Media Yawn at Obama Hurricane Reaction

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According to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the Obama administration’s efforts to help his state fell short, failing to reimburse it for storm preparation costs. He took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, taking on FEMA and the Obama administration for their slow responses to Hurricane Isaac-related requests. Political payback? Possibly. But the same media that had a field day hammering the Bush administration for its own slow response to Katrina have avoided publicizing Jindal’s remarks like the plague. Perhaps it is because Jindal, unlike former Gov. Blanco, was both proactive in his response to this storm–and a Republican.

Meanwhile the administration, seemingly unnerved by Mitt Romney’s visit, attempted damage control, and the media was willing to take up their effort, absent a shred of skepticism. The San Francisco Chronicle published a piece in which White House spokesman Jay Carney claimed that Obama reached his own decision to visit Louisiana before Mitt Romney’s intentions became known. Yet the paper also noted that the Obama campaign didn’t announce its cancellation of a tour stop in Cleveland earlier Monday until Friday, only hours before Romney arrived. ABC News re-interated Carney’s claim, even as it failed to mention the aforementioned cancellation.

Perhaps the best news here is that the president will actually make it to Louisiana at all. When flooding overwhelmed Tennessee in May of 2010, the president was missing in action, despite the fact that 31 people were killed in three states. The city of Nashville endured a flood that caused over a billion dollars in damage, making the crisis one of the most expensive natural disasters in American history–even as it was virtually ignored by the media. Nor did Obama bother to visit the areas of the South devastated by tornados in April of 2011, despite 45 people being killed, and scores of others being left injured and homeless. During that disaster, much likes this current one, the president was also campaigning — when he wasn’t golfing.

Most Americans won’t remember those failures of leadership because the same hopelessly in-the-tank media that made the Katrina/Bush story an archetype for government failure can’t possibly bring themselves to apply the same standard of criticism to this president. No doubt the current president will be hailed by that same media when he finally touches down in Louisiana. When one is a Democrat, “leading from behind” is perfectly acceptable.

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  • Asher

    OOOOOOOO We are facing Serious Headwinds…his favorite slogan…wish they would whisk him away to a Communist country and leave him there.

  • Missywise

    Obama is "monitoring the situation" like he did with the Gulf oil spill disaster. I have the utmost confidence he will handle this disaster as efficiently as he did with the Deepwater Horizon spill. November cannot come soon enough.

  • Mike Villano

    Compare the reaction of the false prophets at the NY Slimes, the Wash ComPost and the rest of the media liars to the reaction they had over Katrina.
    They are liars. Never ever again give them the benefit of the doubt of being merely stupid.
    They are liars.

  • Serafino

    Went to see "2016 – Obama's America, the movie" last week. Absolutely awesome work, very well-researched, factual and almost of scientific accuracy. Every American should see it. The movie explains his deeply rooted hatred to our country as well as the psychological origins of his fractured mind. Based on this, it is not all that hard to predict his reactions to everything else affecting our country, including hurricane Issac.

    • deprogrammer

      Okay, you've done your job little troll. Now the movie producers will pay you $8 for this post. Off you go to another right-wing extremist site as part of your astroturfing job.

      • Tanstaafl jw

        Have you even seen "2016"?

      • fiddler

        It's always got to be about money right? How is he being a troll for point something out that people ought to see?

  • PaulRevereNow

    The media's one-way street mentality regarding Stinky's miserable lack of responsibility isn't limited to attacking George W. Bush for doing his job; nor is it limited to natural disasters. John Barry, author of the Washington Post-acclaimed book "Rising Tide,"(about the great Mississippi flood of 1927), claims that Herbert Hoover, as then Secretary of the Interior, by his visits to the flood-ravaged areas, was "using" African-Americans as a stepping stone to the Presidency. Never mind that Hoover was a great humanitarian, who raised millions(and contributed a lot of his own money) for European relief, in the aftermath of WWI. Barry's claims are patently absurd; Hoover didn't fly over the Miss. Valley, he toured some places in a rowboat, without today's GIS technology. But it didn't matter. Hoover could have drowned; and this author wouldn't have batted an eye, or changed this story. Obama, on the other hand, doesn't have to take responsibility for anything.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Katrina's damage is dwarfed by the depredations being committed by Democrats and the
    big bag of wind,Obama……………..Willi

  • amused

    Man what a bunch of mindless brainwashed idiots !

    Learn how to think, not what to think. Then you can think for yourself.

    Until then you're just a bunch of mind-f–ked morons .

  • Schlomotion

    It was good of Mr. Ahlert to point out that Jindal, a Republican, vigorously and angrily complained that his entitlement money and federal welfare payments were not coming fast enough or large enough. Now he can avoid such embarrassingly Democratic missteps in the future. I am sure this will never happen again.

  • Gman213

    He was simply leading from his behind…did I get that right?