Picture of Al Qaeda Assassination Plot Emerges

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The Obama administration’s continuing efforts to maintain the narrative that murder of our ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and his three staff members was part of a “spontaneous” demonstration inspired by a “very offensive video” took another hit yesterday. The Debka File is reporting that the executions were part of a carefully orchestrated plan carried out by well-trained al-Qaeda operatives. The 20-man assassination team was given its orders by the terrorist organization’s leader, Ayman al Zawahiri. The assassins were all Libyans who had been serving sentences for terrorism under Muammar Qaddafi’s rule. They were freed when Qaddafi was overthrown.

The motive for the executions was revenge. On September 10th, Zawahiri released a 42-minute video confirming that his deputy, Abu Yahya al-Libi, was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan’s Waziristan tribal area on June 4, according to SITE and IntelCenter. Libi was a jihadst theologian who rose to prominence in 2005 after he escaped from U.S. custody in Afghanistan. Considered al-Qaeda’s best propagandist, his death reportedly dealt a major blow to the organization.

“With the martyrdom of Sheikh Abu Yahya, may Allah have mercy on him, people will flock even more to his writings and call, Allah willing,” Zawahiri said in Arabic, according to a SITE translation. In the video, titled “The Lion of Knowledge and Jihad: Martyrdom of al-Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi” the terror master also referenced President Obama, whom he characterized as a “liar” elected to “trick” Muslims, even as he is “being defeated in Afghanistan.” Zawahiri brought up Warren Weinstein as well. Weinstein is an elderly U.S. aid worker kidnapped by Al-Qaeda just over a year ago in Pakistan. Zawahiri vowed to hold Weinstein until the U.S. released al-Qaeda followers imprisoned in Afghanistan.

According to Debka, the release of that video was a “go” signal for the mission in Benghazi. To disguise the nature of that mission, the assassination team took advantage of the demonstrations allegedly incited by the video “Innocence of Muslims,” storming the consulate in conjunction with the protesters. The gunmen subsequently split into two groups of 10 men each, and carried out their attack in two separate stages.

The first stage involved one group firing rockets at the consulate under the assumption that ambassador Stevens’ armed guard detail would grab him, get him out of the building, and take him to a safe house where he would receive Secret Service protection. According to CBS News, that’s exactly what happened. A Libyan commander told them a convoy of 22 vehicles, two of them armored, fled the consulate, and headed down a road towards the safe house located a mile and a half away.

It was during that trip that al-Qaeda put the second phase of its plan into action. The second group of terrorists apparently knew which vehicles among the convoy contained the ambassador and his armed escort, and they set up an ambush to intercept them. As a result, Stevens and his three staff members were reportedly killed at point blank range. Debka further reports that the investigation by American counter-terror experts and other “clandestine services” is focusing on why no clues of the attack were picked up by any intelligence agency, as well as the failure of surveillance authorities to notice any preparations being made by the terrorist group.

Yet Mohammed Magarief, the president of Libya’s newly elected national congress, while agreeing with Debka’s contention that the attack was deliberate, has offered up a somewhat different take on the players involved. Magarief contends that the Benghazi militia, Ansar al-Sharia, was in communication with al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) AQIM is a group whose origin goes back to the 1990s when it was involved in the fight to overthrow Algeria’s secular government. It became AQIM in 2007. Magarief believes it was Ansar al-Sharia that carried out the attack, noting a communication they had with AQIM last Tuesday, during which they discussed the assault on the consulate that night. The attack was a “deliberate, calculated action by a group working in collaboration with non-Libyan elements,” he said in an interview. He warned that Libya remains locked in a battle with extremists who wish to turn that country into a hard-line Islamist state.

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  • Alvaro

    Obama will hit these people very hard – with an apology.

    • alphakilosingh

      In fact he may hit harder-by sanctioning a huge grant for Libya!

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        Obama really does think it's our fault, so it only makes sense to him to bear down on more of the same.

      • Billyb9

        After all, Libya keeps sending us Libyarals! (ok, maybe that didn't work so well..)

    • oldtimer

      And don't forget the bow, maybe this time on bended knee.

      • Obama is to blame

        Yes, Obama is setting a horrible example. He should be holding hands with the Muslims, a la George Bush.

  • http://twitter.com/MJoemal19 @MJoemal19

    Euronews reports: Libyans claim to have rescued Ambassador Stevens while yelling 'Allah akbar'; which euronews said was a good thing. Bull S***!

  • Billyb9

    But there wasn't a plot- The protesters (read it- Murderers) assembled spontaneously because of a trailer to a movie that some nobody made and put on youtube that nobody knew about.. That's the story my gub'ment tells me and they're sticking to it- it must be true!!!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Obama is so wise to understand the muslim heritage that spawned him.

  • Schlomotion

    This description of the embassy attack reveals that the assassination of Qadhafi was good practice. As I recall, Qadhafi was in a convoy of trucks and hopping from safe house to safe house before he was killed at point blank range. This is why I just don't understand ambassadors and oil emissaries. It's only been eleven months since the US with the help of Al Qaeda killed Qadhafi, and they are hopping around like they run the place.

    Mr. Ahlert is at pain to disabuse the reader of the notion that the Nakoula video had anything to do with the attack. It is well-established fact at this point that the assassins used the cover of protests against the video to launch their attack. Even Mr. Ahlert says so. What's with the doublespeak?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Was it? He was at least able to keep the peace since he was frightened into behaving.

      You seem so much more open about your muslim loyalties and anti-Israel hatred.

      • Mullah be Damned

        It appears that's the best way to run that part of the world.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          Someone on another site asked why we're not doing a post mortum and releasing the real cause of death on the ambassador and his 3 aids.

          Are they still struggling to get his legs back together or something?

    • Ghostwriter

      I'm no fan of Gaddafi's. He was a terrorist and got what he deserved. It's a shame for what happened to our ambassador over there. There should have been better security.

  • BLJ

    Problem: Islamist scum

    Solution: Mauser 7.62

    • Pontotoc Bill

      I like .300 Win Mag at 1,000 yards.

  • Jerry

    People need to wake up to what we are facing. Read, 'THE COMING: A TRUE STORY OF HORROR' @ amazon.com

    • Mullah be Damned

      Tell us a little more about it, please, Jerry.

  • Castellano

    Why the West is in alliance with Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria?

  • hammar

    If the Ambassador and seals could only hear obama and clinton say they died because of a movie on 9-11 they would flip in their graves. This US government is a disgrace and they are true cowards in the face of the phony religion and child rapping prophet. obama is a true failure should never have been elected but when the people who voted for him can't read or write english one can only wonder what these criminals will come up with next. Please pray for this country. p.s. Christian prayers only.

  • Junaid

    You ppl in actual terrorist who supported blasphemy, its is very simple reaction of the movie. liybian were right.

    • reason1984

      Maybe someday, in sha'Allah, you will be given the Ambassador Stevens treatment. Mañana.