How Obama and Allies Are Suppressing News of Economic Disaster Ahead

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Yet Greece is not the only EU nation that could upset the economic apple cart. Spain is on the verge of needing a bailout of its own, even as Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy continues to insist that austerity programs contained in that country’s 2013 budget will be sufficient to weather the storm. What is being downplayed is the inconvenient reality that Spain’s 17 individual regions are not only awash in debt of their own, but that Catalonia, the nation’s richest region, wants to secede. Ironically, their reason for doing so mirrors the reason for current crisis: the wealthier EU nations (read: Germany) are reaching the point of exhaustion with respect to bailing out their profligate neighbors, despite the reality that the European Union will disintegrate without such bailouts.

That such bailouts are mathematically unsustainable in the long run? As long as the chaos, including violent strikes and riots taking place in both Greece and Spain can be contained until after November 6th, all is well. Unfortunately for Obama, an unnamed EU official revealed the subterfuge. “The Obama administration doesn’t want anything on a macroeconomic scale that is going to rock the global economy before November 6,” he said. “As far as European leaders are concerned, they don’t want Romney, so they’re probably willing to do anything to help Obama’s chances.”

So it is with respect to the most pernicious effort to delay economic reality, namely the third round of Quantitative Easing (QE3) engineered by Fed Chief Ben Bernanke. If the legions of Americans with little grasp of economic fundamentals (courtesy of the educational decline of our public schools) had even the faintest idea of what is really occurring here, Barack Obama wouldn’t stand a chance of being re-elected. In short, the Fed is now financing the government’s entire deficit by printing more money. This currency debasement–as in literally pushing the American dollar itself towards worthlessness–is the primary driver of higher prices Americans are experiencing, especially with respect to food and fuel. Yet thankfully for Obama, most Americans remain utterly oblivious to the distinction between rising prices and a falling dollar. Thus they can be demagogued into believing, for example, that higher gas prices are the result of “corporate greed” as opposed to the historic malfeasance being perpetrated by the Federal Reserve.

Yet while reality can be postponed, it cannot be denied. Even now, the occasional “brown shoot” rears its ugly head. Once again, economic growth estimates for the last quarter were revised downward, from the 1.7 percent originally reported, to 1.3 percent. Such numbers stand in stark contrast to the president’s promise of 3.2 percent growth  in 2010, 4.0 percent in 2011, 4.6 percent in 2012. Even worse, durable goods orders plummeted 13.2 percent, representing the largest drop since January 2009. The growth numbers for July were revised downward as well, from 4.1 percent to 3.3 percent. And in a stunning development that portends where this nation is likely headed, 55 percent of business owners and manufacturers revealed they would not have stared their businesses in today’s economy. Sixty-nine percent of them cited President Obama’s executive branch and regulatory policies as the chief culprits for that reticence.

That’s today’s economy. Virtually every economic indicator shows that tomorrow’s economy–the one Americans will be faced with after the presidential election–will be far worse. Yet as long as it tanks after the election, Barack Obama can continue to peddle his economic, class-warfare snake oil to a public largely unaware how close to economic disaster America truly is. For an administration that can lie unabashedly about the terrorist execution of four Americans in Libya–even as a corrupt mainstream media take each “revision” in stride–keeping the true nature of the economy largely under wraps is a piece of cake.

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  • pierce

    A body named Barack Obama is doing all he can to suppress that information, we are on the edge of the deepest abyss I have ever seen. And you know the worst part is, I am not the smartest guy on the horizon. A vote for Barack Obama will seal the deal, and you can take it to the bank.

    • amused

      no thanks , partisanship will be the cause …..the Eurpeans know it , which makes them smarter than you .

    • AmazedHuman

      ….and that will be the ONLY thing you'll be able to take to the bank, too. People, unless they've been really paying attention – and not to the Obama-led media – simply are not aware of how on the brink we are to catastrophe. They'll learn, quick enough, if Obama is re-elected!

      • WilliamJamesWard

        The banks will fail and the doors closed, "out of business"………………William

    • FJM

      Obama has nothing to loose by delaying the negative economic news until after the election. If he loses the election, the bad news will be timed to shift blame to the new administration. If he wins the election, it is his last term and the bad news can't affect him. He will in fact achieve his goal of weakening the US and leaving us vulnerable to economic collapse.

  • LindaRivera

    "The Fed is now financing the government’s entire deficit by printing more money. This currency debasement–as in literally pushing the American dollar itself towards worthlessness/"

    This is a horrible, wicked CRIME against the American people. It is DELIBERATELY designed to utterly destroy America and the economy and to create a Depression far worse than the Great Depression. It is unforgivable.

    We are ruled by elites who are possessed with an intense hate for America and the American people.

    • Memo

      I think you are partly wrong. It is true that printing money is destroying the dollar however I don't think Bernanke is doing it because he hates America. Think of it this way. I lost my job once and I was faced with a choice either make payments on my house by charging them to my credit card or sell my house. That is similar to the choice of continuing to borrow in order to enjoy the benefits or to cut spending that is faced by the government. The government has an option which I didn't have which is to print money in order to "pay for the house". I doubt the Chinese will lend any more money to the U.S. so the only two options the U.S. government has are either print money or cut spending. The problem with cutting spending is that the people dependent on the benefits that will be cut won't vote for Obama and if he doesn't get in than Bernanke loses his job. Another way to look at this is our economy is like a dying old man where almost any medicine you give has terrible consequences but if you don't give the medicine you also get terrible consequences. If the interest rates go up our debt payments will explode and that will be a disaster. One way to keep the interest rates down is to print money to pay off our debts. We are caught between the frying pan and the fire.

  • j trail

    All of us need to remember this when we go to the poles on 11/06/12. We need to cast our vote for the only choice that we have for economic and personal safety. Vote the Romney/Ryan ticket

  • susan

    I am voteing Romeny/Ryan 2012 we. Cannot have 4 more years where he has no worried to having to run again so he'll destrcountry at a faster pase then ever as he will continue bypassing putting through so much faster and. He won't worry of congress,senate or house he will just do it. this

  • Jossi

    In my view it is decades that western governments are suppressing the true information about the non sustainability of the present system. Of course President Zero is now suppressing the worst information. Even if he isn't reelected (and I hope) the huge problems are persisting, they aren't going to disappear.
    The whole world is at a turning point, the comment above from the gentlemen that sees the deepest abyss is very correct. The citizen in any major western country has been duped, and the politician are only throwing more sand in the eyes. The outcome of all this isn't nice to contemplate; what I see, is unfortunately another WW. I perfectly know many people won't agree, this doesn't change neither reality nor the facts, and even less the axis of evil (Russia – China – Islamic countries and all other very socialist leaning countries) which is dead serious about destroying the entire West. What I see further, we in the West are reaping what we sowed, and illusions will meet reality one day.

  • Zionista

    The affirmative action narcissist said on letterman (another sleaze bag) that he's not sure how big the deficit is. hussein obama doesn't know much about anything.

    • guest

      He knows he just doesn't want us to know.

  • EthanP

    And the MSM is asleep at the switch so we can have 4 more years of this failed policy.
    Can we IMPEACH the press?

  • amused

    Of course Eurpeans are waiting until after November , they're waiting to see if the IDIOTS we put in Washington are gonna get down to buisness or have another 4 yr pisssing contest .

  • amused

    oh …and BTW , if Republicans and democrats play that same game of partisan brinkmanship which took America's credit rating down a notch , and simply by the ongoing vitriol Moodys is warning of another downgrade BEFORE any debates even start , you can definitely expect another economic disaster .

    The SAD TRUTH here is , that Republicans DONT CARE if the ship sinks , as long as THEY are at the helm . And you're calling WHO "traitor " ?

    • Drakken

      You really don't understand simple economics do you? You cannot print more money and spend yourself into prosperity. We are going to crash and it is going to be extremely ugly. When the money runs out, the inner cities will burn because uncle suger isn't paying them anymore.

  • amused

    "Bain Capital is an investment partnership which was formed to invest in startups and ongoing companies, then to take an active hand in managing them and, hopefully, five to eight years later, to harvest them at a significant profit.” – endquote

    The younger Mitt Romney 1985 . I especially like the use of the words "harvest them…" which means buy them with the money of others exploit their assets , drain them with debt , that someone else will pay for ….that is after your " significant profits " from the looting .
    Hey Dummies "the rich dont create jobs " they accumulate wealth , so go ahead and vote for Romney who will kick you in the assss. Morons !

    • angst

      And the government creates jobs ? We all see how many Obama has created – in N.Korea,Finland ,China,Denmark and Uzbekistan .But it's nice of him to give his friends at GM,Google,GE,Merck and Boeing million $ income tax returns and government jobs,while they outsource hundreds of thousands of jobs.

      At least Romney can do basic math,something Obama obviously can't do. Go ahead and vote for another $6 trillion in debt ,20 million more legalized illegals ,subprime loans,the education bubble burst and the loss of a few rights.Maybe CA debt will set a new world record with your messiah's help and pass Greece's national debt,they are almost there.

      No worries about Romney , Obama already stole and signed away all our tax dollars.There is nothing left.

    • Radegunda

      Have you ever gone to a Staples store? It's a company that Bain Capital "harvested." Staples has stores all over the place (even in other countries), employs lots of people, brings useful goods to customers, returns profit to investors — all because of the eeeeevil Bain.

      Meanwhile, Obama pumps our money into the pockets of his big donors and bundlers at boondoggles like Solyndra, which go bankrupt, and the taxpayers lose — our debt climbs, our dollars are debased, more people lose jobs and income.

      Yeah, let's go with the Obama approach! Moron.

  • popseal

    What evil confluence of power vaulted Obama into his current place? Destroying the Clinton machine over night and made the idol of pop culture morons, academic snobs, and inner city drones, the Obama mesmerization still works its mind numbing spell . The morons and friends still cheer their 'hero', "Yeah! free cell phones for us!"

  • Bob H

    Instead of writing and complaining lets go to the local network news
    And start demonstrating. Their lying an we're not doing a damn thing abut it

  • chowching259

    Role playing is easy for Obama; due to not having any cultural or racial foundation he is without identity. Walking in the shoes of a Muslim, Christian, or Atheist would not be a problem, his 24/7 game play as national leader deserves an Academy Award. But unfortunately he cannot play the part of a businessman it requires a genuine identity, when the curtain comes down Romney will replace him.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If cleaning up after Katrina is still going on, cleaning up after Obama will be going on into the
    year 3012…………………William

  • @LindaBlair1

    We need to end the liberal monopoly in media and especially on the web. We need more people to contribute and expose left wing lies using websites like

  • atthebeach

    Want to know what Obama , Inc is doing to protect their money? Are 'they' buying Gold – or are their mattresses just getting fatter? What?