The Associated Press’ Undeserved Pulitzer

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As for CAIR, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) put their efforts in perspective as well. “It is absolutely disgraceful that The New York Times, the Associated Press, other elements of the politically correct media have allowed themselves to be used by groups such as CAIR and I just wish once…just once, the New York Times or the Associated Press instead of calling CAIR a ‘Muslim civil rights organization’ would refer to them as what they are; unindicted co-conspirators in the most major terrorist financing case in the United States,” he said.

Yet it was NYPD spokesman Paul Browne’s response to the FBI’s Michael Ward that revealed the most critical distinction between spying and surveillance. In an emailed response, he contended that plainclothes officers from the NYPD operating outside of New York “were not conducting blanket ongoing surveillance of communities.” They were going into neighborhoods with concentrated populations from “countries of interest” and observing people in public establishments. “This is an important point–only public locations were visited,” Browne noted. “This was perfectly within the purview of the NYPD.” Mayor Bloomberg underscored what this meant. “[NYPD officers] are permitted to travel beyond the borders of New York City to investigate cases, they can look at websites, they can watch television to detect unlawful activities,” he said.

Furthermore, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), an organization focusing on Constitutional law, did an extensive legal analysis of the NYPD’s activities. Their conclusion? “The surveillance techniques used by the NYPD pose no constitutional concerns and reflect a sound and legitimate response to ongoing terrorist threats facing New York and America,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ. The report itself concluded that the NYPD “is not straying from limits imposed by the Constitution nor is it taking extraordinary measures not authorized by the [court-sanctioned procedural and investigative] Guidelines. The world is changing, and law enforcement must be given the means to deal with the new challenges created by global terrorism. Surveillance of mosques and student organizations with a significant record of terrorism is a legitimate response to a serious problem facing New York City and the nation.”

After the report was issued, more than 20,000 Americans voiced their support for NYPD’s anti-terrorist operations. And lest anyone think the people in New Jersey were upset by the NYPD expanding its efforts into the Garden State, think again: another Quinnipiac poll released on April 11th revealed that 71 percent of New Jersey voters believe the NYPD is “doing what is necessary to combat terrorism” and 62 percent believe Muslims are being treated appropriately.

Yet it was the New York Post that delivered the ultimate reality check regarding the entire series of AP stories and the subsequent awarding of the Pulitzer Prize honoring them. They noted that the AP’s “one-sided narratives…never even cited a single thing the cops did that is illegal, or even ill-advised.” They further contended that the AP’s “ill-gotten prize…says more about mainstream journalism than about the NYPD.”

The three men involved in the terrorist trial that began Monday trained in Pakistan, where they learned to use AK-47 assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and small arms, according to Zarein Ahmedzay. They also met with a jihadist operative named “Hamad,” with whom they discussed launching attacks in New York when they got back home. “Are we talking about suicide operations, suicide attacks in New York City?” asked federal prosecutor Berit Berger. “Yes,” replied Ahmedzay. What were the targets? “Times Square, Grand Central Station, Penn Station and the Stock Exchange,” Ahmedzay replied. A successful attack at any one of those locations would have killed hundreds, if not thousands, of New Yorkers.

Perhaps the AP and the Pulitzer Committee should take note: Islamic jihadists have their “prizes” as well.

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  • Larry

    The AP recently ran an article on school killings that described the deaths in Beslan as being attributable to "guerillas".

    Michelle Malkin has it exactly right when she refers to them as Associated (with terrorists) Press. They really are the mouth piece of a fifth column.

  • Chezwick

    The biggest problem with the AP's politicizing of hard news is its reach. Hundreds of newspaper's all over the country run AP dispatches…and there is of course, no comparable conservative or centrist news agency to offer a different perspective.

    The AP increasingly relies on local "stringers" to cover international news. This is just one aspect of the collapsing standards of the MSM.

    Other examples of AP's bias…

    Reporting on Nigeria's decade-long descent into communal violence, AP refuses to differentiate between perpetrators (Muslim) and victims (Christian). It wrongly attributes this violence to things like "land disputes" and "grazing rights for cattle-herders." Anyone remotely familiar with the violence knows that religious hatred is the driver.

    Whenever reporting on Shia-Sunni violence in Pakistan, AP almost invariably adds the qualifier that "most Shias and Sunnis live side-by-side peacefully." Even if this is technically true, why the necessity for editorializing? Did the AP EVER add such a qualifier when reporting on Catholic-Protestant violence in Northern Ireland?

    There are many other examples if one has the patience to read such tripe.

    • ziontruth

      "The AP increasingly relies on local 'stringers' to cover international news."

      Yeah, all those Arab names undersigning every item on the Jewish–Muslim conflict in the Middle East.

      Information starvation is the way to go with those abusers of the Western democracies' kindness. That, and official cease-and-desist notices from the government of the Jewish State.

      • wsk

        Yor're right! I just scanned the recent Middle East AP articles and most writers have Arab/ Muslim names.

        • Schlomotion

          If they were Jewish and someone pointed it out, you would scream your fool heads off.

          • Western Canadian

            But then bigots like you claim the media is run by the ‘jooos’ anyway, so go away and pretend you are not the only one on the planet who takes you seriously.

          • Schlomotion

            I didn't claim anything. You're the one claiming that Edgar Bronfman, Sumner Redstone, Haim Saban, Arthur Sulzberger, Sidney Harman, Michael Eisner, Hilary Rosen, Julius Genachowski, and Rupert Murdoch don't exist. Why did you bring that up?

  • Ronald Johnston

    When we finally deport all the radical muslims, all our mainstream news media need to be included in the deportation!!!!!

  • Chris Gleason

    Thank God for NYPD and Commissioner Kelly! Police departments all over the country should be doing this job as well.

  • John C. Davidson

    I once was awarded a trophy for salesman of the month and shortly afterwards found out I had to find another place to work. I upset my boss. He was number two. So, from then on, I bought my own awards. They really don't mean anything cosidering the source. What matters is your motivation.

    • johnnywoods

      The Pulitzer Prize has become as worthless as the "No Bull Peace Prize", as I like to call it after they awarded it to Arafat.

  • Flipside

    Mr. Ahlert is attacking the Pulitzer Prize committee for reporting on the NYPD Stasi, which is raiding the War on Drugs funds budget, and having mission creep into bordering states. He tries to bolster this with obscure opinion polls. It is Israel’s defense strategy extrapolated to Mayor Bloomberg’s New York.

    • wsk

      I'm guessing if the NYPD were looking for stupid then they would be hanging outside your mom's basement……

  • Kathleen3

    The Left have so tainted almost everything we once revered that it has reached the point whereby both the Nobel Peace Prize and the Pulitzer are held in as high regard as the trophy a kindergarten graduate brings home in June.

    • Schlomotion

      It's almost like what Andrew Breitbart did to "journalism."


    The AP gets a Pulitzer and BHO gets THE NOBEL PEACE prize BOTH are outrageous abuse of BOTH! Whoever voted for either should have to wear a sign around their neck saying “I voted for the AP
    and BHO”!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Back in the day when the MAFIA was a threat to society, the NYPD spied on certain places where Italians were known to gather.
    As good American citizens , we all understood the necessity and the reasoning behind this spying.
    But now we have unAmerican liberals and progressives calling the shots and it's disgusting.

  • Stan Lee

    There are two awards that meant something in days gone by, that really should mean nothing now. They should earn nothing except for public derision.
    One is the Nobel Peace Prize. if Obama can be awarded a peace prize for doing nothing, that award is not worth anything. Those five Norwegians deciding the Peace Prize outcome need to be retired, and perhaps the prize, too.
    The other award is the Pulitzer, which long ago lost its stature to mediocrity just as in the Nobel. IT awards political agendas masked as journalism. Today's journalism is the result of Communist infiltration of journalism schools. There's hardly any news or commentary that hasn't been tainted by the politics of Communist thought and motivations.

  • Bugs

    Right…and wiretapping the Mafia is discrimination against Italian-Americans.

  • Dominic

    Don't ever forget who awards the Pulitzer: Columbia university (Joseph Pulitzer provided the money to build the J-school). And Columbia is anti-Israel. I'd go so far as to say they hate Israel. There's that passage in the Bible that talks about "when right is wrong and wrong is right." Well, that's Columbia in a nutshell. Anything righteous is wrong and anything sinful/evil is good. So, don't forget the source.