skins with government cheese and extra salt dumped in? I’ll tell you who: people with no sense who can and should make better food at home and eat out rarely, only at finer establishments. You won’t need half as much healthcare if you don’t eat at or stand working for long varicose making hours at Papa Johns or – yuck!- Applebee’s.

    • The Truth is a Troll

      Way to completely avoid the reality that Obamacare is causing people to lose jobs. These are middle class jobs, but like a true leftist you don't care give a damn about these people.

      • The Truth

        So is that how this works? Anyone who disagrees with you is “A Leftist?” You might find the world quickly overpopulated with leftists if you do that.

        • Mary Sue

          No, anyone who espouses leftist views is a leftist.

          • The Truth

            That's a conundrum. Which came first? The leftist views or the leftist?

          • Western Canadian

            Neither. It’s more like a disease, passed from one fool to another…

          • Western Canadian

            Neither. A better description would be a disease, passed from one victim to the next.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Who the H-ll are you to tell people what they can and can't eat? Where'd you go to medical school, anyway? Just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean everyone has to be.

      • The Truth

        Oh, by all means eat that garbage. I am not Mayor Bloomberg. I just don’t like breaded gutterfish and deep fried river rat. Those are actually on the menu at some of these establishments. You should be free to pump that into your body with as much corn syrup as you can waddle away with. My point was that these companies produce food that is as disgusting as their political attitudes are, not that you shouldn’t fill your guts with it while you watch football.

      • intrcptr2

        No, no, no; you guys have missed it; I will readily admit your points. But "The Truth" (Apparently our friend has a self-effacing sense of humor, and a good sense of irony) is simply voicing the statist ideal of oligarchy; just as Mayor Bloomberg has outlawed citizen donations at NYC shelters, he believes that no one, outside the central cabal, should have the freedom to make their own choices. Nevermind that these companies sell outrageous amounts of their product; none of us should have the right to buy, or eat, what we wish.

        I freely agree with his assessment of the menus, and the effects on health. But I do not arrogate such power to make those decisions for others. The sad part is that it is indeed in our kitchens where "health care" belongs, not in Washington DC.

        • The Truth

          Oh, but I do want you to eat what you wish. And if you had the good sense to wish to eat fresh meat and ripe, plump, flavorful produce from the grocery store, I also wish those things existed on a regular basis. Imagine how healthy and how not-Obamacare-needing we would be if fresh, tasty, ripe whole food were available on a regular basis in America’s grocery stores.

          • intrcptr2

            Please stop; you're killin' me here (Just don't quit your day job).

            You really should get out more. Or are you having a flashback to your Stalinist boyhood? There is NO shortage whatsoever of such real food, in the grocery or schools (Trust me, you would be sickened with how much fresh produce gets trashed by the kiddies).
            There is simply a shortage of individual responsibility; me mum fed me right as a child, so now I do as an adult. I do not eat roots berries, but I also do not have a regular table at MikeyD's.

          • Mary Sue

            I don't know what you're talking about. the last time I was in a walmart in the United States (which was a few months ago), they had all kinds of fresh produce.

            If idiot cities wouldn't stop walmart from setting up shop within the cities themselves maybe the idiot cities could have it too…

          • The Truth

            Perhaps the produce arrived recently, but I doubt it was crisp and succulent, ripe and with good flavor indicative of good nutrition and a joy to eat. It was the fruit and vegetable equivalent of cheap Chinese hardware.

      • Rosey

        He/She is NOT on a food diet. This is just a typical hypocrite believing he has the right to pound others because he doesn't like what they are doing. I'm not clear as to what his rant is all about. It is food, or is it a business owner's right to make internal decisions based on what is profitable and lawful for his company? Anyway, he comes across as a snob: "only at finer establishments." Really?

    • JakeTobias

      I find Applebee's to be over priced for the food involved. So I stay away. But Papa Johns just makes pizza. And pizza is hard to screw up. Delish! By the way, you seem to be over looking the upside of the government not covering our medical care. If people die, it only costs their family. But under Obamacare, it costs us all. And if they wind up only half-dead, then we all pay. For the rest of their lives. Including you. But like you say, maybe they should eat better.

      On the other hand, I once read an interesting comment in The New Republic. A lot of those writers use to have a lot of good, good friends, over in the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. One time, one of these writers mentioned forlornly, almost offhandedly, another one of his Russian friends had passed away. And then added, more and more of his Russian friends were passing away. Even though most of them were only middle aged. "Why?" he asked rhetorically. Because, "the Russian diet is hard on the human body." Or words to that effect. So I mentioned this comment to a friend, and they said, "That means Russians drink too much." I guess because they are filled with hope. Or so I assume.

      So, why am I mentioning this to you? Because, I think you should go fluke yourself, comrade.

      • intrcptr2

        They drank so much because they had lines in the grocery, and the doctor's office. Pretty fine testimonial to the nationalized health care system of the workers' paradise, no?

    • jose

      You eletist scumbag.

    • david

      I always end up having to drink a gallon of water after eating at these places. They might as well serve salt licks! Salt and pepper aren't the only spices out there.

      • Mary Sue

        eh, they just employ cooks that smoke too much to relieve their stress and thus end up with what Gordon Ramsay refers to as "a palate like a cow's backside".

        • The Truth

          And how do people refer to the intellectual palate that watches Gordon Ramsay? What is the simile for that one?

          • Western Canadian

            Whatever it it, it must be miles above your sad and pathetic level.

    • Merivel

      "people with no sense who can and should make better food at home and eat out rarely" I was hoping this was in jest, but I fear the young "Truth" ("Pravda") here is in earnest. Yep, you know who eats in these establishments and you know what they should eat, and you know what's best for them. This is the essence of a left wing world view: a sense of superiority over "the masses" who need "the avangarde" to tell them how to live, and if they don't listen, well, the said avangarde will enforce their way on the said "masses" AT ALL COST. They will also tell self-respecting people who may well be grateful to have a job that they shouldn't stand for long hours, ergo quit working and go on welfare. The mind boggles.

      • The Truth

        You should go on even more about the poor suffering non-elitist masses who all they want to do is consume their grease and salt and corn syrup in peace at Applebee’s, Papa John’s, and let’s not forget Chick-fil-a. You have confused me with Mayor Bloomberg, apparently, because I don’t care if people eat substandard food floor sweepings and wash it down with beer made of putrefied rice alcohol. That is your right and prerogative. I am not trying to decide for the vulgar masses what they may or may not shove in their faces. What I said was that the CEOs who slop them like pigs have political and economic views that are as repugnant as the “food.”

        • Mary Sue

          Hey, last time I ate at Applebee's it was pretty good!

          • The Truth

            Did you have the apples or the bees?

    • Western Canadian

      The only topic of a subject of product being classed as slop you are fit to comment on, would be posts on internet boards. And your energy and flair for posting such slop, indicates you should not comment, but continue to lead by example.

  • Bud

    We are watching the very beginning of the fall of the american empire….Just like the romans. Our children are being brainwashed at the schools to think left and the result is the vast majority wanting everything for nothing. I don't think anything Mit could have said would have changed the outcome. The majority want it free. Unfortunatley there is not enough funds to provide any of it. We willl see the manufacturing sector die very slowly and then the US will become an empty shell with no income. Then no one will have anything. My greatgrandparents left europe to get away from this stuff. Unfortunately there is no new America to go to and start over. It is a very sad day for the very few of us who really care about the real america.

    • John C. Davidson

      Sad, but so true.

    • Paul

      Bud, you are one of the many in the U.S. who are not really with the program. You believe all of the propaganda. Did you know that there are 3 million jobs open RIGHT NOW in the U.S. that are not being filled? You know why? Because there is a shortage of trained people to do the jobs. The jobs are just sitting there. The business sector wants those jobs filled so they can grow their companies. Right now, they are being ;lmited by the lack of a proper education. The manufacturing sector WILL grow when everyone is on the same page. Also, there are people who will not work. They are unemployable. I don't care if you have a republican or a democrat in the White House. They make up something like 4 – 5% of the stated unemployed.

      • Paul

        Further, when I hear that the waiters and waitresses in the U.S. make $2.00 an hour (Port Huron Michigan) I cringe. We haven't had wages that low in Canada since the 50's. I would be embarassed to offer anyone that wage for any reason. And don't tell me they make their way on tips. Remember 5% of the citizens of the U.S. have 25% of the GDP in the U.S. That means that the corporations are making excellent returns on investment. If you want the middle class to prosper, you have to pay a proper living wage. Then they will buy products that are manufactured in the U.S. and everyone wins. If the money stays in the pockets of the few, the economy will stagnate or baely crawl along. Pay a decent wage. Stop the whining and get the job done folks!

    • jose

      I think you are very correct about what is happening to america today.

    • Ghostwriter

      Bud,this nonsense about the "American Empire" is just that,nonsense. We've got problems but need real solutions,not fantasy ones. This "American Empire" is just another fantasy to blame America for all of the world's problems. It's silly.

    • miracle2012

      Really,dude. most people I know hate taking charity, but are willing to share and compromised Mitt probable could have won if he didn't steal people's 401 plans, and could rememnber what he said from one day to the next. Mitt Romney didn't created any jobs in Mass as govornor, but created millions of dollsrs for himself. my grandparent's to came from amother country, they still would be proud. because their children had it better than them. there are many of us who care about the United States. just because we don't agree with your' asassment. doesn't mean we don't care just as much. that's one reason, my grandparents came to america

    • david

      No, our kids are learning to become critical thinker and guess what…they understand that the fascist policies hiding behind the name conservatism is bad for the country. Check out the 14 points of Fascism. Looks familiar does it not? That's right. It's the GOP platform and what the GOP POTUS hopefuls were supporting to get the fascist votes for the primary.

      • JakeTobias

        Wow. You’re right! It does seem familiar. Republicans and Democrats are BOTH fascists! What are real Americans going to do now? How about become Libertarians, or join the Tea Party? If not them, then a genuine alternative with wider appeal. Critical thinkers everywhere agree.

    • mpepepepers

      I need to ask a question – what is the REAL BEEF with Obama? The vehemence of the detractors to the ACA, and especially against obama hiself makes me want to use a oft spout conservative phrase – ' you are EMBOLDENING the enemy' with your lack of respect for the POTUS!!! LOL….
      Seriously, fall of the american empire? If its true, its not because of 4 years of obama. More people are on food stamps because more QUALIFY now because of the economy. Those who think that we should be a whole lot better off, IMO doesnt know the huge poopstorm that was the economic meltdown. It was a big deal, and it aint over yet- and as you have heard, obama wasnt in office. We already spend 16% of our money (GDP) on healthcare, long before any whisper of obamacare. Thats the most of any country – and not everyone was covered. And ofcourse, its the #1 reason for bankruptcy in the US. Hows that for fleecing the middle class?? This is the first step in creating a more intelligent health care system. Letting it go on "free market" and expecting for profit mechanisms to take the best care of its citizens – is faulty in the most fundamental sense. My mother pays 925 dollars a month for health care, with no pre-existing. This is robbery, and fear of the health industry taking you for all you are worth is the scare tactic that runs the whole system. This is what "free market" with health care gets you. And i say, make everyone pay their share. Because everyone who needs health care gets access to it. Nobody gets turned away. Those who don't have healthcare, WE PAY FOR IT ALREADY- and we pay out the nose because those people wait until a problem is past preventative care – straight to the ER – which is the most $. Constitution is being ignored so OBAMA can institute martial law and communism (or whatever)? – this is laughable….Do some research on the patriot act. This is nothing new, and business as usual. Or are you just somehow "finally:" fed up with the entire system, and its just coincidence that obama (or a democrat) happens to be the prez? I highly doubt it – Or perhaps its just our 2 party system dichotomy, and everyone gets upset when their guy doesnt win? Well, again back the main point, the vehemence in the attacks, and the blatant misinformation, and "america is dead" , communist, fema death camps, nanny state, rhetoric seems more than a little over the top.

  • DougJay

    More freedoms being lost right before our eyes. Are we supposed to now remain silent and hail our new masters – Obama and the Obama-crats? Why shouldn't those who choose freedom over tyranny continue with their resistance? Is this what '…concent of the governed…' has now become? Remember that someone once said, "Freedom is when the government fears the people. Tyranny is when the people fear their government." What path do you think we are on???

    • miracle2012

      really dude

    • david

      I'm not afraid of our government but obviously Glenne Beck has gotten into brain. Have you found your farmland and bought a bunch of ammo yet?

  • John C. Davidson

    Too many people ignore facts anymore. They'd rather believe the lie.

    • Buck

      They are told the lie, which they believe,, because they want to. They then dont understand why the lie does not trump reality, because they want it to.

      • Tanstaafl jw

        I believe in Santa Claus! I really do!

        • intrcptr2

          Well, sure; he brings more goodies than the Tooth Fairy…

    • david

      like lying about how well they're doing in the race to get donors to give and base to the polls?

  • JakeTobias

    I don't know much about restaurants. And I'm not a lawyer. But Obamacare will probably shut down medical malpractice law suits. Under socialized medicine, the doctors will be government employes. And as far as I know, you can't sue the government. So. No suing doctors. Though whether doctors will be considered government employes, might be a technical matter. But if the government is "paying" for coverage, is this not true? I guess the government lawyers will have to figure that out (wait a minute. wait a minute. if we are suppose to be covered for this by the government, why do we need to "buy" anything? and then pay higher taxes for it? and be fined if we don't, again, "buy" it?). Regardless, if all you other lawyers think it is going to be business as usual, think again. Dummies. Oh, and thank you lawyers, for overwhelmingly supporting Barack "Hussein" Obama.

    • intrcptr2

      Not really sure about all that. Although I am quite sure that ObamaCare is quite powerless to influence malpractice or even accidents…

    • pagegl

      Doctors won't be considered government employees. Too many trial lawyers supported and will continue to support Obama and others on the left. Removing one of their best sources of income won't go over so well.

    • GUEST

      nohting is your post is correct.

      doctors will NOT be government employees
      thsi is socilaized medicine – the insurance is NOT through the govt.
      you don't need to put Hussein in quotes – that is his name
      this will have no affect on malpractice suits

  • andre

    Still in the end what we get we deserve, this is what we get for voting in the same people who want these regulations to be implemented. In the end we bite the bitter pill as the consequences begin to roll in

    • miracial2012

      bussiness have always been trying, to get rid of paying healthcare. many bussinesses keep their employees at 29 hours on purpose. I will not go to bussinesses eith that kind of atitude. If I know about it. just like I try to pay things with plants , store, made,grown in the states,warehouses. It hard to figure out sometimes. I looked over the obama careplan I was impressed with it. I have always believed in preventitive measure. so much easier to avoid than to cure, but I can also see why many opposed it, especially if insurance company, and pharmaceutical company lose billions of dolllars, like some have said."san diego voice& viewpoint"

  • Jim_C

    I'm pretty sure all these businesses have enough cheese supply to go with their whine.

    How long have we been talking about health care reform? 40 freaking years. What's been done? Nada.

    Guess what? I'm not a huge fan of Obamacare, either. Yes, we have good health care in this country. No, our health care system SUCKS. Our costs have been twice the costs of any similar country for quite some time and–Obamacare or not–were projected to QUADRUPLE.

    What did Republicans offer, again? That's right. NADA. Until it became clear that Obamacare was going to be an effective initiative they couldn't ridicule into obsolescence like they did when Hillary tried it. After that? Weak pudding about "tort reform" and crocodile tears about "constitutionality" that a conservative Supreme Court blew dry.

    Tough beans, innit?

    Swiss system/Singapore system. Look into it: private insurance, private system. MANDATORY involvement, no profit on basic level of care. Profit on packages beyond that care. Unfortunately, too many special interests aligned against it.

    • erica

      Didn't Romney create a managed care system ?

      A national healthcare system is doomed to fail before it starts.

      Our government can't manage the post office or welfare efficiently .
      It costs $40,000 to furnish 1 welfare family with $23,000 a year . Government healthcare is just another entitlement program in the long run. Who is going to pay for free healthcare ,free welfare,free education,free food stamps,free medicaid,medicare,disability ,SS,unemployment …………………….only 48% of citizens pay taxes. Do you think crushing the middle class and small businesses even more will work ?
      The government can't control prescription drugs which are stolen and fraudulently received and resold for millions of $ every year .
      Ever been to a VA hospital ?
      This government can't run a lemonade stand efficiently .They are too busy selling guns to drug cartels and giving away entitlements to illegals.

      If you think a government mandated system is the answer it should have been enacted on state levels.
      Not set up to be managed by a government that has failed and stolen us blind for over 30 years .

      • mkpeepepers

        what nobody gets is that WE ALREADY PAY FOR THE UNINSURED. 16% of GDP. My mother pays 925 a month for health premiums. It is disgusting. Twas TIME for Something to happen. I'd rather have big fat nanny government run the system, then the corpocracy for profit megaliths that control the system with lobbyists and misinformation – eager to keep their greedy grasps on almost 20cents of every dollar the entire flippin country spends. WAKE UP. this is not the gateway drug to socialism. Do some research on all the different systems in the world that kick the crap out of our system. Our system doesnt cover everyone, is more expensive, and the #1 cause of bankruptcy. Its too late to say "we want to do it too, but we dont like the way you are doing it, and we would do it better, and it wouldnt cost anybody a dime if we did it".

    • mkopepepers


  • JCS

    Amazing that 50% of the voters chose to continue drinking the Kool-Aid over realty.
    Now that the king has been re-elected he cares even less about the havoc his policies are wreaking on everybody, especially his supporters.

  • geoplaten

    "One suspects it will become glaringly and grimly apparent over the next four years."

    Only to those who think. The bulk of the people – and sadly, the bulk of the voters – will remain in denial over the consequences of their choices and instead blame someone else, anyone else: business, Bush, Republicans, conservatives, anyone but themselves.

    It's lose, lose for the people, but win, win for the liberal politicians. Either business picks up the tab for their largesse or, more likely, businesses will dump people and create the clamor for true government health care.

    We are screwed.

    • david

      Just like Canada that has taken the burden of health insurance away from business and provides basic national health care. Their economy is screwed worse than ours. Oh wait…it isn't.

      • Mary Sue

        except that it hasn't. The real burden is the Extended Health care, which Employers still provide.

    • mpepepeprs

      You are seriously victims of misinformation and the sad pawns of the right wing corporations (look up who the donors to the conservative parties are) and their ilk when you spout america is dead baloney and "we are skarood". I would rather have huge disgusting goverment, then be a slave to the corpocracy any day. I don't want the government to be my nanny. I want the goverment to keep filthy greed and profit is king above all else in check, because it is WELL documented in history how good the "free market" run amok with no oversight treats its "workers", the environment, and the general public. And this is exactly what this health care debate is all about. You think they are gonna give up 16% of our TOTAL GDP in their pocket without a fight? Watch out for misinformation.

  • miracle2012

    can any one tell me about the tea party, are they for the good of the country, or just about party? because I don't remember anyone making a stink over how congressed axed the American Job act 2011, when obama proposed it in september2011. wasn't anyone as outrage as I was when congress took their oath of office and made a joke out of starts : we the Peopleof the United Statesetc….

  • David

    I wish these companies good luck trying to find people to work for minimum wage, under 30 hours and pay out of their pockets for health care. What's that sound? Businesses that don't want to add $0.25 to an order to give their workers health care nailing sheets of plywood up over windows. Bye!

    • wsg

      Exactly how many payrolls have you met? What businesses have you run ? Ans: NOT squat. The regulations, hostility and out right contempt from the Progressives toward the private sector and those in it who pay the freight for 100 % of our governing elite and dependent class is getting very – VERY OLD !
      As an EX small business person who now works in another industry the ruling elite is burning the private sector down with universal and reckless abandon !

      • David

        Actually wsg, I own one now with 21 employees and guess what? They already have insurance which they get to keep because it meets the minimum coverage required. How do i afford it? I pulled together with four other small businesses. Why did I do it? Because I value my employees and their skills I need to be successful. They’re a dedicated bunch and since I show my appreciation by giving yearly bonuses from the profits they have no problem going above and beyond when on tight deadlines. As for regulations and other insurance I HAVE to carry, I don’t mind because it’s cheaper than getting sued and possibly losing my company. I have to deal with the dreaded EPA but honestly if I follow the rules and adapt to the new ones, it’s not so difficult. A lot of them are just commonsense like dumping chemicals down drains. Anyway, I’ve always have put my people before profits and with that my people have increased my profits. I don’t need a $1 million salary to be happy. I only need a fraction of that to meet my needs and desires. I don’t need a 40,000 sqrft home, a bunch of cars and stuff that reminds me of my wealth. I live in a nice 4,000 sqrft home which is now paid for and lease my cars. I own two vacation homes, one in the mountains of Appalachia and the other on the Gulf Coast. I also allow my employees to use them when they use their one week paid vacations when they’re available. I believe in what you put out is what you get back. If you’re a hostel person then hostility is what you get. The government isn’t as hostel like you and others say it is.

    • Rosey

      There will always be another wave of "New" illegal immigrants who will work for those wages…you stupid goose. America may be slightly ragged to you mind, but it's still a shinning light to those who are really suffering hunger and pain, and hardships caused by dictators.

      • mkat68

        Yes, the "shining light" of food stamps, free health care, and other entitlements paid for by an ever-dwindling base of tax-paying providers..

  • Steven Simpson

    I do hope that people organize a list of companies that support and do not support Obamacare. I would be willing to completely boycott any business not supporting healthcare, cutting hours, or anything else to avoid access to its employees to healthcare. The cost of a boycott could and most likely would cost more than supporting their employees. I don’t mind paying more for a sandwich, or a meal, if I know their employees are getting healthcare. Let the boycotts begin!

  • amused

    Well atleast we' ll know which restaurants to boycott . Papa John's at the top of the list . First off his pizzas are shiiit to begin with , and now he 's gonna have 30 hr a week labor which is not even gonna know how to wash their hand let alone care or know why . Go ahead republicans support this shiithead who's not even ITALIAN , and bring his pies home to your family . To all these greedy entrepenuers I say go ahead , and see what kind of labor you are going to get . You'll have to compete with those buisinesses that give a 40 hour week with benefits , otherwise close your doors and stick your cheapass jobs up your butt Watch it happen RepoCons and choke on Papa Johns cardboard pizzas . P.S. I case you hadn't noticed Papa Johns is paying its employees peanuts now and just about been doing what you call " consequenses of the election " anyway . LOL…just let capitalist entrepenuerial forces come into play . Bye Bye , go take a ride in your Camaro and get some real pizza at Angelo's .

    • bkopicz

      That boycott against Chick Fil A didn't quite workout the way you expected chump

    • Mary Sue

      who even drives Camaros anymore, except aging enthusiasts who bought one in 1984 and can't afford a better one, and strippers?

      • Western Canadian

        Mine is a ’68 convertible. Worth more than the new ones.

        • Western Canadian

          By the way, I am NOT a stripper….

          • Mary Sue

            never thought you were, was paraphrasing Tom Leykis.

        • Mary Sue

          well, that's a classic car now.

  • amused

    Oh and there will be lists …..two can play at the game , and life's a two way street . Buisness owners will have to add in their help wanted adds that they are offering healthcare , else their competition will get the helpthey need to make them dollars . The stiffnecked idiots will go out of buisness ….and good riddance .

  • Embedded

    My wife and I are both small business owners. We saw the writing on the wall years ago when obummer care was approved. With the help of our lawyers and accountants, obummer care, it was decided, would bankrupt my company. So I had to downsized and let all of our employees go. In the meantime our business taxes have tripled. Now due to legislation obummer is going to enact and make mandatory January 1st, my wife's company will go under by years end taking all 1300 of her employees with it. You can say what you want but survival is a human instinct unless you are living on handouts. Anyone who is touting the boycott word is about as heartless as anyone who voted obummer in for another four years. You people do not have any concept on what you have done to your children, your neighbors, and the family you profess to love and care about. Boycotting a company for trying to stay profitable only hurts your fellow citizens.

    • smellsAliar

      Which companies? Just want to make sure you aren't one of these "trolls"

    • Kerry Collins

      In the third quarter of my companies' fiscal year my company made $1000.00 after expenses. We already furnish insurance to all office staff and supervisors. This law says I will now have to furnish it to the other 60 employees. Our rates went up 35 percent last year and it is time to renew our policy again. At 500 per month times 60 employees this equals $30,000 per MONTH. This is an impossible burden for businesses to bear. It is not a matter of not wanting to do it it is a matter of can't afford it and stay in business. Then who pays for all these employees living expenses as well as insurance. You all will through higher taxes to support even more people on food stamps,etc. Why should I have to pay for someone else's insurance anyway. Why not their auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance,etc. ask yourself how you would like a law that said you had to take your money and buy another family their insurance. What is happening is simple: most people don't care what the government does as long as someone else pays for it besides themselves. When companies like mine are forced out of business who will pay the laid off employees and their insurance. Everybody left that has a job. The only way out of this mess is for everyone to accept personal responsibility. Our country is in debt over $50,000 for every person in this country. Does that not prove that we are on the wrong road? Everyone would realize that fact if they got a bill for their share of the national debt. America cannot survive continuing to borrow in order to give so much money to do many people and nations.

  • T L

    I am disgusted that business owners, CEO's and others think it's just fine to pay low wages and then lay off employees to "punish" the President and anyone else that believes that everyone should have healthcare! It's true that it will cost money just as it's also true that these companies and corporations will increase prices for products and services to compensate to protect their bottom lines! What would they have to say if they were that person working the drive-through window, the assembly line, the switchboard without healthcare and knew that their bosses/owners were gunning to cut their hours or lay them off to avoid offering healthcare???? BASTARDS! BRATS! BABIES! SUCK IT UP!

  • M.L. Burns

    for all those ppl complaining on this page about obama and his health care i have one very simply soultion that is not out of reach. IT will take some work, hard work. IT will take time, allot probley, IT will take one damned thing i havent seen our great nation do in a very long time! ITs something we as americans still have the right to do unlike other countries!


    It really is that simple BUT, in this day and age that united front is just to damned lazy…

    stand up, shout, fight for what u want or just STFU that for the big businesses to and small! Stop crying and freaking do something about it!

    this is a note for all those ppl who voted for Obama (i wasn't one of them) You voted for him! You got him! you happy or has reality set in?

    I hope the next president to come behind him and i truly feel for the man who does will undo this mess that has been made!