Inside Napolitano’s ‘Frat House’ Department

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On August 14th, Barr “voluntarily placed herself on leave”–when two additional ICE agents filed sworn affidavits also complaining about “lewd” conduct within the agency. Barr was again quoted as having said, “You a sexy (expletive deleted)” to a senior ICE employee during discussion about a Halloween party in October 2009. “She then looked at his crotch and asked, ‘How long is it anyway?'” according to the affidavit.

The other employee’s affidavit recounts a 2009 trip to Columbia, during which Barr and Ray Parmer, ICE special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations in New Orleans, were “drinking heavily” at the house of the deputy chief of mission for the U.S. Embassy. Parmer allegedly took the BlackBerry of employee Peter Vincent, and sent “lewd messages” to Barr. The second employee’s affidavit also alleges that “During this party, Suzanne Barr approached me and offered to” perform oral sex.

The Obama administration’s response? A DHS spokesman has called the allegations outlined in the Hayes suit “unfounded.” Brian Hale, director of public affairs for ICE, said that agency “will respond directly and strongly to this lawsuit in court.” And the administration described by White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew as “the most transparent ever” did something else as well: it requested that the most “scandalous” details alleged in Hayes’s suit, which “serve only as an attempt to embarrass or harass senior government officials…be stricken from the public record.”

This scandal is just another addition to the ongoing turmoil that has taken its toll on ICE employees. Last year they rated their own agency 222nd out of 240 government agencies in the 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. In addition, the National ICE Council, the union that organizes more than 7,000 agents, has expressed its displeasure with ICE director John Morton via a petition on its website. It notes that the Morton Memo, “allowing them to use their ‘prosecutorial discretion’ to determine if an illegal alien is eligible to avoid deportation” the one that “laid the groundwork for President Obama’s Executive DREAM Amnesty announced earlier this summer,” has resulted in agents “being punished if they determine an illegal alien should be put in deportation proceedings.” The agents are asking the public to send a message to Morton “telling him that he should be encouraging ICE agents to enforce the laws duly enacted by Congress.” As of yesterday, over 56,000 people have signed it.

This lawsuit and the two affidavits will undoubtedly roiled the waters at both ICE and DHS even more. Unfortunately, yet another potential scandal involving an administration up to its collective eyeballs in scandals will remain unresolved until after the election in November. It will join a veritable laundry list that includes the Fast and Furious gun-running debacle, the top-secret intel leaks endangering national security, the dubious loans made to bankrupt green energy companies; the usurpation of bankruptcy laws to give GM to the UAW, and the acceptance of a $100,000 speaking fee by White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe from a South Africa-based mobile-phone company doing business with Iran.

Any one of these scandals alone should be cause for concern. Taken as a whole the pattern is unmistakeable: this is one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of the republic.

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  • Deep_Space

    DHS Buys 1.5 Billion Bullets For War On The American People (Mohawk Guy Included)

    • aspacia

      Yes, this fact concerns me, especially since Obama's Executives Orders have infringed on my Constitutional rights.

  • Rifleman

    Romney is going to have to fire a lot of bureaucrats in the Executive brach, the ones that benefited from going along with these abuses need to go as well.

    • @Jcdavidson37

      You are right. Dems fill government agencies with supporters and the Republicans never seem to be able to get rid of them when the opportuinity arises.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Napolitano's DHS, as well as Holder's DOJ, are acting as enemies of the state who would bring down the republic from within. It is ironic that neither Security nor Justice are being applied by the ineffectual clowns paid by taxpayers to keep us and our country safe. The question every American should be asking is, "What was the purpose of the Clown in Chief in appointing such a collection of fools to sensitive positions in government?" The Obama administration ordered these departments to purposely break the law in countless cases — from security at the border to gun running. It is time to disinfect every nook and cranny in Washington starting with the Oval Office.

    • Randy_in_the_West

      Look and let me be clear – Napolitano is a buffoon and I hold her in utter contempt. But let's not be so quick to get our moral dudgeon up because we know in the heart of darkness of our male souls that the gender roles have been reversed many, many times and we haven't squeaked like the great big mice that we are! BTW, I hate feminism as it is currently expressed, articulated, and acted out on the American stage.

      • Cuban Refugee

        Randy_in_the_West: You are replying to my post when I expressed no opinion regarding Napolitano's sexual identity — it should be obvious to anyone with discernment — nor about your previous post about oral sex. What I object to are this administration's lack of decorum, waste, inefficiency and what seem to be deliberate attempts to cause chaos and discord in our society. On the other hand, punishment for sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace should be blind to gender if women are to be considered truly equal. We must look beyond gender if we are to see the true essence of a person, Randy. Sexual politics is just another ingredient that has been added to the mix in the recipe of Divide and Conquer — don't fall for it.

  • Randy_in_the_West

    The woman that made the "back of the throat" comment should be the one humiliated. However and while I don't think the behavior is acceptable anymore in today's "modern" workplace, what kind of man would be humiliated by the potential for oral sex?

    • Elliott

      In response to your "what kind of a man …" remark:
      Surely, in today's "we are all equals" society, a male can be offended no less than a female, when comments that would NOT be acceptable if said by a male to a female co-worker, are said by a female to a male co-worker.
      (Obviously I am not referring explicitly to the "throat" comment.)
      P.S. Sorry about the very long sentence, but I'm sure that every-one gets the idea.

      • Randy_in_the_West

        I didn't say "Not be acceptable" I said "humiliated" and I'm sure that everyone gets this idea. Anyway, my more general point which had to be read between the lines is that the reason a modern male might be, or at least pretend to be, humiliated is because we no longer act like males but feminized versions of males.

        • guest

          These are the ones the American people trust to go up against al Qaeda, El Chapo Guzman, corrupt Mexican special forces killing people for drug cartels, the Cuban military and Hizb'allah terrorists. Many Americans trust these supposed leaders with our lives and look how we are repaid, with Halloween parties and drunken sexual cruising parties. I'm sure there are American soldiers and sailors who spent last Christmas day in a cave in Afghanistan sniping al-Qaeda without eating or sleeping.

          It is extremely humiliating. What if he had a wife and kids or understood work was for furthering a career and not pickup time or simply believed it is morally right to avoid sticking yourself into every 300 lb sack of bureaucratic pig? Who says males are slobbering animals always on the prowl looking to impregnate anyone, and being chaste and aestheticism is unnatural.

    • answer

      maybe a married man, or a man who has children and he doesn't want to get involved in stuff that could potentially ruin his family life or to be blackmailed later on. maybe a man who simply doesn't find her attractive. maybe a man who isn't a neanderthal, because he can control his sex urge. maybe a man who simply has moral and ethic values not to do it.
      use your brain next time and if you are a woman, stop being sexist.

  • Steve Chavez

    Bring down Obama by taking down his "Circle of Communists." Obama was born of Communists, mentored by a Communist, sought out Communists, found Chicago Communists, was brainwashed by Communists, his closet advisers are Communists, so what does that make him? A COMMUNIST!

    STOP THE PC "Socialist, Progressive, Leftist" CRAPOLA!

    Now as President, he surrounds himself with Communists who in their college days were in Communist Party USA fronts who repeated and supported Soviet propaganda.

    When Communists are put in a position to hire and fire, they hire their own and their only requirement for the job is their past and present activism. If they can prove that they too were in a CPUSA front, they are hired. Being that university professors are Communists too, they give good grades and so those students are given the scholarships to get their masters and doctorates where they are given high grades just for being "a friendly" or comrade.

    If you look at all of Obama's appointments, their past can be traced to the 80's CPUSA and Soviet KGB brainwashing of our college students so it is no wonder that Obama relays policy to Putin!

  • @Jcdavidson37

    I cannot understand how someone like Janet gets elected to anything higher than a cronic complaining member of a local school board.

    • BS77

      It seems like the most mediocre and untalented people always rise to the top in these fumbling and bumbling mega bureaucracies, where no one is responsible, no one can be fired, no one really knows what is going on and no one cares. Hey, it's five o clock, time to go home!!!

  • Ghostwriter

    If all this is true,then it seems that there are some women who sexually harass men as there are men who sexually harass women.

  • HighPressure

    Very few Americans reacted to the fact that Napolitano was one who were responsible for the set-up for 911 because of the way she had a policy of not exchanging information in the Clinton Administration.

    Very few Americans were upset that she was put on the 911 commission to cover up for the Clinton Administration.

    Very few Americans were upset that this corrupt bungler was reappointed to another position in Federal Government.

    Will this finally be the alarm that wakes the American Public?

  • pyeatte

    If we want justice, it is critical for Romney to win, because leaving Obama in office another term will allow the Administration to avoid accountability and bury everything.

  • J. Clark

    Barry Hussein Soetoro, the Marxist/Muslim lacks leadership and the fed. gov. is out of control., ie GSA, Vets Adm. million dollar parties. Barry never works. He plays golf, vacations and has spend the last four years running for re-election. Barry is out in Nov. and can go back to his native Kenyan and smoke dope.

  • Gunrunner

    Liberals screamed over the "Tailhook" scandal, leading to congressional investigations and the destruction of the careers of many good many good young officers, when at most they rated a letter a reprimand in their file for "conduct unbecoming".

    Liberals supposedly react violently to the image of "exploitation" of persons in the private sector as well.

    This takes harassment to a whole new level. Imagine. Can you imagine going into work, in an economy where you really want to hang on to your job, wife and children at home, and find your desk has been reassigned to the toilet unless you cooperate with your bull bi-boss?

    By the Way, Good job "Randy in the West" for winning the "Most likely to be a DHS Agent" award for this week.

  • Miguel

    what ugliest women!