Israel Hatred at the Huffington Post

In recent months, the Huffington Post entered the world of video news with its debut of “HuffPost Live.” One might suspect that it was little more than a video version of the leftist website founded seven years ago by Arianna Huffington. Yet a blog known as HuffWatch has been documenting the content at both websites and has discovered a grim, though unsurprising reality: both Huffington Post and HuffPost Live are repositories of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel vitriol. Leading the charge at HuffPost Live is host/producer Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

Shihab-Eldin’s bio asserts he has Palestinian heritage and is a former producer and co-host for Al-Jazeera, a well-known disseminator of anti-Israel propaganda. Al-Jazeera demonstrated its commitment to journalistic integrity most poignantly in July 2008, when it held a birthday celebration for Samir Kuntar, a released Lebanese terrorist who killed a 28-year-old Israeli father in front of his 4-year-old daughter and then crushed the daughter’s skull with his rifle butt.

A cursory look at Shihab-Eldin’s latest blog entry reveals exactly where he stands. Titled “Terrorizing Gaza: Will Egypt Intervene?” it is a compendium of anti-Israel bias, one that completely omits the reason for the current hostilities: since 2009, Hamas has bombarded Israel with more than 11,000 rockets and mortars.

Instead, Shihab-Eldin makes the argument that Israel’s “disproportionate response” to such regular bombardment is the equivalent of terrorism. “In the media and political realm, the word ‘terror’ is often cited by Israel and the US to justify Israel’s disproportionate and brutal use of force on Gaza,” he writes. “This happened in 2009, and is happening again today. Israel frames everything through the context of defense against terrorism.”

He goes on. “But many view Israel’s occupation, psychological warfare, aerial and naval bombardment of Gaza as terror.” Who exactly? “Iran’s Foreign Ministry described Israel’s strikes on Gaza as ‘organized terrorism.’ Qatar’s Foreign Ministry called Israel’s attacks a ‘filthy crime that ‘must not pass without a punishment.'”

He also refers to Gaza as the “Occupied Gaza Strip,” a blatant lie. In 2005, Israel turned over the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians, uprooting thousands of Jewish settlers in the process. Left to their own devices, the Palestinians initiated a civil war between Hamas and Fatah in 2007, with Hamas gaining control of Gaza. Yet not only does Shihab-Eldin refuse to accept that reality, the Huffington Post allows him to reiterate his lie, despite his hosting of a broadcast with Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset Danny Danon in September, who informed him of historical reality.

Another part of the piece is dedicated to a video report by Emily L. Hauser, an American-Israeli writer. Ms. Hauser makes the faux-intellectual argument, popular among the international community, that Hamas’s purposeful attempts to slaughter Israeli civilians and Israel’s attempt to defend itself are morally equivalent. However, “[t]he big difference is the enormity of the power imbalance,” she contends. “When you have one side locked in to one of the most densely populated strips of land on planet Earth, and you are bringing to bear tanks and battleships and jet fighters in a constant rain of ordnance versus people who can fire, from within that tiny space, rockets out…that comparison is simply entirely out of whack.”

Another “reporter” Shihab-Eldin cites is Mohammed Omer, who dispatches updates from inside the Gaza Strip and conveys the “humanitarian crisis” Israel is inflicting on the area. In reality, Omer is a pro-Islamist propagandist who blogs at Electronic Intifada, a website that refers to Israel’s 1948 creation as Al Nakba (Arabic for “The Catastrophe”).

HuffWatch’s lead blogger, writing under the pseudonym Huff Watcher, has catalogued the evolution of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias at HuffPost since at least 2010. A previous report presented three years of documentation revealing that “HuffPost consistently ‘frames’ news stories in such a way that incites anti-Israel perceptions and hatred. Further, in violation of its own policies, it approves and tolerates user comments submitted in response to these stories that contain incendiary, hate-filled libels against Israelis and Jews, as well as links to anti-Semitic hate websites.”

Huff Watcher further illuminates the hypocrisy of the site’s “zero tolerance” policy regarding hate speech, documenting virulently anti-Semitic user comments that were approved by a human moderator. An example: “They [Jews] all need to be rounded up and gassed,” offers “markoze,” in December of 2008.

Perhaps one can rationalize that user comments are not indicative of a website’s bias. Yet here is Shihab-Eldin’s Twitter page, which consistently demonstrates overt prejudice against Israel: “By ignoring the fundamental fact that #Israel Occupies #Gaza, we are starting from a flagrantly false premise,” he tweets in one example. “Americans are being consistent by supporting attack on Gaza – grounded in same premise as US aggression,” he tweets in another. “List of Israeli Violations Against the #Gaza Strip ((January 1st to November 17th, 2012),” reads a third.

Algemeiner editor David Efune recounts his own appearance on HuffPost Live, describing his role in a discussion about Iran as the “token opposing voice to join as an ambush prop.” When other guests argued that a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities was a non-starter and that Prime Minister Netanyahu was a warmongering barbarian, Efune countered with the reality that 7 million Israeli lives might be at risk if Iran goes nuclear. Shihab-Eldin once again revealed his bias. “I have to retort to (sic) what David said, which is misrepresenting and misleading people on the real threat in the region…he says there is a threat from Iran to Israel even though Iran currently doesn’t have weapons and Israel does….let’s try and put ourselves in (Iran’s) shoes, they see themselves in a region where the US has invaded Afghanistan, has invaded Iraq, two of their neighbors, Israel has a nuclear weapon, so if there is a threat to anyone, they are the ones who feel threatened,” he contended.

Efune cuts right through the nonsense. “How the Huffington Post gets away with placing someone who vocally campaigns for this morally corrupt position in a role of senior responsibility, is simply beyond me,” he writes.

In an email obtained yesterday by FrontPage, Huff Watcher offers a possible answer to that question. “With the election of President Obama, since early 2009 HuffPost’s ‘journalists’ began being welcomed all over Capitol Hill, and enjoy direct, preferred access to the White House. It now boasts a blogging stable including many top figures of the Democrat Party, and governments around the world,” he writes. “Less well-known is that as of early 2011, nearly 10,000 unique visitors a day arrived from the three largest incubators of Islamist terror: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt, presumably in part because, as even Abe Foxman (a HuffPost blogger) noted, the comments that HuffPost publishes in response to his articles are ‘dripping’ with anti-Semitism.”

He then cuts to the heart of the matter. “If Hamas were going to try to buy this kind of PR from the world’s #1 most-read online ‘newspaper,’ it would cost a fortune. Instead, HuffPost is doing it for free — and with U.S. tax dollars.”

That last fact is attributable to the reality that Cadillac is a founding sponsor of HuffPost Live. Since Cadillac is part of General Motors, which is still alive courtesy of a taxpayer-funded bailout, We the People are underwriting the anti-Israel bias that has found a home at the Huffington Post. When will Cadillac and the Huffington Post be held accountable for the malicious misinformation and anti-Israel bias they countenance?

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  • Robert Wilkinson

    Yeah, anyone who disagrees with Israel or accurately reports Israeli crimes is an anti-semite and a racist. This is fantastic journalism.

    • Mary Sue

      Except that nobody is accurately reporting anything about Israel. Crimes? Don't make me laugh. What crimes? Trying to stop illegal occupying terrorists that have been there since sal-adin?

      If they're linking to sites that make look like the Huffing and Puffington Post, then they're violating their own hate speech codes and are hypocrites.

      I suppose you think it's real journalism that falls for the likes of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or some such?

    • Zionista

      not true – just those who single out the one Jewish state for demonization. Alan Dershowitz once said that if a martian came to earth and met a leftist, the martian would learn that everything is going so well around the planet – except for this one place – Israel. Be careful rob, your selective outrage is showing.

      • MacDaddy31

        I think people that prefer to read blogs at FrontPage and similarly mindful blog sites (because we all like to read what we inherently believe to lend credence to our foundation) should go to Huffington Post and other blogsites of that mentality and start posting firm, unapologetic truths to counter the nonsense espoused by people like Robert. I would not get in to ugly fights with those nuts. Just post the truth and move on (no pun intended …

    • skfln

      This whole site is fanatic.

      • Mary Sue

        Oh, and the bigots at Hamas aren't?

      • Poppakap

        …and your whole comment is fanatically stupid.

      • Choi

        Nobody's keeping you here.

    • American Patriot

      Robert Wilkinson is one of Wikipedia's most rancid Arabist "editors." He has attempted to undermine Wikipedia's Israel topics with Islamist propaganda and has been partially successful in his efforts. Nothing this Islamist supporter says should be taken seriously. He is a knee-jerk apologist for Hamas and other Islamo-fascists.

      • Poppakap

        In other words, he is dhimmi.

      • Choi

        So ,iow, Wilkenson is a POS's POS

      • seygor

        with contributors like wilkerson the huff fluuf will go down the drain as it should have years ago

    • Choi

      One example of an Anti-Semitic POS is YOU,Wilkenson

    • seygor

      you just described youself BIGOT

  • Passer by

    The Huffington Post will end up as the Al Guardian of the US, as muslims succesfully infiltrate the Left and change its agenda. And its agenda will be less liberal and more multicultural. You can expect more pro-religion/Islam articles as well as articles declaring liberalism "western cultural imperialism" ;)

  • inzion

    Its a most horrific, filthy media. You get "banned permanently" for a singular, mildly negative response to a blatantly obnoxious article. Its like a Hamas version of a western media – or worse.

    • kafir4life

      They kind of have to. That way they lead each other to believe that veryone is a drone. I don't blame them. Like the 6 legged cockroach, the two leggers don't like their lies and filth to come into the light either.

    • Poppakap

      What else do you expect from an organization that enthusiastically supports totalitarian ideologies?

  • Insider

    Judgement Day is coming! God will judge the nations for way they have treated Israel and the jews for the way others have treated them. The muzzies are going to be shocked to find out their god allah is actually satan himself.

    • 2012

      But first Obama will at some point play the role of Pontius Pilate and offer Israel to the Muslims as a sacrificial lamb for peace. This will mean the wrath of God not only against the Muslims, but also against the US.

      And most of the world is in trouble since most people oppose Israel.

      It’s not just that the land belongs to the Jews according to the Bible, but events have unfolded in a way that the land (including the “occupied” territories) fairly belongs to the Jews based on the rules that humans have established. Yet the world hates Israel, and denies their legitimate claim to the land because of all the lies coming from Islam, an anti-Semitic religion which sanctions deception.

    • skfln

      So should the world thank jews for the banking system that has destroyed it or should it just be the handful of people that are going to heaven like you say. So according to you only rich people go to heaven and everyone else who rejected injustice, immorality and the evil of interest banking will go to hell. Yep makes sense. Reality advice, when god sentences you to hell and you try to blame it on Satan he will tell you he only called to you and you did not have to respond so save your breath on that day you will need it, you fight and massacre on earth so you will be left on it, enjoy it when it is in a state of the big crunch, Quran confirms it your scientists confirm it.

      • EthanP

        Such predictable anti semitism. At least show some origanality. But then your kind of hate is usually acompanied by a lack of intellect.

      • Mary Sue

        Quran confirms nothing.

      • Poppakap

        Komrades of the world, unite! Embrace the hammer and sickle! Pimp your youth to the suicide squads for the glory of Allah! Last of all, don't forget those evil Jooz, the source of all unhappiness in the world!


      • Drakken

        Oh look, a muzzy blaming the jews for everything, amazing, who woulda thunk it? (sarc)

  • Zach

    Hi Arnold,

    Those of us at Huffington Post Monitor have also been keeping an eye on Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, and our response to his article will be coming up later today. However, I thought you would also like to know that on his Twitter feed he has retweeted such people as Carlos Latuff, Ben White, Ali Abunimah and Glenn Greenwald.

    Shihab Eldin also posted an anti-Semitic Latuff cartoon on the Huffington Post:

    Thanks for the article and helping to expose the raging biases of the Huffington Post editorial staff.

    • Trampas Graham

      Where were your monitors last night when I was accosted by hate speech about HIV and healthcare? It was World AIDS Day and not off-topic. It isn't the first time your monitors have failed me, either. I'm really starting to wonder about Huff Post Monitor, and whether or not your site is even worth reading. I cannot stand hate speech or abuse, and your site is doing a terrible job of monitoring both.

  • tagalog

    Israel is promised peace if they leave Gaza. They leave, and Gaza is called "Occupied Gaza," evidently intended to refer to Gaza as occupied by the non-occupying Israelis (somewhere, Orwell is laughing bitterly). No peace follows; instead Hamas showers Israel with tens of thousands of rockets and mortars, fired indiscriminately into Israel proper.

    Israel responds by attacking the mortar bases and rocket launch sites with aircraft, and that is called "disproportionate terrorism." What would be proportionate, pray tell?

    So they jiggered the Israel-Palestinian deal just to get the Israelis out of Gaza, and now they have been indiscriminately attacking Israelis IN ISRAEL, and Israel is the bad guy.

    Well, things continue to get clearer and clearer, I guess.

  • bkopicz

    Try posting a pro-Israel or worse yet critical Palestinian comment on the Huffington post and you have a good chance of it being censored (1st hand experience).

  • Dwee

    Why aren't any lawyers doing anything about any of this? Can't a law firm get some of the thousands of unemployed lawyers to work as interns at least? Huff post censors all my pro Israel comments. Why not file a discrimination lawsuit? It's close enough to a "race" to call it one. The left are fascists. That will bring us all down. Jessie Jackson got ONE BILLION dollars in racial discrimination lawsuit. Huffpost is being controlled by islamofascists who want to control America. If you are gay or a woman with a law degree USE IT before you lose your freedom, or get hanged in the public square!

    • Drakken

      They are all about free speech, as long as you march lock step with the leftist.commi's. Can't wait until they crash the economy and then watch them scream.

  • Neils60

    Interesting comments on al Jazeera-TV, too. Mrs. Clinton and Andrea Mitchell, of NBC/MSNBC, have both given high praise for al Jazeera-TV's reporting and information on the Middle East. Let's hope that they're able to discern the difference between al Jazeera's "news" and their propaganda that masquerades as news.
    Regarding the H.P., some of the comments that they accept/publish on their site, regarding Jews/Israel, sadly, aren't a lot different from the far, far right blog like "The Stormfront.."

  • erica

    Huffington is horribly antisemitic and has alot of anti – white articles .
    It's popular among so called liberals that follow MSNBC/NBC. Both ignore facts,spew false claims and blame other people for their seething hate. They believe they are above laws since they are superheros for a greater good – their ideology .

    It's like reading a script written by modern nazis.

  • EthanP

    You're shocked that a left wing "news" organization is anti Israel?
    Thats like saying water is wet!

  • Ghostwriter

    To me,Mr. Wilkinson is no better than Schlomotion and his rancid pals. Somehow,I should be glad that they're not here to spew more of their hatred.

    • Poppakap

      Just wait a day. The hammer and sickle crowd knows no bounds to its trolling.

    • bkopicz

      Yes my old friend Shlomotion, I guess Obama didn't renew the toll's contract after he got elected. Unfortunately the posting on the Huffington Post is cesspool of similar minds.

      • Zionista

        the jerk is probably in the gaza sewer acting as a subhuman shield

  • Questions

    Huffpo caters mainly to radicals, not liberals of the The New Republic stripe. All sorts of anti-Jewish fanatics come out of the woodwork on that site.

  • riverboatbill

    The Huff-and-Puff Post is the lord Haw-Haw of our era.

  • pierce

    Why in the hell is HuffingtonPost hiring this kind of garbage spewing Arab. So it can maintain its image. What image? I have no intention of subscribing to anything with that much vitriol, and warped opinions.

  • califlefty

    Huffington Post is owned by AOL, a public corporation. To change the culture at Huffpo pressure needs to be put on the Bd of Directors by shareholders, embarrassing them publicly so that their sponsors (Cadillac) avoid controversy and withdraw ad buys. The only thing Arianna understands is her bottom line.

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  • Inuz

    My brother the Prof / surgeon, very Jewish but certainly isnt particularly Zionist ( I am Israeli and left Zionist ) met Ms Huffington in NY. She verbally attacked him when she realized he was a Jew and thus obviously Zionist
    No more needs to be said

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