Sharia Law’s Day in Pennsylvania Court

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Late last year, a group known as the Parading Atheists of Central Pennsylvania (PACP) won a court challenge to participate in the Millersville, PA community parade. While they were awaiting that event, they participated in a Halloween parade sponsored by the city of Mechanicsburg. Their method of expressing free speech is to dress up in costumes representing “zombie gods,” figures that have risen from the dead according to various religious believers. One of those figures was a “Zombie Pope.” Another was a “Zombie Mohammed,” who was almost immediately assaulted by a Muslim man attending the parade. What happened in court as a result of that incident was yet another assault — on the First Amendment.

There is no dispute about what actually happened. Ernest Perce, Pennsylvania state director of American Atheists, Inc., was assaulted by Talag Elbayomy, a Muslim immigrant who admitted attacking the victim. The attack was corroborated by a videotape (depicting a disturbance, not the actual assault). Both men called police to report a crime, both kept walking, and when they ran into police Sgt. Brian Curtis and related the story, Curtis explained to Elbayomy that Perce had  every right to express his constitutionally protected viewpoint. Elbayomy was subsequently arrested and charged with harassment.

The case ended up in the court of Magistrate Judge Mark Martin, a veteran of the war in Iraq. (Many reports on this case also claimed that Martin himself is a Muslim convert, but Martin himself has corrected the record, saying he’s been a Lutheran for 41 years). During testimony, Elbayomy said he believed insulting the Prophet was a crime, and that he didn’t know American law allows for such representations of Muhammad. He also testified that he felt compelled to fight for the Prophet because his 9-year-old son was present at the parade, and he needed to set the proper example. In other words, the essence of Mr. Elbayomy’s defense was one that has failed countless times in countless courts around the nation: ignorance of the law.

In Judge Martin’s courtroom, however, the law took a back seat to the judge’s personal feelings. First, the judge refused to allow the corroborating videotape to be entered into evidence. He then disregarded the testimony of Sgt. Curtis on behalf of Perce, because Curtis did not witness the confrontation. Martin then dismissed the case for a lack of evidence, referring to the incident as “one man’s word against another.” He concluded the proceedings with a lecture–directed at Perce for his lack of sensitivity. Here is a partial transcript of that lecture (with an audio of the entire transcript here, beginning approximately 2 minutes in). Emphasis added:

Well, having had the benefit of having spent over two-and-a-half years in a predominantly Muslim country, I think I know a little bit about the faith of Islam. In fact, I have a copy of the Koran here, and I would challenge you, sir, to show me where it says in the Koran that Mohammed arose and walked among the dead.


And Mr. Thomas [Elbayomi’s defense lawyer] is correct. In many other Muslim speaking countries–excuse me, in many Arabic speaking countries–call it “Muslim”–something like this is definitely against the law there. In their society, in fact, it could be punishable by death, and it frequently is, in their society.

Here in our society, we have a constitution that gives us many rights, specifically, First Amendment rights….But you have that right, but you’re way outside your bounds on First Amendment rights[.]

Since this story has begun to mushroom, Judge Martin has taken to defending his actions, noting that he had advised the defendant not to disseminate the above audio, because he might consider a contempt of court charge (despite the fact that Martin’s statement was made in open court). He defended his decision, saying that he “didn’t doubt that an incident occurred,” but that there were “so many inconsistencies, that there was no way that I was going to find the defendant guilty.”

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  • Ken

    Sharia continues its creeping into the American justicce system!!

    • Anonymous

      Its not exactly "creeping" anymore is it? This was sharia law in action.

    • pyeatte

      Yes, like a cancer.

  • Jade

    Yeah but a Destroy Israel Conference at Harvard is academic freedom!

  • ezramordecai

    The Judge should be arrested as a traitor.

  • oldtimer

    This judge should be removed from his position and also not be allow to practice law. He is a disgrace to his country, state, etc.

  • kafir4life

    I would explain to the judge that the false prophet mohamat was a terroristic pedophile that was NOT a prophet from God, but instead a spawn of satan, as per the first ammendment.
    It's a darn shame that the Buffalo Beheader momo hassan didn't live a little farther south. That whore that he had married would know her place in hell by now, as he and the judge would do a little whirrling dirvish dance shouting Allahu Snackbar!

  • kafir4life

    It's a darn shame that momo hassan the Buffalo butcher didn't have judge islam for his trial. He'd be dancing on his wife's grave (along with the judge) screaming allahu snackbar (the moon god has a snackbar). cair is probably looking to have him seated on the US Supreme court, and with White House Stinky (BO) in place, he may get there.

  • Eyes_Open

    At what point did this judge decide that separation of church and state only applied to christian church. The law is suppose to be blind, not ignorant! He should be tossed out of the court, and then disbarred from ever practicing law again. This is an obvious case of judicial prejudice!

    • RoguePatriot6

      Man, come on!!!! You, I and everyother with LIVE BRAINCELLS know that liberals or those that appease to Islam use "separation of church and state" only when Christians voice their stance on immorailty or dare to publically declare their convictions or beliefs. What they should say is "separtion of Christianity from our society". So far, you have to admitt they've done a pretty darn good job.

  • StephenD

    Can you picture it? Judges with Sharia Law to back them up and no more need for (as Che Guevara has said “Evidence to convict a criminal was a Bourgeois Concept) deferring to the Constitution. This is right up their ally I would imagine. You “insulted” the (pardon me while I try to hold back my gag reflex) prophet and upset this devotee so therefore you must be punished. Period. No need for any real evidence of wrong doing. Look how swift these judges could be in and out and on the golf course!

  • Skymann

    When are we going to hear arguments that Islam is a theocracy.? It is much more than a religion. It is a total life governance. It is totally incompatible to our way of life and jurisprudence. You cannot draw a line between the religion portion and the legal portion. It is all religion and doesn't belong in our courts—ever!

  • Abdel

    I salute this judge for his courage and wisdom. Your freedom has limits when it affects others' freedom. No religeon should be insulted, you can be a Muslim , Christian, Jew or atheist or whatever but you can not spread insults and hatred against other religeons, that's very wrong and provoking. As far as the assault, the judge did not have enough evidence that there was any, so you want him to side with the "victim" especially when he provoked people? Vive la justice, viva USA.

    • StephenD

      Abdel…(really?) Maybe in your cave dwellings your freedom is limited but we have a law which PROTECTS our right to free expression. If everything said was never upsetting to anyone why would we need a law to protect it? No, we all pay the price for our liberties. One of those prices is our belief system is subject to public scrutiny; which, for most, is acceptable. We think our beliefs can withstand such scrutiny…can yours? If not, why not? You can play the fool if you want but I would prefer to have EVERYTHING open to review so that I may not be beguiled or deceived. If my "religion" is insulted, so be it. It has yet to fail. If yours is so sensitive that it cannot withstand such review, perhaps it isn't worth the devotion of anyone.

      • Abdel

        You stated your religion can stand scrutiny, really? So your religion is the ultimate perfect truth right? You have some proof or is it just he said she said or maybe God told you personally when u were sleeping? Come on be realistic now? Just curious what religion are we talking about here? maybe I can do some research.

        • reader

          You can start your research with the US Constitution, which sharia is completely incompatible with.

          • Abdel

            No Sharia has been applied here, please stop this stereotype, this is not Iran or SA. I believe justice was served here in accordance with the constitution and both parties got a lesson from it and the judge did not side with anyone that's exactly how a judge should be so despite his own beliefs, origin…etc he was neutral.

          • reader

            I did not say that sharia was applied in this particular case. In this particular case, a dhimmi-minded judge dissmissed assault charges under ridiculous pretenses. However, sharia is still incompatible with the US Constitution.

        • StephenD

          Nope. Not going to let you lead me down a path. YOU are the one calling for curtailment of my liberties. YOU said there are limits to my freedom. Defend your position. My position says there are no limits insofar as my words may insult you or anyone else. You want it otherwise, make your case. As for me, I like America the way it was meant to be, as a Constitutional Republic. BTW, you can have it your way, back in those caves we spoke of earlier. You want to live like you're in the 7th century go ahead. But, I'll not relinquish my freedom to speak my mind because it may upset you. Grow a pair and get over yourself! Research That!

          • Abdel

            "The freedom of each finds its limits in that of others; no one has a right to absolute freedom. The limit where freedom begins and ends, where its rights and duties come together, is called law, and the State itself must bow to the law." (Albert Camus: Resistance, Rebellion and Death). By the way do you believe this kid in Ohio has the right to shoot his peers? It is certainly a constitutional right to bear arms but does that mean u can use it to deprive others of their lives, it is just an anology.

          • reader

            What does the kid from Ohio have to do with the First and even the Second Amendmend? The answer is nothing. The one who actually committed assault in this particular case was a muslim and he got away with it. And what you're doing here is called trolling, dude.

          • Sage on the Stage

            No one is depriving you of your life; thus your analogy is wrong. How many Muslims have been jailed for burning the American flag? None–Zero. How many Muslims have been jailed for burning the Israeli flag? None–zero.. And there are 8 times as many hate crimes committed against Jews,, as there are against Muslims. And how many Muslim schools in America teach their students to hate Jews and Christians? Quite a few. Are they being shut down? No–so Muslims have the freedom to teach their kids to hate us. The case above refers to a clear case of physical assault, committed by a Muslim,, against a non-Muslim. The Muslim was guilty,, according to the sworn testimony of a police officer; which the judge was wrong to throw out; as he was wrong to threaten anyone who publicized the video wiith contempt of court. By your standards,
            Muslims that burn the Amercan or Israeli flags should be jailed–because THAT offends ME; likwise with Muslim schools that teach hate.

    • pagegl

      My freedom of speech trumps your lame-assed hurt feelings if I say Mohammed was a pedophile. As far as spreading insults and hatred against other religions goes, perhaps you should attempt to get your co-religionists to stop slandering Judaism and Christianity. I'm not going to hold my breath.

      The judge may not have had enough evidence to convict on the assault charge, but he was way out of bounds lecturing the atheist about mocking Mohammed. It does not matter that doing so may get one killed elsewhere, this is the USA not Pakistan or Afganistan; we're allowed to express our beliefs.

      Using your logic, I have every right to knock the crap out of a Muslim who offends my religion. That seems to be the way Muslims think when they don't like what another says about Islam. Extending your logic we probably have the right to turn Mecca and Medina into thermonuclear glass.

    • RoguePatriot6

      "No religion should be insulted"?

      Well in that case, every Islamist that reside in the U.S. is guilty because that's all you hear come out of their mouths when they speak of Jews, Christians or anything and everything, that dares not be Muslim.

      Another example of tunnel visioned, double standard, liberal, sewage that makes me want to vomit!!!!!


  • Andy H.

    EVERY religion should be insulted and morons who feel otherwise should be placed in mental instittutions. So much for Abdel. As for the judge, impeachment efforts should start immediately.

    • Abdel

      If anyone should be in a mental institution I think it should be you for believing that people should insult and hate others, I suggest you go seek some help before you get yourself into some trouble.

      • pagegl

        So, are you threatening Andy? Be very careful with your response.

  • Abdel

    Okay I will not disrespect anyone here, I do not live in a cave nor a mental institution I am a US citizen well versed in the Law of this land as well as the Sharia law, by the way if this judge used the Sharia law this plaintiff would have been hang already. I am not supporting the Sharia law but I do support and have he atmost respect for our laws however no laws should allow for insulting others and spreading hatred. This topic is actually just an example of how sensitive his subject is. By the way this is not criticism of a religion, like the judge explained this was merely a stereotype that has no factual basis. Religion is not science, is based on what people believe in, their faith….we can discuss with them of course if you want to ( I have no interest in discussing any relireon with anyone) but we can not spread lies and hatred against what hey believe in. You may not be sensitive about your own religion but other people in your faith are sure are so rather than having religious wars I'd rather choose peace even if that means I should not spread lies or walk in a parade with a sign denying the Holocaust.

    • Stuart Parsons

      Is it not the case that the evidence of the Sunnah and Sirah prove Muhammad to have murdered at least 22 people whose only crime was to verbally deny his 'Profithood' ? Therefore is he not deserving of at least 22 insults. Furthermore, the Quran, Sunnah and Sirah reveal the self-proclaimed 'Prophet' enslaved, lied, plotted, tortured, killed, robbed , ransomed and raped his way to power. Isn't the mad psychopathic and narcissistic 'prophet' therefore deserving of a little disrespect and should not Muslims take the trouble to consult their 'religion's' own source material before leaping to false conclusions. The moral is, find out for yourself, don't believe everything the imams, mullahs and ayatollahs tell you……. or for that matter the priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals…… and all the other holy men.

    • RoguePatriot6

      "….no laws should allow for insulting others and spreading hatred."

      So, I assume you are outraged by the spreading anti-Jewish hate speech spewed by these Islamist goons, right?

  • Abdel

    Let me just clear something, I am not justifying the assault here, you may be offended but that does not give you the right to assault anyone. I do agree that if there was enough proof to support an assault the defendant would have been found guilty of that. I believe this was the wisest decision by this judge both of them have gotten a lesson do not spread hatred and you can not assault anyone

    • jacob

      So you don't believe this "Judge" is so full of you-know-what that even the whites of his eyes must be BROWN as those of
      his New Jersey colleague who sentenced that Muslim woman raped by her husband according to SHAARIA Law…

  • Skymann

    Abdel, Be aware there is a world of difference between ridicule and hatred. We believe in free speech in this country–even if you don't like it. Muslim men have a great difficulty in controlling their emotions. Self control is near impossible regarding perceived offenses involving religion or women. Who appointed them the judge, jury, and executioner. Being offended is a choice not a requirement. Seems to me the perp got away with assault and the judge wouldn't allow the evidence to be admitted. That's justice?

    • Abdel

      Free speech? So how come you prosecute people who dare to speak about Judaism? There are so many example of very famous people whose lives got destroyed because they spoke their free minds about the Jews even after they apologized for "their right to free speech" . About the videotape like it states on this article as well "depicting a disturbance, not the actual assault". So tell me on what basis should the judge have found the defendant guilty? Because he is a Muslim?

      • reader

        "So how come you prosecute people who dare to speak about Judaism?"

        And who exactly was prosecuted for speaking about Judaism?

      • Skymann

        I will submit that neither of us has all the information, but there was no denying that the assault took place. And I agree, not every situation is fair, but taking matters in your own hands is not right and you know it. Violent reaction to words is what causes murder.

        • Abdel

          I agree with that part that no one should take matters in their own hands, I am not in anyway supporting that, however there was no proof that it actually happened other than hearsay. Mel Gibson, Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein…etc are some example of people how got punished in someway or another for speaking their minds about some religion.

          • reader

            "Mel Gibson, Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein…etc are some example of people how got punished in someway or another for speaking their minds about some religion"

            Really? And what were the charges exactly, and who exactly pressed those charges against these poor people?

          • StephenD

            "…there was no proof that it actually happened other than hearsay."
            The perp. ADMITTED the assault.
            “Talag Elbayomy, a Muslim immigrant who admitted attacking the victim.”

          • Amused

            You are all mixed up Abdel , remember now , you are not in some backwater islamic nation , you are in America , where you can say what you want , but you are not free to attack another person physically ,without legal consequence . Assault and Battery is a felony , the class of which is determined by mitigating circumstance such as age of the victim , severity of the attack , and whether a weapon was used .
            If you are somehow unclear on this law which is on the books in every state and in most all civilised nations , then I fully expect to see you in jail quite soon . Just keep in mind ….dont try this in Florida where there is a "No Retreat " law . You attack me – I SHOOT you .

          • pagegl

            Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI, in the process of being arrested he used a slander against Jews to refer to the officer. He suffered no legal consequences for that. Then again, lots of folks thought he was being an ass and stated so much. That's the beauty of our system.

            Please educate me on how Chomsky and Finkelstein suffered any legal consequences for their beliefs. I doubt you can because they are still blathering on with their beliefs. If it bothers you that others disagree with them and make arguments to disprove them, well, that's your problem. Please read the First Amendment of the Constitution.

  • Marty

    Welcome to dhimmitude. This case demonstrate rather conclusively that islam is at all times and places supremacist. Its adherents are not obligated to acknowledge let alone obey the United States Constitution. muslims consider sharia – which is what all of this is about – to be a higher law than any human formulation. sharia does not allow freedom of speech or expression and any mockery of mohamad has to be severely dealt with. Therefore, any available muslim has the moral obligation to attack Mr. Perce. The muslim judge was applying sharia and ignoring the First Amendment. This is what it has come to. The acceptance of sharia by our judiciary is part of the stealth jihad campaign to dismantle the Constitution. And it is succeeding.

    • kasandra

      Well isn't this what Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg wants? She's always yammering about the desirability of applying foreign law in our courts. This judge was just doing what she advocates and applying foreign law. Probably not the foreign law Justice Ginsberg had in mind but once you start down that road look where it gets you.

  • joy52

    Abdel, you are not versed in the law of this land. If you were, you would be just as outraged at the misapplication of the law by the Pennsylvania judge. The laws of this land are there to protect you, too. This judge made a gross error and it will come back to haunt him and anyone who mistakenly thinks you can go over the law just because you are from a particular group who did not happen to like what the demonstrator was saying. What if instead it was the muslim who was marching with signs (such as in NYC) and the offended people were non-muslim? Does the judge's ruling now make it Ok to attack and choke the muslim marcher? The marches by muslims offend many of us, but we do not attack them–it is not from fear or weakness, oh, no. It is because we know muslims in this country have a legal right to demonstrate. However, if judges like Judge Martin take away that right, then muslims will be fair game, too, because it effects us all. So, muslims better be careful what they wish for. Right now you are in the country that will protect you. But if you show over and over you don't respect that protection, if you think it ok to act, for example, as people do in muslim countries, then the pushback will start. It has already started. What is protecting you now is the same Constitution that you applaud Judge Martin for trampling.

    • Bobby

      Great reply.

  • Amused

    I was waiting to see how long it would take to show up on FPM .This is OUTRAGEOUS !!!!! This judge should be IMPEACHED -IMMEDIATELY .
    This has got to be the W-T-F !!!- moment of the year !!! There was also a mock image of the Pope and a Rabbi in that parade … come no Christians or Jews committed assualt and battery ????
    This man has got to go , he's UNFIT .Where are the Pennsylvanians ? WHERE are the DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS and TEABAGGERS ???? I fully expected a well JUSTIFIED HUE AND CRY WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE FBI ? DOJ ?
    Can I then go and kick the shiit out of the next muslim I see holding a placard defaming Christianity or Judaism without legal ramification ???

  • jacob

    In my book, this judge and the other moron who handled the case of the woman raped by her husband according to SHAARIA law,
    should be tarred, feathered and ran out of town….

    Somebody stated once that in the Heavens the Lord and on the Earth the judges, which is why, when judges are found to be venial
    and morons such as these two, one's trust in justice just evaporates and surely opens the door for people to take justice into their
    own hands…..

  • ASG

    I wonder if State Representative Rex Duncan can tell me the Powerball #'s, cause he nailed this one with Nostradamus like accuracy.

  • John Amend-all

    If that’s what this judge “learned” from serving in Iraq, the U.S. military badly needs to be overhauled.

  • Major Variola

    My name is Julie A Elbayoumy. I was born in 1960. I currently live in West Farmington, Ohio. Before that, I lived in Harrisburg, PA from 2007 to 2009. Before that, I lived in Harrisburg, PA from 2007 to 2007. I am related to Rasha Elnaggar, I am also related to Cody Pugh, I am also related to Matthew Pugh, I am also related to Marvin Pugh, who is 53 years old and lives in Warren, OH. I am also related to Talaat Bayomy,

  • crypticguise

    Judge Martin is an idiot and ignorant of the intolerance of Islam. Well, that is to be expected because judges ARE just lawyers in black robes. Anyone who is assaulted has a right to resist with deadly force. It's a shame that the person assaulted didn't have a concealed carry permit and just blew this Muslim jackass away. But then again he was a jackass atheist who usually doesn't give a damn about the sensibilities of Christians. But Christians do not attack those who debase their symbols. Muslims KILL anyone who makes fun of that Mohammed character.

  • Ghostwriter

    What people like Abdel don't seem to understand is that Muslims want to silence ANYONE who criticizes them. We've heard about Muslims threatening the lives of Danish cartoonist for their portrayal of Mohammed. Similarly,Molly Norris and the creators of the tv show "South Park" have been threatened. The Dutch filmmaker,Theo Van Gogh was murdered because he made a film criticizing Islam's treatment of women. When Christians are mocked,they respond with protests and boycotts. When Muslims are mocked,they respond with violence,death threats,and riots. We have a First Amendment in this country,Abdel. People like you want to take that away. Americans have seen places like Iran and Saudi Arabia. We don't want that here.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Does anyone know why when Allah and Muhammad are insulted, a bolt from Heaven, Paradise or wherever does not strike the person doing the insulting ? Is Allah lazy or on hoilday, deaf or possibly engaged with his houris ? Could it be he is preening all the feathers of Gabriel's 600 wings ? Perhaps he is in Muhammad's grave, torturing him because he peed down his leg. Another possibility is that he is in my nose try to chase Satan out. Or could it be that there aint no Allah, and his 'Prophet and Messenger' got it all wrong ????

  • Seth

    I note that anyone has the standing to write to the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts ( to lodge a complaint about Judge Martin’s conduct.

  • pyeatte

    Judge Martin should be deported – to Yemen or some other 3rd world hell hole so he and Allah can be one.

  • Amused

    At the very least he should be removed from the bench .

  • leila

    I think as a matter of strategy we really need to focus on the protectors of the shariah minded Muslims in this country. We need to make sure that they pay a political price for their choices. Finding a way to impeach this judge is a start. Then make Democrat pols who try to force submission to their multicultural doctrines face the wrath of the voter. After watching Bruce Bawers heartbreaking account of the trashing of Norwegian freedoms post Breivik on youtube this afternoon, I am convinced we need to fight them with all our strength and never let up until we are absolutely certain there is no way they can take our freedoms from us. In the meantime, please pray for Norway. That monster Breivik has really hurt the cause of freedom and millions of people are being deprived of their God-given right to free expression because of the shameless -and I mean shameless – exploitation of that horrible man's actions by the leftists in power.

  • ahmadnb

    I happen to be a strongly observant Muslim who believes that judge Martin here should be impeached and permanently removed from the bench, and be made to give up his law license as well.

    Mr. Elbayomi ought to be charged with assault. If he is found guilty by a neutral judge, and I'm sure he would be given the circumstances of his actions, he should serve the maximum sentence for his crime and if he wasn't born in this country, he should be deported back to his country of origin.

    I don't like what Mr. Perce did…it was in poor taste. But he didn't break the law and ought not be lectured by anyone of his actions. Should his actions should be made unlawful? Absolutely not…that would open up a Pandora's box that would end up with us living under a totalitarian government which I would never want myself or anyone else to live under. May God bless America and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • PDK

    Preserve our Union or preserve our culture, this is the question because it is now obvious we will lose one or the other.

    Apparently the liberals are doing with the courts what they have done to our education system, ruin it with liberal ideology. That judge has travestized Americas constitution and its first amendment. Why is he still a judge? He is unfit to sit at the bench.

    As Islam pursues its superiority via a conquer, submit and enslave policy, at the expense of the liberty of others, it is liberal dolts such as this buffoon pretending to be a judge who become Islams friend and helper.

    That judges abuse of the judgeship, at the expense of Americas constitution, is King Belshazzars writing on Americas wall. His decision shall be weighed, and it will be found wanting.

    As with all liberal dolts that judge will see himself as couragous and noble, this is their great illusion. For not only is he not couragous and noble he is in reality cowardly and ignoble. This is a cheat in the game of social chess, and like all cheats a price must be paid somewhere, and that somewhere is American culture born of liberty

    Woe will be humanity, when all are enslaved to Islamic insanity. Thank you.

  • RoguePatriot6

    So, he overstepped his bounds on the first amendment, eh? Well, in that case, does this mean I'll be within my rights to knock the living dogsnot out of Muslims whenever they burn our flag, call us "infidel", call others to Jihad, call others to wipe out my fellow U.S. citizens who happen to be Jewish or cheer in the streets when thousands of innocent American civlians are killed in one of their lunatic terrorist attacks? I mean, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

    Well, that's probably wishful thinking in this current PC liberal, stand for anything but decency or commonsense, cesspool that this administration is pouring down our throats. This mockery of a judge should be disbarred and made an example of and that psycho that beat up that man should be jailed or imprisoned.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Something that many have overlooked is astounding when one settles and thinks about it.

    How many Christians did you see beating people up in that parade for saying "God" doesn't exist? Were there any terrorist threats or people throwing maltov cocktails at them?……hmmmmmmm…….I wonder why?

    You see, I figured there weren't any because if they were, it would be worldwide news and you would probably be seeing an effort to ban Christianity (well, let's just say, more of an effort than what we currently see).

  • ViniVidi

    What a baboon’s a$$ this “judge” is. Glad the transcript of his remarks in COURT are disseminated. Jackass should be removed from the bench!!