Cheering Black Radical Killers

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Tellingly, Common has voiced support for another cop-killing radical and former Black Panther, Mumia Abu-Jamal, who murdered Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981. Despite this reality, Abu-Jamal has been the darling of innumerable leftist crusaders, a partial list of which, compiled by the Fraternal Order of Police, can be found here. Once again, supporters insist Abu-Jamal was convicted in “a kangaroo court on trumped up charges.” And once again, one of Abu-Jamal’s apparent supporters was another associate of president Obama: in 2008, the Chicago Tribune reported that former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers decorated the door of his University of Illinois office with a picture of Abu-Jamal, along with radicals Che Guevara, and Malcolm X.

And in a poetic close to the circle of radical support that began with Parisian intellectuals backing Angela Davis in the ’70s, the socialist mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, made Abu-Jamal an honorary citizen of his city in 2003, followed by Mayor Didier Paillard naming a street after the cop-killer in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis in 2006.

Which brings us to Sanford, Florida. No one can say with any degree of certainty what occurred during the fateful exchange between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Yet what can be said with certainty is that a leftist constituency of racial arsonists, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the latest incarnation of the Black Panther Party, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), is every bit as interested in mob justice, absent the facts, as the original Panthers and their supporters were. Their pre-determined verdict in the case is already in: Trayvon Martin is an innocent victim, and George Zimmerman is a racist, cold-blooded killer.

Yet as ironically as it gets, the same leftist protesters who have so often demanded freedom for those whose guilt has been established beyond all reasonable doubt now demand law enforcement officials to find George Zimmerman guilty of something.  If that same reasonable doubt they ostensibly champion leads to an acquittal? As NBPP leaders have made clear, America should get ready for a “race war” if that particular verdict is reached by a jury.

But it’s not just the NBPP or other radicals looking for street justice. Daily Beast columnist Mansfield Frazier worries about America “facing Rodney King, Part II…if this case goes all the way to trial.” As opposed to what? “To my mind, the government offers Zimmerman a plea deal that has him back on the street within this decade, and he accepts it quietly. That seems like a conclusion most reasonable Americans could live with,” writes Frazier, who apparently eschews constitutional due process when it is threatened by mob violence. One is left to wonder whether Mr. Frazier would be willing to “live with” a similar plea deal even he were innocent, in order to placate a mob.

As for Angela Davis, she considers Trayvon Martin the victim of “racist violence,” further contending that “it’s difficult to keep all of the other examples of racist violence in focus when we demand justice for Trayvon Martin.” In other words, as far as Ms. Davis is concerned, racism is an established fact in this case. She further emphasized that conclusion during a speech at Cal Poly Pomona, when she contended that George Zimmerman could be compared to a “modern day slave catcher.”

One can only wonder how Davis, et al., can be so monumentally oblivious to their own hypocrisy. For decades they have decried “racially motivated” jury verdicts, based on “trumped up” charges, played out in “kangaroo courts.”  They have rallied to protest against a “rush to judgment” and the “railroading” of “innocent” suspects. Yet it is now glaringly apparent that such earnestness only applies to the “right” kind of suspect.

George Zimmerman is not the right kind of suspect. There is nothing to be gained by defending “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman’s constitutional rights–except justice. Yet when it’s not a fellow radical under the microscope, justice be damned.

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  • southwood

    Angela Davis ? The Rolling Stones wrote and recorded a song about her, "Sweet Black Angel" back at the time of her abovementioned case. The title says it all. Think they sent her flowers too, maybe even contributed to her defence fund. That rings a bell. Anyhow, what would one expect from these clowns who sang about "Sympathy for the Devil" ? Oh, yes and the great defender of the downtrodden, Bob Dylan, penned a paean to George Jackson just after he was slain trying to escape from prison while murdering prison staff. It began:

    I woke up this morning
    There were tears in my bed
    They killed a man I really loved
    Shot him through the head.

    Someone who knew him in prison said Jackson was the baddest inmate and that was saying something.

    • gung hoe

      I have no problem with most black people!!!The ones that I have a problem with are the ones that hold it against me for slavery or that want unfair advantages because of their skin color,such as the ones in this article. If acquiting zimmerman is going to cause a race war than so be it,this has been brewing for some time and I for one have had just about enough.When O J was on trial what hell wouldve been raised had he been found guilty.Its like a spoiled child that doesnt get their way jumping up and down till they do.

      • southwood

        What gets me is the paucity of blacks who speak out against their fellow blacks when they deceitfully use the race card. I suppose, unless they are well away from the 'hood, they are too afraid. It's a form of terrorism really. Why are the NBPP not being investigated over incitement to murder in the Zimmerman case ? …Oh, of course…they are merely speaking out for rough justice the victim of racial hate because of their frustration with the justice system . Yeh, right !

  • tagalog

    There IS some hope for the French. First of all, French intellectuals are not as common as they once were, and among what few there are, some are actually righties (example: Francois Furet). Second, French culture DOES value human liberty, even though they ignore it a lot. And recently, they've had their own religio-racial issues with the Muslims who are moling their way into subverting French culture and society. So don't write the French off. After all, they aren't the Brits; the French still have some stones.

    • Roger

      Do you know how many gears a French battle tank has?
      Five that reverse, and one that goes forward. (You know, in case they're attacked from behind).

      • tagalog

        French Lebel rifle for sale: never fired, only dropped once.

        Q. Why do French roads have tall, leafy trees planted on both sides?

        A. Because the Germans HATE to march in the sun!

        • Roger

          What did the Mayor of Paris say to the commander of German forces?

          'Would you like a table for four?'

        • D'Sharque

          the punch line is actually "… so the German army can march in the shade."

      • aspacia

        They even lost to Mexico.

        • Roger

          Before Holder started arming them too.

  • Howard

    Nothing exceptional here at all and why would anyone expect there to be?

    Socialism, communism, and social democracy are all aberrant political doctrines that now have a substantial negative evidential record that cannot be dismissed. The old saw that communism is “alright in theory” has at long last been buried in reality. When was the last time you heard that one? Like all things inconvenient the left just drop it and move on. Why do you think that web site of theirs is called “”?

    These people have lost the intellectual battle de jure but not de facto. These ideas are a materialistic religion and thus survive but there is precious little utility in socialism, even the word “socialist” scares the horses on the left. They can’t even fly their own etymological banner for the embarrassment it offers them; they are now running scared of their own definitive idea socialism! The president won’t even adopt the term that defines him……WOW!

    Angela Davis is just another actor in a farce that continues but at some point will come to an end in a generation or so. The thirst for deception (dishonesty by another name) violence and the like is never far beneath the surface in the minds of these people; their abject denial of reality is rather to be expected they wouldn’t be good lefties if these attributes weren’t there as “social” hallmarks.

    The complete inability to begin to understand wealth creation and its counterpart poverty is at the core of their problem with modernity. They don’t get Ayn Rand’s point that wealth is very much a creature of the mind, stifle it and you have no wealth created. So then what happens to the poor? Creating poverty is brand that they own.

    We are coming to the end of this radical love fest; such people are anachronistic and represent the past more than any future. Denying reality is the norm, inconvenient facts are just shrugged off with an air of “don’t confuse me with the facts” attitude which is why they so often condone criminality and in the end adopt it as a modus vivendi. History won’t be kind to those who espouse violence and mass murder on the scale the left has managed to do.

    There are immutable realities here, when was the last time you got a job from a poor person? The great socialist enterprise is losing steam slowly but surely, it can be defeated but it will take time and intelligence to do so, characteristics they do not have in their favour. The cominterm did its job well when it set up the long march through the institutions, rank Russian communism may be a thing of past but there are still marchers active in our institutions it is time to take away their boots.

    Redistributive fervor is still uppermost in the Democrat party; at heart the party is a massive kleptocracy that feeds the need for social burglary that is why so many vote for them. Wealth doesn’t come out of a tax demand, an expropriation order, or a sequestration mandate; this simple fact eludes them for the most part and that is to our advantage. Don’t be surprised by their obvious mendacity about facts and evidence, they wouldn’t be who they are if they weren’t exactly as we expect them to be. It might be so much harder if they told the truth.

    Arnold Ahlert has done us a favour in reminding us of the capacity for lies and deception that the left has, the good thing is they keep doing it, I wouldn’t want them to change that would make things so much harder.

  • Terp Mole

    VIDEO: UMaryland hosted Davis on April 18, 2012 at Stamp Student Union to a packed Colony Ballroom.

    Watch (@29m mark) her delusional attempt to channel what Travon Martin "learned" about racism in his final moments.

    • Terp Mole

      Obligatory, grotesque standing ovation (@1:25m) after calling for a prisonless society to end violence against black people.

      "Palestine is the largest open air prison camp in the world." (@1:54m)

  • H&R_ Barack

    ~ Sixties radical Angela Davis faithfully contributes to Obama-Holder's Democrat culture of anger.

  • clarespark

    There is an entire academic apparatus supporting the ideology outlined in this article. I wrote about it here:…. The editors of some of the Humanities Net discussion group, wittingly or unwittingly support the arguments of the most militant black nationalists.

  • Terp Mole

    On the bright side, her brutally executed victim (Judge Harold Haley) is survived by 2 daughters, 10 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. They are his legacy.

    One fine day, the Earth will shed itself of this shrivelled old child-barren lesbian. She'll be forgotten and irrelevant as her 1979 Lenin Peace Prize.

  • Ghostwriter

    "Lenin Peace Prize?" Knowing what's come out about Lenin,even in the past decade is a misnomer AT BEST!

  • johnnywoods

    What a prating fool Angela Davis is. The prating (chattering or babbling) fool shall be cast down.(Prov. 10:8).

  • aspacia

    Our taxes pay many black radicals to teach.