Holocaust Speaker Too Controversial for Purdue Calumet?

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Professor Rupp was not forthcoming with details when asked. “Peggy Shapiro’s name never came up,” he said. “The general topic came up. The historians decided that they didn’t want to sponsor the issue.” When asked why, he refused to say, noting only that “the university is involved in challenging issues” — issues about which Mr. Rupp would not elaborate.

Yet the history department was not the only entity to back off. The Jewish Federation rescinded its invitation as well. According to information Mrs. Eisenstein was privy to, there was concern on the part of the JCRC that, irrespective of the event’s educational merits, without the partnership of the history and political science departments, the event could face problems, specifically with respect to its potential to set off controversy given issues at the university.

Professor Eisenstein contends that the Federation was soured on the idea when Richard Rupp notified him that the flyer promoting the event had to be sent to university administrator Wes Lukoshus “for university approval.” “They wanted to review the flyer to make sure it was politically correct, which I don’t know what that meant,” Eisenstein contended. When contacted, Lukoshus said that he and his department “only approve the use of the university logo, not the content of the particular fliers.”

However, “the main reason I’ve heard [for canceling] is that they were afraid or concerned that it would offend Muslims,” Eisenstein claimed. He further contended that a faculty vote aimed at making it difficult, if not impossible, for someone to speak on campus, is unprecedented. “Any faculty member or group who wanted to invite someone [to speak on campus], it was just done,” he said.

As for the “issues” that no one contacted about this case will discuss? Professor Eisenstein has been involved in a long-running battle with the Muslim Students Association and some faculty members angered by his religiosity, his conservatism, and his determination to confront Islamic jihad. The Muslim Students Association, along with several faculty members from his department, filed nine separate harassment claims against him for Facebook postings demanding justice for the killings of black Christians in Nigeria and alleged comments he made in class. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a free-speech advocacy group, came to his defense.

All nine charges were dropped after a three-and-a-half month investigation.

Eisenstein believes lingering animosity played a large part in the history department’s decision not to support Ms. Shapiro’s appearance and the Federation’s decision to back off as well. “The Muslim students and their liberal supporters are using me as a conduit to demonize any criticism of Islam and Muslims and their activities around the world,” he contends. Mrs. Eisenstein agreed, noting that the Federation was “very concerned that Shapiro would not say anything to antagonize Muslims, because it would be like they were aligning with [my husband,]” she contends.

Whatever the real issues are, one thing is certain: some combination of anger, fear, revenge and/or pressure from a combination of Muslim students and Purdue Calumet faculty members has prevented Ms. Shapiro from appearing on campus on March 26th, and perhaps the foreseeable future as well. And whatever other conclusions one wishes to draw, Professor Eisenstein is spot on when it comes to one particular criticism. “What really bothers me about the Jewish Federation is that they backed out of a talk about the Holocaust. There is nothing about it that you should not be fighting to have on campus,” he said.

Among Purdue University faculty members, as well as officials at the Jewish Federation, the courage and determination needed to present the history of the Holocaust–regardless of who might take umbrage with such a presentation–is in critically short supply.

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  • aspacia

    No kidding. Unscrupulous academics will target any individuals who disagree.

  • joy52

    Maybe it is time to start another organization on campus so Jewish students have a choice–an organization which would be pro-Isreal and anti-"kill/blame the Jews". This idea is long overdue. Seems like college campuses are dominated by organizations which hold Isreal responsible for ills. The current Jewish organizations provide Jewish students with home-away-from-home religious support and are leftist dominated. A Jewish college student does not have another option on campus. Something tells me if another option were available, then Jewish college students might vote with their feet. I can't believe all Jewish college students are OK with the anti-Semetic and pro-islam tripe being supported by lefty academics.

  • Steve Chavez

    It sounds like Purdue has a problem a ISRAELOPHOBIA PROBLEM!

    $250 speaking fee? Come on! Ahmadinejad, a HOLOCAUST DENIER, was given the red carpet at Columbia University and he spoke FOR FREE! No "mic checks." No disruptions or walk-outs. The only thing that riled up the students was when Ahmadinejad said there "were no gays in Iran." No protests though for stoning of women? Executing NEDA? Arresting Iranian student protesters? But talk about a "gay" and there was mumbling not loud enough though to disrespect their guest speaker!


    • RoguePatriot6


      I heard that. __You know, I try to be objective for the most part but when it comes to the ME and the Israel vs Muslim Arab issue, I can't help but come to the conclusion that the problem with Jew hatred is still amongst us. I'm not just talking about the doctrinal hatred that Islamists have for them either. I'm mainly talking about the apparent hatred for them in this country amongst those so called "icons of acceptance and tolerance", you know those people called liberals.
      I mean, I'm really trying to understand this. How could anyone with an ounce of brain matter in their heads label Jews as the antagonists in the ME or anywhere else. Is it jealousy of their success? Or do they just need someone to blame for their misery or self loathing? (con'd)

    • RoguePatriot6

      It's ridiculous that people would view a country the size of Rhode Island, who's only desire is to be left alone and to exist as a Jewish nation, as the antagonist. Yet we still have these goons who, rather than face the facts, come up with stupid comspiracy theories on how they want to take over the banks, free market and economy and they use this as a basis for their argument. You know, even if it were true, I would sooner trust them with it than I would some people who constantly, voice their hatred for Western Civilization, call me crazy. The real issue in alot of cases is, "whaaaahhh you have more than me…and…and….that not fair, me don't like you". Well, maybe if these same idiots would get off of their fourth point of contact and put the same amount of time in investing their money and education they would have more. Time after time you see the persecution of Jews and Christians by these oxegen thieves in this country as well as others in the ME and people, instead of facing reality, they would rather join the bandwagon on slamming them and come up with the ridiculous claim of "islamophobia" if you have the stones to voice the truth about Islamists (cont'd)

    • RoguePatriot6

      "Phobia" is defined as an irrational fear. "Irrational" is defined as without reason or logic. Now, anyone who hasn't been in a coma for the past few decades, who cannot see any reason to fear Islam and it's zealots who demand that we submit to it, is an idiot. I'm sorry, I hate using that word but to hear, see, and witness what's been going on for the past, just 3 years actually, and not be concerned about Islam and it's quest for world domination you would have to be clinically BRAINDEAD!!! Their is nothing irrational about fearing Islam however there is something very disturbing and irrational about those who appease to it. My case and point, is this administration and their annoying tendency to glue their lips and noses to the backsides of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists alike, HELLO!!!!!, they blatantly voiced their goals of destroying the U.S. What part of "destroy the infidel and Western Socieity" is so hard to understand. Maybe the sound was muffled by their heads being stuck up their American hating backsides.

      What ever the reason, this nation had better wake up.

      • stern

        Great posts, RoguePatriot6, thanks.

  • stern

    Muslims might be offended by a discussion of anti-Semitism? Well, then, Muslims offend me.

    • http://speakingtruthtopower.blogs.com/speaking_truth_to_power_b/ Maurice Eisenstein

      Be careful, I found out that this is "harassing" and they can put in with bad, bad company

      • Schlomotion

        I am surprised that people can actually get paid several hundred, even thousand dollars just to accuse people of anti-Semitism and say they descend from the Nazis. That seems like a fun and lucrative job doing next to nothing.

  • Marty

    This incident reveals the rather despicable and vicious anti-semitism that is apparent several college campuses. It is an irony that institutions of higher learning ignore or distort truth and facts. Much the same occurred during the 1930s as faculty in esteemed places such as Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia wined and dined nazis while simultaneously insisting that the germans were peace-loving. Sound familiar? The same institutions are currently accepting gobs of money from oil-rich autocratic and murderous regimes in saudi arabia and other islamic regimes to portray islam as the (misunderstood) religion of peace. The history faculty members at purdue-calumet apparently do not know much history or, if they do, are willingly becoming tools of a totalitarian ideology that is at least as bad as the nazis in the pursuit of their genocidal goals.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think that they should let Ms. Shapiro talk and Muslims should be invited. They'd ACTUALLY learn something.

  • danseagull


    • David

      Ooooh. We don't want to offend anybody. They may not like us. They may want to kill us. Oooooo, I'm scared

  • Jaladhi

    I wonder how many Muslim students are in these universities who are creating such a havoc in most of them. And the university administrators are such lilly liver cowards to stand upto them. We are cooked!!

  • http://www.nathanielwenger.com NathanielWenger

    Wengerocracy is a form of government where the people watch the ruler entirely amongst their reign. Wengerocracy prevents the leader of a country from covering up unlawful behavior going on.

    Why aren't muslims teaching the importance to instate wengerocracy in Israel?

    Why aren't holocaust survivors teaching the importance to instate wengerocracy in Germany? The holocaust happened. What are you waiting for before you teach the importance to instate wengerocracy in Germany?

  • Nathaniel Wenger

    why didn’t anybody tell me what wengerocracy was before I was treated unlawfully