The Democrats’ Fear of Romney’s Little Housewife

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On Wednesday, when CNN’s Anderson Cooper noted that “women are seeing jobs come back much more slowly than men are” and wondered whether there was anything wrong with the Romney campaign reaching out to women on economic issues, political strategist and mouthpiece for the Democratic Party establishment Hilary Rosen couldn’t resist taking a shot at both Romneys. First up was Ann. “Guess what?” said Rosen. “His wife has never worked a day in her life” and therefore she was unqualified to champion women’s economic concerns. Rosen hysterically linked this to Mitt being “so old-fashioned when it comes to women” that “he doesn’t really see us as equals.”

Ms. Rosen doubled down on her derision Thursday when she initially refused to apologize for her remark, even as she attempted to cover herself by resorting to the Obama administration’s primary re-election strategy: fomenting class warfare. “This is not about Ann Romney,” Rosen contended. “This is about the waitress in a diner somewhere in Nevada who has two kids whose day care funding is being cut off because of the Romney-Ryan budget and she doesn’t know what to do…”

Leaving aside Rosen’s lunatic hyperbole, the faux pas, a direct denigration of stay-at-home mothers, descended into a PR meltdown. In an informal poll by the Washington Post asked whether Rosen was out of line because raising a family is a lot of work, or if Ann Romney was out of touch with the economic issues facing working women. 97 percent thought raising a family is a lot of work.

So why take on Ann Romney? Because the 62-year-old mother of five is considered a “wild card” by Obama strategists fearful that her winning personality and command of the issues could sway millions of American women to vote for her husband. They are equally worried she could “humanize” her husband, who is often seen as cold and aloof.

Thus, it was no surprise that Mrs. Romney defended both herself and her husband with a graceful ease that set her off from Rosen and a Democratic Party that must stay in attack mode to deflect the election conversation away from the Obama administration’s dismal record. “My career choice was to be a mother,” Mrs Romney told Fox News. “And I think all of us need to know that we need to respect choices that women make. Other women make other choices to have a career and raise family, which I think Hilary Rosen has actually done herself. I respect that, that’s wonderful. But you know, there are other people that have a choice, we have to respect women in all those choices that they make.”

And she was quick to defend her husband against charges of inequality. “Now that bothers me,” she said, noting that her husband has had top female advisors going back to his days as the governor of Massachusetts.

She then took on the first of what will undoubtedly be numerous attempts to portray both her and her husband as the out-of-touch elitists Democrats and the Obama campaign need them to be. “I can tell you and promise you that I’ve had struggles in my life,” she said. “And I would love to have people understand that Mitt and I have compassion for people that are struggling. That’s why we’re running,” she added. What struggles? Ann Romney is a breast cancer survivor currently suffering from multiple sclerosis. Hilary Rosen is undoubtedly aware of that as well, which makes her attack–in the “age of civility” demanded by Democrats following the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords–all the more unseemly.

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  • Banastre tarleton

    Romney will NEVER be President ; he's too much like AlGore with his wooden, dorkish , superficial personality that people intuitively dislike
    We are now living in the era of the '' american idol president '' when politics is a form of entertainment ; the stuffy , solid , boring qualities of Romney have no chance against the celebrity appeal of Barrak , Hussein Obama ; he has good teeth , a seductive speaking style and knows just how to push the buttons of the vacuous younger generation …the very same dolts who vote for ''american idol'' voted for Obama …I wonder if they knew the difference ?

    • Asher

      Barack Hussein Obama is Evil in every sense of the Word!

      • Banastre tarleton

        yaaaaaaawn , you sound like another paranoid Redneck

        • mrbean

          I never debate with non colleagues, so take my reply as informative sarcasam. Both Carter and Obama as Presidents, are like fence post turtles. If you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a fence post turtle. You know he didn't get up there by himself, he sure as hell doesn't belong up there, he doesn't know what to do while he is up there, and you just wonder what kind of a fool would put him up there in the first place. But Obama is the "Prince of Fools" and empty suit with a highly practiced stand-up bullsheet routine. The Republic will survive one term of the "Prince of Fools" However should he be reelected country can survive the idiocy of the fools that woul relect him.

          • Corey

            LOL, that is hilarious, and true too.

    • Corey

      I think you forget that Obama has lost the under 30 crowd because they haven't been able to find a job in 4 years…. You can't expect OBama to hold on to the under 30 crowds at the same time fleecing them the most out of ALL of the age groups. Eventually these kids figure out who their real enemy is. And It's Obama.

  • Banastre tarleton

    Let's face it , the ''culture war '' of the last 40 years between the values of liberal/Leftist hollywood and the conservative values of Jadai/christianity is OVER …Hollywood has won ! a whole generation of young folks have been SEDUCED by the constant drip , drip , drip of the liberal subliminal ''soft ''propaganda from decadent Hollywood ,and the election of a preening , pretentious poseur like Obama is just the confirmation

    I was hoping that the election of a huckster like Obama was an aberration of ''white guilt ''and that the american voters would sober up and come to their senses , but unfortunately it is not to be …Obama is the ZEIT GEIST , or sign of the times and we can expect 4 more years of his maudlin , syrupy , entertainment that passes for leadership

    It was Lenin who said that cinema was the greatest propaganda device ever created , but Orwell never recognised the power of ''soft propaganda '' in the entertainment industry that has seduced and crafted the worldview of a whole generation of shallow , superficial minds

    • richard handwerk

      excellent post, "It was Lenin who said that cinema was the greatest propaganda device ever created , but Orwell never recognised the power of ''soft propaganda '' in the entertainment industry that has seduced and crafted the worldview of a whole generation of shallow , superficial minds". (truth)!

  • oldtimer

    He has money, so has Obama. So did the Kennedys, and so do most politicians. She chose to stay home with her children, good for her. Things were alot better when parents raised their children instead of letting the corrupt education system do it. I know that some women have to work, I'm not talking about that situation. I'm talking about a situation where someone can make a choice. I've seen plenty of women who had the choice and the means and choose to work. I've also seen some of these women get better positions, with better pay, but were not better qualified than the single mother, only because her husand was influential.

  • hammar

    Ann is more suited to the role of women and working moms than the bitch in the White House any day!

  • lugnut

    If BHO gets re-elected we might be looking forward to 12-21-12

  • Jaundiced

    I am sick to death of the assumption that women who work outside the home are doing real work and women who stay home and make a home are NOT really working. I've done both and working outside the home was a walk in the park compared to staying home and taking care of EVERYTHING except bringing in the paycheck.

    • Joe

      Yep, it's still work it's just not payed work.

    • Bartimaeus

      Check out Proverbs 31:10-31. May verses 25 thru 31 be yours.

  • RonCarnine

    My mom died from cancer 7yrs ago. Before that she breast cancer and survived. During the years we were growing up and things got hard, Mom went to work. Most of the time however she was a "stay at home Mom". When she was in the hospital dying from stomach cancer, I asked her when she was the happiest. She told me that the happiest times in her life was when my 2 sisters and I were little and she got to stay at home and take care of us kids. Our home was very happy, very clean and Mom often baked fresh cookies for us to enjoy after school. To say that homemaking is not a career is just plain stupid. Mom worked the hardest when she wasn't "working". Her memory is sweeter than her cookies because of the sacrifices that she make for us kids.

    • intrcptr2

      This, Ron, is the payment that mom's everywhere prefer, I think.

      Honestly brings tears to my eyes. My condolences, late though they are.

      • Amused

        that's right , and it includes ALL moms , even the ones who have to leave the house to put bread on the table …..they would say the same thing . That statement made about Mrs.Romney was ill concieved ,and in bad taste .
        Unfortunately there will be more mindless statements coming from both parties …they're just gettin warmed up .

  • lugnut

    I agree, women DO NOT get the credit they deserve for being stay-home moms. It's a shame that it has turned into a political game by the coward and chief. The sooner we say good-bye to this guy the better off we will be.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Isn't Michelle Obama a stay at home mom?

    Oh, wait a minute…

    Her mother is the nanny to the kids.

  • Asher

    Ann Romney has the character of a fine First Lady. The attacks on a stay at home mother from the Left were all about penalizing prosperity and a husband who was a good bread winner, so Ann Romney could stay home and take care of her 5 boys. (And I might Add….Who in the heck can find a job in this economy that has done little to stimulate job growth for businesses) Moms who stay at home raise happy–stable–productive children, and they also home school their children because Obama's school system now sucks! The left looses Big Time on this issue…you have just offended the family values of everyone who values a 2 parent…stable environment for their children and stay at home moms….People see through the attempts of the Left to divide and destroy the family unit!

  • wsk

    Mitt and Ann will make a fine first family. They will respect the Office of the Presidency. Mitt is not the second coming of Ronald Reagan; that type of man comes only once in a lifetime. However, Mitt is a good person and has the potential to do great things. In contrast, we have the man-child mesiah, emperor of all entitlements, who abuses the office , the Presidency and the American people. Its plain to see the man wanted to be President for all of the trappings, but really doesn't want the job. Lets make sure he joins the ranks of the unemployed come November. Don't let the Media define us!!!

    • Banastre tarleton

      don't hold your breath waiting

      • Amused

        Oh we'll get Mitt , Gekko with a personable smile , a flip-flopping mouth , and his money off shore ….just like all good "americans " .

        • Corey

          As terrible as Mitt will be as president, he will be light years of an improvement over Obama. I couldn't imagine anyone worse for liberty and freedom than Obama.

          The founders warned us against voting in tyranny… we didn't listen, and we are finding out the consequences of such actions.

  • MethanP

    Attacking a candidates wife is fraught with danger. The only reason it almost worked against Hilary was that she was a "professional" lawyer (never popular) with a number of questionable actions. And it still didn't derail Bill.
    The only reason the Dems think this might work is the support of the MSM. Can they get away with it?

  • wsk

    Hilary Rosen and her "lover" should live under a bridge.

  • Demetrius M

    No worries, it was on CNN. No one was watching anyway.

  • Jaladhi

    Democrats know that the truth is not on their side and that is why they are always afraid of any body telling the truth about them and just in case people start believing the truth – they are toast!!

  • tagalog

    "I apologize to anyone who was offended." Sheesh, the non-apology apologies are becoming de rigeur at this point. So, does she NOT apologize to those souls who, for some reason, were NOT offended?

    Just as a clue to Ms. Rosen: all reasonable people who heard her remarks found them offensive.

    It's true that Romney made a big mistake to drag his wife into the political fray; he would have been better to have kept his family out of the arena. But nasty-mouthing Ann Romney was uncalled-for and is inexcusably boorish.

    • intrcptr2

      I saw red when I read this, how dense just she think anyone is?
      I see no reason to let up on this Hilary. This sounds like a second-grader who's been forced to apologize. Which means it reeks of compunction and insincerity. Do any of us really accept she admits the enormity of her thoughts? Or that she views homemakers any differently?

      There is only one (or maybe 7) person she need to come clean with; Ann herself (or Ann and the boys). But Mrs. Romney seems to have enough spirit to address the issue without rancor or enmity.
      Unfortunately these days, we don't elect a President, we elect a First Team.

  • BS77

    Hilary Rosen, now there's a role model for Democrats….a real "worker" hahahahahahahaaaaa What did she ever do that was significant? OH wait, she's SPECIAL and therefore, cannot be criticized…… let's grovel before the PC standards upheld by our smarmy, slavish libstream media.

    • Amused

      UH …she was criticized , and in short order ,by ALL media outlets , including by your arch enemy .

      • BS77

        who is my enemy? what are you talking about?

  • Phillip Ley

    Michelle Obama doesn’t have a job, either…..

  • Phillip Ley

    I mean, as a defrocked attorney, now unemployed, what special, unique insight does she bring to the table on womens’ economic issues? She has little in common with working, single or unemployed motherswho are on the economic fringe. I am one of the evil “One Percenters” and my lifestyle is Spartan compared to hers…..

  • intrcptr2

    So Hilary doesn't want to see Mitt "use" Ann as some sort of expert on women's issues?

    Like Barry "uses" Michelle on health issues? Or legal issues?

    "I admire you. But your husband shouldn’t say you are his expert on women and the economy".
    Who is she to make that call in the first place? And isn't this one of the areas that a man SHOULD refer to his wife as an expert? What can we think Hilary admires Ann for, if not experience in such areas?
    Christians and Mormons both see marriage in this way, so for Mitt to act this way toward Ann is childishly obvious. Might we suppose Hilary is a tad jealous of Ann's staying home?

  • babyanng

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  • Amused

    Give it a break babyanng , just spit out the monthly fee for meeting singles on the site your hawking and be done with it .

  • Amused

    ..and just to keep things in balance so you sanctyimonious hypocritsa dont get too puffed up , just think of all the insults that have been hurled at Michelle Obama AND approved by your lot .
    Foster Friess, the multi-millionaire who bankrolled a large portion of Rick Santorum's failed presidential bid, walked back another ill-advised statement this week after he said he hopes President Obama's "teleprompters are bulletproof."
    "There's a lot of things that haven't been hammered at because Rick and Mitt have been kind of going at each other," Friess told Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs on Wednesday. "Now that they've kind of trained their barrels on President Obama I'm afraid his, I hope his teleprompters are bulletproof."
    "I mean that figuratively," Friess added after a short moment of total silence.As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Friess seemed to realize his mistake.

    • BLJ

      Queen Michelle has brought all that upon herself with her big mouth.

      • Amused

        B.S. the insults started before Obama took office .

        • Roger

          She has been the same for a while, why would people's reactions change all of a sudden?

  • Amused

    That's one for the Secret Service . Niow for the "apology " :
    "I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have said that," the wealthy Santorum donor said, chuckling with what appeared to be embarrassment.

    "No, you should not have said it," Dobbs immediately responded before clarifying his guest's comments. "We understand it's a metaphor."

    Friess, who poured close to $1.7 million into the pro-Santorum Super PAC, found himself in the hot seat of the contraception debate in February when he suggested women put aspirin between their knees instead of using expensive contraception.

  • Amused

    Werll atleast Lou Dobbs has got a brain . [ well sorta ] Metaphor ? Eh Lou ?

    And that remark about "aspirins between the knees" will really go over well with the women-folk . YUP – from the same dumb REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE mouth .
    One step forward ….three steps back ……Republicans and Conservatives at their Fruedian-Slip/honest best .

    You guys are hilarious even off this blog . Forget TV airtime , you guys need to go out get some duct tape .

    • MFOgilvie

      So we can wrap up your face and shut off the oxygen?

      • Amused

        Oh ,you'd love that wouldn't ya . Well unfortunately for little simps like you , no YOU can't . It's something called free speech [not presidential death threats ] My guess , you'd approve of that moron's statements …have you told whatever warm blooded mammmal you happen to be poking…to put an aspirinmg between it's legs ? LOL…..that's about all your getting so be carefull not to get cutoff :)
        oh BTW ….there IS SOMETHING you CAN do …..GFY , schmuck .

        • mattogilvie55

          THIS is the best retort you can conjure up? Don't give up your day job, junior. By the way, if I really wanted to wrap your ugly head up with duct tape, I would do it.

          • Amused

            If , IF , IF , …..I kinda doubt that chump . Wanna issue another threat ? I'm right here in Davie , I'll pay half your airfare tough guy .

          • Amused

            …didn't think so …PUNK .

          • Roger

            You really think that as a guest that people won't notice your recycled 'troll' mentality?

  • yossibarnegev

    Give Hillary the five star DUFUS award for her idiotic remarks. Nothing like opening your mouth to change feet.

  • Amused

    Oh yea she did , lets see , so far Romney's done it about 5 times , Gingrich almost every time he opens his mouth , as well as fellow losing candidate Santorum …..must be something goin' around huh ?

    • BS77

      You post too much….cut the diarrehea,…take something for your problem.

      • Amused

        Here's something for you to do BS [BULLSHEET] 77 – GFY .

  • 11bravo

    This campaign season is going to be awesome!! The dems will overplay their hand (Obamacare-war on catholics-war on women-voter ID etc..), and they will keep doing it because they can't talk about any success at all. 6 more months of economic misery for so many will sink Obama big time. The media can praise every pitifully small gain as a success, but voters aren't buying it any more. The MSM just look more like MSNBC HACKS!!
    This may be a bigger blow-out than Carter V Reagan.

  • BLJ

    This all part of the Dear Leader's grand strategy of taking away the focus on his horrible record as POTUS. Ann Romney seems like a quality person to me and I applaud her for being a stay at home mom.

    My wife did the same thing when my kids were younger. We sacrificed the income she was making (which was pretty good) to do so. The Left Smear Machine can go to hell.

  • Zombie Reagan

    ROFL fear of ann romney ? seems the editor is grasping at straws with that title. guess whatever you can think of to get more rush limbaugh worshippers to click on it.

  • Amused

    And Ole' Mitt aint gonna file his 2011 tax , requesting a 6-month extension to [just]" before the election " ………

    • Walt

      It has already been filed and discussed on the talk shows

      It has already been filed and discussed on the talk shows the past few days!

      • Amused

        Another Lie . Get your facts sdtraight fella ..

        • Roger

          You really do specialize in name calling, don't you?

          Too bad it's not in facts and current events as they really happen.

  • Jimi Belton

    I dis-agree with the premise that mischell 0b0ma does not work….She has to work ordering the SS to watch lil kid in Mexico….and ordering the US airforce to fly her to this vacation spot, or this country in europe where she can shop….These 0b0m0s make me ill….

    • Walt

      With 30-some 'assistants', she can't be be doing too much work. Incidentally, most previous First Ladies were content with having staffs of two or three persons.

  • Delores Kaufman

    Hilary Rosen has that UNHAPPY lesbian attitude I have seen over the years while working as a costumer in the theater. If a lesbian with or without a partner sees a successful Man and woman marriage, she gets in a funk and it usually ends with an out burst of insentivity and malice , just like what we saw and heard ol' Hilary blurt out and then refuse to back off the remark.

    It is almost as if the fact that a WOMAN can be happy and joyful WITH a MAN, that makes her lifestyle choice seem less valid. She is BITTER and she is resentful…those are her defense mechanisms.

  • Jim_C

    One woman's comments…universally condemned…but it's somehow "The Left's" fault?

    Mountains out of molehills?

  • Sound&Fury

    Obama claims that his wife was forced to work to support their household income. During her career, she did work in a make-work job designed to promote "diversity" at the University of Chicago Hospital System as EVP for Community Affairs, for which she was paid a handsome $274K annual salary. After leaving this job, the Hospital System reportedly did not fill it with another employee, which suggests that this was not critical to the Hospital's mission.

  • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO

    Watch how these rich fat ass conservative women cry about how hard it is too be a stay at home mom as she has her housekeeper working her fingers to the bone.


    • Roger

      And does Senator Schumer's wife do her own laundry?

  • Youssef

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  • Amused

    Somehow I just don't see Mrs.Romney taking out the garbage , mopping the floors , cleaning the bathroom bowls , doing laundry , dusting the furniture , cooking the meals ,and vacuuming the rugs . But sdhe does have two cadillacs , atleast 5 luxurious residences , and more likely than not , it's Juanita from Guatamala and Concheta ftrom Mexico , who are doing …and have been doing all those household chores .

  • Amused

    LOL….this little "tempest in a tea kettle " is just the start of what may very well be the most acrimonious presidential campaign in U S history .
    Women in the U S , will most ignore this little exercse in absurdity , a focus rather on ALL THE REPUBLICAN SPONSORED LEGISLATION taking place across the country , in states who are dominated by Republican houses and senates , in which they are minimized , and considered too stupid to make their own choices regarding their own bodies and behavior . That dye has already been cast , and this latest gaff will fade into irrelevance .

  • Amused

    BTW , check out Romney in a debate for the 1994 Mass.Senate debate ……MOM AND DAD SHOULD WORK .

    Mr.Flip Flop is back . … ".that's why we need day care for kids" …….Romney . Yea , poor little stay at home housewife Ann .

  • Amused

    OH ! PO leeetle Ann ….lol…here;s Mitt , a statement from just this past January :
    In case it wasn’t already clear that last week’s controversy over stay at home moms was entirely manufactured, this should put the question to bed.
    New Hampshire:

    “I wanted to increase the work requirement,” said Romney. “I said, for instance, that even if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work. And people said, ‘Well that’s heartless.’ And I said, ‘No, no, I’m willing to spend more giving day care to allow those parents to go back to work. It’ll cost the state more providing that daycare, but I want the individuals to have the dignity of work.”

  • Amused

    Good Luck with this guy in Nov.

    • Roger

      Good luck with your troll comments between now and whenever.