Eric Holder’s Corrupt Agenda

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The same prejudice is seen in lawsuits against states seeking to enforce immigration laws the DOJ routinely ignores. Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, and Utah have all been targeted–even as not a single suit has been filed against any of the numerous “sanctuary cities” whose illegal alien-protecting statutes are unambiguous violations of federal immigration law. Taken as a whole the message is clear: anything that conflicts with the progressive agenda of the Obama administration becomes a target, while anything that accrues to it remains beneath the radar.

And the primary tactic for enforcing that message is crystal clear as well: delay, delay, delay. Delay the conclusion of a gunrunning scandal that may engulf high-ranking administration officials. Delay the implementation of voter photo ID requirements in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling permitting them. Delay the cleansing of tainted voter rolls that would weed out ineligible voters. Delay enforcing immigration laws in sanctuary cities and the implementation of laws designed to address illegal immigration. Delay for how long?

Until after the general election in November, at least.

With respect to voter ID laws, immigration statutes and voter rolls, such delays are likely a slam dunk. The wheels of justice grind slow, and there is no doubt that every effort will be made by the DOJ to appeal every decision that goes against them all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. And until Darrell Issa finally reached the limit of his patience, it was virtually certain that the Fast and Furious investigation, already more than a year old, would have continued past next November as well.

It probably will anyway. Speaking before a Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Mr. Holder, much like Iranian nuclear negotiators, claimed he was willing to work out a compromise with the House Government and Oversight Committee. “I want to make sure it is very clear that I’m offering–I myself–to sit down with the [House] speaker, the chairman, with you and work our way through this in an attempt to avoid a constitutional crisis and come up with ways, creative ways, in which to make these materials available,” Holder told Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA). Grassley remained skeptical. “Here we are, one year later, and the Terry family is still waiting for answers, they’re still waiting for justice,” he said.

Yet Holder’s newfound attitude apparently resonated with Issa. Yesterday he sent a letter to Holder urging him to make the Committee an offer.

“Let me be clear–if the Department of Justice submits a serious proposal for how it intends to alter its refusal to produce critical documents subpoenaed by the Committee, I am ready and willing to meet to discuss your proposal,” Issa wrote. No other conditions were set by Issa, but Sen. Grassley kept up the pressure. He wants to see the 80,000 documents that were subpoenaed, of which the DOJ has so far produced only 7,600.  Grassley told Fox News that he would be satisfied only “when they cough up” the rest of those documents.

As for timeliness regarding the investigation, i.e. the public disclosure of top secret national security secrets, forget it. Even with the appointment of a special prosecutor in the far less serious “outing” of CIA agent Valerie Plame, that investigation took two years. The president opposes the appointment of a special counsel in this case, leaving Eric Holder to conduct the investigation. Holder has appointed two prosecutors, Ronald Machen, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, and Rod Rosenstein, the U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland, to direct “separate probes that are already being conducted by the FBI.” The phrase separate probes suggests that, at some point those probes will have to be reconciled, undoubtedly lengthening the time of an investigation.

Whether the American public can put the pieces of these various efforts together remains to be seen. They’re certainly not going to get any help from the mainstream media. For example, CNN has characterized potential contempt charges against Holder as “politics,” while Tuesday marked the first time NBC news saw fit to cover Fast and Furious at all. Apparently some prominent players in the Fourth Estate are every bit as invested in obscuring reality as Eric Holder and the Obama administration. All of them remain fully committed to getting Barack Obama to the finish line in November relatively unscathed and unchallenged by legitimate concerns about the voting process.

And their tactic is as simple as it is corrupt. It is best described by an old aphorism: justice delayed is justice denied.

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  • Ken

    Eric Holder is a Lefty hack who will only enforce those laws and regulations that help his boss!! He should resign or be impeached at the soonest possible moment!! If a Republian appointed AG did what he has done, Lefties would be calling for his/her head on a platter!!

    • Asher

      Yeh, Just like the creeps sued Jan Brewer, Sheriffs Joe Arpaio, Paul Babeu, and Larry Deaver to stop them from enforcing the border laws. We are under Stealth Jihad through government policies that works through lawsuits, coversion, immigration and the ballot box! Read Robert Spencer's book: Stealth Jihaed: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without guns or bombs."

  • PDK

    Eric Holder is a black racist thug in a suit. He has made a mockery out of the office of AG, and a travesty out of Justice. His anti American position on eveything in the book makes him the perfect political wife of Barac Hussein Obama, the anti American, pro socialiast, pro Islamic Messianic POTUS.

    Among other things, the two have gone after both sheriff Joe Arpio and Florida voting registration. These two points have some poetic justice emerging as Florida has some peculiar rules regarding ballot eligability for candidates, and Joe Arpio and his cold case posse have some irrefutable evidence of probable cause for fraud and forgery on Obamas BC.

    As Holder aids his soul brother Obama in Florida voter registration, Joe now aids Florida in deciding Obamas eligability on Floridas Presidential ballot.

    I really hope Florida removes Obama from the ballot. This type of poetic justice comes so seldom against the constantly cheating liberals and their democrat party.

    Go Joe go! Come on Florida!

    One and done! Nobama 2012, vote republican. Thank you.

    • jacob

      Has it ever occurred to any of Congress parasites to ask HOLDER why does he oppose proper picture
      ID as a "sine qua non" condition to VOTE, just because it should occurr to anybody above moron level
      FRAUD to obtain votes… ????????

      Hasn't it been documented ad nauseam by a recent published video by the same people who unmasked
      what was going on at ACCORN ???

      • PDK

        Friend, those same people would be James O`Keefe. He has done a fine job with liberal guile groups such as ACORN, and of course the recent exposure of voter fraud.Thanks

  • Anthony

    Holder is B-lack.

    Welcome to BRA (B-lack Run America). The Democratic party in the 1960′s was shrewd enough to know that the demographics the engineered through the ’65 Immigration Act would result in a minority-majority America.

    The Demon-Crats miscalculated a bit because now thanks to low IQ m-inority officials and highly r-acist politicians like Holder and Obama et al, we are seriously facing the prospects of fully emerging as a Third World type country with a fractured citizenry aligned along eternaly racialist fault lines.

    My advice to all freemen is to immigrate out of this diseased country while you can.

    Holder is an embarrassment. Obama is the best of what can be hoped for in a m-ullatto, yet we see he is lmore like a tribal chief like his pops, who had a penchant for nailing s/tupid white liberal chicks.

    What to do?

    • PDK

      Actually friend, instead of leaving America I believe all non liberals should migrate to republican states, to then declare independence, and immediately outlaw liberalism and its socialism, Islam and illegalism.

      This would create the real Utopia, a sort of heaven on earth. Republican states could today be the promised land for those who seek liberty, wealth and the pursuit of happiness. Thanks.

  • jacob

    Therefore, what occurs to me is to ask what are the parasites WE HE PEOPLE sent to Washington doing ??
    The partiality of HOLDER and his Dept of Justice accomplices is blatant but it is up to CONGRESS to throw
    the book at them and so far, even impeaching him for contempt hasn't taken off yet and considering what
    has been reported about the Speaker on the issue, it will never be done….

    Therefore, is there anythig else to do than wait for November and kick 99% of them OUT ???

    • guest

      Its not like they give a choice in candidates. They run the most connected, and that usually means incompetent and rotten to the core.

  • davarino

    This proves it, democrats have to lie and cheat in order to win elections. How do you feel about that dems? Your issue and agendas cannot gain traction unless you are dishonest and cheat. For decades. And allying with the anti American elements to do it ie. Soros (aka the devil), Soviets, Chicoms,…..blah blah blah. Its about time you patriotic dems wake up and see your party for what it is, corrupt. Its fine to have another party, as long as it is loyal to the constitution and the American way, but this party is like a drug dealers. They get you hooked on their product and then make you relient on them and use you to destroy all of us. Their goodies come with an experation date and its coming up quick.

    • Asher

      The Left really screwed themselves because they don't have any positive beneficial policies that have benefitted the people, only destructive ones, now they have to keep lying and pulling lawless actions in order to win by coercion..What a miserable bunch of baron, fruitless people!

  • Rifleman

    There's no "Until after the general election in November, at least," to it. If they get win in November, the corruption will only kick into high gear after the election, like hussein's "flexibility," with the Russians and our other adversaries.

  • tagalog

    Doesn't it strike you that the interest of the Department of Justice in Florida's attempts to clear its roll of voters so as to contain only the currently eligible voters is an argument in favor of voter ID?

    • Asher

      They are desperate to push forward their agenda to destroy America before the elections. I wouldn't even rule out an attack that is allowed to happen to bring America to its knees, so Obama can implement Martial Law and take out our cities, they have thwarted any chance for Israel to take out Iran's nuclear capabilities…putting Israel and America in the crosshairs of a Nuclear-insane Iran!

  • H&R_ Barack

    RE: "Eric Hold Himself’s Corrupt Agenda…"

    Obama’s & Eric Hold Himself's administration, – IS A HATE GROUP.

  • Western Spirit

    holder is openly and brazenly attempting to cheat on the election. if we get obama out of there it will be because such attempts to stack the election failed. in any case this election will be loaded with cheating that i hope the people's will will prevail.

  • H&R_ Barack

    QUESTION: What is RED & BLACK, – RED & BLACK, – RED & BLACK, – RED & BLACK,……?

    ANSWER: President Obama & Eric Hold-Himself rolling into the Potomac River – November 2012!!!


  • H&R_ Barack

    ~ Obama's Butt was handed to him during Wisconsin's Election.

    "I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me."
    ~ General George S. Patton

    To Mister Hold-Himself: No straight man would invite Obama to push behind him.

    • mrbean

      I like General Schwartzkopf better: "Going to war without the French is like going hynting without your accordian"

  • mrbean

    Eric Holder should never have been Attorney General after facilitating the felon Mark Rich pardon for Bill Clinton who was bribed with a million dollars in his "Presidental Library Fund" which is just a money laundering front.

  • EVABeliever

    BLT — Black Liberation Theology! That is what Eric Holder is practicing. All he cares about is uplifting the black man in America. He is a putz as is his muslim brother Hussein Obama.

    • Asher

      Yes, and they are using the fact that we have a Black President to try and stop any condemnation of his policies and actions by Republicans….Trying to render us Inefective!

  • Oleg

    Here is why congress hauling Holder up onto the carpet is not a political distraction to the presidential campaign, Holder is Barry's hatchetman. Not to mention the fact that he is incompetent, corrupt, and is abusing the power of his office. He isn't a distraction to the presidential campaign he is a campaign issue.

  • Galveston

    Impeach Steadman – Oprah hasn't been laid since the election and she wants her man back!

  • Vic Kelley

    I support FL Gov. Scott and what he is trying to do. FL suffered a lot from ACORN shenanigans in the past. Dead people, ex-felons, and illegal immigrants were registered to vote by ACORN. Scott and others are trying to undo the damage.

    Obama, Holder, and other race-baiting liars like to point to FL's past. They like to say "jim crow" and other crap. That is ancient history. Just look at the colored U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson. She "represents" a district in FL. It is not a white district yet enough non-white people were able to vote her insane ass into office.

    • Asher

      Obama seeks the Hispanic vote because he has to make up for the numbers of every other voter he has lost! He knows he lost Middle Class White People months ago!

  • Rick_in_VA

    I can hardly wait to see Holder and Obama perp-walked.out of their respective offices.

  • BLJ

    Holder and Obama would both look good in matching orange jump suits. They are both disgraces to their respective offices.

    The only way the vile and corrupt Obama administration can win in November is if they steal the election. They know they are in trouble and since they have the morales of jackals they will do anything to win.

    Got news for these two pinheads: Get ready to be looking for a new gig come Jan 20, 2013.

  • gary fouse

    As a retired DEA agent who occasionally worked with ATF, I know there is no way street agents or even local supervisors could have concocted that scheme. It had to come from the highest levels of the DOJ. When Janet Napolitano spoke at UCLA several weeks back, I asked her why she wasn't pounding on Eric Holder's desk demanding answers since two of her own agents were killed. She evaded the question then chastised me for rolling my eyes during her non-answer.

  • keith

    as a retired Military I know the democraps have done many things to prevent absentee military ballots from counting, the democraps are about as anti military as you can get , they seem to hate us.

    • Spider

      They aren't just anti military they HATE everything American including patriots like yourself….

  • Schlomotion

    There is heavy irony here that Darrell Issa, the best hope and firebrand against Eric Holder was almost assassinated by two members of the Israel Lobby immediately after 9/11, but because he found terrorism morally repugnant, Danny Gillis stung those two members of the Israel Lobby for the FBI. If this had not happened, the Israel Lobby would have murdered a Republican Congressman simply because he was of Lebanese descent, and then no one would be challenging Eric Holder for his crimes.

  • BS77

    Support VOTER ID legislation. I need to show a valid photo ID to board a jet, to buy alcohol, to make major purchases, to cash a check, to register a vehicle….why shouldn't I have to present a valid ID to VOTE< one of the most crucial privileges and rights we have????????

  • gentleman_warrior

    Let's see if I have this right:

    The way Chairman Hussein Maobama is stacking the deck for a 'Win' in November (by hook or crook), it looks like a no holds barred Marxist effort by the Kenyan to hold onto power. Since the Congress hasn't the guts to stop this wholesale slaughtering of the U.S. Constitution, if the Kenyan seizes power again in November, it looks like it could very well be a rising up of the armed masses to stop this slide into a socialist nation. If people do that, I hope our military and law enforcement refuse to obey the ILLEGAL orders sure to emanate from the White House. I hate to even consider there would be an armed insurrection against the Marxists, but if Congress can't or won't do their jobs, then it might just be left up to the People to make a correction.

  • Eric Holder

    I hate to bust yalls bubble, stupid honkies LMAO, dont yall know having a photo ID aint gonna do crap for whitey? HELLO it is only gonna hurt you loser conservatives. u knowd why? cause wes can hire black id checkers to look at the ids and ifn deys see a brother evem ifn it aint the right id wes gonna let him vote. u knowd blacks is gonna take car ah other bros how do you thank blacks get special privilage evem when deys dont qualify dey be goin to see a black clerk that is hook em up blacks will approve other blacks for any government or other program or freebe even if they dont qualify that be the name of the game so you honkies lose either ways you look at it
    we aint gonna let no honky republicans steal this election LMAO

  • Asher

    When the government does not serve the people, its time to Throw them Out! Destroying our sovereignty, our national security, and religious society from within is the plan, and then implementing Sharia Law instead of the Constiution.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama and all his evil henchmen = pure evil!!!!

  • Ricky Michael

    He and Obumer be pals, that's why. Obumer wouldn't have anyone else to smoke joints with in the white House garden.

  • Asher

    Republicans have been stalled in taking actions and played for suckers until now. ATF Agent John Dodson spills the beans to Senator Charles Grassley on the Fast and Furious Gun Running Scheme.

  • Roger

    Or they can take turns grabbing each other's ears.