Obama Administration Impedes Ukraine Murder Investigation

Unbelievable as it may seem, the Obama administration may be precipitating yet another foreign policy debacle with the Ukraine. Ukrainian Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin is pursuing a possible murder indictment against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, for her alleged involvement as an accessory in the 1996 killing of lawmaker Yevgeny Scherban, his wife, and an airport employee, all of whom were shot dead at Donetsk Airport in November 1996. Kuzmin further claims that the murder was ordered to be carried out by Tymoshenko’s former ally and ex-prime minister Pavlo Lazarenko, whose nine-year U.S. prison term for extortion and money laundering ended in November. Yet because Tymoshenko has long been admired in Western circles, counting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among her most ardent fans, Kuzmin’s investigation is apparently being stonewalled by the Obama administration.

Tymoshenko was propelled onto the world stage as part of the Orange Revolution that freed her country from the USSR. Partnered with Viktor Yushchenko, she emerged as a hero for hundreds of thousands of revolutionaries who massed in Kiev to protest against the fraudulent presidential election intially “won” by Viktor Yanukovich. When the Supreme Court ordered a do-over, Yushchenko was elected to the presidency and Tymoshenko became Prime Minister.

The relationship lasted eight months, after which Yushchenko fired Tymoshenko, citing corruption as the reason. He continued to criticize her after she left office. She returned the favor, accusing the Yushchenko administration of corruption. The relationship became so toxic that Tymoshenko attempted to forge a coalition with Mr. Yanukovich. That effort also ended in failure in 2009. Undaunted, Tymoshenko announced she would run for the presidency. In a close election in 2010, she lost to Viktor Yanukovich.

In August 2011, Tymoshenko was arrested in court on contempt charge, after she openly mocked the current prime minister, Mykola Azarov, for speaking in Russian, rather than Ukrainian. Azarov was a witness in Tymoshenko’s trial for “abuse of power.” In 2009, she allegedly forced the state company Naftogaz to buy from natural gas from Russia at what the government claimed were inflated prices.

The charges were condemned by her supporters and Western politicians who contended her trial was politically motivated. But her former Orange Revolution partner, Viktor Yushchenko, testified against her, claiming she wanted to be seen as a “savior” who ended a bitter pricing dispute with Moscow, as part of her presidential election campaign. Tymoshenko was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison, enraging her followers and Western elitists convinced she was a victim of political machinations. Those convictions were exacerbated by additional charges brought against her in November 2011, for tax evasion and embezzlement, in a reopened case dating back more than 15 years. Yet in December, appeals court in Kiev upheld the ruling for the gas deal conviction. Last April, she declared a hunger strike after she claimed she was beaten by guards.

Her lawyers insist the murder charges are nothing more than a desperate attempt by the authorities to pin additional charges on Tymoshenko, amid growing international unease over her case. “They have started inventing all sorts of rubbish to try to show the West that she is a criminal,” her lawyer said last June. “They have a savage desire to keep Yulia Tymoshenko in prison, no matter what the pretext.”

Enter the Obama administration. In a report commissioned by the Ukrainian government, a team of American lawyers, led by former White House counsel Gregory B. Craig, concluded that Ms. Tymoshenko was denied legal counsel at “critical stages” of her trial, and that at other times her lawyers were incorrectly prevented from calling relevant witnesses. Yet Craig also claimed his team was unable to determine whether the trial was politically motivated. New York-based law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom–also commissioned by the Ukrainian Justice Ministry–reached a similar conclusion in a report released last week. While they also cited problems with her trial, the report was conclusive regarding politics. “Based on our review of the record, we do not believe that Tymoshenko has provided specific evidence of political motivation that would be sufficient to overturn her conviction under American standards,” it read.

New York Times article on the problems at the trial brought up a eye-brow-raising point. Craig “acknowledged that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was among many Western leaders who have criticized the prosecution as crass political reprisal,” it stated. In October, Clinton sent a letter to Tymoshenko that seemingly spoke for the Obama administration. “Our position remains unchanged: you should be immediately and unconditionally released, as well as other former members of your government. It’s a shame that politically motivated prosecutions undermine the progress of democracy that Ukrainians aspire and relations with the United States,” it said. On December 7, Clinton characterized the Ukraine as “one of our biggest disappointments.”

Clinton’s unwavering support is somewhat curious. A coalition agreement between Yulia Tymoshenko’s Fatherland Party and the anti-Semitic Svoboda party has so concerned Jewish leaders that they are calling on Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to pressure Clinton to withdraw her support for the former Prime Minister. The State Department has responded with silence.

Such silence is not limited to the State Department, and the story itself even becomes more curious with the revelation that murder investigator Renat Kuzmin’s 5-year US visa has been cancelled by the US embassy, absent any official reason for doing so. In a bombshell letter addressed to President Obama, Kuzmin claims there is “an elaborated plan by the U.S. Department of Justice, initiated by some American and Ukrainian politicians, to counteract and eliminate the case of Eugene Scherban’s murder,” and that the “[I]nitiators of the plan presumed to provoke my arrest in the territory of the USA, based upon specially fabricated indictments.” Kuzmin further insisted that “I was to be incriminated by alleging that I coerced a witness, Nikolai Melnichenko, in a murder case to give evidence to Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office investigators. Thus, the initiators of the plan intended to force termination not only of this murder investigation by Ukrainian authorities, but also other crimes, of which Mrs. Tymoshenko is accused.”

Melnichenko, a former State Guard service employee, was having none of it. According to Russian news agency Itar-Tass, Melnichenko “told a news conference in Washington…that he had information about the involvement of Tymoshenko and former Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko” regarding the murders, and that Tymoshenko’s family had tried to get him to testify that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich had ordered Scherban’s elimination.

As noted above, Lazarenko has served his sentence for extortion and money laundering. Yet he remains behind bars until his immigration status is settled, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The U.S. has also rejected repeated extradition requests from Ukraine, citing the lack of an extradition treaty between the two countries.

The effort to keep Lazarenko in the United States, and, at the same time, force Renat Kuzmin out of the country, suggests someone has a vested interest in keeping the two men apart for as long as possible. According to Renat Kuzmin, the Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office has asked the U.S. to provide information about the possible involvement of Lazarenko and Tymoshenko in the murders. There are those who believe the effort to stonewall those requests, along with the coordinated effort to maintain a sympathetic media profile of Yulia Tymoshenko, is being orchestrated by Tymoshenko herself.

Kuzmin illuminates as much in the aforementioned letter, noting that “[D]uring the interrogation process in Ukraine, Nikolai Melnichenko named all of the Ukrainian and American citizens involved in this unlawful plan….representatives of lobbying firm Wiley Rein, LLP, Joe Williamson and Ralph Caccia…were hired by Tymoshenko’s husband, Alexander, for creating her positive image in the USA and to discredit Ukrainian investigators,” he writes. “Also among those mentioned was former U.S. Congressman Jim Slattery, who lobbied Tymoshenko’s interests in the U.S. Congress and before the State Department, using personal relationships with the head of the U.S. State Department, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. There was also the lawyer Steve Bunnell, who assisted present Assistant Attorney General of the USA,” adds Kuzmin.

Tymoshenko certainly has resources. Along with her husband Alexander, she amassed a huge fortune with their now-defunct corporation, the United Energy Systems Ukraine (UESU), a gas-trading entity that included venture capital firms, and two banks. As a result, there was a point in time when the Tymoshenkos controlled 25 percent of the Ukrainian economy. Her daughter Eugenia has also made a great effort to keep her mother’s “plight” front and center in the media.

Yet Kuzmin remains undaunted. He claims there is reason to believe that the murder of  Scherban, as well as that of Donetsk businessman Alexander Momo, were part of a plan to eliminate potential competitors to UESU. Kuzmin also maintains that former Ukrainian Attorney General Svyatoslav Piskun may be held accountable for illegally closing a criminal case against UESU.

Officials in the Obama administration have made no secret of their intentions to frame Tymoshenko’s ordeal in terms of a Ukrainian power struggle between those who wish to align themselves with their former Soviet allies, and those who wish to move towards the West. Furthermore, both the European Union and the United States are considering sanctions against the the Yanukovich administration, due to what they perceive as “growing authoritarianism” exercised by his government.

Yet whether such sanctions are justified or not is irrelevant. Renat Kuzmin claims he has “enough grounds to bring charges.” Yet despite requests to get documentary evidence from the DOJ, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office “received no response to these requests for copies of this documentation” to date. Near the end of his letter to president Obama, Kuzmin makes the simplest request of all. “Dear Mr. President, I ask for your assistance in establishing the truth,” he writes. Such assistance ought to be forthcoming–unless there is something else an administration mired in scandals wishes to keep from public view.

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  • A Ukrainian

    That-a-boy, Arnold Ahlert! LOL.

  • Rusty

    The Orange Revolution was in 2004, but Ukraine was independent of the Soviet Union four years earlier. The Orange Revolution was a protest against corrupt elections. The reason Yushchenko could accuse her of corruption, and she could accuse him of corruption is they and all of the other politicians and officials in Ukraine are corrupt, from the President down to the traffic police.

    • A Ukrainian

      Today corruption is overcome…by highway robbery :)

  • Another Ukrainian

    There are so many holes and convenient omissions in this article that it is difficult to take it seriously. First of all, where is "The Ukraine?". Is it somewhere near "The Poland"? The country is called Ukraine. If you cannot take enough time to learn that then how much did you research the remainder of your article?

    You state that Kuzmin's visa was cancelled for no reason. That is completely false if you had bothered to do your research. The US embassy stated that they are NOT ALLOWED to disclose the reason (as per the law). And if you had really done your research you would know that the reason is that Kuzmin visited the USA on a TOURIST VISA and conducted unauthorized business not allowed under the rules of a TOURIST VISA. Perhaps you knew that already but chose to omit it as you did many other facts in your article.

    And of course, you could not resist the urge to for almost every Jewish article to be about the persecution of the Jews. So that is the only reason you can think of that the Fatherland party joined a parliamentary coalition with Svoboda? Hmmm, you don't think it might have anything to do with having a stronger opposition in parliament to Yanukovich's, as you say, "authoritarian regime"? I assume that you put that in quotes because you are insinuating that the regime is not authoritarian. In that case, it is hard not to fall over laughing at your prejudice.

    • Dutchboy

      Well Said!

    • Deep Space

      So the Ukrainians never persecuted any Jews?

      • Another Ukrainian

        Uhhhh, where does it say that?????

    • NotMe

      Bravo, (The) Another Ukrainian! I get so frustrated when I see this kind of tripe masquerading as "news." Really, it's nothing more than a poorly strung together opinion piece.

      For the most part, I’d venture to say that the conspiracy crap that Ahlert posits, mostly to do with back-room deals in Washington, is just silly. Does Ahlert really think that Obama and Clinton – or ANY of the US Government agencies who are mentioned – stay awake at night worrying about Lazerenko, Tymoshenko, and supposed involvement that they may or may not have had in murders of (to Americans, at least) obscure Ukrainian political figures 16 years ago? Does Ahlert really think that the U.S. or European governments are so naïve and childish as to buy into the notion of a zero-sum game in regional politics, and that Europe and the U.S. will do anything to make sure that Ukraine is not “friends” with Russia? Hell, not even the Russians believe that everything is “either/or” in this region. Grow up, Ahlert.

      I'd also make the point that neither Washington nor EU put Mrs. Tymoshenko on a pedestal – that is simply another assumption that Ahlert makes, because he never bothers to read official press releases or listen to speeches given by political leaders on the subject. Neither EU nor Washington claims that she is innocent of all crimes. They claim that she was unfairly and selectively prosecuted because she opposes the current regime. There is a huge difference!

  • George

    This is not journalism, please call it for what it is PROPOGANDA! Come on be honest Arnold who really paid for this!

  • Deep Space

    Wow, so many people completely up to scratch on Ukrainian politics! Who woulda thunk it?

  • R.C.

    Its not surprising that Hilary Clinton and Obama would support an anti-Semite–as they both are anti-Semites!

    This is another fine example of the US government interfering in the internal affairs of another nation–the US government needs to mind their own business!

  • Gene W 1938

    Hillary and the administration can spend efforts on this but refuse to do anything to relaease an innocent marine [who served two terms in Iraq and Afganistan] who was falsely arrested in Mexico and has been shackeled to a jail bunk for over 4 months.

  • A Ukrainian

    There's nothing to discuss. Moronic feuilleton.

  • bitterzen

    It all goes back to persecution of Jews. The history of every civilized or semi civilized nation must be linked somehow to this act. I do not debate or doubt the Holocaust atrocities committed by the Nazis, but how you have linked Anti Semite persecution into the muddled soup which Ukrainian Politics is absurd. You sir are a moron. You should still be writing for the NY York Post.

  • Demetrius M

    I'm not so sure about Tymoshenko. During the "Revolution" I was amazed by her and Yushchenko, the people of Ukraine and was excited that Yanukovich got his. Some friends of mine who hail from the country have relatives who work in various government positions and several who work for various political campaigns. They at the time were supposedly a bit standoff-ish toward her. They were happy there was a new government, but they had concerns about her.

    A few years later, about 2008 or so, they were 100% against her. One clue about her changing personality was that she could not retain people in her inner circle. It is said that she would have mood swings (sounds like Hillary Clinton during the 90's), changes of opinion at a moments notice and seemed wrapped up in her own world.

    • Demetrius M

      To finish, it was looking like the only competent leader was Yushchenko, the very one who took initial blame when their government fell (and he wasn't perfect either).

      The common consensus was she was not the super hero that everyone was hoping for (who is?) to push the country forward and seemed to be bitter and disengaged from anything that she did not have her hand directly in. In other words, we need to see people for who they are, not what we want them to be. Sound advice anytime, but in this case, my Ukrainian fiends learned it the hard way and I genuinely feel sympathy for them.

  • Ghostwriter

    Oooh boy! Another scandal for the Obama Administration to deal with. And this one may cause them a lot of trouble.

  • Dirk

    Corruption is the final stage of decades of Russian political manipulation, genocide, holodomor, and economic blackmail.
    End corruption and Ukraine can become the economic dynamo it should be.

  • Bill Wood

    Just by reading the responses you realize that this "little", "unnoticed", "unimportant" event made so many people worried. You know who you are – the "ghost writers" with so much knowledge of grammar and politics regarding "The Ukraine". The most important part of all of this is that Hillary,or should I say Billary, since this Dragon has two heads, is in deep trouble once the World will find out who finances her lifestyle and her political manipulations with high visibility PR media waves. It was very convenient to deal with President and Prime Minister of Ukraine as your servants. What if they will become suspected criminals mired in political murders and billions of dirty money?

  • http://books.google.com/books?uid=5652302884137400206&as_coll=0&source=gbs_lp_bookshelf_list Kabud

    However, the adventure didn’t end there. In the evening of April 4 Radio Liberty reported “alarming” news that “Tymoshenko didn’t get up out of bed”. I've made two comments: first was quite informative, the second was very brief (as a response to another comment). What was the result? The website published only my second comment, while the first disappeared in the depths of the independent radio station forever… Well, everyone in Belarus must know that Tymoshenko felt herself crummy again. At the same time we shouldn’t know about the report of the Temporary Investigation Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on the investigation into the signing of gas agreements between the Naftogaz of Ukraine and Gazprom regarding the availability of high treason in the economic security of Ukraine:

    2. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine noted that the 17–19 January 2009, during the negotiation and signing of the directives for the conclusion of gas contracts between Naftogaz of Ukraine and Gazprom Ukrainian Prime-Minister Y.V. Timoshenko:
    2.1. concealed from society and authorities the facts of the existence of the debt of her private companies to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the amount of U.S. $ 405,311,181 and the existence in the Russian Federation the criminal case, which has been proven guilty Y. Tymoshenko in repeated bribes to officials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. These circumstances clearly indicate a conflict of interest and substantially influenced the decision of the Prime Minister of Ukraine in favor of the foreign state;
    2.2. held secret talks with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, as a result of which individually agreed to the discriminatory conditions of gas contracts, which violated the terms of the previously signed, October 2, 2008 Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on cooperation in gas sphere;
    2.3. knowing exactly that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has refused to approve the guidelines for signing gas contracts on discriminatory terms, issued a directive alone, although such powers belong exclusively to the Cabinet as a collegial body of executive power;
    2.4. carried out the unlawful pressure on the inferior face – Chairman of the Board Naftogaz of Ukraine, who refused to sign gas contracts on discriminatory conditions, and forced him to sign such contracts under threat of dismissal;
    4. The actions of Ukrainian Prime Minister Y. Tymoshenko have traceable signs of criminal offenses and personal relationship and commitment that go beyond the scope of abuses of power and official authority, in which Y. Tymoshenko was found guilty by the court. Among the evidence of other crimes,the acts of Tymoshenko have signs of high treason. These circumstances must be investigated by law enforcement agencies, as Temporary Investigation Commission has used all its capabilities to determine the objective circumstances of the signing of gas contracts.

    “Gas Treaty” between Putin and Tymoshenko could be called the largest fraud of the century. During 10 years Ukraine should pay Russia gas contribution in amount of 100 billion dollars!

    Former President Viktor Yushchenko asks the logical question: “Why Germany has a base [price] $250, Slovakia, Austria, are from $250 to $300, Ukraine $450? And I’ve enumerated the states that are on the same branch of pipeline. Why, being closer to the source of production, Ukraine pays the price [of the country], which is located on the border between France and Italy in the Alps? How could it happen that Ukraine pay incorrect non-market price? What is behind this?”

    According to Yushchenko, a simple mathematical calculation shows that the price of natural gas to Ukraine was to be about $ 175 instead of $ 450. Former Ukrainian president announce this information on TV prime-time program “Shuster live, commenting on the economic grounds of “Tymoshenko case”.

    In mid-March in an interview for German newspaper “Die Welt” Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov said that purchasing gas from the German company RWE for Ukraine will be cheaper than importing gas from Russia under current, extremely disadvantageous price. Azarov confirmed that Ukraine plans to buy small amounts of gas from the company RWE. For that purpose a method called “reverse flow” will be used. Prime Minister described as “paradoxical” situation, when it is cheaper to buy Russian natural gas from the German company than buy it directly in Russia. For example, in February, Ukraine paid for gas more than 1.2 billion dollars. According to Azarov, it’s enough to build subway line with 18 stations in Kyiv…

    P.S. I hope that Radio Liberty will explain what did cause such a tender regard to the person of Yulia Tymoshenko. Is it because her husband hided from the Ukrainian justice in the Czech Republic?

  • http://books.google.com/books?uid=5652302884137400206&as_coll=0&source=gbs_lp_bookshelf_list Kabud

    Some excerpts from the indictment in the case of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavel Ivanovich Lazarenko give us the following information (US District Court, District of California, San Francisco Division, the case № CR 00-0284 MJJ):

    In particular, with respect to Ms. Tymoshenko, the indictment alleges that in approximately September 1995, Lazarenko, as First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, became responsible for the energy section in the Ukrainian government, and that in approximately December 1995, a Ukrainian company called United Energy Systems of Ukraine (“UESU”), which was created on November 20, 1995 by Yulia Tymoshenko, an associate of Lazarenko's, was designated by the Ukrainian government as one of several companies to supply natural gas to Ukraine. UESU was given the authority to distribute natural gas to the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. From approximately December 1995 until sometime in 1997, UESU received deliveries of natural gas from RAO Gazprom pursuant to contracts entered on December 29, 1995 and December 31, 1996 between RAO Gazprom, UESU, and others. Beginning in approximately January 1996, UESU fraudulently conveyed title to the imported natural gas to United Energy International, Ltd. (“UEIL”), an 85% shareholder of UESU that was created on October 17, 1995, in London, England by a Turkish national named Ercument Aksoy, at the direction of Yulia Tymoshenko, and fraudulently diverted to foreign bank accounts belonging to UEIL the payments from Ukrainian customers for the natural gas delivered by UESU.

    The indictment further alleges that between April 8, 1996 and December 31, 1996, rather than pay RAO Gazprom for the delivered gas with the money that had been transferred to UEIL, UEIL transferred approximately $140,000,000 to Somolli Enterprises, a Cypriot company that was registered in Cyprus on October 8, 1992, and was controlled by Yulia Tymoshenko and others. Between April 1996 and June 1997, Somolli Enterprises and UESU transferred a total of approximately $97,000,000 into accounts that were controlled by Kiritchenko in Switzerland, Poland, and the United States, including transfers totaling approximately $13,000,000 to bank accounts in the Northern District of California. Between February of 1996 and September of 1997, the money from Somolli, along with other funds, totaling more than $120,000,000 was transferred from Kiritchenko's accounts into accounts controlled by Lazarenko in Switzerland and Antigua. Thereafter, the indictment alleges, Lazarenko transferred portions of these funds from Switzerland into bank accounts in the Northern District of California, including two transfers of $14,000,000 each on August 1, 1997.

    Finally, part of the conspiracy includes the scheme to defraud alleged in Paragraphs 32 to 38 of the indictment, which allege that the defendant, while a government official in Ukraine, exercised his official authority and influence in favor of, and to induce the grant of certain government benefits and privileges to Yulia Tymoshenko's businesses, among others, by taking certain official action, that between 1993 and 1997 he received over $200,000,000 from various companies, including Yulia Tymoshenko's businesses Somolli Enterprises ($84,000,000), UEIL ($65,000,000), and UESU ($13,000,000). The indictment alleges that as a result of these actions, the people and government of Ukraine were deprived of money and of the defendant's right to honest services.

    And this is only a few episodes from the Tymoshenko’s criminal past. However, Radio Liberty pretends that it knows nothing about all this events. Perhaps that’s why on the same day in the column devoted to our national hero and martyr Siarhei Kavalenka, who was imprisoned by anti-Belarusian neo-communistic regime of Alexander Lukashenko only because he raised the national flag, and who more than 2 months ago went on hunger strike, journalist Aleh Hruzdzilovich cited as comparing the situation around Yulia Tymoshenko. The Acting Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yuri Belenky was surprised by such a strange statement question: “It is incorrect to draw parallels with Yulia Tymoshenko such explicitly”. I also decided to comment on this article and ask, why my previous comment about Timoshenko was not published. The result was as in the previous case: the comment didn’t pass.

  • http://books.google.com/books?uid=5652302884137400206&as_coll=0&source=gbs_lp_bookshelf_list Kabud

    In 1995, 1996, 1997, my father was a famous politician in the country and in Donbas. One of our businesses was the delivery of imported gas to Ukraine to the steel mills. “United Energy Systems”, owned by Pavel Ivanovich Lazarenko and Yulia Tymoshenko did the same. I often attended the meetings of Tymoshenko with my father Yevhen A. Shcherban in the office of State Administration and at home. We had many conversations. There was a conflict of interests. There were UESU interests and the interests of my father … Plus Pavel Ivanovich lobbied for the interests of UESU… My father was killed. And it was advantageous to the government. And it was advantageous to “United Energy Systems”. When the father’s company vanished, our business was destroyed in two months. It was a huge empire of about three hundred and sixty companies. And UESU entered into the market.

    Let me remind you that United Energy Systems of Ukraine was founded in 1991 by Yulia Tymoshenko and her husband, Olexandr Tymoshenko (up to November 1995 it was called Ukrainian Petrol Company). In 1995–1996 UESU reached annual sales volume in 11 billion dollars and with the support of Pavlo Lazarenko, possessed a monopoly on trade with Russian natural gas in Ukraine. From November 1995 to January 1997 Y. Tymoshenko was the president of the UESU. The success of such rapid promotion of Tymoshenko’s family probably is connected with the fact that Yulia’s father-in-law Gennady Timoshenko belonged to the nomenclature of the CPSU Central Committee (he served as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Kirov district in Dnepropetrovsk). It is worth to recall the extraordinary influence of Dnepropetrovsk nomenclature. In 1947–1950 the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Committee was headed by Leonid Brezhnev. During the same period the 1st Secretary of the October District Party Committee was Nikolay Mironov, who in 1956 became the KGB chief in Leningrad region, and in 1959 became the head of the Administrative Organs Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU (which controlled the army and security services). It is necessary to particularly emphasize nomenclatural and KGB connections between Dnepropetrovsk and Leningrad. In the early 1990s at the St. Petersburg mayor's office under the auspices of the local security chief Sergei Stepashin the team of KGB lieutenant colonel Vladimir Putin was reared with much care. Therefore, a tight relationship of Yulia Tymoshenko with the Russian mafia-controlled capital is hardly a coincidence. In the 1990s the friendship between Yulia Tymoshenko and Viktor Chernomyrdin who created and headed Gazprom began.

    He was in very close relations with Yulia Tymoshenko, who during that time, “ran in Gazprom office in various dresses to please the leadership”. Viktor Chernomyrdin was very disappointed when Viktor Yanukovych won the presidential 2010 elections. The next head of Gazprom Rem Vyakhirev also treated Yulia Tymoshenko kindly…

    September 14, 1998, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine filed a criminal case against Lazarenko for the theft of state property in especially large amounts, and February 17, 1999 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a decision on lifting the parliamentary immunity from him. A week earlier, Lazarenko slipped from Ukraine, but the February 20, 1999, he was detained at the airport in New York for violating the visa regime, on suspicion of trying to illegally enter the United States. He appealed to the U.S. authorities to grant him political asylum, but instead, in 2000, Lazarenko was charged with extortion, money laundering and fraud. The amount of funds transferred by Lazarenko into the United States was estimated at 114 million dollars. According to the UN the amount of theft was about $ 200 million or 0.4% of Ukrainian GDP.

  • http://books.google.com/books?uid=5652302884137400206&as_coll=0&source=gbs_lp_bookshelf_list Kabud

    Yulia Tymoshenko a major leader of the global organized crime assisted by US tax payer dollars on radio Liberty ? Apr 14, 2012 12:17

    On April 3–4 the website of the Belarusian Radio Liberty three times mentioned the name of Yulia Tymoshenko. Unfortunately, I can state that the coverage of the events surrounding the former Ukrainian prime minister in the Belarusian independent media is one-sided and almost completely fits into the scheme: “Yanukovych is a dictator, Tymoshenko is an innocent victim and political prisoner”. In accordance with this scheme some political observers are interviewed, who explain to Belarusians, that Ukrainian President follows the way of Lukashenko. At the same time shocking facts that completely destroy an attractive image of “Lady Y” which was created by media are ignored. The article “It will be advantageous to Kyiv if Tymoshenko becomes a refugee” was not extraordinary and emphasized the political aspects of the problem, carefully avoiding juridical ones. So, I decided to make an appropriate comment to fill this gap. Thereafter some interesting events began. My comment didn’t appear! Well, what information did frightened the independent radio station, which is financed by the U.S. taxpayers’ money?

    About a dozen criminal cases were opened against Tymoshenko! The verdict was given in one case, the second has been sent to court.

    According to Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin, Tymoshenko is charged, apart from abuse, blackmail and fraud in the signing of gas contracts, with tax evasion, the concealment of foreign exchange earnings, smuggling, and the embezzlement of budget funds. Tymoshenko is also suspected of funding organizing in 1996 the assassination of MP Yevhen Shcherban, his wife and aircraft’s team members, on which he flew. Killers were arrested and convicted, and they testified that they had committed this murder on the order of Pavlo Lazarenko (he is now serving his sentence in the American prison for money laundering) in the interests of Tymoshenko, and the money for the murder was paid by Tymoshenko and Lazarenko. Moreover, when Tymoshenko was arrested, the son of Shcherban, who was with his father at the time of the murder and miraculously survived, appealed to the prosecutor's office with a statement that earlier he feared, but today, when Tymoshenko and Lazarenko are in prison, he is insisting that they both must be called to account for financing the murder of his father. He claims openly that Tymoshenko and Lazarenko ordered the assassination of his father. He has already provided detailed evidence to investigators. A few days ago, he sent official letters to the president of the European Parliament, the head of the PACE and the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, with the demand not to prevent Ukrainian investigators from investigating a criminal case against Tymoshenko and Lazarenko in organizing and funding the murder of his father.

    Radio Liberty hides this sensational information from Belarusians. I think that is worth to quote a passage from a Ruslan Shcherban’s letter to U.S. Ambassador:

    After the assassination of our father, there has been several attempts on my brother and me, but thanks to God, we still are alive … My addresses to law enforcement, my statements and testimony about the specific involvement of Y. Tymoshenko and P. Lazarenko were not properly checked yet. Prosecution authorities of Ukraine for a long time covered P. Lazarenko and Y. Timoshenko, who ordered, organized and paid for the murder of my father Y. Shcherban … Many times I have been personally presented during my father’s business negotiations with Y. Tymoshenko and P. Lazarenko. They constantly demanded from my father to waive his business interests in the interests of the company UESU, repeatedly threatening him with death … Y. Tymoshenko wanted to supply natural gas to Ukraine personally through her company UESU and to promote her business and company in the Donetsk region…

    In an interview for news agency UNIAN Ruslan Shcherban made the following statement:

  • Jim

    Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko is far from being saint and has her own faults. However, current Ukrainian government is nothing more, but a crime family, a mafia with the Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich at the top as a Godfather. Tomoshenko's persecution by Yanulovich and his mafia are without any shadow of a doubt i100% politically motivated. Assistant of Ukrainian prosecutor general, Renay Kuzmin who pretends to be genuine is a mafia lieutenant who takes direct orders from Ukrainian prosecutor general, Viktor Pshonka who in turn is a real life Good Father of Viktor Yanokovich. Yanukovich's crime family robbed and keep robbing Ukraine and Ukrainians out of billions of dollars.